That’s right, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca: IL VOLO,  are leaving for the tour and their destination is AMERICA !!!!

Finally the long-awaited time has arrived, a few more days and they will perform in their first stop in Toronto and then there will be a continuous succession of concerts in different cities.

I think I interpret that the patience of the long wait has left you, and a frenzied agitation has taken over that leads to joy, to finally be able to see them live and to be able to have the emotion of a whole concert with them.

Best Of 01

Do you have your tickets ready ??

Please dear friends, to communicate your wishes, write me the date and the city of the concert where you will go and let me know the three absolutely favorite songs of all, which you would certainly like to listen to (they can also be solos). Pat will be able to make a list and ranking of favorite songs.

It will be interesting to find out what you would like to hear.

Best Of 02

Are you all ready to dance and sing with Il Volo?

Are you ready for a shot, a warm hug, a sweet kiss, or to make a tug of ears at these tender brats?

How about a hug like this from Piero ???? It would be magnificent!

Best Of 03

In this article by Antonella Esposito, the start of the new tour is announced, I translate for you: Article – Click Here

The celebrations for the first 10 years of Il Volo’s career continue. The trio that bewitched the world, setting record sales and sell outs, from January 2020 will be engaged in a series of live events. It starts with the “North American Tour”. From 28 January to March the Il Volo boys will perform in the most important symbolic places of world music.

Touching sacred temples of art, such as the Radio City Music Hall in New York, (February 6th) Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca will delight the ears and hearts of a multigenerational audience that for a decade now has been following them with affection and admiration. In June and July it will be the turn of Germany and Poland with the addition of new stages to a calendar full of commitments. Summer will mark the return of the group to Italy, with two dates in Verona in August and two dates in September in Taormina.

November and December will sign a really important tour which today has 37 dates, without excluding any additions. Turin, then Milan, to end in the capital on December 4th. A riot of live events not to be missed. Everything is ready for the first stop, on January 28th, in Toronto, from the prestigious Meridian Hall, the guys from Il Volo will perform for the Canadian public. Fasten your seat belts, let’s go. The journey of Il Volo begins, the most important one, the Best of, proud banner of a journey that began 10 years ago and which still today tells credible stories of sacrifice, passion and gratification.

Best Of 04

By the way, have you all heard of the beautiful IL VOLO FAN FAIRE DINNER that Jeannette Giglio is organizing for March 15th at The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas??

It will be a beautiful event and there will be an opportunity for you fans to get to know each other personally and maybe even some surprises !!

Best Of 05

I have another request for you.

For those who go to a concert, please write your impressions, for better or for worse, even a few lines, which we will then publish and it will be interesting to read the differences between one concert and another.

Also tell us about the fans you met at the various concerts.

Best Of 06

So Piero Ignazio and Gianluca are closing their bags, in a few hours they will leave.

Are you all ready for your concerts?

It will be awesome!!

I await your comments.



Credit to owners of all photos and video.


131 thoughts on “THE BEST OF 10 YEARS TOUR by Daniela”

  1. I can’t wait to see them again live in Las Vegas, flying half of the world to hug them and send greetings from Polish Fans 😉 I look forward to see all fantastic fans who I know only from internet as well. Only 1,5 months guys 😉 😉 😉
    kisses from Poland, Alicja

    1. Alicja, I see your comments and photos (very beautiful) coming from all over, the world has no secrets for you !! How nice that you go to Las Vegas, you will meet many wonderful people.

      1. my dear Daniela, thanks for your nice words, you know I love to travel and I love il Volo 😉 but still… 36 hours flights, if no delays, makes me a bit worried but excited in the same time. 😉

        btw I would like to hear songs never or seldomly performed in EU, Gian with Can’t help falling in love (E. Plesley), In the arms of the Angel (Sarah McLachlan) and the best Ignazio’s solo “Almeno tu nel’universo”

      2. I agree with Ignazio’s solo, in Verona he was magnificent !!
        In my first concert of IL VOLO (which I saw in Brescia) Gianluca sang CAN’T HELP FALLING IN LOVE, I only have a piece of that video, beautiful.

