Hello Everyone!!

We have been getting many emails to the “Contact Us” email account at “” but we have been unable to answer many of the questions and we felt bad about that. Julie, Sandi, and Angie have done their best at trying to monitor that account.  Thank you, ladies!!  🙂 

The Outlook account will be disabled shortly.  Please do not send any emails to that address.

I went in and answered anything from 2019, but anything beyond that, was deleted.

So, we made a NEW GMAIL ACCOUNT!

It is  (notice we added the “e” in crew!)

We think this will be easier for everyone to send in their questions, etc. and will be easier for us administrators to answer your questions as well!

Several have asked about the Flight Crew Badge and that the link is broken.  Kelly is looking into this.

Also, many are asking who is going where?  Yes, Marie was the pro at this!  We will do our best, so everyone can meet who they want to meet!  Please send “where you will be” to the NEW GMAIL account email.  Please put in the subject line the cities you will be attending.

Also, as you’ve noticed, we haven’t been able to update the calendar on the side like we had in the past.  We have been having technical issues with the new Word Press site.  We are also working on this.

Please bear with us.   We truly thank you for being devoted fans and followers of this blog site.  I think we are the only active one left!

Right now, it is mainly just Pat, Daniela, Kelly, and myself who are trying to run this site.  If there is anyone out there that EVER wants to write, find an article, write a poem, etc., please send it to the NEW GMAIL account.

We will try to read the account about once a week.  Please also use that email account to send in all of your pictures, stories, etc. from all of the upcoming “Best of 10 Years” concerts, from the US, as well as those in other countries, the rest of this year!  They are going to be really tired guys by the time December hits!

Grazie mille a tutti!

Any questions, please respond to this post, or send to the NEW EMAIL account –    (here is link) 


Your Administrators –

Jana, Pat, Kelly, Daniela

11 thoughts on “SITE NEWS! NEW EMAIL ADDRESS!!”

  1. We are all so grateful for how you have taken care of us fans. We know how much work is involved and it does not go unnoticed. Thank you so much for keeping us informed with all of the exciting news about the boys. We’ve learned so much and gotten such insights into the hearts of these beautiful singers. All of this is due to your dedicated attention to every detail. Thank you from our hearts.

  2. I have looked forward each day for years to check on this blog and get my “IL VOLO” for the day. I wonder if someone from each city the boys sing at could write an article and help us all follow the boys tour.

  3. Thank you each for your hard work and dedication, we would be lost without your expert reporting and insight. You are much appreciated.

  4. Thank you all for your accolades! As Pat says, it is a labor of love! My feelings are, if we can make a difference in just one person’s life, it is worth it!

  5. I haven’t received an update or review from Daniela since the IL VOLO concert in Washington and the concert in Atlanta. I miss hearing anything about Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio.

    I hope I will receive an email soon. IL VOLO forever!

    With love,

    Elisa Marie

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