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It was unfortunate that Il Volo had to cancel their appearance at World Youth Day in Warsaw earlier this summer, but they did make if for a few days to promote “Notte, Magica.”  I think the citizens of the city were still excited to see them.  😉

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Photo Album: Il Volo w Warszawie (Polska) 16.09.2016 ~~ Il Volo Polska Facebook


Boys sang Nessun Dorma at morning show  DDTV



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  1. Extraordinary Beautiful, they stand proudly alone with poise and grace. Il Volo’s full version of Nessun Dorma is quite spectacular. It’s a jump out of shin experience. No one could ever steel their thunder. A class performance for sure, they are the very best. BRAVO!

  2. 1993, 1994, 1995 : One after the other they came – – to help bring love and light into our world through their beautiful voices and music: “The universal language”.

  3. Here is beautiful video, interview, from Warsaw, filmed September 16th, 2016

    and here is my free translation:
    Il Volo singers met as singing children in talent show. One of them managed to win the competition. In the finale they sang together as trio and then their career changed. Ignazio said that ” managed to sign a contract with the famous American music company and then had followed by concerts worldwide.In principle, they are as three brothers, he remembered their good relations. ” At first they had concerts in America and were more successful and popular overseas than at home. Gianluca said “that their kind of music is more popular abroad and good examples are famous artist as Pavarotti and The Three Tenors, who gained more popularity abroad as in the native land. The three Tenors project had the more success in the other countries as in Italy.” Their ambitions include not only opera but also popular songs, in their repertoire are songs from U2 or Aerosmith. Gianluca said ” that they are young,so it is normal that they are listening r&b, pop, simply all kinds of music. But it is true that in childhood due to families fell in love with opera.He pointed out that it’s not only music suitable for elderly but also for young people in their age.” Ignazio said that “you can listen to pop, electronic music..but this does not exclude the beauty of classical music and opera, pop opera. ” Il Volo are called three young tenors and they are compared with Domingo, Pavarotti, Carreras and now they did Cd in Italy with maestro Domingo., they claim that they are far away from were compared with the three tenors. Piero said that ” when people say this about them, they’re taken with narrowed eyes.Comparison with three tenors is somewhat exaggerated. Fact that they recorded Cd Una notte Magica is their announcement to the world that the Three tenors are their idols and to remember that night. ” Their newest way follows-up on the concert in Caracalla , in video mentioned the great success of this concert, and Il Volo did a repertoire of their older colleagues. At the time of recording on stage helped them their biggest idol Placido Domingo. Piero said that “when they called him and asked him what he thinks about idea to make paid tribute to three tenors and their concert, he agreed and the fact he was with them on stage and conducted the orchestra, has been the fulfillment of their big dream.” Soon with this repertoire they will travel across the whole world, in video said that the first will be Europe and I think in video they speak about concerts in Italy when said that most concerts are sold out .

    1. Written over video:
      In honor of the Three Tenors. Most popular operatic trio in Warsaw.
      Written below the video:
      The young and extremely talented.They sang with such celebrities as Barbra Streisand and Placido Domingo, and their fans are, among others, Woody Allen and Bono. Italian trio Il Volo, the young star of contemporary opera, visited the capital town.Artists promote their latest album, recorded in honor of the three tenors.

  4. Here is link to website of DDTVN , where you can find more quality video Nessun dorma ( also second video and photos).
    On stage of DDTVN phenomenal trio Il Volo (at first is advertising, then continues video of song),2064,n/na-scenie-ddtvn-fenomenalne-trio-il-volo,211963.html
    (below the video:
    Il Volo are three young and very talented vocalists Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble. Until now they collaborated, among others, with: Eros Ramazzotti, Placido Domingo and Barbra Streisand. On stage Dzień Dobry
    ( Good Morning) TVN performed the song “Nessun dorma.” ) and włoski tercet pop operowy means Italian operatic pop trio

    1. Hi Lydka! I had no idea you know Polish. Nice to know that 😉 Your translation is perfect.

      Andd I WAS SO HAPPY that they came to my country. One wish came true ;D

      About the interview. I even like DDTVN. It is like our polish “Good Morning America”, but of course A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT SMALLER. But I didn’t like this interview with guys. Imho the hosts had no idea who they are…they weren’t prepared and asked them sensless questions…:/and this host lady gratuated in Italian Philology and barely speaks Italian :/ and this host man for many years was a correspondent in Vatican City and he said IGnazio:/

      I just hope that they had fun here 😉 Poland really loves Il Volo and who knows maybe they’ll come here again for some concert…

    1. Jane, Slavic languages are very similar, I understand it, so I wanted also to convey to you. But is quite challenging to translate from foreign language to another foreign language and in addition from video. I admire all who are placing captions to videos ! Nessun dorma is beautiful song and certainly the right selection of boys, that they chose the aria as their new signature song. Have a nice day !

  5. Thank you for the translation, Lydka. I enjoy watching their interviews even when I don’t understand what they say, but your translations make so much difference. I appreciate all your effort.

    1. Esther, thanks , it was my pleasure and I am happy if you like it. 🙂 The short interview in video by Dzień Dobry TVN is very similar as interview that I translated. They spoke about concert (they sang the best repertoire from Three Tenors), that Domingo was conductor, and huge help for them, who gave them advices and he helps the young artists in opera world, Piero said he is their good friend, they again claimed that the comparison with Three Tenors is too exaggerated (moderator asked them who is Pavarotti, who is Domingo.. when they sing, boys said that now they sing their songs and created memory of their concert, but still need more years of experiences, learning, so that they could get closer to them), they mentioned that new album will be released September 30 and they want to bring this music to young people.
      Have a nice day !

  6. Lydka! I had no idea you know Polish. Your translation is perfect 😀
    I was SO HAPPY that they came to my country. It’s so nice to that I finally could watch their interview in Polish 😀

    Buuut…about the interview. I was dissapointment. DDTVN is like our polish “Good Morning America”- of course A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT smaller, and this was a good promotion for Il Volo, but I also would be grateful if the hosts were prepared. I felt that they didn’t have the foggiest idea who they are, they asked them really meaningles question ;/ and this host lady gratuated in Italian Philology and barely speaks Italian ;/ and this host man for maaany years was correspondent in Vatican City and he said IGnazio ;/ (I know I am picky…)

    Anyway, I hope that guys had fun in Poland and who knows maybe they’ll come here for some concert…

  7. The guys were really great , they have a way of presenting very plain but effective . Beautiful interviews and thanks Lydka you’ve translated .
    It ‘s true Ignatius was in great shape !!

  8. Lydka ~ many, many thanks for your considerable efforts in translating all the wirds!! What a treat to know what the guys said! They are consistently humble and polite, in spite of their very great talents. I will never tire of listening to their music. Thanks again!!

  9. “Meravigliosa” Lydka, I tried so hard to hear what the guys were saying, but that Polish man was talking too loud!! Lovely surprise to find that you have done the translation for us Lydka, thank you very much!

    1. Ineke, thank you (grazie mille) with all my heart. I don’t speak Italian and Spanish, so I’m glad that I can translate Slavic languages and be useful at least occasionally in this situation.
      Have a nice evening !

  10. Lydka, thank you so much for interpreting the
    inteview for us. I didn’t know about Slavic having semilar pronounciation. Thanks again. Have a nice day.

    1. Gale, thank you. No similar pronunciation. , but similar words and some are the same. 🙂 Slavic languages are different than Germanic,in our case, we usually use principle , write as you hear. Polish language is a bit of an exception, but in my language is true the sentence ” simply write what you hear “. Have a nice day !

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