  2. I wish the IL Volo boy’s great concert in Canada and USA , i go to two concerts one in Düsseldorf and one in Taormina lest Year a whas also in Taormina i love to ear them singing . And a wish Gianluca a happy b day 💙🎶🎶🎶💙greetings from Belgium a great IL Volo fan and member off the fanclub 🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪

    1. Oh Taormina is amazing i goning 4 of september and 16 of june to Düsseldorf , and if i can a wath to going to Barcelona 💙🎶❤️💛🎶🎶💙 Musica Vera che resta 💙

    1. They have just arrived, RoseMarie. What a thrill for you!
      Wow how many concerts …. and the songs ?? You didn’t write me the titles of your favorite songs.

      1. Daniela, so glad you are back. I had to think very hard to pick three. I changed my mind every few minutes. My final decision is: (1) Recuerdame – Spanish or Italian,
        (2) Granada (3) A Chi Mi Dice but if you ask tomorrow they will be different.

    2. Rosemarie, since we will both be in Las Vegas are you going to the fan dinner at the Palms? If so would love to meet you for dinner.

      1. Yes Janet I will be there. It’s getting exciting now! I am looking forward to meeting all of the Il Volo fans. It’s going to be great.

  3. They are getting closer and closer Daniela! February 15 Chicago is the first concert for me, and then Fantasy Springs in Indio, CA on March 7th. I am beyond excited!!! I really hope and pray to get the famous Ignazio hug at M&G. The songs I’d like to hear are:
    1. Almeno Tu Nell Universo
    2. A chi mi dice
    3. Grande Amore
    Hopefully I will be in a normal state of mind after the concert -hahaha- so then I can send you my impressions. Hugs!

    1. Anna, I will be at the Concert on March 7 at Fantasy Springs in Indio, California. I hope we can get in to the sound check and want to meet you, if possible. I have my Il Volo Official Fan Club badge, but have not been able to work out how to get my “IlvoloFlightcrw” badge to print. The instructions do not match anything on my Flightcrw page.

      1. I’m having the same problem. I have asked for info or help many times to no avail!!

      2. Hi Kay! It would be great to meet you. How did you get the Official Fan Club badge? Sound check would also be great. I hope they announce it soon.

      3. Kay, Kelly is working on the link for the badge, seems like it was broken. As far as sound check, to my knowledge there have never been any in USA or Canada, only Meet and Greets. If anyone has been to a sound check in USA please tell us.

      4. I have two VIP/M&G tickets for Tampa, Fl. Just learned there will be NO sound check. Very disappointed.

      5. Vicki, don’t be too disappointed, there have never been sound checks for concerts in Canada or USA. I don’t think it is going to change this year. The only soundchecks that I know of have been in the open air venues in Europe. You must also be a member of the official fanclub. Daniela please correct me if I’m wrong.

      6. RoseMarie, all right what you write to Vivky, also the soundcheck does not give great possibilities, you are watching them while they try some pieces, but for us it is always more time with them.

    2. Anna, I will give you time to recover from the concert, but if you have had, also Ignazio’s embrace, it will be hard to react !!! But write me your impressions and enjoy everything. Beautiful songs.

  4. Daniela, I can hardly wait to see our three boys on February 6th at Radio City Music Hall. I am so excited, I can hardly breathe. I am going with my niece and a friend. We are taking a long trip from Upstate New York, but it will be worth it to finally see Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio perform. I have been a fan from the beginning of their wonderful career–10 Years of Il Volo! I am truly their greatest fan (we all are!)

    I hope they sing Grande Amore so the audience can participate,

    My internet server would not allow me to see the videos or to send in my suggestions for three other songs–A Chi Mi Dice, and ‘O Sole Mio.
    Also, Un Amore Cosi Grande.

    Thank you.

    With love to you, the boys, their families, and everyone who works so hard to bring Il Volo to us..

    Elisa Marie

    1. Elisa Marie, what to say, RCMH, simply fantastic !!!
      GRANDE AMORE they will sing it for sure and you all have to sing it out loud, I have to hear you all the way to Italy. Have a good time!

