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All the professional dealings of Il Volo
All the professional dealings of Il Volo






nazionale-italiana-cantantiIl Volo will play a charity soccer match with the Italian Nazionale Cantanti (singers national team) at the stadium of Rieti at 8pm (European time), on October 4, 2016. They will collect money for the cities and villages which were devastated by the earthquake.

Article on Website: Io ci sono – Progetto Sorriso ~~

Articles in Italian Press:

Rieti, Nazionale Cantanti, Protezione  Civile per Ie aree colpite dal sisma  Bova: «Invitiamo Papa Francesco» ~~

“Io ci sono”, Nazionale Cantanti contro Protezione Civile in campo per aiutare le zone terremotate ~~


notte-magica-dvdNew Album

International media articles about Notte Magica are starting to surface.  Here is one from Mexico:

Article: Eternas, Musica Clasica y romanticismo: Il Volo ~~




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  1. Kelly, thanks for the post. It was really neat to watch the entire game being shown on FB! Another great cause Il Volo stepped up to the plate and participated in.

  2. And really nice that IL VOLO participate in these demonstrations of solidarity, this is their honor and beautiful are words that say in the interview on the sideline.
    We translate the most beautiful phrases:
    I = For us to be here is really a great honor and when we have asked for could not say no, today’s hashtag is “I am here” and I think it’s a phrase that we should remember all the life in all things without distinction of race, tradition, culture, so we are all brothers and sisters, caring for each other and we do not fight, we are all united in this cause.
    P = There is not the stage that makes you great, first of all you have to be a great person, and I think these moments make you realize the true importance of life, success that’s a trade, but here you see the humanity of the people, you see what it means to be in the midst of reality.
    G = We are on these occasions, I am from Abruzzo and the earthquake of 2009, I felt strong, and now we have to raise and we are here to help and to give you a smile.

    1. Thanks for the translation Daniela. They certainly have figured out what is important in this life at their young ages. One of the many reasons we love and respect these three guys so much!

    1. Hello Lydka, these two videos you posted I had not seen them, thank you. I hope you have a good weekend. kisses

  3. Penina sorry to be such a pest. Do you have the 2CD’s with the songs lisred. I have put orders at stores for the CD’s in Toronto & Brampton & both stores said the Cd’s only havve 20 songs on one CD & 2 songs on the other CD. Apparently the stores here can’t get songs on both CD’s. Even Amazon in Canada can’t get songs on both CD’s because they are only offering 1 CD. When talking to Amazon in the States I have to give them the name of the songs. I have never had so much trouble getting the Il Volo D’s before. Oh the price of fame

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