The Important Phrases!

a-need-2Well, it’s less than a month until we leave.  I appreciate all of the travel advice, and good wishes Jane and I have been given for our journey through Italy.  However, what I need to know are the really important Italian phrases like…


“Obviously, I didn’t mean what you thought I said.”
“Hello fella, need a place to stay in the U. S. A.?”
♥ “May I run my fingers through those dark curls?”

“I’m lost.  Please direct me to…
     …The nearest Gelato vendor.”
     …The best pizza in town”
     …Where I can get the most spaghetti for my money.”
     …A hospital that has a stomach pump.”


“My hands haven’t moved.  Do I look like I speak Italian?”
“Run?  Why?  I thought I said good morning.”
♥ “Where do you keep the life jackets on this gondola?”


“Pinch me again and I’ll follow you home.”
“If I marry an Italian national can I stay?”
♥ “Yes, I will share your villa with you.”


♥ “Oops!  Pizza..Frisbee who can tell the difference?”
♥ “It’s ok if Piero is in Brazil, Mrs. Barone.  I’ll just wait here on your porch.”


♥ “Help I’ve lost my Cannoli!”
♥ “Where do I sign up to stomp grapes?”


♥ “I did not know that ‘lasciar andare’ meant ‘let go’ in Italian.”
♥ “It’s ok, officer, I’ll lasciar andare as soon as he stops screaming.”
♥ “Quit struggling.  You’re going to hurt yourself.”

♥ “Hello Air Italia, I’m gonna need a larger seat on my flight home.”
♥ “Hello Air Italia, never-mind, I won’t be needing that return flight.”

♥♥♥ And most importantly:
     – “Jane’s married, I’m not.”
     – “Jane did it.”
     – “Jane told me to say that.”
     – “It was Jane not me.”
     – “She’s Jane.”a-need-5
What other phrases do you think Jane and I might really need to know? 

Also, after this do you think Jane is still going to go?  


💖 Marie

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  1. That was hilarious!! Marie and Jane ~ many good wishes and travel blessings on your journey! Another phrase you need – “are your dimples always there?” – for you-know-who😍

  2. Marie among the thousands for ‘information’ e-mails I e-mailed you one was “100 Ways to Say I Love you in Italian”. That is all you need in case you find YOUR BOY. Does not hurt to have it when you meet some dark and handsome Italian.
    Just think what you can do with 100 of these.

  3. Have a great time – how can you not though. If Jane changes her mind – why would she though, I will make the ultimate sacrifice and step in for her.
    Don’t forget “Where’s the no-fat cheese, cannoli, pasta, etc., oh never mind”

      1. I forgot, Dove (where is) Piero, dove Gianluca, dove the one with the dimples, then tell me when you find him and I’ll do the rest. Thanking you in advance.
        Have a good trip In Greek – Kalo Taxidi

  4. OMG…I am laughing my head off! You forgot one though…I promised her family I’d bring her back, with or without an Italian in her suitcase! 🙂

  5. I am a little worried , I do not know your language and you do not know mine, we ‘ll express his hands ? For us Italians it is easy ! We laugh all the time . Marie and Jane , remember that I await you.

  6. Marie, I can’t stop laughing and I’m trying to drink my coffee. I would love to go with you and would love it if you were filmed this whole trip. It would be so special. After my first trip to Italy, I cried at the airport going home. I really loved these passionate people and now understood my wonderful dad who came from Bari.

    1. Hi, Ann, Just wondered if you knew that Antonio Petruzzelli, the Italian Base-guitarist, is also from Bari, Italy, just like your Dad ! (Antonio is wearing the black hat and standing behind the Pianist and Ignazio, as Ignazio sings “Unchained Melody” in the “Live At Pompeii” DVD.). That’s a great idea you have about someone to film Jane and Marie during their adventure in Italy. That would be a riot to see, especially in those three ‘special towns’ ! Let’s hope something magical happens for them there !

      1. No, didn’t know he was from Bari. Yes, their adventure in Italy would be fantastic for the Flight Crew. We would love it but have to settle for their pictures and stories when they get back. I know we will love them.

  7. Loved this article. I am still laughing. Hope you have a fatastic trip as I did with the Granny Groupies!

  8. This. Is so fun!! You & Jane have a wonderful time!!!! Be sure to visit Montepagno, Marsala, & Naro!!! These areas are really beautiful & three important Italians have their homes there!!!

    1. How could I possibly leave w/o knowing that one? Thanks Penina! I will need to know that so he won’t faint when I come at him with a razor.

      I’ll also need, “Just clearing the dimples”

      1. You are too much!!! Okay, Marie. “just clearing the dimples”. Schiarendo le fossette. (Remember your promise to me?) Have a great time, both of you.

