Real Makes the Difference and Brings Tears ~ by Kitty

Hi crew, 

I posted these thoughts on ATIL, but felt I would share with my friends here as well.  This was in regard to the ongoing concern about what appears to be a lack of promotion for Il Volo’s USA tour.  I don’t disagree with that, but at the same time I find it interesting that thus far, their shows have been sellouts. I think this fact, in itself, speaks volumes about the powers of word of mouth respect for true, captivating artistryWhat do you think?

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I certainly do not, in any way, pretend to be knowledgeable concerning the inner workings of building Il Volo’s career.  I’m simply an amazed, grateful, hence devoted follower of three extraordinary young men who have been bless with a huge bounty of talent, intelligence, kindness, and an awareness of the human heart. They are devoted to music, real music, and through that vane they possess an uncanny ability to immediately touch those hearts in such a way that your very soul responds, sometimes with tears.of undeniable joy.  Why?  Because it’s offered with honest love, deep humility, and passion.  I can’t help but feel that their ever increasing success, lack of material promotion or not, has more to do with their inner awareness of an intended purpose for them in this world; bigger than promos or even sales. Those are the characteristics noticed and felt by their audiences.  That caliber of love and devotion promotes itself.  It is not dependent on promotional exposure, but instead, thrives on the subsequent renewal of compassion that is ultimately discovered within the hearts of humanity itself.
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REAL, is a welcomed commodity sorely lacking in our world today; something we we are seeing less and less of.  Il Volo is a wonderful, and needless to say, refreshing gift to us.  A gift that is having a gigantic influence because people are searching for the “real” and positive examples.  Authenticity brings hope and encouragement, something especially true for our youth.  Il Volo will continue to excel in those endeavors under wise, and loving guidance of people who love and care for them; but their very nature, well, that was placed in them a long time ago.  It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words.  Okay, take your pictures promoters, if you will, but it is also said that actions speak louder than words (or pictures), and that is what touches the soul.  Real, is an experience. Real makes the difference, and brings tears.  THAT’S THE BEST PROMOTION they can get, and I can give.  Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio, you are loved!


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  1. Thanks for your lovely post. In one of the articles Michelle T. mentioned how expensive live tours are. This might be one reason for less ‘fan fare’. Also I think they are being promoted in the Latin part of the music world.
    We as fans are the backbone of any artist so we need to continue doing our own “advertising”. Every time I mention Il Volo to a “non believer” I plant a seed in that person’s mind and when they see their name they might look them up. I tell everyone go to You Tube and check them out.
    So loyal fans we have our job cut out.
    Even my youngest daughter who had a “not my kind of music” attitude is now sorry she will not be going with us to the concert.

    1. Beautifully said Kitty! They are “real”. I agree Gina that any promotion seems to be more toward the Latin part of the music world. We will faithfully continue to support them and tell people how wonderful they are!

  2. Thanks for your post Kitty. Gina that is exactly what I do to promote the guys. When I mention them & the person hasn’t heard of il volo I also tell them to go to youtube because they are missing the best singers on the planet. People are amazed that I am an elderly woman followng a young group of singers so I have to go into my speel with pleasure

  3. Absolutely true. Thank you for exactly how I feel. I have been telling people for years about our Guys. When I see my friends, they want to hear what’s new with them.

  4. Kitty, You are correct about lack of promotional adds. My neice lives in ranch Mirage here in our desert and I told her about the concert in Indio. There hasn’t been any reference to it anywhere. I just now see it listed in the tour . I hope the word gets out there so it will be a sell out. Joanie G

    1. Kitty I like what you said. They do lack in promotion in the USA but they perform to sell out crowds. I recently attended my first concert and was overwhelmed. They are much better in person (if that is possible). If or when they come back to my area, I will be there to see them.

      Alice in Florida.

      1. I attended the Tampa concert two weeks ago and thought it was a much less of a production than the videos I saw of the European concerts. Why can’t their US concerts be as WOW productions as their other ones?

  5. Kitty, thanks for your post! I will be seeing them Thursday in San Antonio! Hope they have a sell out there! They are to be in Austin tomorrow night. We take the Austin newspaper where many entertainment events are advertised! Not one word has been in our paper! May the force be with them, and I pray they will have a good crowd! I’m going to get a T shirt that says ” check out il Volo on YouTube”! I’ve said it so many times! Your post was spot on! Onward and upward!♡♡♡

    1. The Force IS
      with them!
      in them!
      transforming our world!

      REAL: Real Elevated Authentic Loves,
      they ARE!

      Beautiful, Kitty! Thank you!

      Anema e Core,

  6. Yes, Il Volo Fan devotion carried the day. That is great. But the lack of proper publicity on this tour (which I feel is absolutely terrible) means that thousands of people across the USA and Canada did not know that Il Volo was coming until after the concert was past. I know of a music school that had wanted to take a field trip with their classes to see Il Volo but never heard of the tour until after the closest concert was already over. They lost the chance to see Il Volo and Il Volo lost the chance to make new fans of teenagers – WHOLE MUSIC SCHOOL !!!

