Il Volo Professional ~~ Milano Gala Dinner Benefit

Hi Everyone!  The next event for Il Volo: The Milano Gala Dinner to benefit the Novak Djokovic Foundation.

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The Novak Djokovic Foundation develops early childhood education projects in Serbia and gives grants to educational initiatives with a goal to help children.

Now, anyone who knows me know that I’m a Rafael Nadal fan to the core.  Rafa and Novak have had some “bitter” battles on the tennis court, and often Novak  has emerged the victor.  As you can imagine, that has not endeared him to me.    😉      But, anyone who invests in children wins huge points in my book.  Keep up the mission, Novak!

~~ Kelly






MILAN, ITALY – SEPTEMBER 20: Voclals Band il Volo attend the Milano Gala Dinner benefitting the Novak Djokovic Foundation presented by Giorgio Armani at Castello Sforzesco on September 20, 2016 in Milan, Italy.


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Photos: Moments from the NDFgala ~~ Novak Djokovic Foundation Facebook





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  1. Thanks Kelly, As usual you started my day with the boys. They look so elegant in their Armani suits.Joanie G

  2. My husband and I just returned last weekend from a bus tour that took us to Lake Como, Switzerland, Austria, Venice and then Milan. It was a wonderful trip, we met lovely people and saw so many beautiful places in these countries! It seems that we were within a few days of being in towns and cities where Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca also were. On our first day in Italy, we were on our way to Lake Como and they were in Modena for the tribute concert to Luciano Pavarotti. Two days after we left Lake Como, Il Volo arrived there. On Friday, Sept. 16, we were in Milan and visited the Castello Sforzesco and last evening Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were there for the Milano Gala Dinner to benefit the Novak Djokovic Foundation. Of course during this period, they also flew to Los Angeles for the final show of America’s Got Talent. Even though we were never in the same place at the same time, it was great being in their beautiful sunny Italia and in some of the same towns and cities Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have been also.

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