Music for the Soul ~ Lydka

 Il Volo Notte magica – know a little bit of the songs.

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  1. oh Lydka! thank you for sharing this precious piece. i have not yet read it thoroughly, will do so later…. am just so happy to receive this. it is precious.
    will get back to you later.
    thank you so much again

  2. and in the meantime, kindly allow me to share GRANADA from Notte Magica. (i’ve seen Nessun Dorma, but not yet Granada. (i hope it comes out)

    1. i mean, i’ve seen Nessun Dorma here, but not yet Granada here. i watch both everyday. and cry.
      i don’t have the CD’s/DVD yet….

      1. I had not seen this. Wonderful, of course! I love those serious looks on their faces while singing their parts.

        Thank you, Cynthia.

      2. and by the way, Marie, you can download this in High Definition, it would sparkle more. you’ll see.

    2. Jthank you Cynthia for sharing “Granada”. Can’t believe these guys. How talented they are. They can sing anything. Check out the people at this concert. WOW!

      1. You’re welcome, Prese. am happy you like it. the site lets you download it. in High Definition too.

    3. Granada is beautiful, one of my favourite songs and this video is really great, of course I haven’t seen it for first time. 🙂 Cynthia, hope you will have soon your new CD. Good luck !

  3. Lydka, this is a wonderful post. I so appreciate knowing more about these beautiful songs. I also love the Ave Maria! Thank you!

  4. Thank you so much Lydka for the information on these great songs. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca sing these songs so beautifully and knowing the context in which they were written adds so much. Nessun dorma, Core n’grato, O’paese d’o sole and others just touch something deep inside my heart and soul.

  5. Lydka, in reading your post that I liked a lot, you have reminded me of when (several years ago) in music lessons we were taught the history of music and romance. Then I found it boring, but now I am very pleased to have had these notions. You think that our music teacher wanted us to learn LA DANZA and we all could not withstand ……. when I heard in Firenze, I was so happy to learn the words. The weather changes quite our taste.

    1. Daniela, in the elementary school I loved to listen to classical music,and informations were not boring for me, but I forgot on many of them, so it was nice to me to bring back to my mind. Have a nice evening !

  6. You’re welcome, dear Marie.
    a lovely lovely UTTERLY LOVELY TRIP to you and Jane (i wished you this and more in your post. but mine was at the bottom. just did it today.)
    and kindly extend warm hug to Daniela from me. thank you Marie

  7. Dear Lydka, thank you for doing our homework for us. Learning is an ongoing experience and I am so grateful to the young men of Il Volo for bringing this music genre to the younger generation, and to everyone participating on The Flight Crew site for their input. Grazie mille.

  8. Lydka, thank you so much for this beautiful, informative post! I’ve always enjoyed music, but really like knowing the history! You certainly have done your homework! I, too, am enjoying the new album and can hardly wait for the dvd! Regards from Texas, USA! A Nonna fan, Dot!!♡♡♡

  9. Milá Lyduško,dnes slavíš narozeniny a já vím jistě,kdo ti právě doma zpívá a usmívá se na tebe (bohužel jen z obrazovky – zatím).Já ti přeju aby přišel den,kdy se ten tvůj NEJ bude dívat do tvých očí osobně zbízka – a možná dostaneš i něco víc ( o tom ti třeba bude vyprávět Marie až se vrátí z výletu,ale i mnoho jiných ctitelek).Zatím se dívej na obrázek a poslouchej krásnou hudbu.
    Napsala jsi to krásně,jistě všichni oceníme i čas,který jsi musea věnovat vyhledání všech informací ale stálo to za námahu a mnoha lidem jsi přiblížila historii písní,které tak rádi všichni posloucháme.AVE MARIA je taky moje NEJ – ráda bych ji viděla i s obrázky chlapců.Díky moc a do půlnoci je ještě daleko tak vesele oslavuj.Dnes je tvůj slavný den hned 2x !!!
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. Ďakujem, Zdenka ! 🙂 Ale myslím, že je to náhoda, že práve dnes tu mám svoj príspevok. Prajem krásny deň ! 🙂

      Thank you, Zdenka! 🙂 But I think, it’s a coincidence that here today I have my contribution. Have a nice day ! 🙂

    1. I really love new Ave Maria ! I am surprised that you shared my post, I thought that maybe will be boring for you and also Myron wrote detailed description of songs from his view. Again, wishing you all the best on your adventure in Italy ! 🙂

      1. I was happy to post this. What you shared with us is totally different from what Myron brought us. I thought It perfectally added to Myron’s review. As you see others agree. Now…who knows more than we do about that wonderful event?

      2. Lydka you are so good at finding videos and information can you maybe find out where we could have a single video of” Ave Maria, Mater Misericordiae”. Wonder where the recording was made.Thanks again.

    2. Marie, So glad to see both you and Lydka mention the Ave Maria as your favorite. It gave me chills, I think so far its the song that gets the most repeat listens…it even made me cry.

  10. Thank you dear Lydka for this beautiful, informative post!! Great to have all this history of the music! Our precious trio sang as always, with their Hearts & Souls to share this wondrous album with us!!! Grande Amore a tutti!!!

  11. Thanks Lydka for your informative post. The music will have more meaning now that you have translated it. Not that it needs it. Just the music alone is enough to stir my heart. Bye Bye Marie and Jane. Lucky you guys. Joanie G

  12. I thought I’d post you back the video that I myself have filmed in Florence and that concerns Adeste Fideles, for two reasons.
    1= I do not know if you all you saw it
    2 = This video does not appear in the DVD of the concert, so none of you will see it on DVD but the guys that night they performed.
    Please remember that the video is not professional.