  5. Dear Daniela,
    Here are my three requests, in order:
    1) Non Farmi Aspettare
    2) Si me falta tu Miranda
    3) Fino a quando fa bene
    I love ALL their songs, so this was a hard assignment.
    I’ll be at their concert in Tampa, Florida on Feb 24th at the Straz.
    Thank you!
    Vicki & Lia Marsee

    1. Vicky e Lia, difficult task but done well. FINO A QUANDO FA BENE it has beautiful words and SI ME FALTA TU MIRATA I prefer it, right in Spanish. I remember a warm audience in Tampa!

  6. Ready and exited to see them in RCMH in NY with my granddaughter, than in Chicago and finally in Tampa with M&G, meet them personally, I’m nervous already, what to say, what to ask, there is so much we would like to talk about and will have only a minute or so……
    I would like to hear Phoesia (spelling?) , Bridge over the trouble water GG, Memory from cats Igna, E Lucevan.. from Tosca Piero, , Una forgiva lagrima by Igna!! Best!! I will be sending you my reports from each concert.
    Irene from Florida

    1. Hi Irene! Is the Phoesia song you refer to possibly “Quando l’amore diventa poesia”? It is on YouTube and I love that one too! How do you choose JUST THREE SONGS?? I don’t think I can!! Please let me know if that is the correct one and I will add it to your list. 😊

      1. Hi Pat
        When Daniela said to chose three songs, I was under the impression that the three songs had to be from the 10 year collection–not three songs from the entire song list over the past. If that is the case, I would certainly have chosen other songs. There are so many to choose from! Hasta El Final from the first Spanish album has always been a favorite of mine. Caruso, Ricordami, LIttle Things, Meravigliosa Creatura, the list goes on and on! It is impossible to choose only three!

    2. Irene, wow .. RCMH and Tampa, very well.
      Prepare well the few things you want to tell them, because the emotion plays bad jokes and makes you forget everything.
      I await your reports!

      I think Pat is right, maybe it’s QUANDO L’AMORE DIVENTA POESIA.

      1. Penina, I meant 3 of all the known ones of IL VOLO.
        I know it is difficult, I also know that are all beautiful songs, but I wanted to have a small list of absolute favorites. That’s why only 3.
        Penina, but do you think about it ??? They are in Toronto !!

      2. i know! I hope the cold doesn’t shock them. It got colder just when they came! I hope they don’t go for a stroll without really bundling up.
        All time favorites? Only three? Ancora; Core N’Grato (as a duet with Piero and Ignazio); and Meravigliosa Creatura.

      3. I am sure we would all love to host them–and warm them up!
        At least there is no snow storm like there was the last time they were here. They should start their US tour a month later than they do and avoid the worst weather.

  7. I will see them in concert for the first time in Bethlehem, PA on 2/11, also Gianluca’s birthday. Wishing them a safe and great tour. Il Volo is the best phenomenon that has come along in decades in music. I love each one of them. They are so sweet and kind to all of their fans, young and old. “Delilah” was the first video that I saw and I was hooked immediately, then I fell in love with their “Ave Maria” when they performed in front of the Italian Senate. I could go on and on including the “Elvis” songs. God bless them. Can’t wait! Stay safe! Oh yes, I absolutely love Arturo and Luna!

    1. Carol, Bethlehem it’s just Gianluca’s birthday !! Surely you will all sing HAPPY BIRTHDAYS TO YOU, it will be fun. You’re right, Il Volo is the best phenomenon that has manifested itself for decades in music, and that’s why we have to support it.

  8. I am going to the concert tomorrow night in Toronto. I am looking forward to hearing Almeno Tu Nell’universo, A chi mi dice, and of course Il Mondo again! Many of my favorites were not included in the 10 year collection…
    I was looking forward to asking them how they chose the 10 year songs. But now that I can’t go to the M & G will someone please ask them this question and post their answer?

    1. I am going to the concert tomorrow night in Toronto as well! I am so excited. The first time I saw them was in Toronto and this will be my fifth Il Volo concert. They get better each time! One day I hope to see them in Italy…on my bucket list for sure!! <3 I would love to hear Il Mondo, Grande Amore and Romantica.

      1. Manola, you too tomorrow night, wow, your concert has already come.
        I hope you and Penina also meet.
        I think you will have the pleasure of hearing all three of your songs.