    When I heard that I was really mad at the promo company that works for Il Volo. I love this group. I support this group and I hate it when someone short-changes the guys in what they are supposed to do.

    Thank goodness that we fans do find out via internet and we do get out there to the concerts.

    1. While it is nice they are playing so many different areas in the country, I believe certain areas probably could have had more concerts and sold out. Tonight’s show in Austin seems to have a lot of seats available also. A lot of the Northeast is more densely populated and probably has a lot larger Italian American population.

    2. Hard to fathom that “promotion” is that weak.
      After all, we’re talking about pro – MOTION.

      How sad for the music school. I would have been broken hearted.

      Thank goodness for our beloved Flight Crew sharing the love!

      I hope IL VOLO finds the right fit for them. They so deserve it!


  7. Kitty, your post is just wonderful. You said what we all feel. So genuine and real are they in front of the camera and off camera. It is sad this tour was not promoted better, but the HIGHEST OF COMPLIMENT TO THEM as they are singing to SOLD OUT CROWDS regardless of poor publicity! The Flight Crew and countless others are promoting them constantly…best singers and best human beings on the planet!

  8. Kitty, nice post and I agree with you. I am also trying to promote (with mom) guys and their music in my surroundings, but I must say that I am not successful…I have to say that people around me don’t listen to music generally or have different taste.
    They haven’t time to go on Youtube or don’t use it or only once listen to the song Grande Amore and then say it is really nice song and that is all. 🙁 When somewhere I say that I love Il Volo, so always no one knows who they are. I think that boys should be more promoted in European countries ! In my opinion they focus on American, Latino American and Italian market.I don’t know if Eurovision helped them to be more popular in Europe, but hope that yes ! It is pity, that among Slavic countries, they focus only on Russia (will have 4 concerts there, but I understand – it is big market, big potential and have many Russian fans). Slavic countries usually are not attractive markets for foreign artists. It is reality,unfortunately…

  9. Sadly not all their concerts are sell outs. I went to the one in Nashville, and was embarrassed at the empty seats. There have been many last minute pushes for ticket sales on some sites, which suggests there is not a sell out. They say they don’t care if they sing to 100 or 10,000, and I imagine the contract with each venue assures them the money no matter what. I fear they won’t tour the US in the future if there is lack of attendance. Word of mouth is great, but it doesn’t reach the masses that TV, print, and social media do. Seems someone has totally dropped the PR ball on this one.

  10. Esther, I agree with you & others. Someone really messed up because there was no promotion in the US. New Orleans was not a sell-out, either. I was embarrassed that the guys would see too many empty seats. That didn’t prevent them from giving their all to those of us in attendance. The only thing I can think of as a reason for this is if IL VOLO, personally, would have had to pay extra for full-scale TV & print advertisements. Then I can’t blame them for trying to keep costs down. I love them, no matter what, and I keep trying to advertise them to everyone I meet. But in south Louisiana where I live, people prefer country music & the young people like rap, Justin what’s-his-name, and some other things I can’t justify with the title “Music”. So classical style music is a really hard-sell here. Thank God we have the Flight Crew & other IL VOLO fan sites to keep us informed. And thank God for you-tube so I can re-live the concert experience.

  11. It is the same in Canada there is no promotion when they are coming & I have only heard one radio station mention that they are performing in Roy Thomson Hall & that was a few years ago. Its mentioned once & then I never hear it mentioned again. I never heard Orillia or Montreal mentioned this year. I get so mad when I say Il Volo’s name & people don’t know who they are but they know Justin whowever.

  12. Lest not give up.
    “In adversity, a strong person cries and is upset for a moment but then gets up with determination to fight.”
    Anil Sinha quotes

  13. Kitty thank you wholeheartedly for your endearing words about our special guys. I mention them every chance I get to whoever I meet during my day. Their voices, their beautiful hearts and pure souls come through with passion and love in every song they sing. I cannot imagine a day going by without listening to their music and seeing their sweet faces. Their music truly takes my heart on a special “flight” every time I listen to them. Playing their music gets my day started in a special way. I will sing their praises as long as I have breath in my body! Thank you for eloquently saying how we Il Volovers feel about these Italian Angels.

