X Factor? I Think Not! ~ Daniela

This is all translated from Italian.  Please remember the sentence structure is a little different than English. ~ Marie


Daniela Writes:

Maybe not all of you know that on September 15 in Italy began the first episode X FACTOR (a musical program of new talent that are evaluated by four judges ).

The judges of this edition are all new. One of them is an Italian rapper who perhaps you do not knows (I think) his name is FEDEZ.  He is a tattooed guy who has a great following in Italy.
A Romanian competitor has presented the song GRANDE AMORE sung badly, but what bothered was not the performance but the comment of the rapper who said quote:

“The intention was good but not the song. I sorry.  THIS WAS A FLIGHT LOW COST. THIS IS WHAT DOES IL VOLO IN THE WORLD”.



X Factor 10, the first episode: Manuel Agnelli revelation Fedez hassles Il Volo [PHOTOS]

Is not the first time that FEDEZ says nasty things to IL VOLO.  The fans are very angry about this thing and have made many negative comments to Fedez.

“… carry this ugly incident occurred during the 1th episode of ‘ x factor ‘, because we will always remember who’s fedez’ and to send you… not to watch this programme until the character in question will be part Of the jury!
Mr. (Mr? ) Fedez is able only to insult and – above all – a ‘ Crow’s world for the successes achieved by our boys, Italian pride in the world.”


“Unhappy sentence instead for fedez that he should be the first on the performance of the competitor dumitru on the notes of ‘ great love of the trio’s flight is: ” the intention was there, but the song no. I’m sorry. This was a low cost flight. This is what makes the flight’s in the world “.
Words that are not liked to the fans of Ignazio Boschetto, Piero Barone and Gianluca Ginoble: ” seemed more insulting than anything else. A word of advice, when you’re on TV, watch what you say “, ” Fedez has just insulted is the flight to x factor. I have a memory lapse: how many sanremo music festival has won fedez? I don’t remember “.
Maybe it’s just a misunderstanding?

The day after, Michele Torpedine, who discovered and manages Il Volo, wrote an article in answer to the fact, signing “the former Andrea Bocelli manager.”


(highlights are mine ~ Marie)

Looking for a job? Come into the world of music. There own place to everyone!

Written by 

“Yesterday I saw the first episode of X Factor but we just do not. 

Always I see the same faces, maybe there is something new, but I do not think the situation has improved. 

Let’s start with Manuel Agnelli, copy of Marylin Manson and leader of Afterhours: I do not know what he did in music, but do not think I’ve seen great achievements made by him or his group.  Following Arisa, which by the way I respect as an artist: he has a beautiful voice, but I do not think it is in a position to judge or to build the fate or the future of new talent or new singers.   Going forward, Alvaro Soler, miracle with a single (I’m curious to see what happens with the second).  I am convinced that we can not sit at a table on the first single to judge any future colleagues just for the fact that it sold well with a single track. 

I wonder, how do you make a table to judge a singer who had a 25th place in Spain and mediocre outcomes across Europe, and of course a great success in Italy?  In the end, ‘the genius’, Fedez, who with music has nothing to do. You may also register for the 5 Star Movement, and go talk to Grillo around, but certainly not to judge the future of a singer.

Among other things, I remind you that last night you are allowed to judge a group like Il Volo, saying after the hearing of an awkward competitor who sang ‘Big Love’ (Un Amore Cosi Grande ~ Marie) (for other selected from them), this is the effect that Flight manufactures in the world. 

 But what other Italian repertory works in America? her by chance (as in America there are the originals that he tries to imitate)? You should also know that the beautiful singing, opera and pop Italian Italian original products and are recognized around the world.
However even as he said that shit, Il Volo was a guest of America’s Got Talent (15 million viewers) and at this time is in first place in the American charts. Too bad for him, that a record level does not even know what it is selling in the world, its sales ranging from Macerata to Varese and I think no further. 
Then what he sells is only a ‘spoke’: can not be called a singer, not a musician and does a job that has nothing to do almost anything with the music, but … miracles do happen. 