      2. Manola, you are so right about Romantica. Their harmonies are beautiful in this song and the rhythm lures you into the song.

      3. I hope so Daniela! I am so excited. Made the drive to Toronto from Niagara Falls and seeing all their posts is killing me that they are somewhere close by, but I don’t know where! I hope to see Peninahonig!!

      4. Hi Manola, I wll be wearing my Flight Crew Badge, and my husband wears a beret with a poppy in it. I am going to try to get there at least a half hour early.

    2. Wow wow wow Penina, already tomorrow night at the concert !!! Are you excited??
      I hope Ignazio sings ALMENO TU NELL’UNIVERSO, as he sang in Verona: wonderful interpretation !! I wish you to enjoy a nice concert.

      Certainly someone will ask them your question.

  9. Daniela, Of coarse I am excited. They are actually coming close to my area in California. I listen and watch them daily and so to be with them in person will be so impressive. The live performance and I mean the exchange of music and love between them and the audience will be electric. From what I have seen they are so above par in their singing, manor and special in how they treat their fans. My 3 favorite songs are: Un Amore Cosi Grandi, Il Mondo, and L’Immensita. My 3 favorite solos are: Ignazio: Ti Voglio Tanto Bene, Piero: Non Ti Scordar Di Me, and Gianluca: Mi Mancherai.

    1. Kay, I’m so glad they came to you, after waiting patiently for them, now it’s your turn to rejoice.
      I really hope that Gianluca sings I will miss you, it’s a really nice song and he sings it with a lot of feeling.

  10. Hi Daniella! I live in Virginia, but I grew up and went to college in Boston. Thus, I ha e tickets for Boston, and I will meet Janis Blank in National Harbor. I cannot wait. I hope they sing alot of Italian . Hoping for Per Te Si Cero, Grande Amore, and Musica chi Resta. But I love everything. …I also have a ticket for Taormina on Sept 5th!! Thanks for the great post. ❤

    1. Donna, what a nice meeting, Janis is a wonderful person, who loves guys so much.
      I kept saying that you all want to listen to songs in Italian, we hope that the guys sing a lot of them.
      Taormina, magnificent.

  11. Daniela, I will be at the concert on 2/1 at Foxwoods in Connecticut and on 2/3 in Boston. I am looking forward to both concerts very much. As far as my favorite songs, how can I choose only 3 when I love them all? I do hope they sing Grande Amore, Per Te Ci Saro, and A chi Mi Dice but I will be happy with whatever they sing!

    1. Very little is missing, dear Mary, a breath and they will be singing before your eyes.
      It will be pure fun and you will hear many beautiful songs, you are right, are all beautiful.

  12. I will see “my guys” in Mesa, Arizona March 1, 2020. I can’t wait to hear them, I would love to be at M&G, but we are VIP and that is before the show, M&G is afterwards. I wish I knew a way I could just give each a hug and thank them for making my days better. I do have something up my sleeve, not bad and I pray it works. Daniella, you write fantastic stories about them and this is the site where I first came and maybe it’s wishful thinking, but on a couple of my posts it was liked by Piero. <3 Love that man as I do the others. Marvelous voice and manners, love to see them smile. Ignazio is a joy to just look and wonder what he's going to do next…lol. Gianluca is the shy one I think, and I love him because he is shy and caring. This IMO will be one of the most highlights of my life seeing and hearing them sing. I love the song Mondo, Grande Amore, and Ancora. Will you be seeing them Daniella? Thank you Daniella and I look forward to your next post.

    1. Come on, Sassylady, another month and then you’ll see and hear them. Their voices are unique, they are beautiful listening to a CD or watching a video, but believe me live, they are a unique experience. I wish you three big hugs from them.

  13. Hi Daniella, I will be at the Tampa concert. It’s hard to pick 3 songs but here goes. I like Surrender, Granada and Smile. I could not get Meet and Greet tickets this time. I got to meet them last time they were in Tampa (I was in a wheel chair at that time.) Alice White in Florida

    1. Alice, you too in Tampa, well, there will be many meetings.
      I have never been to a Meet & Greet, but I got to hug them during the CD signatures. They are so young and kind.

