Il Volo Professional ~~ Il Volo In Concert European Tour 2016: London




Il Volo in the UK at long last.  How are our London fans?

~~ Kelly


Il Volo New CD
Il Volo New CD



On street in London





Mix of songs



Photos: Concerto Londra 3 giugno 2016 ~~ Il Volovers Official Facebook

E lucevan le stele



Beautiful that way




Photos: European Tour 2016 London June 03 ~~ Rock me Il Volo Facebook




Grande Amore



Photos: Il Volo – European Tour 2016 / Londra~~ Il Volo – Italian Fan Club





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10 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Il Volo In Concert European Tour 2016: London”

  1. Kelly, wonderful concert review! It does not matter how many times I hear Piero sing E Lucevan Le stele…it takes my breath away. I could listen to them sing Life Is Beautiful every hour on the hour and love it more and more each time. Thank you for starting this Monday morning out on such a beautiful note! 🙂

    1. Thank you Kelly for all the photos and videos from the Palladium in London and thank you Lydka for this interview. At least the interviewer knows about Il Volo and their music and asks some different questions. I just wish that Piero and Gianluca would let Ignazio finish what he wants to say and not interrupt him. I think that is why he responds less in interviews. Poor boy obviously was hungry also!

      1. The interviewer knows all singers from Eurovision,and has good informations about them, because he did – every year – interview with them (also during Eurovision).And in this post I saw many thing that I sent Kelly , which I found for her. I do that with every concert. For example first video ” On street in London” , that was my description of video, I wrote it in my email to her, when I sent her link on it. You do not have to thank me for WIWiBloggs interview, it’s my pleasure to share videos, articles… with you all. 🙂

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