“The Gentleman of Abruzzo.”

On August 9th Gianluca was named an honorary citizen of  Lettomanoppollo, Pescara during which he was called, “The Gentleman of Abruzzo.”  He gave a wonderful speech.  Ineke needed to have that speech translated from Italian.  Both Daniela and Lydka immediately responded.  It was at the end of comments from Daniela’s post on 8/28.  I was afraid that most of you may have missed the exchange…So here is his speech and that translation.  I have also added remarks from another proud “Abruzzese”.  -Marie

“First of all, I want to say I am a shy guy and I also get easily moved, and sometimes words just fail in me. But, I am speaking from the heart. Even if we do not know each other, we all know each other! What is joining us? This love – a platonic love, I would say. As the most beautiful thing is to get to the audience through an art, that is actually what I have always wanted to do, since I was young, and that is music. So, through my voice, our voices, getting to you and seeing all of you here tonight, for me, I get moved… I do really get moved, indeed. I can’t almost believe it! Anyway, I was born in a town that is just a little bit smaller – or maybe a lot smaller – than this one; this is a large town! Anyway, to be able to arrive here, where I am today, it’s really something… I am very excited, indeed! Thank you! I am also proud to be from Lettomanoppello. Nothing similar has ever happened to me, is it true, dad? My dad knows this, too… A honorary citizenship from… I want to say thanks to you all, to the Mayor, to the President of the Region, everyone of you! I feel… see, really words just fail in me! I am really excited… Then, as it was said before, I am very proud of one thing. As you know, there are 2 Sicilians in the group with me. Being from Sicily is easier! Being from Abruzzo it is not, you know… especially around the world… when we go to America, to South America, to many countries around the world – I am sorry to say this – Sicily is obviously better known. And so I have to explain, to show pictures of our beautiful region. As we do not only meet Italians abroad, we also meet with the locals. And so I… maybe you know about that from the TV, you saw that I always speak about Abruzzo, I name Abruzzo, also my town – Roseto, Montepagano – and the whole Abruzzo, as I am proud of being an “Abruzzese”, I have always been proud to be, and to bring Abruzzo around the world. So I am a “paganese” (from Montepagano), a “rosetano” (from Roseto) and from today also a “lettese” (from Lettomanoppello). And I am proud, and very happy! Thank you very much to you all, indeed.”                                     All credits to francy.b from AAIV.

Translated remarks from Marcella Sigismondi who posted the above video.

Now no word is effective enough to describe you and your companions of this extraordinary journey.
” when a person is simple you conquer the heart.
When a person is humble makes you reflect.
When a person is loving triggers concussion.
When a person is sincere, authentic inspire confidence.
When a person moves you has already entered into the heart.
When a person sings with the heart shall communicate emotions that arrive in the soul by giving that sense of inner well-being in paradise.
When a distinguished person of world renown is excited to conquer the whole world “.
Thank you Gianluca you’re an amazing guy, example and model for all, your heart is a treasure trove that guard the most precious values and we are to support you in your journey to sweep the leaden clouds and to light the path with love respect and discretion. How you sing. The Abruzzo moves and forever with you.
feeling proud to be from Abruzzo in Lettomanoppello.’


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  1. What a beautiful speech. Thank you so much for posting this as I had seen it, but was unable to understand it. He is quite the guy. So calm, caring and intimate in the way he is able to share his feelings.

  2. I did miss this translation so Grazie Mille Daniela and Lydka !!! I am over he moon happy for Gianluca. He certainly does deserve all this wonderful recognition from his homeland and I can’t think of a more loving and sincere person to be the Ambassadore of Abruzzi. He is deservingly loved by his people and his speech was beautiful and straight from his big beautiful heart !! The heart that we in America love so much too.
    I feel honored that I was able to visit with Gianluca and his father Ercole in Roseto/Montegagano last year with Maria Leps,Madeline Vitella and Deborah Beaupre. He was thrilled that we were visiting his little corner of the world and thanked us profusely for traveling so far for so many hours to do so. Our Gianluca is definitely one of a kind and makes it easy for us to love him…and we do !!!❤️

    1. Sure , granny groupiers , in Italy all newspapers spoke of you . Congratulations you are very respectable .

    2. I send another part with pictures from your travels and meetings.Originally I did a clip for a song Piove /Ciao,ciao bambina/ but unfortunately the songs IL VOLO in some countries / the US also/ blocked.
      For these reasons I used the song American songwriter Allan Roberts about sprightly italian girl Angelina / waitress at the pizzeria /.
      Pleasant listering!

      1. I love this video , how many beautiful photos .
        Pity that in Italy there is not a meet and greet

  3. Thankyou, Marie for this post of Gianluca’s wonderful speech!! I did not see this before as the 28th was my birthday! Had BD festivities! So happy for the honor Goanluca has received from his region!! He is truly “The Gentleman of Abruzzo”.