  14. Hi Daniela, this is Irene, and yes, you got it it is L’amore diventa poesia. And as everybody saying, it is so hard to pick up just three, they are all equally beautiful, and I will ask them in Tampa how they choosing their songs for concerts,

  15. I will be at the Feb 22 concert in Florida I can hardly wait These guys have been a real godsend and helped me through some rough times I listen to them everyday and every night I have had my M&G ticket since October I am just so excited my first big concert My 3 choices are Per ti ci Saro, Un Amore Cosi Grande, and Nessum Dorma also Caruso

    1. Beverley, that’s their gift, to help people in difficult times. I don’t think they are well aware of this.
      I have heard Caruso in many interpretations, but as IL VOLO sings it, no one else can do it.

  16. Hi Daniela. I hope things in your world are improved. I think about you frequently. I will see the guys in:
    Mesa Az with my sister
    Las Vegas with another sister
    San Rafael Ca (1 hour drive from my home) with my husband, daughter, son-in-law and 2 grandsons. We are hoping the boys, age 9 and 12 get called up on stage with them!
    I am considering getting tickets to the San Jose concert as this is only a 1 hour drive from my home in another direction.

    I would love to hear:
    Almeno Tu Nell Universo
    Their repertoire is so great I will enjoy what ever they choose to sing

    1. Hi Janet, things are going a little better, but the problems remain. Thanks for thinking of me.
      I have never been to a concert with my sister, I think it would be a good experience for her.
      Are you also going to IL VOLO FAN FAIRE DINNER in Las Vegas?
      Hopefully your grandchildren will go on stage, it would be nice.
      Have fun, I recommend!

  17. I’m so excited! Going to my first Il Volo concert on February 8th in Atlantic City! Can’t wait!

  18. I am going to Chicago on February 15. By mistake we bought two tickets more. If somebody is interested, please let me know. I will sell them for a very low price or OBO or maybe free…
    My favorite songs are almost all of them, but Ancora, Dalilah and Aspettero are the ones that kill me!

  19. Hi Daniela & Pat: I spend the winter season in Naples, Fl. and will be going to the Tampa concert with my husband and another couple. I also will be flying to Chicago to attend the concert there with my daughter. I sure hope the weather cooperates.Can’t wait!! As far as 3 songs, wow that is difficult but I will go with A Chi Mi Dice, Per Te Ci Saro and Grande Amore.

    1. Thanks Annette. I just commented to Harriett that I will not be in Chicago this year. My daughter-in-law and I will be in Las Vegas to hear the guys sing on the day before my 65th birthday! AND it will be warmer there!😄 Have fun!

      1. Hi Daniela: This is not my first concert! It is the second with my daughter which I am so looking forward to and the Tampa concert will make 6 concerts but I only did one M&G!! I hope to meet other Il Volo fans from this site!!! Looking forward to a fun night!!

      2. Hi again: Just read some of the comments from our Canadian friends and hearing that they didn’t sing some of the Italian songs that we all love was a little disappointing. How do we get a message to them that we love the Italian songs!!❤️

      3. I think the only way to do it is for everyone to tell them we want to hear the Italian songs at the meet and greets. Maybe if they hear it from enough of us it will sink in! And those of us that they know from the Fan Fair like Myron should tell them on behalf of everyone on the blog that we want Italian songs!

      4. Annette, I meant the first concert this year.
        Believe me, I tried to get IL VOLO the message that you wanted Italian songs, in particular the solos, but they are convinced that you wouldn’t understand these songs.

  20. Hello Daniela, I am beyond excited to see and greet our wonderful guys again, after a long absence. I’m attending the Feb. 15th Concert in Chicago with my friend, Jeanne Thomas. Everything is arranged for our travel into Chicago and meeting other IL Volo friends for a nice dinner together before the amazing concert. I love absolutely everything our boys sing, it’s difficult to make 3 choices..ha, but here are three favorites: Can’t Help Falling In Love, Vicinissimo and LaTraviata:Libiamo Ne’ Lieti Calici Most sincerely with appreciation for all you do for us. ♥♥♥

    1. How I wish I could see you again in Chicago, Harriett! We decided to go to Las Vegas this year where it will be warmer! 😄 Have a great time!!

