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How does music affect a generation? Music can have a big impact on everything from society to fashion even lifestyles are effected by new and different genres.
Now I am going to jump back to the 50’s, a great example of how music is way different from today. Back then people were into many genres but not as many as today. From blues to jazz and even classical was the big top hits until a new type of music called rock and roll started to swing in. From Elvis Presley to the Beatles, rock started having people dance the night away to this new and great sound.
As music started to go into the 60’s and 70’s rock had started to become more popular to people from teens to young adults. In the 60’s rock was starting to go up the charts with people like Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, the who, the Beach Boys. Soon the rise of flower power, beach rock, peaceful r&b and hippies started to rise with the experimenting of new hallucinating drugs. Effecting people with roadside traveling, folk rock(Bob Dylan), tye dye and natural clothing and peace signs. A big example of the 60’s effect is the Beatles yellow submarine movie, stg. Pepper album and the Magical Mystery tour.
As of today most of these artist are still rocking, retired, or sadly pushing daisies. Today’s music isΒ extremely different from back then. The music is more about partying, sex and drugs. They sound the same with the same tempo and beats. And the people singing use auto tune more than there actual voice. Taking pop and rap for example it is a great example of how this generation is effected by these terrible examples in music. But there is still good music out there from the heavy metal and alternative rock to the expressing of dj’s in dubstep and techno.
So how can music affect a generation? It can express people’s personalities and dreams. It can show who can help bring history into the world of music and who can change forever.”


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  1. My first musical influence was some of the folk songs/coffee house groups and along with that was the songs from an older generaton like Andy Williams, Dean Martin etc. Broadway musicals were my fave back then. However rock missed me entirely until the Beatles burst on the scene. Suddenly I felt as if life went from Black & White to suddenly Technicolor! Other groups paled in comparison to John Paul, GEORGE & Ringo ( guess who my crush was then!)
    The seventies brought me John Denver , Elton John and The Eagles
    In the eighties the Grunge scene, despite starting in Seattle, left me cold. Blech.
    The nineties , music became less important except for new musicals like Les Miz, Phantom of the Opera, Into the Woods..etc…
    By the time the age of 2000 rolled around I was listening less an less to new stuff and just returiing to the old favorites I have mentioned already. In fact, I wasn’t much into it…despite always loviing music…then mourning the death of George.

    Then came IL VOLO, the world went from dinginess and gray to RED, GREEN and WHITE! Oh my could it be possible that these KIDS grabbed my musical side that was whithering and turned it UP! MADE me FLY! IL VOLO is going to have a lasting effect for generations to come. The kids who love it now will continue to love it. They might skip a generation but these three marvelous sexy young men have a long life ahead of them. Even if ( God forbid) something happen to one of them or the group breaks up, whoever is left will continue to make music. I cannot see Gianluca, PIERO or Ignazio walking away from music. Nope, not ever. They have changed their lives, their families lives and so many many more. Thank you GOD!

    1. Pirate, I LOVE your positive belief that IL VOLO has longevity with audiences into the far future and, of course, personally. Yes: “Thank You, GOD!”. (I didn’t much care for THE BEATLES music, overall, but I sure had a thing for…RINGO! So cute. George was my ‘second’ favorite!). πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    2. Pirate – yeah, kind of missed the Beatles influence, but parents loved Andy Williams and Perry Como. I loved their Christmas albums! Although my aunt and Godmother LOVED Paul McCartney…and the rest of the Beatles. My parents had a stack of various artists’ Christmas albums – I think that was a great influence on me as well. You could make a nice comparison of voices that way, since even though their version might be different, they sang the same songs. I literally don’t even listen to the radio anymore, unless it’s the “old” top 40 stations now from the 70s til now. lol! Mostly grew up with the 70s/80s music…

