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Il Volo and “Scena Unita” by Daniela

Due to the pandemic, numerous concerts were canceled during this period, the arenas are empty, but also the cinemas and theaters. This situation has been going on for more than a year and many show business workers have had big problems for them and their families. I am not speaking only of the great artists, but of the many people who are in the backstage, workers, electricians, editors, audio technicians, etc.

Looking out into an empty theater from the stage

It is really sad for us not to be able to go to the cinema or to the theater or to see a nice outdoor concert, but even more sad for these families to have no income. They are often people with seasonal work and for a year, they have had very little help and have not been able to count on a paid job.
In order to help these people and families, an Italian rapper, Fedez, decided to launch an initiative, creating a Fund to help show business workers.
This beautiful initiative is called “Scena Unita”.
Fedez involved many of his colleagues, and aimed to create a Fund to help show business workers. A concrete, economic commitment, which saw several well-known faces participate, committing themselves at the forefront of putting the idea into practice.

Looking toward a performance on stage with silhouettes of people with their arms raised

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca certainly did not remain insensitive to this initiative and they too were part of it.
During the press conference for the tribute event to Morricone, a journalist had asked Il Volo about their participation  and Ignazio had confirmed.
But we had no doubts about their participation, knowing how much Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio are sensitive to these problems and how big their hearts are.

Left to right: Black and white photo of Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero with their arms around each other on stage

Fedez a couple of days ago thanked all the artists who participated, publishing the long list of the name, and wrote as follows:
“Every artist present participated in this initiative, donating personally. Thanks to all the artists and brands who have decided to support this cause ….”
The initiative has so far raised about 4 million euros and 1 million 800 thousand have already been distributed.

A backstage tag with the names of all the participants of Scena Unita

Guys, as usual, you don’t let us down.
Your altruism knows no bounds.
We are very proud of you.
Thanks from all of us.

What better way to finish, with the words of this beautiful song of yours:



Today is also April 25, an important day for Italy, which commemorates the feast for the liberation.
But on April 25, 2009, 12 years ago, the adventure of three small children began: Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, they sang a song together for the first time on “Ti Lascio Una Canzone.”
Best wishes guys, that Il Volo is always active and a long road ahead of you, studded with many successes !! ❤❤❤


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

X Factor? I Think Not! ~ Daniela

This is all translated from Italian.  Please remember the sentence structure is a little different than English. ~ Marie


Daniela Writes:

Maybe not all of you know that on September 15 in Italy began the first episode X FACTOR (a musical program of new talent that are evaluated by four judges ).

The judges of this edition are all new. One of them is an Italian rapper who perhaps you do not knows (I think) his name is FEDEZ.  He is a tattooed guy who has a great following in Italy.
A Romanian competitor has presented the song GRANDE AMORE sung badly, but what bothered was not the performance but the comment of the rapper who said quote:

“The intention was good but not the song. I sorry.  THIS WAS A FLIGHT LOW COST. THIS IS WHAT DOES IL VOLO IN THE WORLD”.



X Factor 10, the first episode: Manuel Agnelli revelation Fedez hassles Il Volo [PHOTOS]

Is not the first time that FEDEZ says nasty things to IL VOLO.  The fans are very angry about this thing and have made many negative comments to Fedez.

“… carry this ugly incident occurred during the 1th episode of ‘ x factor ‘, because we will always remember who’s fedez’ and to send you… not to watch this programme until the character in question will be part Of the jury!
Mr. (Mr? ) Fedez is able only to insult and – above all – a ‘ Crow’s world for the successes achieved by our boys, Italian pride in the world.”


“Unhappy sentence instead for fedez that he should be the first on the performance of the competitor dumitru on the notes of ‘ great love of the trio’s flight is: ” the intention was there, but the song no. I’m sorry. This was a low cost flight. This is what makes the flight’s in the world “.
Words that are not liked to the fans of Ignazio Boschetto, Piero Barone and Gianluca Ginoble: ” seemed more insulting than anything else. A word of advice, when you’re on TV, watch what you say “, ” Fedez has just insulted is the flight to x factor. I have a memory lapse: how many sanremo music festival has won fedez? I don’t remember “.
Maybe it’s just a misunderstanding?

The day after, Michele Torpedine, who discovered and manages Il Volo, wrote an article in answer to the fact, signing “the former Andrea Bocelli manager.”


(highlights are mine ~ Marie)

Looking for a job? Come into the world of music. There own place to everyone!

Written by 

“Yesterday I saw the first episode of X Factor but we just do not. 

Always I see the same faces, maybe there is something new, but I do not think the situation has improved. 

Let’s start with Manuel Agnelli, copy of Marylin Manson and leader of Afterhours: I do not know what he did in music, but do not think I’ve seen great achievements made by him or his group.  Following Arisa, which by the way I respect as an artist: he has a beautiful voice, but I do not think it is in a position to judge or to build the fate or the future of new talent or new singers.   Going forward, Alvaro Soler, miracle with a single (I’m curious to see what happens with the second).  I am convinced that we can not sit at a table on the first single to judge any future colleagues just for the fact that it sold well with a single track. 

I wonder, how do you make a table to judge a singer who had a 25th place in Spain and mediocre outcomes across Europe, and of course a great success in Italy?  In the end, ‘the genius’, Fedez, who with music has nothing to do. You may also register for the 5 Star Movement, and go talk to Grillo around, but certainly not to judge the future of a singer.

Among other things, I remind you that last night you are allowed to judge a group like Il Volo, saying after the hearing of an awkward competitor who sang ‘Big Love’ (Un Amore Cosi Grande ~ Marie) (for other selected from them), this is the effect that Flight manufactures in the world. 

 But what other Italian repertory works in America? her by chance (as in America there are the originals that he tries to imitate)? You should also know that the beautiful singing, opera and pop Italian Italian original products and are recognized around the world.
However even as he said that shit, Il Volo was a guest of America’s Got Talent (15 million viewers) and at this time is in first place in the American charts. Too bad for him, that a record level does not even know what it is selling in the world, its sales ranging from Macerata to Varese and I think no further. 
Then what he sells is only a ‘spoke’: can not be called a singer, not a musician and does a job that has nothing to do almost anything with the music, but … miracles do happen. 

So I always say: ‘If you look for work and you do not know what else to do, come in the music world. There is room for all its’.  Until next.”

Response former manager Andrea Bocelli.