    2. You too, Harriett, and Jeanne in Chicago, are really many there.
      Nice dinner, nice concert, nice music, so what more could you want from an evening? Enjoy it all!

  21. The February 9 at MGM will be my first IL volo concert. I’m super excited. I hope they sing La voice de silencio, Non Farmi Aspettare, vicinissimo.there are too many songs I would love them to sing. I also wish I could go to more than 1 concert but I can’t get off from work. I have also been praying for you and your family’s health concerns. Glad that you are back keeping us up to date.

  22. I will be seeing Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca at Radio City Music Hall and then the following week in Bethlehem on Gianluca’s birthday. I hope our weather continues to be good.
    It is beyond difficult to pick three favorite songs since I love so many. I would pick Nessun Dorma, Core N’ Grato, and Non Farmi Aspettare. I am also really hoping that Gianluca will sing MiMancherai. He sings it so beautifully!
    Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

    1. How nice Margaret, RCMH and also the concert at Gianluca’s birthday, hope that he will give you a splendid MI MANCHERAI.
      Thanks a lot, for having a place in your thoughts.

  23. Ciao a tutti!

    My 3 favorite songs are: I want to hear these because they only sing these in Italy….

    1. Per Te Ci Saro
    2. L’amore si muove
    3. Torne a l’amore

    I am also going to Detroit, of course, and I plan on being in Vegas! 🙂

  24. I’m excited to be going to the concert in Dallas one month from today! I will be attending with my daughter and it will be our 5th concert. Many songs I would love to hear. I’m Mondo is my favorite and I’m sure they will sing it. A Chi Mi Dice is a good one and they will probably sing it. I really love Vacanze Romane, but I’m sure they will not favor me with that one. But I will love whatever they bless us with.

    1. Laura in Dallas, very well!
      You’re right it will be difficult for them to sing VACANZE ROMANE, which is really beautiful, but the other two, I really think you will hear them.

  25. I am looking forward to the March 3, 2020 San Diego concert, my first time seeing Il Volo live. It is very hard to select only three songs so here’s my current pick for the group: 1. Amame; 2. La Nave Del Olvido; and 3. El Triste.
    For Solos: Piero singing No Puede Ser (He owns that song); Ignazio singing Almeno Tu Nell’universo (he gives it his all); Gianluca singing Mi Mancherai (one of his best solos). I am older than the combination of all their ages but they have endeared me to them because of their incredible talent, their personalities, their humility, their love of their fans, and the love of family and friends. I am excited for the opportunity to see them in person. Sorry I hadn’t known about them when they performed in San Diego a few years ago. I had open heart surgery last January and they played a large part in my recuperation. I listened to their music almost every waking hour. I consider music and laughter my best therapies because when I became a widow I knew I had to survive and thrive. I can’t thank these guys enough for helping me through a challenging time in my life. Their banter between songs, their interaction with each other, and their audiences, adds a dimension that other artists don’t have. These guys are superb – they work hard and play hard. They can be funny and serious when appropriate. Congratulations to Il Volo individually and collectively for reaching this career milestone and wishing them many more years together.

    1. Doris, “survive and thrive” very meaningful words to me. Our boys made it easier to get through some very bad days after my husband passed away.

    2. Doris, you wrote some beautiful things. I am very happy that you have the opportunity to get to know them and to see them in concert. And I’m very happy that their singing helped you in difficult times, it’s called Volo-therapy, and many have made it known.
      A hug!

  26. After hard look at hundreds of beautiful songs, here are my three….
    l’amore diventa poesia. GG
    E lucevan e stela Tosca. Piero
    Una forgive lagrima. Igna
    Forgive my spelling, Italian language is so hard….

  27. Hi everyone after the break. I was missing your posts Daniela. I have to wait for a concert until July, in Lodz Poland. Of course my dream is concert in Italy, especially Verona and Taormina, but unfortunately this year it’s impossible, maybe next time. It’s really difficult for me to choose only 3 favorite songs, but ok:
    Almeno tu nell’universo
    and much, much more.
    Hugs for everyone and espacially for you Daniela, all the best for you and your family

    1. Jolanta how nice to say that you were missing my posts, thanks!
      Do you have to wait until July ??? and then I, until August!
      Taormina is in my wishes, but also for me this year I think it is impossible.
      Thanks for your hugs that I reciprocate with affection.