  9. to Jane: I’m glad to see that you and Marie are brushing up on your Italian phrases, but be careful. It can be tricky and sending the wrong message can be dangerous. Remember you are traveling with an impetuous woman who could go a little crazy when confronted with a handsome Italian.

  10. Have a happy trip. I can’t write it in Italian. Italy is my adopted country since meeting the boys. therefore. I wish I was going home there with you. Give Piero’s house and the streets of Naro an Italian kiss for me. Can’t wait to see all your photos when you get back to reality. Joanie G

  11. Marie, you have to take a picture eating gelato in every town you visit and make sure you label the town and then pick your favorite. It’s so good for your picture book when you come back. A lot of people do this.

  12. Marie, you’re soooo funny!!! I know you two will have a great time!!!❤️❤️❤️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  13. Jane, with Marie along, you will have a laugh a minute. How I envy you. I know you will have a great trip. Please send lots of pictures so that I can travel by armchair with you.

  14. News Alert…Italy just put out a bulletin warning all to be aware of fun loving, exuberant American women coming soon…said if you spotted them you are to immediately round up the men of Il Volo to go and help tame them down…as this has been an effective technique used in America! They even gave a description of two of the women…one with short curly reddish hair, and one out of breath from chasing after the first one trying to keep her in line.

    Marie, I thought you said we decided NOT to tell them? Someone let the cat out of the bag! Wasn’t me! 🙂

    1. Ah, Jane… perfect remedy!

      You may be the only person, Jane, who loses weight going to Italy! Chasing after Marie is way better than running on a treadmill!

      You two have an incredible time! I Know you will. And I am so looking forward to photos and stories, of which I know there will be many!

      Love and hugs,

  15. Well, well, well! Jane and Marie on WONDERLAND! Just one thing…if you do find HIM. marie….he understands English very well! So if you go mute, as I did, stick with the basics….COME GO TO AMERICA WITH ME!! Color me green, but have fun, anyway! ♡♡♡

    1. Hey Dot, good idea!

      Maybe I’ll get a t-shirt with that on it. That way I can just open my jacket and flash him.

      Hummm, something about the way I wrote that doesn’t sound right.

  16. Oh, Marie…
    I am So Glad I took time to see what these important phrases. Your writing gets better by the minute, and it was awesome from the start!

    I think it’s time for you to write a book, one that expresses MARIE on every page. It could be the answer to world peace. How can people fight when they’re laughing that hard?! 😌

    Between you and our Flight Crew friends here, I don’t think there are any must-have phrases left. But if there are, I’m sure they’ll be in your book.

    Hmmm… and whenever you get yourself in trouble (I know, Jane, that sounded so certain!), oh here’s a phrase: excuse me! I’m researching for my book Marie’s Unforgettable Flight with IL VOLO!

    Marie and Jane, have an incredible time! I know you will. And we can’t wait for stories! and photos!

    Love and big hugs,

    1. Thank you for the complement, Jeanine. Means a lot, always has.

      You’d think if I could write a book to promote world peace, I could charm just one handsome, note holding, fluffy, Italian Prince. Sigh.

      1. Well then, since I know you *can* write such a book, just maybe charming one handsome, note holding, fluffy, Italian Prince… 😉

        And I’m glad you’ll be on vacation, Marie! Nevertheless, I think I know you well enough to suspect that those memories will surely need just the right place to land, and you can count on us, your Love-Sharing Flight Crew for that!

        Grateful that my sincere compliments about your writing are meaningful for you, Marie. You’re a precious delight in my life!


  17. Have a wonderful time and really live it up !! Taste every gelato flavour and try every pasta dish. Looking forward to your travel tales on your return . Happy trails to you, until we hear from you again !!

  18. Marie, I think you are forgetting a phrase. This is probably the most important one.Come faccio a uscire di prigione ? “How do I get out of prison”lol
    I hope you and Jane have the best time of your lives.
    Give Daniela and Gina a hug from all of us.I guess the guy’s will not be there, but maybe you will see their parent’s.

    1. Don’t figure I’ll need that one. I’ll whine to all of you in English and you’ll get me out. I don’t think they will want to keep me anyway…I can cry really loudly in Italian.

  19. I know you will have fun and frol on your
    IL VOLO/ITALY tour. And lots to tell us about
    all the good food you will taste and experience.
    Maybe you will get to meet the parents and
    grandparents and Ignazio’s sister and Erny.
    Also Pieros sister and brother. What a
    privilege to get to make a trip to Italy. Learn
    all you can so you can share with us IlVololovers.
    And yes, write that book.

  20. Marie , Jane , after all these tips from all friends eating ice cream , pasta , cannoli , pizza, in all cities ….. but how many cities visited ?? From me you will arrive at the end of the trip and you will be greased 10 pounds and when I say to you ” you want some ice cream ? ” your answer will be NOOOOO .