So I always say: ‘If you look for work and you do not know what else to do, come in the music world. There is room for all its’.  Until next.”

Response former manager Andrea Bocelli.


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  1. Thanks for your informative posts regarding the news in Italy.
    I can not remember the name of the “raper’ who sang with Il Volo on another show that helps beginners. It was a year or so ago. He was very tall. Could it have been Fedez?
    The more success the more jealousy.
    “A competent and self-confident person is incapable of jealousy in anything. Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity”. Robert A. Heinlein

    1. No Gina , that rapper called Briga and the transmission was AMICI . Briga still continues his career with a discreet following .

      1. Thanks Daniela..Comments like Fedez ‘s only make him to be jealous and small. Fedez and Il Volo are not on the same PLANET as far as talent is concerned.

  2. What an embarrassment this rapper has brought on himself! He will know the unhappy words of many people who love Il Volo as well as other people who appreciate quality music. The guys will have the last laugh here – and might just gain lots of new fans when folks search out who they are.

    1. You know Carol , the rapper is a very different system of singing ( talking ) and being for people. Often I read horrible comments addressed to our own guys for their way of being ( well-dressed and good guys ) . Unfortunately, many young people have this culture of rudeness, even ahead of the jewels of song and picture as Piero , Ignazio and Gianluca

  3. Oh boy! I’m not mad…just sad that another performer is so insecure that he has to belittle a group that definitely is far far above his level!! The word “stupid” comes to mine! This is his way to get publicity! Poor thing!♡♡♡

      1. The rapper (the yapper) chooses an Il Volo song & then blames the song & Il Volo for his failure – – What a dummy! I almost feel sorry for him, too. As was said here by Carol, Il Volo has the last laugh; it just means more publicity for Il Volo & more fans – – as people go & look them up & hear their songs.

  4. That is what happens in this world when you are successful, are polite and kind to all ages, are clean and tidy and dress well, and have a terrific work ethic and are much admired. The people who put one down are only jealous.!! They have not made a success of themselves and are only envious of those who have. Does this person travel to nearly every country in the world, get mobbed by thousands and admired by all who see and hear him,,,,,I think not !! Does he have the support of people who are already successful…..I think not. Some people will do anything to get attention when they have NO talent themselves !!!

  5. HI Daniela: I have an Italian friend who lived in the states for a few years but has returned to her home in Rimini. I asked her to give me some feedback on Il Volo from the Italian point of view. She said that after the concert in Florence the media wrote that it was an amazing concert not just for the music. She goes on to say that Italy has many good & talented opera singers and that Il Volo is good but for sure more luck than other Italian singers. We’ve heard that before!! She said this is what most Italians believe of Il Volo.!! She continues “I guess they are “jealous” after all they are the most popular young opera singers in the world”!!! Thanks to my friend Ilaria!

    1. Humm, you wouldn’t think that when you see pictures of the crowds at Il Volo concerts in Italy. Only proves what we knew all along..we love them more. They should move here. It’s ok Daniela, you can stay at my house.

      1. My friend used a Latin phrase. “Nemo profeta in Patria!! “No one is a prophet in his own land! She loves Il Volo & hopes to attend a concert with me! I wish! And yes Marie, we do love them more!

      2. Marie Thanks for the hospitality . I’ve always said that in this group I found so much love to our kids .

        They just announced the dates of firmacopie tour of the new album that are accessed for free and you can also make pictures with Piero , Gianluca and Ignazio ….. shame that the last date is October 15 .

    2. Hello Annette, unfortunately what your friend says is true, “NESSUNO E’ PROFETA IN PATRIA” I have to say that first of Sanremo was just a suitable proverb to them. I must also tell you that after Sanremo in Italy we realized that we are many and more and more to appreciate IL VOLO fact their concerts are sold out and even TV ratings when IL VOLO is host skyrocket. Tuesday 20 was to be broadcast their concert in Florence but was moved (for the third time). In this month of September were aired concerts including Laura Pausini but have not had great audience, I want to see you listen to will our boys, so far the Concert Arena 2015 is unbeaten regarding audience.
      People are realizing that the IL VOLO is really BRAVO, when one hears them live, understands the difference with others. Certain that Bocelli is the first to say that they are lucky guys ……… people do not question what he says !!! As for jealousy, I read comments of people (first violin), full of hatred IL VOLO and also towards Placido Domingo is called excuse exact words “old fart”. If this is not jealousy …….