  28. Hello everyone! I am Brazilian and in 2019 Il Volo did 6 shows in Brazil, of which I went to 5. I walked around Brazil after them in several cities. For 2020 I already bought tickets for the two dates in Verona and for the two dates in Taormina too! I am planning together with a group of Brazilian ilvolovers for our long awaited trip! It’s amazing what we do to watch their show, isn’t it? I wish a good tour through North America to our loves and a good show to all of you that will be present there. Hugs from Brazil !!

    1. Hi Mylene, it’s really nice that you and other friends from Brazil have booked tickets Verona and Taormina, fantastic.
      I will be in Verona, so we really have to meet.
      Yeah, it’s great what these three guys make us do !!
      Abbracci dall’Italia!!

  29. Foxwoods, CT, Feb 1st. My 5th concert. Also doing M&G. Definitely want to hear A chi me dece, Arrividerci Roma, & Grande Amore of course. Luv the article.

    1. Daniela, I couldn’t pick just three. I don’t care what they sing, as long as I can get a hug at the meet and greet.
      I am worried about the meet and greet. I bought my ticket from PBS in Las Vegas and they only charged me for the concert, and said I would be charged for the meet and greet later, because they still don’t know wheather it will be before the concert or after. They said they will let me know.
      I contacted them again a few days ago and they still can’t give me any information. I would imagine it wouldn’t be after the concert because they would want to get on a plane and go straight home. Before the concert they have the sound check.
      Even though PBS doesn’t know what time of day it would be, they could still charge me for the meet and greet, it’s not making any sense.
      Has anybody else heard about the time of the meet and greet?

      1. dear Jill, please go to and buy M&G upgrade. From my experiance M&G is always after the concert, sometimes very late too, depends how many participants.
        Seams sound check will not be open for fans in US… pitty… I had great experiance with our guys during sound check in Poland. Hugs, kisses, authografs and again hugs, kisses 😉

      2. Hi Jill, I didn’t know how to answer you about the Las Vegas meet & greet, thank goodness that Alicja came to your aid. However the M&G is always after the concert.
        I am so happy that you go to Las Vegas, it will be beautiful.

  30. Thank you, Daniela, for your posts! I, too, listen to their songs and watch Facebook videos every day! I am going to the National Harbor concert Feb. 9 and CANNOT WAIT for it! It is VERY difficult to pick only three songs…… These are my top picks: 1. Splendida, 2. Tornera’ l’amore, 3. Caruso. Fortunately, I agree with others about Quando l’amore diventa poesia, Ricordami, La Voce del Silencio, El Triste, No puede ser, and many others. Thanks for passing on our requests!

  31. The first concert is now over. It was a smashing success played to a packed house. I am traveling today and doubt if I will have the time to write a full report but I will say here that there were NO Italian solos with the exception of No Puede Ser. Ignazio sang Memories and Tonight and Gian sang Bridge Over Troubled Waters and She’s Always a Woman.
    Piero’s other solo was Love Story. While those are beautiful it was disappointing not to hear the two we were all hoping to hear, namely Mancherai and Almeno Tu Nell’universo.The only song from Musica they sang was Musica Che Resta.. It was a beautiful concert, the guys were full of energy, Iganzio was at his funniest, Piero had some silly moments and the crowd loved every minute.
    Gotta run! If I have time I write a better article and send it to the new address.
    I didn’t meet anyone although I did bump into Loretta in the hallway on the way home.

    1. Peninahonig, I have been watching concert clips and am disappointed in the song choices . I really want more Italian songs and from the Musica cd. I love Igna and anything he sings but Memory and Tonight have been worked to death. Please, please new music for their American audience.
      So happy Loretta made it.

      1. Dear Daniela, you know I would never criticize the boys, but they really should not think of us as “American audience” only. I don’t mean to offend anyone but we want to hear the new music too, and some of the old music. We will have to tell them, Barbara and Michele when we see them.

      2. I agree with you. I really wanted to hear new Italian solos too. And Piero hasn’t sung a new solo in I don’t know how long. It IS the 10 year anniversary concert. I understand that most of the songs are the older ones—or at least representative of the past 10 years. But from my point of few they could have added a few from year 10!

