Il Volo Professional ~~ Articles/Links of Il Volo’s Current Media Tour: September/October

All the professional dealings of Il Volo
All the professional dealings of Il Volo

Il Volo is hard at work on their media tour for Notte Magica and various projects that are involved in around Italy.  Here are links to articles that have been written and interviews that have taken place.  As English translations become available, we will add them here, so keep checking back!

~~ Kelly


Notte Magica

Interview; video: Il Volo, video intervista: il tour 2017 e l’album “Notte magica”  ~~




Interview; video/article: Il Volo: “In tutto il mondo la nostra ‘Notte Magica’ con Domingo” ~~





Photos: Eccoci con #IlVolo a #ProteinaZeta ~~ Radio Zeta Facebook







New Year’s Eve Dinner Show in Monaco


Article: Il Volo in concert – New Year’s Eve dinner show in Monaco  ~~

2017 World Tour

It has been announced by Piero … and then virally over IlVololand     😉     … that the tour will start March 4 here in the US.  Yay!  More to come as dates are finalized!

22 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Articles/Links of Il Volo’s Current Media Tour: September/October”

  1. Just an important observation:

    In the fourth video link “Il Volo racconta….” at 2:15 Piero mentions that: “sara un tour mondiale con orchestra sinfonica” ( it will be a world tour with a symphony orchestra )

    Does this imply that they will be traveling with their own symphony orchestra? Can you imagine what this will sound like!

    1. Is true John, even in another interview Piero said will be a italianity tour. Bring Italian clothing (Armani), will create an Italian piazza with the big chandelier that was also in Florence, Italian music will (mostly) and Italian symphonic orchestra, at least this is the idea, now we must see if it is feasible.
      Of course, I saw the magnificent theaters from you the impact should be significant, also for the first at Radio City Music Hall I would expect some surprises.

    1. The instore of Caserta is much more warm than that of Milan, first of all because the people who wait are not outside but in the same environment and while waiting can take pictures and see always the boys, also nice thing they put their CD in the background. Bravi

  2. So…I take it this is a full-fledged “concert ” tour as opposed to a “promotional” tour?

      1. Thanks Lydka, excuse my ignorance.
        This is a beautiful and funny television interview.
        They are just nice.

      2. Daniela, it is ok, sometimes I also forget on fact, that subtitles do not appear automatically. 🙂 Interview is funny and nice, that’s why I put it here. Have a good late evening and successful start to the new week ! I sincerely greet you.

      3. Lydka, what a difference a translation makes. I watched this video, enjoying every minute of this 44 minute video a second time, as I had seen it once before on facebook. Getting back to the site and reading Daniela’s question to you, I realized that you have done the translation!!! Back to the video and it is now nearly two o’clock in the morning! Lydka thank you soo much, It was wonderful to read in English, the conversation between Gianluca, Ignazio, Piero and the beautiful woman interviewer. Once again thank you, it is very much appreciated.

    1. Ineke, I’ve not done it, I do not speak Italian ! It have done team of Il Volo English Translations, Tânia Fontes and Susan Peowrie, big thanks belong to them !

      1. In that case Lydka, thank you for bringing it across so quickly for all of us to enjoy! and a big hug from me to you.

      2. Ineke,thanks , always a joy to share with you. I am sorry for misunderstanding, I did not want to steal someone’s work , that I appreciate, I had to write previously the names of the authors of subtitles, my fault. I wish you a very nice day and also big hug to you ! 🙂

    2. Greetings to you & your Mom, Lydka, Thanks so very much for this video from “Domenica Live”. This interview is now my favorite one because, to me, it’s like they are very relaxed, almost like they are in their friend’s house and being ‘themselves’ – – something I just never saw before during any other interview that I’ve seen quite like this. I know they ‘hang out’ with Barbara as is mentioned in it, but to get to see them with their ‘hair down’ ( no pun intended re/ Piero’s hair here 😊) is more revealing and a real treat. When they are seeing themselves in some of their older Instagrams, it made me nearly cry; for a variety of reasons, that part deeply moved me. Thanks again, Lydka.💞

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