  2. I was 15 when I came to US with a background of classical music and I stayed close to the more gentle type of music. I loved Tony Bennett, Vic Damone, Eydie Gorme , Al Martino, Jerry Vale. When I married and started coming to Texas I was introduced to some of the Country artists. Loved Eddy Arnold. I had three children born in the mid 60’s and had to live thru some of the changing music of the next few years. My kids would tell their friends that mom has ear plugs to avoid listening to what I called “screaming and ear piercing” sounds.
    I felt for a long time that some people where hungry for beautiful sounds of the old classics, I always told my kids I want a melody to a song that i listen to and not just noise. Unfortunately a whole generation seemed to love the “noise and screaming” It did affect some of that generation’s outlook and lifestyles.
    2009 was my new awakening to the beautiful sounds that music conveys. It did not hurt that the messengers where IL VOLO.

    1. Yes, I was more of an odd child – I could never get into the screaming bands! I’m kind of like Il Volo, where I really like the older, classic, songs as well. I often chuckle now and then, as the “today” artists that have “made it” singing the pop songs, go back and sing what they really like – the classics. Like Piero says, a classic is eternal. And of course, we will love them “eternally….”

  3. Hi, Gina and everyone here, I think that Il Volo will always appeal to people of all ages who need melody and GOOD voices in their music. I don’t know how to define in musical terminology what, exactly, is ‘going on’ in Il Volo music, or any music, TECHNICALLY, but I guess my particular soul and nervous system is hard-wired to be drawn to beautiful melodies (such as the classic Standards of the 1940’s (even though I wasn’t born yet), the Rhythms and Soul of the classic “Golden Oldies” (even though I was very young then), the Traditional R&B/Soul of the 1960’s straight on through today–and forever! ( I was never drawn to the majority of the popular, over-all ‘White’ music on the radio after the EARLY 1960′ s. For me, most of the popular music on the radio and the groups became unappealing to me at that time, and remains so to this day. (There are SOME exceptions, however, but for the most part the sound and groups weren’t resonating with my particular soul and ‘ears’.) I pretty much only listened to the Black Soul/R&B, including the new sound of Motown and Phil Spector’s label, the music from the 1940’s, 1950’s and early 1960’s, as mentioned above, certain Showtunes and Movie theme music and certain, beautiful, classical music – – all of which continues to this moment. Jumping now to August, 2015: Thanks to PBS, I happened upon IL VOLO, and their sound (followed by their physical appearance) appealed to me right away, as did all the music that I like. As I said before, I don’t have the technical knowledge to explain why, but I feel/think it has something to do with all the music listed above; it has something in common with it. I think that a person like Myron of the Crew, here, might be able to ‘pick out’ the technical similarities going on, overall. I just know that their music has got the powerful sound, melodies, rhythms, beat, tempo’s, a strong, emotional and emotionally-provocative sound. Lyrics have always been ‘secondary’ to me; I have to like or love the music first before I’m interested in the lyrics of a song. IL VOLO songs’ lyrics are fine, some songs having especially interesting lyrics or poetically beautiful lyrics. It’s their beautiful and powerful, almost transcendent-quality music and voices that is the primary appeal, for me. Gina, all I can say about how IL VOLO are doing, concerning younger generations, is that I’m afraid it comes down to continuing EXPOSURE, in any way that can help them be seen and noticed by younger people but absolutely NEVER allowing anyone to even temporarily ‘dumb them down’, musically, in their choice of songs and music, in order to attempt to create a larger audience. If they can be exposed to and noticed by more younger people (and EVERY age, as has been the case so far), that would be great for both, but it needs to be borne in mind that people have innate tendencies, in my opinion, towards certain sounds, musically, but they CAN be shown and ‘taught’, at least to some degree if it isn’t already inherently present in them, to recognize and even appreciate and enjoy a ‘higher’, more sophisticated form and quality of musical sound and singing, such as IL VOLO. Remember the old adage: “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force him to drink.” — (The operative word there being “LEAD” !)

