Happy 21st Birthday, Gianluca!!!




Music by Joe Hisaishi

“Birthday” ~ Freedom Piano Stories 4






Hi Gianluca,
Just wanted to be one of your fans to wish you a Very Happy 21st Birthday!!!  Also wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your concert in Orillia on Sunday especially when you sang to my Granddaughter and how wonderful it was to meet you after the Concert, I have been following you since you were only 14 and can’t believe you are 21 already. I hope you can enjoy celebrating with family and friends who are travelling with you and I’m sure there will be an even bigger celebration with family and friends when you return home.
wishing great fun touring and keeping safe on your travels, all the best for the future and hope to see you again in the Toronto area, you have a lot of fans here in Canada.
Love and best wishes,
Annie Hatfield


Gianluca, your warm heart and magnificent voice inspire and uplift my life each day. May you have a beautiful birthday, truly feeling the love, gratitude, and admiration we have for you. I look forward to delivering your birthday hug March 25th in person!  😊  ✨Amore,
Jeanine DuBois


Gianluca——–your so fortunate to have so many lifes experiences at such a young age!!!
Seeing the world and meeting people from all over the world. 
Keep up the good work with your 2 buddies.
I will be seeing you guys at the fanclub convention and concert in las vegas march 25
also, at the pechanga casino near temeculah
Look forward to meeting you guys
Big Bad John from Palm Springs, CA


Happy 21st Birthday to you, Gianluca!
Another big milestone in your life is achieved, with many more to come.  Have a wonderful day!
Linda Dawson


Happy Birthday, Gianluca! 21 is a BigOne! We haven’t met, but I’m changing that on March 17 in San Antonio,  Texas! Sincerely,  one of your Nonna fans! Give your Mom and Dad a big hug and thank them for me….Dorothy Henderson. ..♡♡♡♡


Gianluca's Birthday Card 1


To our adorable, sweet Italian prince, Gianluca,

Sincere birthday greetings.  May you have a wonderful day.  I hope you are enjoying your visit here.  Stay warm.  You are always in my prayers.  I pray that the Good Lord keeps you safe and grants you good health and happiness.  No matter how old you get I will still call you three “the boys”.  Love you.  ~  Phyllis Fenton


Happy happy birthday, Gianluca❤️Enjoy your time in the USA. Stat safe warm and happy. You are so loved. God bless you and your flight brothers❤️❤️❤️  ~ Teresa Carosi


 Happy 21st Birthday Gianluca! 
Celebrate it with as many family and friends as you can gather while on the road.
Don’t forget the cake, ice cream and of course Nutella. Maybe a cake made of Nutella? 
Best wishes today and always,
Angelica Rosas
Las Vegas, NV


Dear Gianluca,
    Happy 21st birthday!! Have a wonderful day!! Hope this year brings more honors, awards, joy & happiness for you!!  Your voice singing the beautiful new songs has given me much pleasure! Thank you!  I am still very sick but the new album & Live From Pompeii always brighten my days!! 
Sending love & best wishes,
Your English fan, Marlene Hoatland


Dearest Gianluca,  Joan

You are a very special person and a gift to the whole wide world!!  You spread your Grande Amore wherever you go with you sweet, compassionate heart, beautiful smiles and warm hugs which you so freely bestow on all of us who are fortunate enough to be within arms length!!

Everyday, my world is a happier place because of you and your magnificent baritone voice that I listen to all day long in the car, in the house on my iPad, and very soon, at five concerts!!! Yay!!!

Although I know you miss your father and brother, I am delighted that at least your beautiful mother is here to celebrate your very special birthday with you!  Have a GREAT 21st Birthday!!!

Joan Brenin


MARCH 20.      I CAN HARDLY WAIT  !   !

Gale Wall


Dear Gianluca,   HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  Started making 21st birthday wishes yet?  Don’t forget to wish for more love, peace and happiness than you and the world will ever need.  Tons of love and God Bless,

Ineke from KwaZuluNatal,  SA.