  14. I think it is time to repeat my comments from another time *~*-that IL VOLO will soar/succeed regardless of positive/negative/ indifferent or zero promotion/publicity – because of WHAT THEY ARE*~* They are as has been said before – MUSIC IS WHAT FEELINGS SOUND LIKE
    & they do this the best*~* Laney

  15. yes, definitely poor promotion for most cities…. but I promote them where I can and every day at the office – whoever is unlucky enough to enter my office area, hears their music playing all 9 hours of my day and hears me talk about them to whomever will listen. I’ve doled out their CDs/DVDs to quite a few and they love them! Some are younger and of Latin/Latino background, one lady is even from India! I even made up flyers for Detroit to promote their concert, but I’m forever paranoid and we/I were afraid we couldn’t post them with their picture, etc. Wish they would give the fans carte blanche to promote them in any way we can – just don’t know who to ask permission of to do that? Like if we can only use certain pictures, etc.? Anything – heck, it wouldn’t cost them anything? If anyone knows, let me know and we can do it for next time – hopefully, there will be one? 🙂

  16. Well I certainly have tried to do my part. I did log onto the Sony site to request more promotion. In addition two weeks, I emailed our local program “Good Morning Texas” to request they do a segment on the guys since they have 3 shows in Texas this month “THIS WEEK IN FACT” (I’m going to San Antonio concert!!!). I also emailed our local newspaper “Dallas Morning News” as to why no write up this week, as they appear this Sat. March 19th and also why no ADS for ticket sales. Good Morn. Tx replied their schedule already full thru April. D.Morn News No reply. Hopefully, they will do a write up after the show!

  17. Because I do not live in San Diego I have no idea if there is much promotion or not down there but I recently went online to see what the seating looked like and it appeared there were LOTS of empty seats. I hope I am wrong.

  18. Thanks fir this wonderful post Kitty. Despite the lack of promotion they did have sell out concerts in Florida !! if they are attracting these crowds without any promotion just imagine what it would be like if they did get more exposure via TV, interviews, CD signings etc !!! In Orlando I was surprised and angry that there were posters for upcoming events on the outside of the venue but not one for Il Volo !!! I guess we who love them will have to continue to be their promoters !! I for one talk about them to anyone who is within earshot !!!!

  19. watched Ignazio sing a duet with Liliana Andreano from Feb., 2012 = ‘ Se non avessi piu te ‘
    = from a movie that told about a young famous singer that secretly marries his girlfriend so that his fans wouldn’t be upset …. Wonder if that song ever goes through Ignazio’s head now -about what to do because he is “in LOVE “.

    1. forgot to mention what name of song translates to : ” what would I do without you “.

  20. Thanks so much, Kitty! Agree that there should have been some promotion!!! I needed another ticket for Vegas on Mon. Called the Pearl Theater & asked if they were sold out. She said they had a few tickets left & since I needed only ticket I got first balcony , row A toward the center. Not too bad. Eagerly awaiting the 24th, we are going Thurs & shay 2 nites! Amore a tutti!!!

  21. Hi Ladies, thanks for the nice comments reguarding how we, as Il volovers, will always do whatever we can, whenever we can, to support our beloved guys of Il Volo. Would you expect less from loving grandmothers? Not here, for sure! I think that media exposure is an important facet in their becomming known , if done properly, and of course it helps to sell tickets. I guess what I was trying to say is that what poeples reaction to, impression of, and feeling towards what they see and hear once they experience Il Volo, promotes a much wider avenue of meaningful, first-hand, word of mouth credibility, which in turn promotes long term support. It is no longer a, “oh yeah, last night we went to a concert”; but instead , you may hear “last night, we went to see a trio of unbelivibly talented young singers from Italy. You must see them whenever you have the opportunity! They were fantastic! Very very nice, and truly talented young men. Professional and entertaining. We were impressed! ” Do you think that would entice you to see for yourself? (Ticket buyer, now or later: Ytube inquiry, now or later). There are many ways to promote, not the least of which is experiencing “real”. A picture and advertisement is not particularly reliable; but a recomendation from someone who has been touched by Il Volo’s “real”, it is personal, and heartfelt. Just like ours Flight Crew, and all other Il Volovers.


    1. Oh my gosh…
      has the Wrong Dates for locations! (shows Las Vegas as 24th. It’s really the 25th!. If one clicks Buy, the date is correct there, but will folks notice?!

      If anyone can notify vevo or IL VOLO to have it fixed, that would be really great!

      Meanwhile, sweet dreams,

  22. I live near Cleveland, Ohio so I have no idea how your weather affects people’s travel. If there was a tornado warning or now with ALL the FLOODING= I don’t think I would go ,so maybe that is why there were so many empty seats.The North East areas are close together= the South West seems so FAR apart in distance to drive.

  23. In Oklahoma City, I saw a good write-up in the Daily Oklahoman
    newspaper. On TV, ! saw their concert advertised showing them
    singing a segment of their music twice on PBS. I do not watch PBS
    all the time but am assuming it was one more then twice. Also, my
    hairdresser said she had seen them on TV. But I agree that it would
    be better if PR would get the word out.

    1. Hi Gale, hope you enjoyed the concert as much as we did. When was the article in the Oklahoman, I haven’t seen any review of the concert, or the write up.

  24. Great article Kitty, I truly love these guys, and hope to see them in person ! Till then you tube will have to do, but there are not of 2016 concerts on there, maybe there is some place else I should be look, if so please forward please! Thanks

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