Happy 22nd Birthday, Ignazio!!!

“Got The World On A String”

Michael Buble





Happy Birthday Ignazio!

I hope your special day is filled with love and laughter.
You fill our world with beautiful music and joy!
Sincerely,Jane from Minnesota! 1-bday-3
You are and amazing young man.
May God pour his love and warmth on you, in all walks of your life
Gina from Texas
Happiest of Birthday Wishes to you, Ignazio.  Thank you for allowing us to share your growing up milestones. You are a fine, kind and compassionate young man.  I treasure the three times I met you at concert Meet & Greets. I am looking forward to another concert in 2017!!!!  Your performances are so beautiful, making me smile, laugh and cry…you touch my soul with your voice and passion.  May the coming year be one of contentment, satisfaction and everything your heart desires. God bless you!!!
Love and Hugs, Nonna Harriett Eckberg USA *&gt;:D< big hug
Hi Ignazio
I am sending you happy birthday wishes from California.  I hope your 22 birthday is special. My wish for you is a lifetime of success, happiness and love of family, friends and fans!  You are a wonderful young man and you deserve all that is good.
Happy Birthday! ~ Janet D.

Happy BirthdayDearest Ignazio.
Hope your day is filled with love and joy.
May all your Birthday dreams come true.
Love, Julie Bernache


Wishing you a very, very Happy Birthday, Ignazio!  I hope your day is very special because you are very special!  I am looking forward to seeing you when you return to the US in March. Love from Minnesota, Allene Shipman
                                                             Hello my name is Mia and here is the picture I made for Ignazio’s Birthday!!!!❤️

“Happy Birthday Ignazio. You are a gift to the world. Hope your day is simply terrific!” from Ineke, South Africa.



What a nice person you are and I send my love and best wishes to you on your 22nd birthday.  I listen to you sing every day and enjoy your voice so much.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. ~ Gale Wall



Best wishes in the world, lots of love and good health on your birthdayEmojiEmojiEmoji
Have a very Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy the day doing whatever you want to do.
ti vogliamo bene,
Ines and Angelica Rosas
Las Vegas, NV





Wishing Ignattious a very happy Birthday with many more to come!🎉🎂
~Joyce Bond



Gorgeous. Ignazio. Wishing. You. A. Very. Happy. Birthday. You. Are. So. Very. Talented. May. You. Have a. Very. Happy. And. Healthy. Birthday. And. Many. More to. Come. We. Love. You…..Jean Leto


Roses are red
Violets are blue
my sincerest birthday wish goes out to you.
Thank you for sharing your life and talent with the world.
Linda Hoen


Happy Birthday to Ignazio our Renaissance Man. He can do anything he sets how mind on. He sings in many styles, plays many instruments, dances, rides, paints, cooks, loves animals, and is very athletic.  Last but not least, he loves his family, friends and fans. He makes me wish I were 25 again. BUON COMPLEANNO IGNA. ~ Rose Marie Paliobeis


Caro Ignazio,
non ti dico quanto sei bravo…perchè te lo dicono tutti,
non ti dico quanto sei bello….perche’ tutte lo pensano
……ma voglio dirti il motivo di tanto affetto:
perchè ami la tua famiglia, la tua terra, la tua ragazza,
perchè dai un alto valore all’amicizia,
perchè sai quali sono i veri valori della vita,
perchè sai il significato di rispetto,
perchè sei una ragazzo buono e sincero,
perchè anche se ami far ridere la gente facendo il buffone, non lo sei affatto,
perchè sei un ragazzo riservato ed educato
……ed è per questo che noi ti amiamo tanto.

Un abbraccio e tanti AUGURI !!
P.S. : non cambiare mai.


Happy Birthday Dear One.  🎂  What a pleasure it has been to have watched you and your career grow so amazingly from childhood to manhood.  What a great gift it has been to both of us! I wish you much success, but most of all I wish you happiness on this day and everyday.
💋Marie Crider



 Dearest Ignazio, What an incredible year you’ve had!!!  A World Tour, many public and TV appearances, the magnificent concert in Firenze July 1st (which was a major effort and accomplishment), the release of your incredible new CD/DVD and the spectacular new PBS special!!!  So many amazing accomplishments!!!  Bravo!!!

I was ecstatic to be able to go to five concerts and M&G’s last March where I gave you and your beautiful Mom big hugs, and I am looking forward to the new 2017 World Tour!!  I am planning to go to many more concerts here in the USA in March, so get ready for more hugs!!!