      1. Last thing Annette , I just heard on the radio and said Pausini and and Bocelli and Zucchero are the Italian singers who sell in the world …….. and FLIGHT even nominated . Radio rarely appoint them . What do you think?

      2. I have always felt that what Bocelli said of Il Volo “they are lucky” is very demeaning. Yes there is an element of luck I think, in anybody who becomes a star. The right person at the right time has to recognize their talent and promote them. With the boys there also was the idea of putting their voices together. But to say their entire success is due to luck is to belittle all the hard work and effort they have put in. Anyone with ears can hear how they have changed and gotten better over the past 7 years. This is not due to only luck! Maybe Bocelli is also jealous on some level.

      3. Penina, that sentence bothered me too. Maybe it was taken out of content. A fine Bel Canto like Bocelli has to know excellence when he hears it. Luck has nothing to do with their talent. We are the ones who are lucky.

      4. The first time I heard it I also thought it was strange and possibly out of context. The media does have a habit of stirring the pot sometimes. But he has said it more than once.

      5. And we are the lucky ones! We are oh, so very, very lucky! Oops! Should have said very, very, very lucky!

      6. Penina, I too thought that the phrase Bocelli was out of context and I went to see me the video interview and unfortunately it was not so, the question was very direct and response as well. There have been very bad. When I heard even after Sanremo, he hurts me even more.

      7. Maybe he is jealous of their youth and the fact that their careers are starting. Who knows what motivates people? But his comments have certainly made me think less of him.

  6. Rappers. Should. Not. Be. Qualified. As. Musicians. For. A rapper. To. Disrespect. Such. Great. And. Qualified. Vocalists. As. Ilvolo. Is. Disgraceful. We. Love. Ilvolo. They. Can. Never. Satisfy. Us. Enough. With. Their. Performances. Much. Love. And. Sucess. We. Love. You. Guys

  7. I agree rap is not music in no sense.
    At best, it is words to a beat with little
    meaning. I’ll take IL VOLO’s classical
    music anytime. They have the talent,
    the class, the charisma, the love for
    people, love for music, the desire to
    share their music and talent with the
    world, and their love for their country.
    I have learned so much more about
    Italy than ever learned in school. Our
    guys are loving, kind, and so very
    handsome. As one of the clerks at my
    music store said “they are so easy on
    the eye.” Their fabulous talent is what
    first drew me to them. And my love
    for them grows every day.

    1. Gale right , what makes a man a great artist is not only technical , but the talent , the class ,the charisma ,the love for people , love for music , share their music and talent with the world , their love for their country and also would add the love for their family and respect their fans . Our boys have all this .

  8. There is no need to deal with jealous, hateful and envious people. It takes energy and it is useless. It is not important what people are talking about you , but who’s talking about you. Strangers, who do not know you, are not important, important are thoughts and opinions from people who know you and have a relationship to you.Be someone by whom you really want to be, not someone whose want to see other people.Make the mistake is manifestation of humanity, but admit it, is an expression of character. A moment of patience in a moment of anger, will save thousands of moments of regretting.These situations we all know. Something angry us , irritated, and we say things that we later regret. Maintain patience is sometimes very difficult, but just such behavior is indicative of the character of person, so is important to work on this. There will be times when we fail, it is important not give up on. Only those who persevere will succeed. Kindness is like a boomerang, always returns.We maybe can not see it, but everything returns to everyone whether good or bad. Do not worry about it , do not take revenge and do in life just that good. Sometimes the world seems unfair place, but karma does work and will work.Our lives we make ourselves and only we can decide which direction we will take. Live a life according to your values, not according to the values of others. It is unnecessary to fulfill the idea of people, whose not worth it. To those people , who care about you, who love you as you are, you do not have to prove anything. Peace begins with love, begins in our hearts and only then can be spread to the world. Therefore donate from all heart a little love on the occasion of spreading peace and love every day.So let be this day the day of finding peace within and spreading unconditional love. <3

  9. Lydka know the thing that I appreciate very much our boys? They do not react to any provocations NEVER , and I would be angry , but their very stately raking and smile . They are always friends of all even with those who do not is always with them .

