A Casual Interview ~

Thank You WIWIbloggs:

Before you ask…

~I don’t know what Ignazio was eating.
~I don’t know why Piero was itchy.
~I don’t know why Gianluca used Ignazio’s leg as a drum.
~I don’t know why the interviewer was so perky.
~I don’t know what happened to part 2.


What I do know is…

~Ignazio said, “you know” 15 times.
~Ignazio wanted to thump Gianluca.




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  1. I wonder if Ignazio uses ” you know ” that often when speaking in Italian ?

  2. Hey Rosemarie. I wondered that too. I’m guessing that it holds a place while he’s thinking of the English words he needs. He says it so quickly it was even hard to count.

  3. Hi Marie: You are probably right. Ignazio doesn’t seem to be as proficient in English as the other two. I equate the “you know” and “for sure” to my grandkids “like” in each sentence! “yikes”

    1. Marie, Just to set your mind at ease, here’s what really happened:
      ~Piero is itchy because the swimming pool at the hotel was over chlorinated.
      ~Gian is thumping on Ignazio’s leg because in his mind he is rehearsing the new Latin song that he will be singing at the next concert.
      ~Ignazio couldn’t resist stopping at a bakery before the interview to grab a cannoli.
      ~The interviewer is sooo perky because while walking to the studio a grasshopper ran up his pant leg.

      There, now you know.

  4. Ignazio wanted to thump Gianluca because Gianluca was being VERY annoying!
    I can just imagine what they are like when they are overtired and crabby and NOT in front of a camera!

    1. I have seen Ignazio being just as annoying to Gianluca in other interviews. From the start of the interview Ignazio didn’t look happy–maybe he was tired

      1. I thought all of them looked tired. Piero seemed distracted, Ignazio looked tired, and Gianluca was uncharacteristically mocking.

  5. There was a whole lot to have a laugh over in this interview. First off I can say without a blush that the interviewer made my gaydar go off the chart which is why he was so dang PERKY :he was sitting next to three gorgeous men!
    I think that Ignazio did thump Gianluca afterwards. You know, I am sure Piero and Ignazio both must have wanted to throttle Gianluca for all the “for sure”s he was saying not too long ago.Someone once thumped ME for too many “You knows” once upon a time and it worked! I feel for Ignazio, English is a raving biotch for folks to learn.
    As for Piero itching, well, he is simply itching to get back to Sicily, so he can work on his tan!

  6. Thanks Marie! Penina and Pirate both hit the nail on the head! All three of them are tired, bored and punchy from being on tour for so long! It’s a wonder they’re all upright. These interviewers ask the same questions ad nauseum and the guys are really patient with all of this! Glad it’s coming tonan end for them! Thanks Guys!

  7. I’m available to comfort & play with Ignazio any day & every day if someone else will play with the other 2 guys. I’ve got some great ideas for comfort, rest & down time. I can even deliver pizzas from Nina’s Pizzeria to Ignazio so he can get as much sleep as he likes.

  8. Wait a minute Marie. Why can’t I get to play with one of them? I’ll even let you choose which one!( seeing Ignazio has already been taken by Loretta)
    How did we let that happen?

  9. They were all so tired from such long tours and treating all their fans to hugs and pics, it’s no wonder they can stay awake. Ignacio really looked tired and they were so right when they said he loved his pillow and always wanted to go back to bed. This time, Gianluca was picking on Ignacio but Igni does it to him all the time. I think Piero doesn’t do that at all, he seems to be in such a good place all the time and doesn’t take anything to heart.

  10. Honestly, I thought the entire interview was weird (and kind of funny). As gracious as they are , they looked like they didn’t want to be there, almost annoyed. I think these three young men need a BIG vacation, They look tired and why wouldn’t they be, they have been all over the globe. I admit, I get a kick out of Gianluca when he is the one picking on the other 2 as it is usually the other way around. All in all , they are adorable . <3

  11. I’m not so sure about that, Lisa. I think people assume Piero is the “leader” because he is the eldest and seems more mature. I think Gianluca has a passive-aggressive personality. I don’t think we see it clearly because he is also so darn sweet. Still.. I think that sweet baby Rules! I also think both he and Piero clamp down on Ignazio at times. Someone needs to. 😊

  12. Gee I don’t think anyone needs to clamp down on Ignazio. I enjoy his sense of humour & he knows what he is doing at all times with the goal of making people laugh. A rare quality not everyone can do that. I am still saying he can do o wrong

  13. I think the boys were too exhausted for yet another interview and they are so humble. Their agents should really see that they get their proper rest – of their minds too! Ignacio looked like he could sleep standing up. That’s not a good thing.

  14. I think I answered on Facebook that Ignazio was eating a ‘pastie’ – which is a English meat filled thin pie dough type crust = I noticed the fluted edges – which is how they are made/look.

  15. I think Ignacio speaks pretty good English now and his Russian isn’t bad either! These boys are getting to learn more languages. They are more than amazing and now they say they are studying with their vocal coach for the upcoming concert show probably for “The Three Tenor” special.

  16. The second part has been posted, but has a different guy doing the interview. When you watch this video the next one should be in the suggested list. It says part 2 on the thumbnail.

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