Ignazio, you are a charming, sweet, endearing your man with a breath taking voice!!  I adore you and wish you a GREAT 22nd Birthday and a year filled with Grande Amore and many more new and exciting adventures!!

All My Love,

“Granny Groupie, “Joan Brenin.


38 thoughts on “Happy 22nd Birthday, Ignazio!!!”

  1. Dear precious Ignazio,

    YOU are the proof (too) that music has NO LIMIT! 😊 🎵

    I am so grateful for the many sides of you and the wonderful life that is unfolding before you.

    May you ever have your wishes and prayers fulfilled and know that Love is an ever-flowing river to and from you / from and to you.

    I missed getting my wishes on the blog, so I hope you still receive them. I was invited to TheConnectedUniverseFilm.com premiere (You’d like this film!) and so gratefully attended! (Like your music, utterly transformative!) And as soon as I was in the air flying to LA, my cat passed away. Although she had been sick for many months, her passing was a surprise and shock. I was on the plane silently singing uplifted music to her and my other cat when she crossed over. Definitely… Music has no limit! 💕

    Love is forever, whether for my cat or IL VOLO Love. 💝
    God bless. And have fun, as I most certainly know you will, Ignazio!
    Jeanine DuBois

  2. Happy, Happy, Birthday Ignazio and I wish you many more to come. Thank you for all the pleasure you have given us Il Volo fans. Have a great day !!
    Marion Ferrari

  3. Jeanine, I’m so sorry that your cat passed away, and i
    know how much it hurt’s. I also know that you will be with that cat again when you pass on.
    I’m sending you {{{Hugs}}}🌹

      1. Jill &Jeanine, Your messages to each other helps me a lot. I have had people give me their senior dogs and when they cross over the Rainbow Bridge, it hurts so badly, even though I know from experiencing their actual presence that there is no death, only the leaving of the physical body. Yes, we never really lose our loved ones, human or animal and we will be reunited when it’s our time to leave. So, thank you, dear Ladies; it’s wonderful to read of others who know these things, too. A kiss from me in Florida ( waiting for the Big Blow (“Hurricane Matt).

      2. Dear Laura,
        Blessings to you and all your friends and neighbors preparing for the “Big Blow” in Florida. May it be more of a refreshment, an uplift, and a release of stagnant air, to flow into the next phase of life.

        Thank you so much for sharing your experience, Laura, with senior dogs passing over the Rainbow Bridge. My other cat Buddy (ha! same as one of Ignazio’s little friends) and I are feeling all over the map: sadness, peace, relief (Elena was sick for months, and I often tried 5 different types of food for her each meal, holding her in the sun and fresh air, medicines, biofield support. Relief that she is vibrant and at peace now, and I’m not wondering if there’s a link I somehow missed.)

        I see Buddy sometimes looking intently into space and realize Elena is communicating with him. Buddy is getting attention he had been missing (laser play, extra snuggling, sitting on the deck together). What a blessing to share our love for each other and Elena! 💕

        And this all reminds me of a Tweet from Ignazio on 10-29-2013: “Los angeles excisten y dios me dio confirma hoy” 👼
        How perfect to share it on Ignazio’s birthday!
        I would guess translation is more or less: Angels exist, and God confirmed this to me today.

        Love and gratitude,

    1. Thank you, Jeanine, for sharing your feelings with me about your dear cat. You are a wonderful Mama to your felines. I like what you wrote regarding the hurricane as taking away with it all the symbolic ‘stagnant air’ for a fresh start. That’s a nice & positive thought; I’ll believe that! ( I know that hurricanes do serve a few important purposes. We humans are really in ITS way! This would be my 5th hurricane, but hoping it will be ‘just’ my 3rd or 4th Tropical Storm only! Either way, it’s a lot of extra work before & after!). I like what Ignazio said about the angels & God. He sure seems like a really good person { ditto the other two singers as well). Your little ” Buddy” (!) is now the King of the castle! 🙂

  4. Dear Ignazio,
    May your birthday be happy
    and then through the year
    May God bless and guide you
    And always be near.
    Smiles and laughter, joy and cheer.
    New happiness that stays throughout the year.
    Hope your birthday brings all these and more
    Filling life with surprise and joys galore!
    May all of your wishes come true.
    May your troubles be less and your blessings be more.
    May you have a great time today and find happiness in everything you do.
    Buon compleanno !

