Thanks A Million!

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Go figure this would happen when so many of us decided to leave the old site and come here to “Share The Love”  of those three marvelous gentlemen.  And you’re still here!  Pat yourselves on the back!  New folks welcome and please continue sharing with us.

~Kelly & Marie

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22 thoughts on “Thanks A Million!”

  1. Congratulations and thank you for giving us such a wonderful place to visit and share our love for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca!

  2. ALL THOSE COUNTRIES! What more proof do we need that our Guys are famous all over the world? How lucky are we to have found them and have been privileged to watch them grow personally and professionally?

    Il Volo YOU ROCK!

    1. Hello Marie, my curiosity has gotten the better of me, so I am finally going to ask a question that has been burning in my soul. (Too dramatic?) I see that Greece is 10th on the list but to my knowledge the boys have never performed in Greece. Is that true? I am curious as to why they haven’t because Italians and Greeks are “una faccia, una razza” one face, one root. I am an adopted Greek, my husband was Greek and we have many relatives and friends in Greece. If they tour there I will be there too. Thank you for this absolutely wonderful place to hang out! Love you all.

      1. Rose Marie, I don’t remember them ever being in Greece. I don’t know why either, except that there are many places that haven’t been graced by our guys. It seems to me that a lot of the European countries found Il Volo later than the North and South Americas.

  3. I “thank you” for all of the time and work you have dedicated to bringing us all together!

  4. You have so many visitors because this is a brilliant site. You, like us, understand and share the love for these wonderful guys, and I love the articles here, especially other peoples experiences. It is great to know there are a lot of other fans in England

  5. Congratulations Marie and Kelly!!! This site is a labor of love, hard work and dedication by both of you!! This would not be here without YOU!! Thank you so much for giving us such a special place to share the love!

    1. Thank you, Jane. This site would not be what it has become without your brilliant writing and without the contributions of so many others.

      Everyone, please take a moment to see our page “Who We Are – Contact Us” (upper left of page) to see some of the folks who work to make this site so fun.

  6. Congratulations Marie and Kelly. You should be very proud of yourselves for the success of this site. Thank you for all your hard work ( really a labour of love?) in keeping us in touch with all the latest regarding Il Volo. Many many thanks and please keep up the great work as we all love Il Volo !!!

  7. I’m so happy to be a member of this group! Thanks to all responsible! It’s so much fun to read all the comments and know we are ” like-minded”!!!! A little bit crazy….about Il Volo and their success! ♡♡♡from Texas…..

  8. Thanks Marie, Kelley and Jana. You work so hard. Thanks to all the other ladies and gentlemen who contribute and make comments.
    This is my home not to take away from some of the other great Facebook pages that I check.
    I feel that the more pages, sights or Facebooks’ there are about the boys the more we have information and at the same time help promote the boys and their music.
    We all can share the SPACE and RESPECT each others’ opinions.
    TO THE NEWCOMERS some of us are outspoken, some very polite, some sweet and some very smart. Like the people that know how to post Videos. I can not seem to master this art.

  9. Congratulations to all the Flight Crew board members who put so much love and hard work into making this incredible site where we can all share our love of those three fabulous Italian men who bring us so much joy and happiness. Congratulations Keep it up[.

  10. Thank you Marie, Kelley and Jana and all the Flight Crew members for giving us Il Volo lovers a place to “call home”. This is a most special site where we can view, listen and become in contact with our wonderful and amazing guys. The enjoyment I receive in reading the members’ posts and comments is priceless. The hard work and dedication to our special trio is so much appreciated. All of our hearts are in the right place at this amazing site and I am positive that all our love and warmest wishes for Ginaluca, Piero and Ignazio will continue to have them soar to the highest heights!

  11. CONGRATS !!!!! in a very big time. I am so proud of you guys for getting this going and keeping it going. It is a smart set-up and well edited. I always look forward to the report, articles and information. Looking forward to the 2 millionth reader.

  12. You know during the Vegas Fan Faire Ignazio noted the connection between the Flight Crew site and all the people there in the room. The point is the actually physical evidence. It is like posted all those flags above – physical evidence of all the many people from all those countries. That is so cool.

  13. Thank you all for your kind words. 🙂 It’s truly a labor of love, and the success is as much about you all as Marie and I. 🙂 You all fill this place with love. <3

  14. Congratulations to all on reaching such an important milestone. Special thanks to the moderators, translators, contributors and commenters who add so much to the success of this site.

    For all of us, being part of the Flight Crew is what keeps the Il Volo spirit alive in between concerts and CD’s and videos when we have a free moment or two to catch up on the latest news and fan experiences.

    Viva Il Volo!
    Long live the Flight Crew!

  15. Published for Zdena:
    I send big congratulations to the first 1,000,000 ! ! !
    Of course my thanks go to Marie and Kelly,but also other members that I met here and looking forward to their interesting contributions.
    I watch even from the “OLD SITE”,access of all people are kind friendly,our boys I met in the competition in 2009. My very first song was Ignazio´s Tenerezza and Delilah – I was in awe as public.Than I saw Piero –Mamma and gentle chld with exceptionally beautiful baritone – Gianluca.I never forget his tears of happiness when he spoke to him his model Andrea Bocelli.
    But back to our beautiful anniversary – my thanks also go to all the others who informed us of the news concerning IL VOLO:
    LINDA SNYDER – who was on the great success ll Volo watching from heaven . . .
    ELAINE – who prepared for us videos about ll Volo Tour 2013.Later in 2014 she prepared a package full of lovely gifts from admirers to Ignazio´s
    For me it was also very interesting lessons in Italian – unfortunately later I did not continue, but understand that everything was time – consuming to prepare.
    It was also interesting articles and photos about Italy – the food, local customs, etc.
    I also like read posts from members – men – very interesting useful and professionally always writen with great fondness for our boys, but without unnecessary “female emotions”.
    The last time I enjoyed the article on boys – butterflies. It´s magical metaphor.
    And I want to thank LYDKA to us during the entire tour lL VOLO 2016 promtly photos, messages and videos and gave us many hours of effort and work to help Kelly.
    l also admire the ladies who know how to compose beautiful poems. One of them I particularly liked – author MARIE CRIDER be published in 2013, here is my favorite part:

    THEY ´RE MY LOVES,THEY´RE MY STARS ….. (breathtalking expressed)

    In my mind it´s a trio of blue stars in the constellation of ORION = ORI. MINTAKA, ALNILAM, ALNITAK.
    Gianluca,Ignazio and Piero has on its star amazing castle,etc,etc ……..
    Marie maybe that will fulfill another wish – who knows ?

    From Bohemia warmly greets Zdena.

  16. Congratulations Crew !!! There is no other place where you can Share The Love so openly and honestly for our Gianluca,Piero and Ignazio as on this amazing site with with our amazing Flight Crew Family !! Just wait and see !! Before you can blink an eye there will be 2 million Ilvolovers posting and reading these heartfelt posts !!!

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