    1. I should have said, “No” to ice cream a while ago. Especially since I just now heard on the news that Angelina and Brad filed for divorce. Now’s my chance!

      Ignazio …you snooze you lose, baby! (think that scared ’em?)

      1. I don’t think it scared Ignazio, but I think it might have scared Brad!
        I’m sorry Marie, I could’nt resist. Either one of them would be lucky to have you.Out of the two of them, you should stick to Ignazio( even though I want him too!!

  21. I’ve been laughing all day Marie. This is the best trip to Italy ever by anyone. Can’t wait to hear of your adventures. I never called them vacations – alway adventures – especially Italy – and I always said it is “a laugh a minute.” You will see. lol

  22. Marie, do you have an iPhone? I have an iPhone 5, and can translate Italian to English, and English to Italian on it. When you and Daniela meet, you type what you want to say in English, and it will automatically repeat in Italian. She can type in question’s in Italian and it will give it back in English.
    It’s a lot easier than using a book.
    If you don’t have one you should look into it before you leave.

    1. Also I have the app on the phone but we will seem crazy talking into the phone and then listen to what we say . Ah Ah Ah

    1. Nope. No Periscope, Instagram, texts, tweets, face booking, emails or posts. I may take some notes then talk about it when I get back. This website is my joy and my job. I’ll be on vacation.

      1. Marie, enjoy every minute of your vacation. You can let us know about it when you get back. I know you and Jane will have a wonderful time.

      2. I understand and respect your decisions. I just took a 5 day trip and only called my kids to tell them I arrived. No FB, Twitter or whatever. Enjoy your vacation and have fun. Are you taking your running shoes ? I understand a certain someone runs with his dog in the park.

      3. Ahhh, Marie and Rose Marie,
        Running with the dog… that’s like Piero and the treadmill only better because it’s HIM!


      4. Thanks, Rose Marie!
        Credit goes to Marie, as she has called our dimpled young man HIM for quite some time! Maybe she thinks HE won’t know who she’s talking about? Naaahhh… I think he’s on to you, Marie! 😀

        We ARE having fun, aren’t we, Rose Marie?!

        Love ya, friends,

      5. I think HE’S on to me. I think that’s why he will be out of the country while I’m there. You cant blame HIM for being scared now can you?

  23. Marie/Jane – so loved this!! Someone said “dove” up above – yes, that was an important one for me – may want to learn “dove” track the train is on?? 🙂 Of course “come” and “aspettero” helped us! Just in case you need to figure out how to pump gas in Sicilia! Smile sweetly, look at the gas pump and say “come??” By the way, those trains leave precisely on time – don’t be late, or you will be running like we were! Oh yeah, better write that one first! Lol!! Viaggio con Dios! Wish I could go back with you!

  24. Okay, I have been thinking about this. First you need to know when you ask for water to know how to answer the big question: Gasse or no gasse? With gas means it is bubbly and will give you the burps
    Second thing you need is to know is: “Piu acciughe si prega” Very popular
    Lastly when you see Poer ask him ecco un paio di Speedo. Si prega indossarli per una foto >” Then when he does it be sure and take more than one photo! All for us back here. I’, sure you understand me completely.

      1. WHO ME???? Oh no! Just maybe kinda sorta… Life is more fun when you are being naughty!
        Ciao Bella!

  25. Had a good laugh reading all these important phrases and it looks like you have everything covered! Before you know it, you will be in Italy and having a wonderful time.

  26. Marie: There is also the Italian sign language that can be useful. You had it on this site once, or you can find it on the internet.
    Jane: Please be ready to take some little video clips as Marie does the signs ~ Italian style!!

    1. Hello my African Pal! I may be OK with the signing. Remember my grandpa was ItalIan. Did a lot of that hand movement, especially when mad. With a name like Palmasano you have to use your hands. I think its a law.

  27. This was a hoot to read Marie !!!! I can!’t think if anyone other then the one and only YOU that could possibly have more of an adventure and fun in Italy then the three of us Granny Groupies did !!! The entire country will know you by the time you leave !!! That is IF you leave !!!! I can see you racing all over Italy/Sicily looking high and low for a certain dimpled young man for the rest of your days and then if you find him desperately trying to drag him home with you !!!I Good luck with that !!!! 😂 We all want to share your great Italian adventure with the two of you so be sure to keep us posted !!! 😃

  28. Thanks, Joanie. You know I will search.

    Thank you everyone. (Including my sister Carol who read the part about me trading my family). I had such fun with this post and all of you. Trading thoughts with this Crew is my favorite thing to do.

    Thank you all also for all of the good wishes for our travels. We are going to have such a good time!

  29. I am sure you guys will have a wonderful time! And don’t forget three more phrases: “That’s not my hand!” and “I didn’t know that was illegal in Italy! and ¡I need an Italian lawyer!

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