Il Volo Professional ~~ Live Palasport Tour 2016: Milan ENGLISH TRANSLATION


Hey Everyone!

I’m trying to be choosy with how many videos are put on each post because we just got the site working again, but this is too good to pass up!  Our friends at Il Volo – English Translations have translated the entire concert from Milan to celebrate reaching their 100th translation!  Enjoy the show, then head over to their Facbook page here  to give them all of your love and appreciation!


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On a related side note, you can access their page with ease using the link we added to the site a few weeks ago.  Go to the top left side of your screen and choose the link, “English Translations.”  There, I have included their instructions on how to navigate their Facebook page to look for translations you might be interested in.

Without further chit-chat, Milan … with English Subtitles!

~~ Kelly


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6 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Live Palasport Tour 2016: Milan ENGLISH TRANSLATION”

  1. Happy valentine Day gals. We have 80 deg. weather here in Cal.
    I saw the Milan concert in English recently on facebook. It was stupendous. Joanie G

  2. Yes Kelly I’ve been watching that concert on the IL Volo English translation page for a couple weeks now and it is wonderful to be able to understand what the guys are singing and saying. What an incredible show that was.

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    Happy Valentine’s Day ! <3

  4. Happy St. Valelntine’s Day to all! These translations that Susan and Tania have done are a beautiful gift to all Il Volo fans. The songs I loved before have even more meaning now. Though beautiful in Italian, knowing the sometimes heartache or joy in them, make them even more special. And it is a treasure to have the translations of the interviews and this amazing concert in Milan. I still love watching the concert from Verona with their special guests even without the translation. It would be great if these were released as DVD’s. Just a suggestion.

  5. That’s wonderfully written Lydke. Happy Valentine to you.

    Thank you so much Kelly, Wouldn’t it have been perfect if we could all have been in Milan. But we weren’t so to have this video translated to english is the next best thing, Its a trasure to keep for sure. Happy Valentine to you Kelly & also everyone on this site. Hope loves find you today

  6. Kelly, Thank You so much!!! It has been snowing all day here in Chicago and I watched the 3 parts of the concert. It was fabulous. Seeing the English words meant so much and brought back my Italian. Grande Amore at the end was amazing as were all the songs.

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