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    1. Marie how nice, I know that you will try to go to more concerts possible. I saw immediately that there is LAS VEGAS, maybe do another Convention?
      I’m very happy for the entire crew.

      1. Thank you, Mary! I have also been invited to Detroit, Tampa and Miami so far. I will go to as many as I can…However, after Italy…I will be as poor as a church mouse. Happy, but poor.

    2. I have worse news, Marie! I can’t attend any! I know you’ll have enough fun for both of us! Go girl!!โ™กโ™กโ™ก

  1. Do you suppose they might add more? I’m
    closest to NYC with a plane ticket (only $137). I know the NYC prices are always higher. ๐Ÿ˜• How do I snag a meet and greet?

  2. I already checked several of the venues in the cities I can go to and no ticket sales yet.Hope I can get several venues. But like Marie I can’t get to them all. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Oh yeah, they’re coming back!!!!!

  3. Meet & Greet tickets have always been quite confusing. USUALLY the concert tickets go on sale at the venue and if you are like me, you get them one second after the sale date and times allow. THEN, the M&G tickets go on sale. They always include your concert seat (you are usually guaranteed a seat in the first 10 rows). Now what do you do? Sell the other ticket? Beg the venue to refund your ticket? Remember the venue does not sell the M&G tickets. If you wait for the M&G sales and there isn’t a M&G at your venue , you have lost out on good seating. Hopefully, they will fix this issue this season.

    Anyone have a better scenario?

    Will this dilemma stop me from buying tickets? Never!


    1. I’m sorry Ohio isn’t on the list. I usually go alone but would like to meet with other crew members. Hope to make it to at least 2 or 3. Philadelphia, Detroit because I can drive there, and Las Vegas. Hopefully the venue in Vegas will be at the Palms again because the sound was electrifying. Anyone else planning on these cities?

      1. There are a lot of crew members in Detroit area. Post your request again. I’m in Detroit and never missed a concert, but I really hate the FOX, where they were last year, so doubt I would go there again. I feel it was a waste of money last year.

      2. Barb, the first place I ever saw Il Volo was at the Fox Theater. Actually it was behind the Fox! It holds a special place in my heart. Sorry last years’ wasn’t up to par for you.

    2. Regarding tickets: For the last tour I ordered 2 tickets through PBS because they became available before Ticketmaster, hoping that I got good seats (they don’t tell you where the seats are and you don’t find out until you pick them up at will call the night of the concert but they are usually about 15-20 rows back) and also paid $120 for a donation to PBS (which I don’t mind supporting) in addition to the cost of the tickets. Then tickets became available through Ticketmaster but if you already bought tickets you could not buy M&G separately so I bought 2 more tickets with M&G. So then I had invested about $750 in 4 tickets and 2 M&Gs and didn’t know what to do with the extra 2 tickets since all my family and friends were wintering in Florida and the concert was in Boston. Thank goodness my husband is a very understanding person and also an Il Volo fan. Finally we got two good friends who had been listening to us talk a lot about the boys to go and they loved it!!

    3. Here the M& G tickets were called premium tickets or something like that and they always went on sale the same time the other ones went on sale. And if you had some membership in something that gave you advance seating those tickets were available earlier also. I never had this problem. Maybe they do things differently in Canada.

    4. What an odd thing to do!. I did not have that problem at San Diego last year & I don’t believe Jeanine and I had that problem in Saratoga. Hmmm No matter, I am headed this year for Las Vegas, baby! Wanna meet this pirate? Thats where I be!

      1. Since Il Volo makes me “shiver me timbers” I am planning on Vegas in March. Would love to meet you. Were you at the Fan Faire last year if you were I missed you, I didn’t see anyone with a parrot or an eye patch!

      2. See you there pirate. Was there at the Fan FAIRE and concert. March 25′ 2016 is a very special date for me. My son received his new liver at precisely 8:10 PM just as I sat waiting for the boys to start singing. Hope to see some of you there.

  4. Wonder when the tickets will go on sale? Looked for the venues but no luck! Soooo excited!

  5. I happened to be on the All About Il Volo site early this morning and was thrilled to see the announced sites. I am very close to Tampa & Miami!! What a thrill! I’m already lining up in my mind a girls outing.

  6. I am officially excited! There are 3 cities I can get to and will certainly go to 2 concerts. I wonder when the venues will be announced and when tickets will go on sale. I am pretty sure the LA date will be in the Dolby Center because Piero said when they were in LA for America’s Got Talent that they would be back there on their North America tour. I am sure the flight crew will have the information as soon as it is out . Thanks for keeping up up to date !