Tanti Auguri Gianluca! It has been such an amazing year for you, Piero and Ignazio and for all your loving fans. Can’t forget your last birthday when you brought the audience to their feet after singing “Grande Amore” at SanRemo. It was fantastic and I am so happy they acknowledged that you were the best. I absolutely love all the new albums and play them constantly and it has been a great pleasure to see the videos of the beautiful concerts during the summer and now this past January. It is just wonderful that your beloved Italia realized how talented and beautiful you are and has returned your “Grande Amore”. Thank you for all the beautiful music and giving so much joy and happiness. It is so beautiful to see how loving and caring you are with your family, friends and fans. Looking forward to seeing you in Easton, Pa. God bless you and all your loved ones!

Love, Margaret Ladolcetta


Caro Gianluca,
Buon Compleanno!!  21 Anno!!    Have a Wonderful Day!!   2016 looks like it will be another great year for you!!  The new Concert music is fantastic! What I have seen of your solos & duets are so beautiful!! Thank you so much for the pleasure & joy your amazing voice with your Italian charm has brought into my life!  Looking forward to seeing you at FC Fan Faire in Vegas, Dolby Theatre, LA & San Jose Concert!!  Tanti Auguri!!     Anne Quinto


Happy Birthday, Gianluca! May God bless you with many, many more!You are an amazing young man! GRANDE AMORE!
Charles and Anna Breeding
Lafayette, Tn


 Buon Compleanno, Gianluca.  I wish you a very Special
Birthday and continued success in your career.  You have a silky voice
that would melt any woman’s heart, especially mine! Enjoy and be happy
always.  God Bless You.  Much love, Victoria Litizeto


Happy 21st. Birthday, Gianluca.   May all your birthdays bring you happiness.   You have brought so much of it to peoples around the World who have admired your beautiful voice since it first enchanted us when you were fourteen.   We know how hard you  all work and the sacrifices you have made but may the blessings ever flow.
With love,    Lesley Newall,   Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.


Hey Baby! Happy Birthday!  Thank you so much for all the great music and good luck to you and Piero and Ignazio! You are such a nice guy and you are very dear to us here on the Flight Crew blog. When you visit us please know you’ve come home!
Love you!
Lynn K



Have a wonderful birthday with family and friends this year! You deserve it!!🎂

I have watched you mature over the years since you appeared in the early video singing “O Solo Mio” with Piero and Ignazio with the orchestra on the side of a hill in Italy. Someone sent me that video, and it was love at first sight for me!  I listen to your music daily, and it brings me so much joy.

You are such a wonderful role model for the young people all over the world in the way that you treat your fans and care for the less fortunate who love your attention.  You make your family and fans very proud by the way that you live.

Thank you for all of your hard work and bringing your tour back to TEXAS this year.  We live 40km north of Austin, and have front row tickets along with Meet and Greet afterwards!😍 My birthday is that week so I am really looking forward to the concert and seeing you guys again.
(My husband and I followed you to Boston and Nashville after attending our first concert in Houston several years ago)

Texas grandmother who prays for you,
Brenda Hall


A very, very Happy Birthday from Minnesota, Gianluca!  See you in March at the FanFaire in Las Vegas!  Allene Shipman

Allene Shipman


May All Your Dreams Come True ~ Happy 21st Gianluca ~ And May God Bless You Too!                                    
See You In Easton Pa. Grande Amore, Nona Pat 

“When once you have tasted flight,
you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward,
for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” ~Leonardo Da Vinci
Dear Gianluca:
Most of us celebrate our 21st birthday as a “coming of age”. You have already accomplished that and stand on the threshold of a lifetime of flight with your music. There is no better name for your three voices than “Il Volo” – for you are flying high above the crowd.

I thank God for your talent.
I thank your parents for your upbringing.
I thank you for your willingness to share yourself with us!
Godspeed and fly high, dear one.


Happy 21st Birthday, Gianluca!  May your heart and soul be filled with the same joy as you give to all of us. 

Love from Minnesota,



Dear Gianluca – Just want to wish you the happiest of birthdays. Always remain as sweet and sensitive as you are today.  The sign of a real man is the fact that he can show his emotions.  You have the most beautiful voice – I love listening to you.  I cannot wait to see you on February 13 in Atlantic City and again on February 21 in Easton. Also, I think your Martina is adorable – happiness to both of you.  ~ Camille Greco


balloonsMy Dear Gianluca,
Thank You for allowing me the joy of watching you grow both personally and professionally.

Buon 21st! 

See You soon!!!

