Il Volo Professional ~~ This and That

All the professional dealings of Il Volo
All the professional dealings of Il Volo


It’s Media and more media for Il Volo right now.  The next few posts will be in no particular order, and show some of that work.  🙂

~~ Kelly


Audio only of Interview



RAI1: L’ARENA, Il Volo will be guests October 16 (edit: this even has taken place)

Mara Carfagna, Michelle Hunziker e Il Volo ospiti di Massimo Giletti ~~

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  1. Hi Kelly
    What a great labour of love you have performed by telling us all so much about the wonderful songs on “Una Notte Magica.” I was totally captivated by all the detail. My compliments on such a wonderful collection of explanations.

    I have just one small correction to suggest. I think that the song ‘O Paese d’O Sole is actually a neapolitan song. Certainly, the lyrics are written in neapolitan dialect and not in standard Italian. Libero Bovio, who is credited with having written the lyrics, was neapolitan and famous for writing in neapolitan dialect. In fact, it is claimed that neapolitan dialect is actually Italy’s second language! Because so many famous songs have been written in neapolitan, almost all Italians can understand them even though most Italians struggle to understand the regional dialects of the other regions.

    1. Bernard, you wrote Kelly, but I think that you are writing about my post. I wrote that O Paese d’O Sole is an Italian song, thanks for correction, because I didn’t realize that I made mistake and I forgot to fix it, because originally I wanted to write : is Neapolitan song.
      I wish you nice Sunday !

      1. Dear Lydka

        I am so sorry to have made this mistake. If I can use an expression from Latin, “mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa”! I need to polish my glasses with a bit more care in future (LOL).

        Of course, all my praise remains the same. It was a wonderful post and gave us all so much background and insight to the wonderful songs of “Una Notte Magica.” I repeat my thanks and add them to those of all the other Crew members who posted. Please continue to keep us so well informed in future!

        Although I have the music via Amazon Music, I still have not received my DVD and CDs. They are due for delivery sometime between now and early November. Non vedo l’ora – I cannot wait!

        Goodnight from England


    2. Bernard, it is OK ! 🙂 Each of us can make a mistake. I thank you from my all heart for your nice words. Maybe you know that I am one of contributors, I am helping Kelly to find interesting news , articles, videos etc. , I assume that Kelly uses informations from me in her posts. So I am glad if you like also these posts. 🙂
      I have my Deluxe version 3 weeks and love it so much !!! Hope you’ll get yours CD and DVD as soon as it will be possible. I wish you a nice evening and a successful next week. Sincere greeting from Slovakia !

  2. Gianluca posted this on his Facebook page some time back.
    Sharing it here (direct from youtube) in case it would interest anyone here. the young kids are also pretty amazing. boy 10, girl 7.
    war, greetings

      1. oh hi Daniela. yes, Gianluca posted it. that’s how i saw it. i liked it a lot, so sharing here. am glad you like it as well. awesome, isn’t it? a pleasant day to you

      1. Greetings,Cynthia! Not for the children; was my first reaction to your typo, but then realized someone might think what you asked, so re-did comment – and the thing moved down – still there & can’t delete it!! A comedy of errors! 😂😂

      2. oh, ha ha ha… hi again, Laura.. i don’t know how to work this site yet…. i don’t think we can edit once posted…
        anyway, i wish you a pleasant day 😉

  3. oh hi Daniela. yes, Gianluca posted it. that’s how i saw it. i liked it a lot, so sharing here. am glad you like it as well. awesome, isn’t it? a pleasant day to you

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