  7. WHEEE! Here we go. Hope to see some of you at a concert near me. I will go to either the L.A one or Las Vegas. see you. Joanie G

  8. Just as I was starting to digest and absorb “Una Notte Magica” and before I even got to view the DVD – this tour gets dropped in our laps!

    Everyone take a deep breath and stay calm…

    OMG OMG OMG &$@#!&$ OMG OMG OMG !!!!!

    We must all relax and start to carefully make our plans…

    OMG OMG OMG &$@#!&$ OMG OMG OMG !!!!!

    Coordinate your vacation days and start saving up for the tickets…

    OMG OMG OMG &$@#!&$ OMG OMG OMG !!!!!

    Block out your calendar and start planning flights and driving routes as soon as you can…

    OMG OMG OMG &$@#!&$ OMG OMG OMG !!!!!

    All drama aside, I am slightly disappointed that there are only 14 U.S. concerts which means they won’t be as accessible to all of us as they were on the Grande Amore tour. Living in Connecticut, I have the incredible good fortune of being able to see them in Mashantucket (home of Foxwoods Resort & Casino) just an hour’s drive away, or in Boston (2 hours’ drive) or in NYC (2.5 hours’ drive). I truly feel for those of us where it will not be practical or too expensive to see the guys but if there’s anything I can do with advice or assistance for those willing to make the pilgrimage to Connecticut I will be happy to help in any way I can.

    I am elated about the reports that they are going try to create a virtual Italian piazza as a backdrop for their performances. I cannot even begin to comprehend what an incredible experience this is bound to be. For those of us that were not in Florence on that beautiful summer evening, this is as close as we are going to get. We must also keep in mind that since this a tribute tour in honor of the Three Tenors, the focus of these shows is going to be much more “operatic” than “Italian-flavored pop-opera.” If they conquer their audiences with this style of music (and who can doubt that they will) then I believe it will take their careers to a whole new level.

    Flight Crew, let the planning begin!

  9. Thanks, John! I really wouldn’t care what the sing, if i could just get there!! You are definitely one of the fortunate ones!! Have a blast!! Granny Dot in Texas!!

  10. I am thrilled for those of you
    that live close enough to attend
    one or more concerts. That
    will be a great thrill for many
    of you. John how fortunate
    for you that you will be able to
    attend several concerts. Wow,
    wow, wow. I know you will give
    The other Flightcrew members
    a good write up so it will seem
    like we were there.

  11. I live in Oklahoma and the closest
    concert to me would probably be
    in Florida. I can dream on can’t
    I? Seeing and hearing them in
    person, well there’s nothin like it.

    1. Once again. No Pittsburgh. Seems so unfair as they’ve already been to Philadelphia twice

      1. Teresa, Yes. Philadelphia is not very far from NY City, so I wonder why they are returning to Philly. Are you far from Manhattan? Maybe somehow you can get to that concert?

  12. Ok probably not going to Philly but I can make it to Tampa my old stamping grounds. (hope Ignazio is careful this time, he didn’t make the MnG last year). I am thinking it will be the Straz again. Anyone have hints on ticket buying? Maybe John?


    1. They have been in Seattle and Vancouver BC but so far no Portland venue. I think I’ll blame that on the Winter Hawks and Portland TrailBlazers schedule. So Edward it looks like if you are a Northwesterner you have to be willing to travel. I gotta start saving my pennies now. Gold doubloons are hard to come by these days.

    1. Tickets are on sale from Thursday, October 6th, 2016 on Ticketone (Italian concerts ). Presale for official fan club card holders have started on October 5th, and fans got informations about it on their emails.I do not know how it is for Americans.But generally presale is available for holders of ” IlVolovers card “. Hope, I helped you. Have a nice evening !

  14. I hope I can make it to Las Vegas again. I live in Hawaii, so the airfare alone is $1,000! ( that includes the baggage fee each way)Last time it was a holiday weekend(Easter) so the airfare and hotel rates were higher. This time I see it is a weekend again.I am going to try my very best to get there. I’m looking forward to seeing the Flight Crew again, and of course the guy’s.It was so much fun!

    1. I am hoping they will add them later. They may be having some trouble with venues.
      They also added them later last time.

    2. I am really disappointed that they haven’t anything in Canada
      I live in Toronto and can’t really go too far as I don’t drive.