    1. On the subject of younger people, music-wise, their tastes usually don’t stay ‘fixed’. With an ADEQUATE exposure to IL VOLO, via the common mediums of radio, television, etc., I would think that many more younger people would eventually discover that they LIKE what they are hearing. The problem seems to be that the radio stations and TV are like the motion picture industry – since about the 1970’s; namely, The Media Doesn’t CARE about quality; just about the cheapest and easiest way to keep the money pouring in., i.e., keeping younger people conditioned to listening to, watching, buying a lot of low-quality music, films, etc. The way it is right now in a lot of countries, I’m not too hopeful that IL VOLO will be able to reach a lot of the younger people until those people are a bit older.

      1. The other operative word in that very true old adage above, is “FORCE”. Younger generations can’t be forced into liking the highest standards of The Arts and Music and Films, etc. They have to be drawn to it on their own, but as I wrote above, they have to first find out that IL VOLO even exists. One can hope that they’ll hear about IL VOLO through someone else, or stumble upon them as I did ( and others did) via TV on PBS.

    2. So true Laura! You don’t know if you like or dislike something until you are exposed to it. When I was younger, I was fearful to admit to my friends that I “liked” certain old-fashioned artists. A lot of peer pressure. Kids of today need a “Mikey” attitude…. “Try it, you’ll like it!” “Hey, Mikey!” πŸ™‚ I do wish they could get a little more exposure on popular radio…

      1. Jana, Even though I still have some work to do at this late hour, I just want to tell you that I remember that cereal kid, (“Hey Mikey!”), too! πŸ™‚ Like you, I was embarrassed to tell anyone my age that I also liked listening to Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Doris Day, Vera Lynn, Edith Piaf, etc. Your message (comment) to Marie and Jane yesterday was beautiful, touching, as though from a loving sister or mother.

      2. Laura – my, I thought I stayed up late!! what time zone are you in? Thanks about the comment, I meant every word of it!! πŸ™‚ Good ol’ Life cereal – do they even still make that?

  4. I first heard Il Volo on a PBS special and thought it was beautiful
    melodies and voices and the singers were well mannered and
    groomed as well. I hardly could believe it as I had not heard any
    good music in years. I had an older sister who sung around the
    house a lot, mostly big band and the Hit Parade music and so I
    learned the words and tunes to some of these lovely songs. Then
    music changed so much, that is the beat and words that I was
    unable to understand. So I thought music wasn’t for me any
    more until I heard Il Volo sing. I do hope the young people who
    are attending their concerts, and buying their CD’s and DVD’s
    will continue to appreciate their music as they mature and
    raise their families. And Gina, Eddie Arnold was a favorite of
    mine also. His songs made sense and were sung with his
    lovely baritone voice beautifully. God bless Il Volo, keep
    them safe and healthy.

    1. Gale – I know what you mean. I was just channel surfing and stopped dead at their adorable faces and then their voices! I remember calling my dearest friend at the time and telling her she had to put it on PBS! and I remember watching the repeat performance of it – they were awesome. It happened to be their Take Flight performance. I didn’t understand most of what they sang, but it just didn’t matter! I agree, I really think their music will span the generations and they will be around for a very long time… Can you imagine them having kids and them singing with their kids – I hope I am around long enough to hear that!

      1. Don’t worry, Jana, I know that we can see and ‘eavesdrop’ from ‘the other side’ ( if that’s where we are at the time IL VOLO have kids to sing with!). πŸ™‚

  5. I think a lot depends on the period one was born and growing up. In my early years as teenager and young adult the music was gentle and soft and your were surrounded by it thru radio and the social settings. During that time there were big night clubs that had “FLOOR SHOWS” and dancing. The theatre, opera and concerts were reasonably priced where you could afford even if you did not make a fortune. I loved dancing to the soft beautiful music of the big orchestras. So sad it is all gone now. I know time moves on and things change but I also feel sad for the loss of those days.
    The discovery of the boys brought back memories and reignited my search for the old music I loved. When I need some calm I always listen to the “Ink Spots”.
    IL Volo is now my anchor to the past and renewed present.

