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Just a FRIENDLY REMINDER!!! I LOVE ALL my Irish Peeps, BUT, Yes, Saint Patrick was Italian by heritage. His parents, Calphurnius and Conchessa, were ROMAN (ITALIAN) citizens living in Britain, most likely Scotland. Calpurnius, Patrick’s father, was a high ROMAN diplomat living in England, but a ROMAN citizen. His area was captured at one point by the Irish and he was forced into slavery. At 21 years old, he escaped slavery. He make it back to Rome to find that most of the Roman empire had been lost. After some time he felt that God was calling him back to Ireland. He spent 10 years in France studying religion when the Pope (Celestine) made him a Bishop. He later became known as the patron saint of Ireland. Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated every March 17. That Being Said HAPPY Early St Patrick’s day!!

Ann Scavo


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  1. Hi, Ann. I left a reply earlier but it didn’t come through. I really appreciate the history lesson. I learned something new today. By the way, this is a little bit off the subject, but does the last name of “Litizeto” mean anything to you? Maybe someone you know or knew? My Mother knew a few Scavo’s. I am sure there are many Italians with the last name of Scavo. Well, thanks again about St. Patrick. Take Care, Victoria

  2. Yes Jana, and we will be seeing three of them on the 25th!
    I will probably be the last one to arrive in Vegas on the 24th( 11.55 pm) I shall put on my lanyard as soon as I arrive, and go to the coffee shop for breakfast. If anyone is in the area come and say hi to me, I want to meet as many of you wonderful people as possible!

    1. Ann, this is fascinating. Who would have guessed!

      Jill, I’ll watch for you on the 25th, as I suspect I’ll be asleep by then on 24th with plans to check out the weight room the next morning. 😉

      Been watching IL VOLO Live from Pompeii all night while I send reminders of my IL VOLO party, thinly veiled as Spring Into 2016 meetup event
      (If any of you are in Portland, Oregon area, check it out!)

      Sweet dreams,

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