Il Volo Professional ~~ Live in Concert North America Tour 2016: Easton

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Il Volo Music Website




Last night, Il Volo performed in Easton, PA.

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15 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Live in Concert North America Tour 2016: Easton”

  1. I attended Il Volo’s show in Easton with one of my sons and wanted to share my experience with you so I hope you don’t mind this being so long. We got there pretty early and they were selling a lot of Il Volo items. They had shirts, mugs, CD’s, DVD’s and tote bags. I purchased a mug which looks like the one they will be selling soon. Thought it would be nice to have my tea in it.
    When I went to the table for the Meet and Greet, the gentleman there didn’t have my name on his list and I was a little worried since I had upgraded to the M & G the week before. I showed him the paperwork I had, and he gave me the gift items and Il Volo lanyard. He was nice and said he was also the photographer.
    The State Theatre is an old and very beautiful theatre. It is not huge, so it looked like you could really see the show well from all the seats.
    It was sold out and we had very good seats about 12 rows back. As soon as Gianluca appeared, followed by Piero and Ignazio, the audience was very enthusiastic. They began with Volare, and sang the playlist I believe they have been singing at most of the concerts. Needless to say, they looked great and sang beautifully. Their Maestro Diego Basso wasn’t there so their pianist Giampietro conducted the orchestra while at his piano and did a great job.
    It was an older crowd basically and it seemed like there were many Italian speaking people there and occasionally someone would call out to them. I was happy that so many people, myself of course included, gave them standing ovations so many times, especially after their duets and solos which were so beautiful. I know it is hard to believe, but they just keep getting better and better.
    It was great seeing them have fun and when Ignazio does his Godfather routine, Piero still can’t help laughing so much. And seeing Ignazio first jumping in for Surrender, it is amazing how flexible his body is doing all his turns and twisting.
    It was all very lovely and I’m so grateful I was able to see them. When Grande Amore ended, I did go up to the stage since there was room and I called to Ignazio who came and took my hand and then to Piero who did the same. Gianluca had already started up the stairs for the jump.
    Sadly my only disappointment was the Meet and Greet which I had never done before. I know from others’ experiences, some are better than others. We were told we couldn’t take photos and couldn’t have them sign anything since it slows the line. We were brought into the room in small groups of 6 – 8. I was in the next to last group and there were only a few others after. It was very rushed. I did give them each a quick hug and told them as fast as I could how wonderful the concert was and how much I loved all the new albums and music. The photographer wanted to take the picture and then the next person was called. The boys were very sweet and looked beautiful. The main problem was a few of the people handling it and the manner in which they spoke to us when telling us what to do. They also wanted you to leave as soon as you met them. I really almost felt intimidated. I did manage to go to one side for a few minutes and I saw Piero’s father who was talking to someone and then Barbara Vitali walked quickly past me. I said a quick hello to Piero’s Dad and Barbara. I was hoping I could stay a little longer to see the remaining few people get to meet them and get their pictures taken and I would have loved to take some pictures. So I really wasn’t able to stay in the room very long.
    Other than the way the M & G was run, it was lovely seeing them and the concert was all you expect and more and I am grateful I was able to see them.

  2. wonderful that you were able to touch the hands of Piero and Ignazio. That would be enough for me. Joanie G

    1. It was wonderful and meant a lot since they actually came over to where I was standing when I called each of their names.

  3. Margaret, what a wonderful review. Thank you for sending it in. Your concert experience will stay with you forever! I’m sorry your M&G didn’t go as you would have liked. I’ve never done M&G with any other singers or groups so I don’t know if this is the norm of not. It appears as if some of their M&G’s have a more relaxed atmosphere than others. You were smart to get all three hugs in and say what ever you could to them and their parents and Barbara. Just getting up close like that is worth it all to me!!

  4. Check out “Beautiful That Way”. You can see “Thumper The Bobblehead”. He was so distracting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bet to them also!


  5. Graphics are no longer showing up unless I click on Photos, North American Tour. All else has been blank. Please help!!! I don’t want to miss a thing!!! I attended the Easton concert which was wonderful but I was worried about Ignazio – he was not his usual, playful self. Hopefully, he was ok.

    Thanks! Norma Redfield, Doylestown PA

  6. Thanks Margaret for your detailed report. Interesting about the M&G’s and how different those experiences are turning out are even though I think they are all being run by the same company (OMG-VIP). Marie C and the others mentioned that this might happen in the previous “How To do an M&G” posts. Anyway I’m glad you got to see such a wonderful show. And from row 12!

    1. Yes John, it was wonderful and I am so happy I had very good seats. I know you mentioned in your post that if possible one should try to get the best seats they could reasonably afford. I had seen Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca two times before this in New Jersey and the shows were very good but the seats were very far away. I bought these tickets in August and I am so happy I spent the extra money. It was well worth it to see them up close singing and doing the magic they do!

      1. I’m so happy you had a time with them. I went to one concert w/o a M&G and regret it to this day. I never let it happen again! The M&G also assures excellent concert seating. Just being close to them for a few seconds is worth all the money, travel and anticipation in the world.

        Finally…my concert tour begins next week!!!!!!

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