Il Volo Professional ~~ Il Volo European Tour 2016: Madrid; Que Noche Apperance





Kicking off the European tour at the first stop: Madrid, Spain.

~~ Kelly



Il Volo New CD
Il Volo New CD



Photos: #IlVoloEuropeanTour2015 – Madrid 21/05/2016 – ~~ Il Volo Sicilia Facebook



Y vendrán amores

Somos Novios

Bridge over troubled water

Photos: Il Volo Madrid 2016 ~~Oscar Gil Escobar flickr

Photos: II Volo #EuropeanTour2016 – Madrid – 21/05/2016 ~~ Il Volo Bologna Facebook



Per te ci saró

El mundo



Photos:  Il Volo – European Tour 2016 ~~ flicker

Photo post: Scatti dal concerto di ieri a Madrid della nostra inviata speciale Silvia; 17 photos  ~~ Il Volo Sicilia Facebook



Grande Amore

9 videos from Carolina Espinosa Madrid 2016:


world tour


Que Noche Appearance

Il Volo also mad an appearance on the Telemundo show, Que Noche, before kicking off the European tour.  Don’t the ladies look blissfully happy?  😉



Video: Grande Amore ~~


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10 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Il Volo European Tour 2016: Madrid; Que Noche Apperance”

  1. Magnificent, Kelly!!! So many photos & videos!!! I almost feel like I was there !!! Have had more interaction with Ignazio, (his instigation , not mine)! He has a special spot in my heart!! I love the three of them with all my heart!!! They are all so special in their own way!!!

  2. And the flight continues…never get tired of hearing and seeing them sing these gorgeous songs! Thanks Kelly!

  3. Oh thank you Kelly for the wonderful videos of the Madrid Concert… It is just wonderful to see Il Volo perform with such ease, grace and charisma… I miss them… I wish I could to go every Il Volo concert … I just cannot get enough of their live performances… The more you see and hear them live, the more you want to see them again… Thank you Flight Crew for bringing our guys here every day for us to enjoy.

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