      3. For me, I enjoy hearing them sing in Italian and I don’t understand a word of the language, but I think it’s appealing to many fans. They set the mood, ambiance and flavor of song in their language. You can hear English songs all over the world, but to me they don’t sound as romantic and enthralling, as when sung in Italian, it’s beautiful and I think it sets them apart. They do a great job with the two songs from West Side Story, but I’m hoping they don’t go too far with “Americanizing” the rest of the play list. Their essence is Italian and the way they sing and present that essence, as I said, sets them apart from the rest, it’s their stamp or Brand as they say now.

      4. Mark, exactly how I feel. I was in Verona last year and it was magic. I love the Spanish versions too. Truly Romance languages. We must tell them when we see them.

      5. Mark, I too believe that they should sing more from the Italian repository. RoseMarie came to Verona and here they sang even more songs from the last CD.
        When you are at their concerts, tell them that you want more Italian and recent songs, maybe so they will listen to you.

      1. I wasn’t able to go to the M&G as we had to leave early this morning. I had the tickets but couldn’t use them.
        One very funny incident happened that I didn’t mention before. Ignazio was busy hopping all over, “conducting” the orchestra, etc but during Delilah he went up to the drums and started playing while Piero and Gian were singing. When he got up to go back to the front of the stage he had to pass by the two guitar players. Something happened, I did not see what, maybe the guitar players said something to him, I am not sure. Whatever it was, it made Ignazio laugh so hard he was leaning against the guitar player for support. He barely made it back to Center stage for the final notes of Delilah. Right after that was his solo Tonight. He sang the words, “Tonight, tonight, it all began tonight” and he realized how appropriate that was and started laughing again. He covered his face with his hand and managed somehow to continue with the next phrase and the rest of the solo. But you could see at the beginning he was really having a hard time keeping a straight face!
        Also at one point when they were joking back and forth he said he lost 100 pounds. He used to say he lost 70, then 80. He is slimmer than ever and looks—if possible!—better than ever.

      2. Maybe he was talking about the original 70 lbs plus what he has lost recently. It must have been at least 30 lbs don’t you think? He looks very fine!

      3. He looks amazing. He looks—if I can coin a new phrase—swoon worthy! Or maybe I should say more swoon worthy! I figured he meant 100 pounds in total.

      4. Thanks Penina, for these new details on Ignazio. It is true when he starts laughing, he never stops.
        I saw that you and RoseMarie noticed Ignazio’s beautiful physical shape. He is just fine!

      1. Rose Marie, I just heard about the dinner yesterday. I will be there to meet everyone, some I have met before at the fan faire.
        I think you were at the fan faire, but I don’t think I got to meet you.
        We will make sure to meet this time🙂

  32. This is a little bit off track, but I hear a general perception about Gianluca, that he is a shy, I do not agree, on the contrary, I think he is a very solid, serious performer who likes things perfect, kind of a leader of the three of them. Igna, oh, with his smiling eyes, beautiful voice and colorful personality, without him, the concerts would be a little, well, not as entertaining. And Piero, with his voice you hear in LaScala or Metropolitan, with his beautiful smile after he finishes signing, makes our hearths just sinking… I will see them next week in RCMH, and will report to you Daniela. You gave us a difficult task.
    If you would ask us to write down 30 plus song we like, would be so much easier than to pick up just three.
    Thank you for writing.

  33. I love reading all your comments, especially Daniella’s reports. I hope to meet some of you in Chicago on February 15 and in Las Vegas, too. I’ve been to only one concert 3 years ago in Minneapolis and can’t wait for these , both with Meet and Greets. How do I sign up for the Fan Faire dinner?

    I have so many favorite Il Volo songs, but the first ones to come to mind are:
    1- E lucevan le Stelle
    2- Delilah
    3- Mamma

    But I have to add: Love Story , L’amore si muove , Ricordami. There are so many
    songs, I love them all. But I, too, want to hear more Italian songs.

  34. Well I guess I was wrong about the soundcheck! What a nice surprise this year that they doing them. You still must be a member of the fanclub.

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