    1. Gina, You certainly expressed and explained very well what is missing in our collective lives. You are spot-on : IL VOLO is filling that void in today’s music and musical experience excellently. (I wish I had been born when you were, re/ your description of life, in this country at least, regarding music, the social atmospheres where it was played and through the radio at home).

  6. As a kid, my mom always had the radio on and listened to the top 40 stations and her favorite DJ. I remember, as a very young child, probably about 4, taking the words in the songs very literally. I remember Bobby Goldsboro and “God didn’t make little green apples and it don’t rain in Indianapolis, in the summertime….” I remember asking mom “does it really not rain there in the summer?” I remember her coming up with some kind of answer, but not exactly what she said. Not having any siblings, I had no other musical influence except for what my parents listened to or records they played. I tended to like what was popular and catchy at the times, growing up in the mid 70s, amid bell bottoms and rock. But I tended to like easy listening stuff – loved ABBA, Streisand, and Manilow. I also liked certain songs on the radio, but had no clue who sang them. I then found out I liked Queen, BTO, and Bob Seger! Lol! And can’t forget the Bee Gees and Captain & Tennille! πŸ™‚ Then there was the “elevator music” radio station. That was pure torture as a teenager! About 80% instrumental 20% easy listening – Streisand, Carpenters, Manilow, etc. I guess it kind of grew on me. I was also always singing or in choirs, so was exposed to a lot of different music that way as well. My father and I also loved classical music, where my mom did not. Maybe that’s why dad likes Il Volo and mom does not!? I seriously never thought I would like opera and never entertained the thought of it. However, hearing the guys sing it, has given me a new interest, even at this old age. We of course, all love the guys and it doesn’t really matter what comes out of their mouths, we will love it, but it already seems a little old to keep hearing Gianluca saying he wants to bring opera to the young generation. What the heck – we must be the “new” “young” generation, because at 51, I have to say, I’m starting to have a new appreciation for it! πŸ™‚

    1. Love reading your personal story here, Jana. I think your Dad and you enjoy IL VOLO, but your Mom doesn’t, for the reason you wonder about (above). Have you ever heard these two songs by “THE CAPTAIN AND TENILLE”: “Let Mama Know” and “Ladybug” ? The first one has an ‘Old, Deep South’ feel to it, a great Banjo, and a deep, male voice singing the refrain at some point(s). Beautiful, slow song. In the second song, Toni sings what, to me, is like a beautiful lullaby. It has a kind of undulating melody, like soft, rolling waves. One can really hear what a great voice she has in that song. It can also really relax you for a couple of minutes, also. Jana, I wish someone would tell Gianluca what you think in the last part of your reflections (above)! I totally agree with what you expressed! I hope that as he gets a little older, that he will then understand more about how people ‘tick’, that he needn’t have been SO focused on the younger generation that he (they) sometimes had given the impression that people older than themselves weren’t AS important nor AS valued in their career. (That’s the impression that I have felt at times, frankly, but because they are young, it’s been easier to ‘forgive’ them). BTW, when one of my Grandmothers was a,still, pretty and youthful woman in her later 80’s, I remember her being asked that if she could be any age, what age would she choose. She reflected on it for only a moment and she joyfully and sincerely declared, “53.” I tell you this, Jana, because at 51, you are NOT “old” yet !! ( She was born in the19th century, happened to live to 97, every morning still applying a touch of rouge and lipstick, putting on her bracelets, necklace and earrings. She was a darling, ‘Edwardian Lady’ and sharp as a tack until ‘the end’. πŸ™‚ <3

