Personally Speaking ~ Italy’s Finest Three Princes On Their Thrones ~



Who but Italy’s three finest crown jewels would look better on these colorful thrones?  We have watched them come to dominate the kingdom of Italia and music all over the world!  Yet always appearing so humble and modest.   True gentlemen and ambassadors of distinguished music and pure love.  

~~ Jane ~~

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29 thoughts on “Personally Speaking ~ Italy’s Finest Three Princes On Their Thrones ~”

    1. Marie, you are so clever with your words. I see they have moved up from princes to the 3 Kings. I don’t want to seem disrespectful and I hope no one takes this the wrong way, only meant in fun, but there is a star shining above my house as we speak.

  1. Oh my God, Jane and Marie, if you make me laugh so and yet we have not seen, that we will do when we meet?

    That our class these guys, always appropriate at the time.
    You must see the episode of Domenica Live interviewed by Barbara D’Urso, what about: they are FANTASTIC.

    1. I really like this interview and have watched it a few times even though I have little idea of what they are saying! They seemed relaxed and enjoying the interview. I also liked her previous interview with them some time ago where they looked quite apprehensive.

  2. Yes they certainly are three of Italy’s finest crown jewels and they look great sitting there! They are also three of the best Ambassadors for Italy.

    1. Lydka, what a great video to go with Jane’s post. Where were they in the video? Just wish we could more with translations. Just watching them is a treat , but would be nice to know what King Eyes, King Dimples, and King Abs are saying…..

      1. They were in Milan, September 30, and it was meeting with journalists ( talking about new album), simply: press conference on thrones.

  3. So funny! They look self-conscious to me. All three sitting on the edge of their seats, Must be those feminine, brightly – colored “thrones”. Poor guys. What they endure! You made me laugh, Jane & Marie. (I probably will lose electricity soon due to Big Blow Matt arriving tonight, so will miss checking out this favorite site for possibly a long time! darn! 🙁

      1. Marie, did you see on Oct.4th, that Laura and I were talking about Buddy, and I asked you to please ask Nina who takes care of Buddy when Ignazio is away? Grazie

      1. Thank You, Margaret ! The news calls Matthew “a MONSTER Storm”. He’s a VERY Bad Boy. ( Poor Haiti !! ).

  4. Great post & wonderful comments!!! Three Kings is the best!!! You know I love them & they are perfect in my eyes!!! 💖 💖 💖 🏆 🏆 🏆.

  5. Thank You all for your good wishes & concern for those of us in Matthew’s path. I am well-prepared, as are most people, so no fear. All shuttered-in, etc., etc. Matt is really raging around outside now & increasingly so. Nature is an awesome thing. Those in evacuation zones who refused to leave are likely regretting it right now. Would like to look out the door to see what Matt’s been doing out there, but he’d tear the door off its hinges in a split second. Just heard a horrible noise out there, like a crash from something flying ! If I have to dive into a closet at some point, my Il Volo music is coming with me, along with a few other things. I lost power only briefly, so far, but will be astonished if it doesn’t go off & stay off soon. ( I am in Martin County, north of Palm Beach County in Stuart, Fl. & this really is the most powerful hurricane,so far – for Florida – as they’re claiming on T.V. Sorry I took up so much space here; just didn’t want “y’all” to worry ! It will be a mess out there tomorrow; THAT’s what I’m dreading ! You’re the nicest people here. 🙂

    1. Oh sure, Laura! Now I’m not worried. Please, if you see this, let us know you are ok. Also worried about Leelee who decided to ride out the storm in Deerfield. Joanie, hope you are not home. Saying a prayer for everyone to be safe.

      1. Bless your heart, Marie. I’m so sorry you’ve been worried about us down here (in so-called “Paradise”; it’s about as wonderful living in Fl. as a sharp stick in the eye. Just my opinion, of course). I think that Leelee is probably fine because that is further south which didn’t have the highest velocity winds & apparently minimal damage if at all – from news reports, anyway. I never lost power, but presently it is reported that 600,000 in Fl. are currently (no pun intended) without power. That very loud noise & crash was my beautiful, big Poinciana tree, now laying across the top of my neighbor’s (crushed) “hurricane” fence. RIP, dear Tree. 🙁 The mess Matt left on my property is beyond anything that I can clean up by myself; that is my only personal complaint & misery re/ the aftermath. Am so glad that I can still access your wonderful site here. I would have been missing it & all of you. Don’t know where Joanie lives & hope she is fine, too. Thank you again for your prayers for everyone. Please have a fabulous time in Italy! That must be SO exciting for you & Jane. (It is for me & I’m not even going!). 🙂

  6. Laura, so good to hear from you and am thankful you were not hurt in the big storm. I can’t imagine what that would be like. Prayers for all who are in the path of this storm.

    1. Thank You, Jane ! Yes, indeed, this has been some storm. I’m just now getting Squall conditions of the outer bands of wind gusts & rain. He’s in northern Fl. right now, but he’s so huge that trailing winds are still reaching us further south. Let’s all pray for the Haitian people & animal-life, too. They must feel like they died & are in Hell. God, help them! Again, I thank you,Jane, & on behalf of all the good folks down in the southern regions of Hurricane Heaven. I, for one, will be thinking of you & Marie when you’re in that ancient country & culture of Italia ( & salivating at the thought of the authentic Italian foods you will be sampling. If you see Piero, give him a kiss for me & tell him that I request that he shave his handsome countenance. 🙂 A kiss to you as well!

      1. laura, the people of Haiti are in our prayers. Thank you for the well wishes for our trip. I will give Piero your message if I see him although I can’t guarantee that he would follow through. 🙂

      2. Thank You, Jane ! Maybe you can add to my message for Piero that I wish he would let his hair grow out on the sides again. Such beautiful hair he has (had). He should revel in it while he still has it ! 🙂 A Big hug from me in “The BlueTarp” state. 🙁

  7. Laura What a pleasure to know you’re okay, the hurricane is something so terrible that I can not even imagine how you can live with this monster.
    A thought and a prayer for all the people who were affected.

    1. Daniela, Grazie! Thank You! It’s amazing to me how interconnected people are now, no matter where we live in the world ! So many prayers & positive thoughts = great force & power for Good in our world, as I’m sure you already know! I’m thrilled for you, Marie and Jane to actually be meeting in person – – & on your very own ‘home-turf ‘ ! I just love you all. A Big, ‘American-sized’ Hug to you, Daniela!

  8. Marie and Jane, I hope you have the
    trip of all trips. What a privilege
    this trip is and I’m looking forward
    to your written accounts of your
    adventure. And for the Flightcrew
    in the path of Matthew, we pray
    for your safety. God bless you.

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