We all know the saying, “Boys will be boys.”
They love to have fun, and they love their toys.
Il Volo boys are no exception,
Going fast is their confection.
Ignazio loves Walter, that’s for sure,
But for real speed, his hogs the cure.

toys 1

Piero says race cars are hard to resist,
But  riding his bike still tops the list.

toys 2

              They might need new jackets.

toys 3


10 thoughts on “BOYS AND THEIR TOYS ~ Mary Bohling”

  1. After working in a hospital and seeing what motor bikes can do I am holding my breath. No No boys. stay on two feet. Joanie G

  2. They can have their toys but I pray they are sensible when using them and remain safe and sound !!! I don’t think Gianluca has his drivers license yet !! His father still drives him around !! So he’s safe for now !!

  3. Ah yes, as the old quote goes… the only difference between men and boys, are the price of their toys! Lol! What talented poetesses we have on this site!! 🙂 I love that pic of Igna on the bike, it’s still my wallpaper on my computer and is my little icon for Windows at work!

  4. Very good photos and Great poetry.
    Have you been reading about the Il Volo Mundial thing. What is the problem?

    1. Gerri, The Flight Crew board has chosen to not make public any position related to this issue, choosing instead to let our readers do their own research and make up their own minds. 🙂

  5. Yes, Mary, we will always worry about our boys and their toys. But I’m sure the good sense their parents have instilled in them, will keep them from being reckless. And Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca, don’t forget your helmets!

  6. Yes Mary I know the guys like their toys but they aren’t going to go all crazy they just need to let off some steam every once and awhile and who can blame them I certainly cannot. I just pray God keeps them all safe wherever and whatever they are up to.

  7. Each of motorcycles in the photos is too passenger seat.Imagine that you´re sitting as well Igna or Piero or Gian,they do not interfere with helmet (l know it´s a mistake and unreasonable!),
    the wind blowing in her hair and they are driving the beautiful landscapes of forests and meadows.
    (We have everything very close to the city.
    Stop at one of the many hills,just look across the land,sit on the grass and maybe just talking amicably.
    Each of you would have wated to expertence,believe me it´s totally different than riding in a car ! Just a small motorbike – you are know last journey our GG frieds Italy (foto l failed to print – l´m sorry).Believe me that some is one of the nicest experiences in life,a person must overcome initial fears.
    Don´t worry about the boys have their guardian angels and all goes well every time.Our boys are smart at all and it´s also one of the reasons why love so much.

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