      1. Laura – LOVE Ladybug!! I think that was from their Song of Joy album? Unfortunately, I lost that CD somewhere and you can’t buy it anymore. I think you can download it though, I may just have to do that. I also loved the one about the “Circle” He drew a circle that brought me in… I quickly read your reply before I got dressed this morning and was singing Let Mama Know – lol! Have to throw Neil Sedaka into the mix, as well!! Laughter in the Rain – awesome! Glad to know I am not “old” yet! Oddly, of our Detroit Il Volo group, I am actually the baby! πŸ™‚ Most everyone is at least 10 years older than me. Ok, if I get brave again, I’ll add that to my list of things to tell Gian. Tell him they can teach old dogs new tricks! Lol! Plan on going to the Detroit and Chicago concerts and they better have meet/greets! But you are right, they are young and I think we all thought “old” people were dead at 40 when we were teens. Then we got to be 40 and realized we still thought and sometimes acted like a teenager! We just have to share our words of wisdom with them when we see them.

      2. Jana, I so much enjoyed reading this response from you. I will have to listen to the song about the “Circle” that you mentioned. You can hear possibly all or most of their songs on You Tube, if you can’t find them. “Let Mama Know” and “Ladybug” are on there. That’s where I have to listen to those songs right now! (btw, I don’t know if they still make “LIFE” cereal, but I know I wouldn’t want to!! ). Yes! – isn’t it weird and funny that when we were younger, we thought people at ’40’ had one foot in the grave and probably pitied them?! I HOPE Il Volo doesn’t think like THAT?!! Oh dear!!

  7. I would like opinions and thoughts on a couple questions that are a bit off-topic. As much as l am enjoying the new CD, is it really possible that they are going down the “opera” road and not doing the pop opera songs of their recent past?? I wonder also if they are content to sing the old songs or do they want to try new ones? They seem to do mostly covers – which are great – but why wouldn’t they want to pursue new material? I do love their music. It is always done beautifully and is a delight to listen to. I do think Ignazio’s voice has srengthened tremendously on the new Cd. I could listen to him all day long. (And do!!) Thanks for your thoughts.

    1. Carol, I’m sorry that I,personally, can’t offer an opinion on anything you have asked because I don’t have a clue to what they are planning, but I can offer only that I sincerely hope that they are not exclusively ‘going opera’ any time soon! I think we’d all miss their operatic-pop style and songs. I had wondered a few times, myself, if that is where they are now heading and hoping they aren’t. I think it would probably not be a sound business decision, either, being that they have repeatedly said that they want to introduce the younger people to those beautiful and wonderful songs of their country, especially, and which we,ourselves, have basically just come to know and to love and enjoy. My personal hope, Carol, is that they’ll give us a mix of the types of songs we’ve come to love from them and some beautiful,operatic songs. Maybe there will be some new songs written just for them also in the mix as well. If they are planning to become exclusively opera singers, I hope it wouldn’t happen anytime soon. I’m not a big fan of most of the opera music I’ve ever heard, no matter who is singing it and I know I am not alone in that. There are some classic opera songs, though, that are very beautiful and amazing to hear, for sure, but just not that many of them, it seems to me. Hoping these thoughts and opinions aren’t coming across as ‘selfish’. I would respect their decision, of course, and support them as best as I could if they take that route at any point.

      1. Quickly, Carol, I forgot to tell you, in case you don’t know, that they describe the NOTTE MAGICA concert as a TRIBUTE concert to The Three Tenors. So, maybe that is the clue and the answer to the question we’ve had. Guess we don’t need to worry (yet). πŸ™‚

    2. Hi CarolJB – In my opinion, I do not think they are going down the opera road. I believe this was a special project that they wanted to do in honor of the Three Tenors. Though they were all brilliant on Notte Magica, I do not think that is the path they want to take. I, too, would love to see new material. Ignazio is forever writing songs and I don’t think we should be surprised if we see new songs on their future CD’s. I’m anxious to see what they have in store for us as they continue their journey.