  4. Yes Jane I so agree with you, Gianluca made a very beautiful and sincere speech that day!!
    Molto grazie to Marie, Daniela and Lydka for posting this information for all of us. One day I will be able to understand the Italian language, but until then I am thankful for the help from Daniela and Lydka.

    1. Ineke, ti rispondo in italiano così puoi fare esperienza. Penso che sei già molto brava e ammiro il tuo sforzo di imparare il nostro linguaggio. Ti mando tanti abbracci dall’Italia.

      1. Daniela, Marie mi ha reso consapevole del traduttore Bing – semplicemente meraviglioso!!!

      2. ……e no no Ineke, così non vale!!!
        AH AH AH,
        anch’io uso il traduttore google per capire e leggere i vostri commenti e a volte mi chiedo se avrà tradotto esattamente quello che volevo dirvi.
        Bacioni dall’Italia.

  5. Thank you so much for the translation. He comes across eloquently for such a shy guy as he says. He deserves it all and more. Joanie G

  6. Yes, Gianluca, deserves every honor that has been bestowed on him. It was a wonderful speech, and you can tell it was coming from his heart. Thanks so very much for the translations.

  7. Thank you for this wonderful translation, very much appreciated! I could tell just by listening to his thank you speech, it was right from his beautiful heart. To now know his words, was so touching. Gianluca is such a very special young man and so loved by so many. Thank you again Daniela and Lydka…love!!! ♥

  8. Thank you from me also for the translation. Even if you didn’t understand the words he spoke, his expressions & mannerisms just conveys his sincere warmth and appreciation for the honors he has received. For me my heart skipped a beat because my grandparents emigrated from Lettomonopello many many years ago. Gianluca is just a treasure! How can you not love him.!

    1. Annette , I understand your heart sink , wow your grandparents are just as Lettomonopello . What a wonderful coincidence.

      1. Daniela I have my mother’s birth certificate and her dad was born in Lettomanopello & mom in Sanbenedetto so I guess I have some Abruzzi blood. Actually my husband & I visited that area a number of years ago but found no one with the last name Terrano. Thanks again for your translations!!

      2. I am sorry that you have not found anyone with that surname .
        I feel , however, that Italy has a special little place in your heart .

  9. I read all your comments and I must say Gianluca is really a very emotional guy , in fact if you look at the official video of Nessun Dorma when it finishes the song notice how Gianluca biting her lip to hold back tears . He does not hide his shyness and this makes him even more pleasure.
    All three boys have the three B ( so to speak Italian )
    BRAVI = we all know how good they are
    BELLI = I would say very beautiful
    BUONI = they have a heart so good and very gentle manner
    In facebook I am in a Italian group that has for a mascot a child named Jonathan who loves IL VOLO .
    Jonathan is being treated for a long illness , and yesterday was his birthday and Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio sent a video with their wishes .
    Jonathan last year was in Florence at the concert of Flight and also sang with them ( have you seen the video ? ) .
    What, they are special guys .

    1. I saw video with Jonathan from last year’s concert, so adorable and kind .<3 Hope that boy is feeling better and will be healthy. I wish him all the best and mainly good health, Happy birthday, full of toys, cakes, chocolates and fun to the sweet boy , Jonathan !

      1. Hello Lidka , you can retrieve the video with Jonathan at the concert and post it so they see it all ?
        Concert tribute to Pavarotti I really liked the song ” Libiam de merry glasses ” sung by the boys with the three soprano . Beautiful voices and the guys can really dare.

      1. Thanks Lydka , super fast . I think after the tribute to Pavarotti Flight will have more fans that so far did not know them

      2. Thank you, Lydka. These young men are just so precious, they make our hearts swell with love and pride. Just when you think you can’t love them any more they show more of their unselfish, humble and caring natures. What a blessing that they were united and of the same ilk and purpose.

      3. It ‘s true Mary , I also believe that Piero Ignazio and Gianluca have great patience with the fans . Last night I happened to see this video of Gianluca , is always friendly and amenable to all , not at all bothered by the girls who want autographs and photos and absolutely casually in a tank top shorts and slippers, delicious. His words are always very friendly with fans and when one gives him a small gift he is very happy and says, ” I have to show it to my dad ,” it is a very valuable relationship he has with his father .

    2. Daniela, yes, it was nice, but I love more the version only with boys. 🙂 I sent Kelly videos from concert, so I assume that it will be in her post.

  10. Gianluca is a remarkably precious
    young man with a heart full of
    compassion and emotion
    for sick children and others
    who need a loving touch and
    hug in their life. God bless you

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