      1. Oh I’m hoping for Toronto. Being in Buffalo, it’s my only hope right now. Keeping fingers crossed!

  15. What excitement! I am thoroughly enjoying Una Notte Magica and playing it over and over immersing myself in Il Volo’s beautiful voices when I see the 2017 tour dates posted. My heart was racing as my eyes went down the list of locations and dates. Il Volo Flight crew I too wish I could be at more than one of their concerts their new CD is absolutely incredible. Their last tour I saw them at the Barclay Center (my first time) and it was unforgettable but I read all about the fan club going to Las Vegas concert and I wished I had been there. I am going to try my best to make it in Vegas and meet all you wonderful amazing ladies that keep me so well informed as to everything Il Volo!
    Thank you

    1. I have an Official IlVolovers Fan Club Card and I can tell you the following:

      On October 5th I received an email with a special Fan Club Pre-sale for some of the concerts in Italy. I was interested in the May 20th concert in Verona so when I logged in to check them out, about 150 of the 300 orchestra pit seats had already been sold. I was able to buy a pair of tickets in the fourth row from the stage near the center for US$167. The offer was only valid for 23 hours; when I checked back before the offer expired, most of the tickets had been sold. When general sales started, all of the orchestra pit seats were gone, along with a majority of the huge orchestra floor section immediately behind. By the way, there was no mention of any VIP Meet & Greet program.

      I do not know if the same procedure will apply for the U.S. tour, but I wouldn’t take any chances. Membership for a year costs $20 and it does also get you discounts on Il Volo merchandise which I’m going to get as Christmas gifts for my fan-friends.

      Hope this helps.

      (OMG! I’m going to see them in VERONA!!!!)

      1. John how wonderful, you will be in Italy on May 20, I hope that you arrive a few days before because I will be in Verona on May 19 and several crew members there will be and we want to meet.
        Also I’m a card-carrying fan and I have the privilege of true advance sales but do not know whether it only for the Italian concerts.
        I’m really glad you come to Verona to see them.
        A hug

      2. Rose, I explained to Penina few days ago how to do, in comments on 2 October under the post Ann, how to buy the card.

      3. John I forgot to tell you that in Italy there is not Meet & Greet.
        I May 19 I will be in the third row seats 35 and 37.
        I give you this information: usually the boys staying at THE GENTLEMAN when they are in Verona, so if you can stay in the area (better still in the same place) you can see them even beyond the show.

      4. Daniela,

        This is going to be a lightning visit for me in May, and to be honest I don’t know how I’m going to do this at my age but I’ve been saving up for the opportunity to see the the guys in their native land and I just had to make this happen. I was able to find a reasonable airfare from Hartford to Milano via Dublin to arrive on the 19th to meet a dear friend and then the plan is to drive to Verona on the afternoon of the 20th. After the concert, we will drive back to Milano because later the next morning I will be flying back to the States. If the planets are aligned properly maybe our paths will cross; if not I will wave to you as I drive past Brescia on the E64!

      5. Oh my God John your trip seems like a wonderful adventure but I must tell you of a very short time, it will be difficult to align all the planets but the most unthinkable things happen !!!
        I’m really happy that you come to Verona I hope that will be for you an unforgettable evening.

  16. Hi Il Volo Flight Crew Members!!! I was wondering if Il Volo comes to Las Vegas will there be another Fan Fair? I really enjoyed the last one it was the best day of this 14 year old ILVOLOVERS life!!!โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜ Thank You!!!

    1. Hi, Mia, I THINK I read in a fairly recent comment here that there might be a Fan Faire in Las Vegas again, but I am not sure. I think Marie will tell everyone here on this site if it will happen , so keep checking here, OK? It is so great that you attended the last one, Mia! It must be awesome to meet Il Volo!

  17. OMG I can’t wait. Such excitement . I went to Fan Fair in Vegas last year and it was a life event for me. I am so happy they are coming to the U.S. this year. I don’t want to miss them. I hope I can get a M & G too this year. I see they are coming to Minneapolis. I live in Wisconsin so maybe will go to Minneapolis. I’ll go anywhere. Because I just have to see them.

  18. Daniela
    Would it be possible for me to access the post of October 2 again?
    I think I must have deleted it, and I truly want to have an official Il Volo Fan Club Card. Thank you so much.

  19. I am new to this group but cannot wait to get tickets for their US. Shows in March!
    I spent my kids inheritance (lol) and flew to Firenze in July to see Notte Magica in person. It was so far the trip of my lifetime!
    John from CT.-definitely you should go-what an experience it was!

    I have not yet seen tickets are yet available?

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