    3. Carol – yes, as Daniela said, another friend of mine in Italy, said the same thing – more “pop” is down the road. When they were here in Detroit at PBS in the Q&A portion, Igna mentioned studying more opera though. I thought it to mean he really wanted to sing more opera, but my friend said it just meant he needed to study more to do the current songs they are singing. I was a bit disappointed in hearing that, as I adore Igna’s voice. I just get chills when he hits some of those high notes with such strength and power in his voice. Ok, I get chills when he hits any note – lol! With the proper training, that they are getting now, I’m convinced he could blow Piero away, if he wanted to. But maybe with respect to Piero, he will stay with the pop side? Yes, I do wish they would start writing some of their own music. Not that we want them to get even more popular, but I think that will really start to set them apart from just being singers.

  8. Hello everyone, I read your comments and I give my opinion of what I have heard here in Italy.
    In a brief interview this summer following the execution of a trio of lyrical music, in front of a young audience strictly, (Coca Cola Summer Festival) Ignazio said: “We will return soon with our Grande Amore” meaning their repertoire pop- lyrical.
    In another interview the boys had said that it is very difficult to find songs with good lyrics and can be divided into 3 parts.
    I remind you that Grande Amore was written 11 years ago and L’Amore si muove is a song written and performed by another Italian singer Francesco Renga. When 1 year ago was released the CD L’amore si muove, here in Italy there have been many criticisms (as usual) because everyone said that the boys had copied the song of Renga, whereas he had rewritten the text to fit IL VOLO to also Renga was very happy that the boys sang his song (which it has been around the world).

    This year, everyone expected a new CD, and in this way, that is, doing a lyrical pause that is having great success, they have more time to think about the choice of the new songs. In my opinion they will come out with a new pop-lyric songs CD and amaze us, maybe even with them completely unedited. Of course it’s just my opinion. Just yesterday I wrote that the AVE MARIA is having a good success both by your opinions either by the Italians, yet it is a sacred text …… but it is also the new song of CD. So I think that people love to hear the new proposals made by IL VOLO and it is for this reason that they will not stop in only lyrical performances that are certainly not news.

    1. Yes, Daniela, thanks for the update!! I also love the Ave Maria and was trying to figure out if it was a new or old song! I have to say, I didn’t realize that Francesco is the one that wrote L’amore… I watch the old Verona concert over and over and he is part of the concert, but he sings L’immensita with them. It was quite by accident one day I was looking up the song and realized he was the one that wrote it!

      1. Jana is, is he who wrote it. During the Verona concert was a guest and the boys tell him that the song is his and that he rewrote it for them (he had written for the birth of his son). In this way IL VOLO silenced all the critics who said they had copied.
        Francesco Renga is a young and talented Italian singer-songwriter, he is indeed of Brescia.

  9. What is interesting to me, is that all of us growing up, and from different generation’s seemed to like the same kind of music.My mother loved Caruso, and would walk around the house singing along with him. I hated that music at the time, but as I got older,started to appreciate some operatic pieces.
    I was into the Beatles from the first moment I heard them, Paul was alway’s my favourite. I think part of that had to do with him being an animal right’s advocate.For those of you who liked Ringo, he was just here in Hawaii with his band, in concert.
    My mother also loved Vera Lynn, and actually wrote her a letter, thanking her for all the work she did for the serviceman during the second world war. Imagine her surprise when she received a handwritten letter back from her.
    Gina, I also loved the same singers you did when I was 15. I had everyone of Eddy Arnold’s albums.
    Jana, I also loved the Bee Gees, and the Captain and Tenille. Jana, I was surprised when you said you are 51! I have seen a couple of pictures of you, and I guessed you were probably in your late thirties.
    I am happy with whatever type of music the guy’s entertain us with, and can’t wait to see them next year.