    1. Daniela, I know it and it is wise of them. No need to reduce on the level of fools (stupid people). Every wise man knows how to make proper assessment (opinion) of each person (create own opinion on each person), and behave accordingly.

      1. Wishing I could give you a big hug, Lydka, because all that you wrote here came at the perfect time for me tonight, and it went even beyond the topic here today, I thank you. Your ‘cool head’ and ‘warm heart’ is an important reminder for me.

      2. Laura,I wrote it because I felt that it is important to remind some things. Boys are often faced with envy and hatred, people today, generally, like to say nasty words and often do not think about consequences. Fans of Il Volo are angry on this kind of people as Fedez and then they are reacting in the very similar way. Also their manager in his article was… let say quite critical and hard… the question is, his lines were written in anger or in calmness ? Also few days ago I’ve dealt with a similar problem, how to communicate with someone who is not polite to your response and is full of anger at you. If I can help somehow with my words,I am grateful. I wish you all the best and very nice day ! Communicating with people is sometimes very difficult test of our character and the forces of good and kindness in us.

      3. Lydka, and very nice it is true what you say, but you must understand that the italians fans of IL VOLO fed up of seeing that their idols are constantly insulted. There are some sites on facebook dedicated to the IL VOLO and many people allow themselves to be horrible to post comments full of disgust and profanity. But I say, if you do not like IL VOLO but why come on a site dedicated to them just to say bad things !! You also remember that my video I had posted on you tube after NOTTE MAGICA were obscured by SONY, and I was told that they do it only on a complaint and I must tell you that under the NESSUN DORMA we were really bad comments that we fans (myself included) have always responded with kindness.
        As for Torpedine believe me is a person who never reacts in fact has always been in the shadow of the boys ……. but maybe now is a little tired too.

    2. Daniela, I haven’t time to read comments (this site is only place where I am reading them).In addition, in discussions are often people who write in nasty way , because they thus solve their own problems and complexes, and only want to provoke and cause conflicts. Provocateurs should be ignored. Why spend time with negative things? Therefore I am on this nice website. 🙂 I’m only interested in what I like and love when it comes to leisure (free time). Unfortunately, some people, in their free time , are engaged in things ( or people) they hate , because they can criticize them and can release their frustration and anger. This is the sad reality of today. Have a nice day !

  10. If you graduate from high school and because you put a bandaid on your boo-boo you think you are now qualified as a medical doctor, You will soon find that you need college undergrad and graduate level science and other types of courses, plus Doctoral work and internship to lead to a medical residency. Then you are qualified to give out medical advise.
    I often feel that way about singing. Since everyone can utter some kind of singing sound even from childhood and sing a few songs in elementary school and perhaps in high school they automatically think they can judge singers. Everyone can have an opinion about singers but to be a true judge in the public scene I feel they need those four years of college music classes and voice lessons followed by a (minimum of a Master’s degree) higher degree in vocal pedagogy. The American society of teachers of singing has expressed the notice that Il Volo is considered among the best in the world – period. Amen !

    1. Well said Myron! I often think that criticism such as that from the rapper is pure jealousy akin to that of a child wanting the toy the other child has. Our beautiful IL VOLO guys are beyond this stuff. I’m sure they could easily share some choice Italian words and gestures with this Mr.Zero the rapper if they met him in person but I think Mr Torpedine did the honors for them.

