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Hey, Everyone!

Over the past few weeks or so, Marie and I have noticed more people asking us, “How do I join the Flight Crew?”  We have tried to answer some people specifically here, but we’re afraid that maybe those responses weren’t seen readily, and we’ve recently received a few more e-mails to the same effect.  The question has puzzled us because we truly don’t think of ourselves as a club with some sort of membership process, but we want to clear that up as we welcome all of our new followers — WELCOME! logo logo

The simplest answer to this question is: Nothing!  😀  There is nothing official that you have to do to be a member here.  Being a reader, commenting as you feel you want to, following our only rule to be kind and respectful of others and especially of Il Volo and their friends/loved ones, tell others about us — that’s it.  Everyone is welcome here.

You can follow us on Twitter, choose to receive e-mails when new posts go up or follow along in your Word Press Reader if you have a Word Press account.  There are buttons for all of these options along the sides of your screen.

We accept donations given out of the goodness and generosity of people’s hearts, but it certainly is not necessary to participate and be welcomed.

The Flight Crew Badge is free.  All you have to do is print it out for your next Il Volo event and look for others who are

The Flight Crew Badge
The Flight Crew Badge

wearing it to meet other Il Volovers.  And The Guys recognize it too, so don’t be afraid to show it to them if you get to meet them.  In fact, they make a great item for them to autograph if you have the opportunity to ask for one.

And that’s all there is to being a member of the Flight Crew!  Come in and enjoy of the love and life, friends, and Il Volo!

~~ Kelly and Marie

10 thoughts on “Joining the Flight Crew”

  1. Thank you so much Kelly and Marie for answering this question about Flight Crew membership. Thank you for explaining that the only requirement for membership is to love and promote our Il Volo singing angels and to be respectful of them and their families and most of all to spread the word about these extraordinary young men. I promise to do all of the above with my whole heart.
    Thank you so much

  2. This place is always going to be my first homebase. Besides the furniture is pretty comfy . Igor my parrot loves it too, he loves to diivebomb people while screaming ” Ciao, ciao bambino!”

    1. Pirate, that is something I would love to see. I wonder who taught him how to do it. Do you really have a parrot?
      Rose Marie Paliobeis

      1. I used to have a parrot sometiime back and it was a very clever sweet bird. I really am related to a french pirate. If I had a parrot today I would do my level best to teach it all sorts of IL VOLO tunes. So Igor serves as my alter ego parrot! Just close your eyes and BELIEVE

      2. I’ll close my eyes and click my heels together, maybe that will get me front row seats next time. I do believe. Nice talking to you Pirate!

  3. Yes, as Margaret said earlier, I very much appreciate this friendly site to share our love, respect, and appreciation for Il Volo and their team! THANK YOU! <3

  4. This site is a wonderful place to express our thoughts, love and admiration
    for the Il Volo men, their music and their families. The expressions I read
    from the other Ilvolovers can’t be matched any other place. How else
    would we learn about these special singers ? ? I love to read the other
    fans thoughts, it helps me understand all about OUR ILVOLO ANGELS.

  5. Yes, Kelly and Marie….this is ‘home base’ for IL Volo, as far as I’m concerned. Wonderful, happy news and clever thoughts and poems too….Wow!! Thanks for everything you post for us every day…love you all, and so happy to have met you in Las Vegas!!!! Buona sera!!! xoxo

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