      1. Yes, Daniela my Taurus friend( we probably have similar personalities) I did see your response, thank you. I had thought that maybe Marie would be driving through Tuscany at some point during her trip.On one of Andrea Bocelli’s concerts on t.v. They had shown the beautiful landscape of the Tuscan region.
        Daniela a question.
        I had sent away to get one of Il Volo’s cards, that you can use in their shop.
        I think because they do not charge for postage, they would probably send it by surface mail(no planes)because it is cheaper. I think it might take about 6weeks to get to me, what do you think?

    1. Aloha, Jill, Vera Lynn must have been a swell person to write back to your mother. That letter must be like a treasure. I wish I’d known that Paul McCartney was so fond of animals; don’t remember reading that during their first years of mega-fame, only later when he was with Linda. So, Ringo still has a band; didn’t know that either! Kind of a coincidence that here we’re reminiscing and mentioning him and suddenly to learn that he was right there in your state only recently! (Don’t know if you got to read my reply on an earlier post, but here I Thank you, again, for your wonderful words regarding animals with people in Paradise; sweet music to my ears to hear someone else confirm that hope. <3 (IL VOLO music, of course!).

      1. Laura, yes I did read your reply on an earlier post. I read all of them at least 5times a day, then I re-read them again the next day to make sure I don’t miss anything. I’m talking about all the post’s. They were just advertising an all star show on t.v.
        last night, that includes Ringo and his band. I don’t remember when it’s going to be( I was too busy reading these posts, and was’nt paying enough attention)

    2. Jill – wow, thanks for the compliment!! You are definitely my new best friend!! lol! πŸ™‚ Yes, the look of youth does tend to run in the family on my dad’s side. Guess it’s the northern/western European blood. I do stay out of the sun though, as I burn very easily. Yes, it’s been interesting reading these posts and finding that many of us liked the same music, but I guess that makes sense if we all like Il Volo, also. Must be the quality sound we gravitate toward? Ok, one more, anyone like Keely Smith? Discovered 2 of her albums in my parents collection when I was a young teen and fell in love with her voice. When I moved out, I “stole” the 2 albums from my parent’s collection, along with the Simon and Garfinkel “Bridge…” album. Oh, and Mantovani! lol!

      1. Jill – not sure about the bongo thing, but yes she was married to Louis Prima. Yeah, I was singing Fascination, Dearly Beloved, and Going to sit right down and write myself a letter, and my friends thought I was from outer space! Did you ever watch General Hospital and the Luke/Laura saga? When she was in the department store, I think it was Holly, though? They were playing Fascination as the background music. I recognized it right away and my friends said, “yeah, uh huh??…” lol!

      2. Yes Jana! Only had heard one song by her when I was a child. Then I happened to see a great PBS show about her several years ago and really liked her. My mother turned me on to Mantovani; was just listening to his music on You Tube recently! Have you ever heard the recording entitled, ” Midnight Blue” by Caravelli and His Grand Orchestra? It’s on You Tube. It’s a ‘tweaked’, (but faithful) modern version of Beethoven’s melody entitled “Pathetique” ! I think you might like it . I think it’s beautiful. (I wasn’t going to post comments anymore, Jana, because of some confusion that occurred. I fiigured I’m not really ‘cut-out’ to do comments, but I was just taking a trip down memory lane and discovered that some people had responded to me days before and I didn’t know it).

  10. Enjoyed everyone sharing. I love to hear what our group is made of. We come from all over the Country and with different backgrounds but met because basically we loved the same type of music. Then suddenly we ran into three cute Italian boys with beautiful voices and they made us of one voice.

    1. True Gina, these guys with their music are building great bridges of friendship a little everywhere. In an Italian group I met (virtually) a very active woman, 85 years old and her comments and references I realized that she follows you and admires both Myron and also the work of Marie. She was very happy to know that Marie and Jane will be here by myself. She lives in Rome, unable to speak English and use your vocabulary. She and I have built a beautiful friendship, as I found in your group so many friends through IL VOLO.