    2. Myron you Are so right!!!! I wonder what this idiot thinks of Placido Domingo and the original 3 tenors? Did we see him perform with Placido Domingo?? No!! How about Barbra Streisand? Our guys have too much class and talent! They don’t need to insult there to make themselves look good. Their music and talent speak for themselves! Do we see them doing concerts for MILLIONS of fans from all generations all over the world? Our guys share their music, country, culture and even some of their personal lives with s. Instead of putting down other singers they embrace them and mentor them, bringing them on stage with them. They have always said that their goal was to share their beloved Italy with the world and I definitely think that they accomplished that. Yes, fame and wealth came along with that, but that is not what you hear them talk about. I’m half Italian, my great grandparents on my father’s side are from Abbruzzo. Hearing their music, seeing the beauty of Italy, seeing their culture in what they share of their personal lives, and hearing the passion in their voices when they talk about Italy has sparked a new love and interest in learning more about my Italian heritage. Can he do that??? NO!! Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero you will always have my heart!!

    1. If anyone is interested, check out Fedez’ YouTube videos. If you can last more than 15 seconds you have a very strong stomach. This guy has no right to criticize anyone. Go Michele and Myron. Our boys are pure class. We love them and always welcome them with open arms because they bring such joy to our lives. Il Volo, Il Volo, Il Volo, 3 cheers for Il Volo.

  11. Daniela: Are you saying that the Italian radio says Pausini , Bocelli &,Zucchero sell more in the world than Il Volo & don’t give Il Volo enough credit? I had never heard of Pausini until she invited them to sing with her at Madison Gardens in NY! She has been around awhile. Our guys are only in their 20’s & I think their popularity in the world will far exceed them! I also realize that after San Remo their popularity skyrocketed and their concerts have been sold out throughout Italy. I am thrilled when I read this. I have the last concert they did in Milan back last January which was broadcast on RTL 102.5 with English subtitles. The announcers Laura Ghesland & Gigio D’Ambrosio seemed to be totally amazed at how Il Volo Was able to connect with the audience & the diversity of the audience. As Piero Often says “the grandmas, daughters & granddaughters”. The announcer, Laura said she had not seen them in concert before but obviously was totally taken in by their personalities & outstanding music abilities. She seemed to be amazed at the number of standing ovations our guys received. I think she became an Il Volo follower!!

    1. That ‘s right Annette, radios do not take them much thought, but I say it is not so long ago, is yesterday’s broadcast, and I have listened well, appoint proudly Italian singers who sell more abroad and say Pausini and Bocelli and then you say “ah then there Zucchero” and not even touch you the idea of ​​IL VOLO, and you are a radio host? I forgot Radio 102.5 of course you remember them only when there are concerts.
      You’ve also noticed that the wires of 102.5 at the concert seemed to descend from the clouds seeing the love that the audience back to Piero Ignazio and Gianluca. Laura Ghislandi a sentence I really liked: “It ‘s just a nice concert for skill but also because’ clean, sober, we admit as few have seen.”

  12. It’s funny that this young contestant thought enough of Il Volo’s music to make it his debut audition but the judge thought nothing of belittling his choice. It shows a real lack of character for Zero to smear a hopeful performer, no matter their actual talent or promise. He probably didn’t win any new listeners by his behavior, but l’m willing to bet our guys did, because people are curious by nature and will want to know what Zero so forcefully demeaned. He shamed the young man, but it is he who is shamed by his behavior. He is a bully. Ilvolovers will win, of course!

  13. I just removed the Bocelli CD from my car and replaced it with Il Volo. Now there are 6. Life is good again. Giving Bocelli the benefit of a doubt, maybe he meant they were lucky that they were in the same place at the same time? Any thoughts? I have not seen that particular interview.

  14. The guys of Il Volo may have been lucky to be in the right place at the right time, but I know and have seen on numerous occasions, several in person, that they give their all every time they sing. They even have gone out of their comfort zone lately to bring us some opera songs and have done a fantastic job. I am never disappointed when they sing and can’t wait for the next time. I would never have thought that I would watch Italian TV on my computer to see someone sing for a few minutes, but I have and I have gone beyond my comfort zone to go see them in person and I’m sure I will again. I feel blessed to be able to hear them and to have met them.

  15. I wanted to take a minute and just thank all of you for all you do to keep us up to date on our guys. I wanted to let you know that all of your hard work is greatly appreciated. Denise Spinelli-Mattern

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