~Marie Crider


Happy Birthday Gianluca. Viva abruzzzo! ~ Antonella Carriero


Buon Complianno. Finally 21 has come at last. Have a wonderful day with family and friends and may there be many more birthdays to come. ~ Marion


Happy 21th Birthday Gianluca. May your life always bring you much happiness. You are truly are a lovely young man with big heart. ~ Jeanne Thomas



DSCN0308 - marie Kelly - Lucky Girl! 2014 Summer Concert Tour. Elgin Il - after the concert at the fence with Kelly - Marie
DSCN0308 – marie
Kelly – Lucky Girl! 2014 Summer Concert Tour. Elgin Il – after the concert at the fence with Kelly – Marie

Happy 21st Birthday!  I hope being with your mom, your Il Volo family and your loving North American fans make this special birthday, particularly memorable! 

I can’t make it to as many shows as some of the others, but I can’t wait to see you in Vegas! 






23 thoughts on “Happy 21st Birthday, Gianluca!!!”

  1. Happy Birthday my sweet Gianluca!! I look forward to seeing you ,and your buddies in concert on the 24th of February,and I will be at the meet and Greet too!! God Bless you with good health and safety!! If it weren’t for you and IL VOLO, I would be lost!! God Bless you and your family!! I want to give you a big hug and kiss at the M&G!! Love, Nicole, Kenna

    1. Well said, Linda! I couldn’t wait to turn on my computer this morning to join in this momentous occasion. Beautiful music, beautiful pictures, and beautiful sentiments from so many fans! Thank you, Kelly!

  2. Thank you Kelly for all the hard work that went into our Gianluca’s birthday video and all the heartfelt Birthday wishes for Gianlucas 21st that you posted from the Flight Crew family.

  3. Dear Kelly, many thanks for doing this lovely post.
    I am looking forward to meeting you in Las Vegas next month!!!

  4. Thanks for the pictures of Giuanluca Kelly. I was fortunate to have been able to give Gianluca a present on the 5th of February. Wouldn’t miss that the for the world I also was at a concert for Piero last year on his birthday so now |I would like to be at a concert for Ignazio’s birthday hopefully he will be in the States around that time.

    1. I’m sure he loved it, Loretta. You’re a determined woman; I bet you could will Iganzio into North America around his birthday! 😉

  5. There should be a little birthday surprise in your hotel room today. I hope it got there. All my best on this special day.

  6. Kelly, what a beautiful job you did! My favorite picture is the one with his hand above his heart. Isn’t he so perfectly beautiful? With an equally beautiful heart & spirit? Thank you so much, Kelly.
    Stephanie Cassidy

  7. Beautiful pictures from teenager to manhood. 21 always seems an age to come but finally it has arrived today. I hope Gianluca and all his family, and extended family have a wonderful day, as he has given us so much enjoyment everyday just listening to him and watching him grow up. Buon Compleanno Gianluca

  8. Dear Gianluca,
    tanti auguri,
    may your spirit reach new heights,
    as freely as a butterfly’s wings,
    May your heart be filled with joy,
    the profound joy of simple things.
    May your journey continue in peace,
    as serene as early morning dew.
    May only roses line your path,
    this is my birthday wish for you.
    Ti auguro un compleanno meraviglioso,che non si possa dimenticare. 🙂

  9. Happy Birthday! May it filled with love, kisses and wonderful blessings. I can still remember your rather unhappy face, when at 16 yrs. you told the interviewer you were underage and couldn’t travel alone. I thought at the time, how quickly those years will pass….and here you are, legal! Twenty one is a special time, but oh how well you have made those past 5 yrs. fly. May this day just be another new beginning with many, many more to come! OXOX

  10. Kelly, this is just wonderful! Your video and music are superb…such a beautiful, classy song for such a handsome classy guy!

  11. Thanks, Kelly, et al, he can’t help but be pleased!! Such a special day for such a special young man! ♡

  12. You all are too kind! Thank you for your comments! I hope Gian saw and liked it too. 🙂 And thank you all for participating. No one can doubt how much he is loved. <3

  13. So very well put together Kelly. Happy birthday to the most talented BARITONE in the world. The most humble young man. The kindest heart for such a young person and of course, one of the HANDSOMEST man I have ever had the pleasure to meet and hug.
    To everyone of you on this wonderful site, I can’t wait to meet you all on 3/25/16 in Las Vegas. I’m so excited. See you all soon.

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