    2. Gina – love how you describe us as “one voice” so cool! You know, of course, that was a hit from Barry Manilow? lol! πŸ™‚

  11. As for the musical tastes, I must say that even as a child I loved classical music, my favorite authors were Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Chopin, in short ballet music, definitely because I studied ballet.
    As for the songs, I liked Italian artists such as Battisti, Pooh, Baglioni which I think none of you know. For international artists: ABBA, BEE GEES (like you Jana) PINK FLOYD, QUEEN, even now appreciate the songs of these artists but I never had a relationship with them by following them constantly as I do with the IL VOLO.
    In the 90’s my daughter knew the TAKE THAT, she was 14 and was immediately passion. The whole family was involved, brought his daughter to the concert in Milan, he also founded a fan club based in our house. It was a very beautiful time but they were his idols. Then one of them broke away from the group and the passion was over. I’ve never had passions so in my youth, but when I began to follow IL VOLO I seemed to return to the days of the passion of my daughter, not a passion as a teenager. Piero Ignazio and Gianluca admire the skill but also their way of relating to people, young and old, their way of seeing life. Their songs warm my heart and fill me with excitement.
    The opera has never been among my favorites. I know the plots of Italian operas, at the Arena di Verona I saw Tosca, Il Barbiere di Siviglia, Aida, Traviata. My dad and my mom often sang the romance of the opera but I’ve never been particularly impressed ….. I followed the concert of the Three Tenors and I loved it and now I find that our guys are to be the worthy heirs

    1. Ciao, again, Daniela! Very much enjoyed reading about some of your own music interests and all here. I would like to know how do some of you, like yourself, escape (as you put it so well) the “passion of a teen-ager” regarding those fine (in every respect) IL VOLO guys?! πŸ’˜πŸ˜‚

      1. Laura – I was never “boy/band” crazy as a teen, except I really did love ABBA. When you say escape, do you mean “not” acting like a crazed teenager around them or when talking about them? I think as I get older, I’m less afraid to share/show my emotions with others. I literally have the little bear on my desk at work that Ignazio signed (Marie actually sent it to me!) and I show it to everyone that comes by and give it a hug and say “he signed my bear…” πŸ™‚ I think I’m regressing!

      2. i left out a word; sorry! I meant to say, how do you escape “feeling” (the “passion of a teen-ager”) (referring to something Daniela said about herself above). btw, that’s wondrous that you have an actual, signed bear by Ignazio! No, Daniela, you’re not “regressing”. I think it’s lovely how you feel about the little bear and understandable.

    2. Ah, yes… ABBA and the Bee Gees – certainly had that international appeal – quite like the guys! Daniela – be sure to post when Marie and Jane arrive! πŸ™‚

    1. Wow, that was a long time ago now, but I think you can edit your WordPress profile somehow and that’s how you can add a picture? Was thinking I should change mine, but I like that one – it’s from when they were in the dancing contest thing in Italy. Or if you sign in from your Google account, if you have one, it might take it from there, also. I know it did when I was in from my “JanaScoobydoo” FB account.

  12. Earlier today we were talking about Ringo Starr. Well, a few minutes ago ticketmaster tweeted me about the Ringo Starr concert! I thought they had been and gone already, but they will be on Oahu Nov. 8th. Just for kick’s I checked the ticket prices. Prices go from $60.OO to $295.OO. No meet and greet, but V.I.P. tickets include a tote bag, and a lithograph. I’m sure they will be in a city close to any of you.

    1. I had the pleasure of seeing Ringo in concert a few years back, 2010 I think ,. His “Band” is made up of various rockers from past days. All in all it was great fun. These days I save up my pennies etc to get see IL VOLO and get that M& G plus closest seat possible! If I can only afford one concert a year and IL VOLO is one of the choices, its no contest, IL VOLO all the way baby!

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