  5. dear Ignazio my precious young man
    When I first saw you in 2009 you resembled my grandson to a “T”. Not any more. Now you have turned into an adonus. Sincere Happy birthday wishes to you sweetheart. I hope with all my heart your day is the best birthday ever & is full of love & success & you can get time to be with your family & girlfriend. You are so handsome to look at, your voice is soothing to hear & your sense of humour gives me so much laughter. I ask God every day to protect & guide you. All my love Ignazio Loretta Toronto

  6. Dear Ignazio: Happy Birthday! A little late to be in the “official” birthday greeting, but sincerely sent. You really do have the “world by it’s tail”, talented beyond imagination. I hope and pray that your life continues to fill you up with all the love of everyone you touch. You certainly fill our lives with your love. Thank you for being you!
    LindaP from Texas

  7. I am upset!! Last year you did not post my BD Greeting! I assumed I had not sent it correctly. I sent this year’s greeting on 9/27/16 on your Flight Crew form! Neither time did my IPad alert me that the message had not sent. Sorry, but I am not happy.

    1. Anne will not be sad,me preciously it also became – about 3 times.
      You´re such an honest real symbol of great love of bys.They do you remembers certain from last meetings.Your zest for life is amazing,I wish you much health!
      Try again wish to send,I believe you will succeed and Ignazio would be pleased.

    2. Anne, I am sorry, but I double checked all the messages we received. We also went through all the ones on the blog here and added those. I will reach out to WordPress to see if there is a technical issue.

      1. I’m pretty sure I sent a birthday message a few days ago to the contact address but will send another now.

      2. I had also sent a birthday greeting to Ignazio at the contact address about a week ago.
        It was’nt shown either. I will send another one now.

      3. I also sent a message to the hotmail account and it appears you didn’t get that one either.

  8. Dear Ignazio, Hope you have a wonderful birthday and it is so like you, Piero and Gianluca to be spending your time helping those who are in need. Hope you get a birthday goal! Loved seeing you on tour in Pennsylvania and hopefully again this March. All the new music is beautiful and you just keep getting better and better. May God continue to bless you and all your loved ones. Hugs to all!

  9. For all the flight crew, the FB site of the Red Cross is sending LA PARTITA DEL CUORE Live, IL VOLO has just sung GRANDE AMORE and all together have sent greetings to Ignazio. Watch it if you can.

  10. Dear Ignazio, I wish you a wonderful birthday with family and friend’s, and many many more to come.
    You brighten up my life.
    Hug’s Jill Manning. ⚽️🇭🇺👍

  11. Is there supposed to be a contact place or page to send birthday greetings or to contact the guys? Its the first I heard of that. I haven’t seen anything or anywhere that says to send to any of them.

  12. Oh its a contact address to the guys. I didn’t know there was one. That would have been nice to know. I could have sent Ignazio’s birthday greetings to the right place.

    1. Hi,Loretta, I, too, wrote a little birthday greeting for Ignazio, but I guess I used the wrong form for it. I still don’t understand how to do it. Oh, well, he will get many. The ones I read here say it well, so I will just be contented with all of yours here! (I did also ask him to kiss his precious animals for me & I am hoping that little ” Buddy”, (his sweet Dachshund-Mix dog), is OK !). (Haven’t seen pictures of Buddy in a long while & thinking that maybe Buddy lives with his ‘Grandpa’ now?).

      1. Hi again Laura. I just googled Buddy Boschetto( yes someone set up a Twitter account for him) Ignazio got him when he was a puppy in February 2014, which would make him only 2yrs and 8 months old.
        We can ask Marie and Jane if they will ask Nina who takes care of Buddy . Please Marie and Jane, can you do that for us? Please, Grazie in advance

      2. Ahh, Jill, You’re a person after my own heart! Thank You so much! What a great idea you have to ask Nina via Marie & Jane; brilliant!! Hugs. ( My sister is named Jill, also!).

  13. Happy 22nd Birthday Caro Ignazio. You give joy and love to each and everyone of us and may all that love and kindness return to you tenfold. I wish you a very special birthday filled with love joy your family, your IlVolo brothers and your special Lady. Only good things should come to you someone so unique and unforgettable May God continue to bless you always and keep you safe. Love you always and forever

  14. P.S. This is the loveliest Il Volo fan site in every way. I hope Ignazio gets to see it sometime. He must have really good karma or something! 🙂

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