      1. Daniela, thank you for posting this! I love this song and just get goose bumps when they do it!!

      2. I think that it will be issued for the Christmas market as it is a Christmas Carol. In England it is often sung in English and is known as “Oh come all ye faithful” which is a translation of the Latin name.

      3. Hello Bernard, in Adeste Fideles effects there will be ‘in the DVD but there is on the CD as well AVE MARIA MATER MISERICORDIAE that is truly beautiful. I’m sorry that you have not received your CD + DVD, very few of the group have received, when I meet Jane Marie and I hope to show it to them.

      4. Hi Daniela, I received my CD/DVD from Amazon Italy over 2 weeks ago, and I had no problem playing DVD on my player. Now, I am waiting for my CD/DVD from Detroit PBS, but unfortunately it is on backorder. PBS gave no reason why, so I am patiently waiting, then I will compare the 2 as soon as I receive it and let you know if they are the same. So far the only issue I have with the Italian version is, I cannot turn on the closed caption feature to English. Let’s see if it works on the PBS DVD.

    1. Thank you Daniela for this video of Adeste Fideles. It has always been one of my favorite Christmas hymns since I was a child and Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca sang it beautifully!

    2. oh so you’re the one, Daniela, with the youtube posts from this angle. i’ve seen your other posts (i mean perhaps they are yours as well). they came out soon after the concert 😉 … i was so excited to see anything about it… thanks for posting

      1. Yes Cynthia, it’s me, I was so proud of my videos that I wanted to share them with you all. It was an unforgettable evening. Too bad most of my videos have been blocked by Sony.

  13. Thank you Lydka you have outdone yourself Wonderful to know the information of Una Furtiva Lagrina. This took time & patience.

    1. Loretta, I didn’t do it in one day, but gradually, if I had the time. It was pleasant time for me. 🙂 I wish you nice day ! Greetings.

  14. Thank you Daniela your video is very professional & beautifully done especially since your efforts we have the opportunity to see which we wouldn’t have if not for your thouthfullness

  15. Wonderful post Lydka. Great information. Include me in on the “Ave Maria” as the most beautiful and lovely song on the CD. It is my favorite too!

    1. I Know! They build you up with those three beautiful voices then when the chorus kicks in and the guys rise above even that, I just about wet my pants!

      1. I haven’t seen that particular AVE MARIA you are all talking about…. can someone post it here please? thank you

      2. Cynthia, I published a short video below where you can hear a verse of Ave Maria

  16. Lydka, Your post was “a labor of love” for all of us, so Thank You very much. You can count me in regarding the “Ave Maria”; very beautiful and transcendent. First time I remember hearing that song was in church. Some years later, I heard it in a movie theater watching a rare showing of Walt Disney’s “FANTASIA” animated film. Then, I went and bought the album with all the songs and music of “FANTASIA” because I wanted to hear “Ave Maria” again (and again). It was sung by a soprano with a chorus of beautiful voices, too. That film was made in the 1930’s, I think, and I first got to see it in the l970’s when I was about 20 or so yrs of age, but I,still, just never tire of it. It just sounds better and better to me. I agree that Il Volo’s causes “the chills”! <3 <3 to You &"Mom"- Lydka 🙂

    1. Laura, even if boys were not at WYD in Krakow to sing for pope, but song Ave Maria, mater misericordiae was an unreleased song, especially was composed by Romano Musumarra for this event and for Il Volo. Romano Musumarra is composer born in Rome, 1956.

      1. Hi again, Lydka, I think what you’re saying is that this version of Ave Maria was not the same version as the one that I’m referring to? (I just meant that I like THEIR versions & treatments of the song as the best of those that I’ve heard). XX

      2. Laura, I just wrote that this song is new, created for a specific event (WYD) and for Il Volo.

  17. Lydka, thank you for doing this for us. My DVD will not be shipped out until November 4th, and I can’t wait to hear “Ave Maria”I have alway’s loved that song, but from what all of you have said , this is even better.
    Thank you Daniela for your video, as you said it will not be on my DVD. You did a good job!

      1. Lydka and Jill, I got my DVD a few days ago from Amazon Italia. I was so dissappointed that Ave Maria and Adeste Fidelis were not on the DVD only the CD. Did they sing these at the concert or were they added to the CD afterwards?

  18. Lydka, the AVE MARIA is just wonderful, I believe that we will be lots to love this song, I have already had occasion to say that the increasing pace and power of the choral part is fantastic.

    Now I want to see the happiness of our guys at the end of the concert.
    This short video touches me deep in my heart.
    I hope you can see it

    1. Daniella, I love the video, I love the young men of Il Volo, I love their families, I love their management, and most of all I love the Crew.

      1. Rose Marie, they sang on concert Adeste Fideles, but Ave Maria not. Have a nice day !

      2. Lydka, Daniela, I am having a nice day listening to Notte Magica. Wishing one for you too.
        Filakia – in Greek, kisses from me.

    2. Oh Daniela!!! what a heartwarming video. thank you sooooo very much for sharing. thank you so very much. i could watch this again and again…. and then again!…..muah!

  19. Thank you, Lydka. Great post and great information. I received my CD this past Saturday and listened to it quite a few times. I, hopefully, will be able to purchase the DVD at a future time. I always love to see them perform in “person”, even though “in person” is through the TV. It is the next best thing to seeing them in person. Take Care, Victoria

  20. Lydka, I add my thanks along with all the previous ones. Your information on all the songs was great and so comprehensive.I have received my copy of both the CD and DVD and to have researched all your information would have taken me an age, so thank you again for all your hard work.Just love those “boys”

  21. Ave Maria, Mater Misericordiae was my favorite the minute I listened to it.
    Lydka thank again for a great post. You do so much research and then share with us.

    1. New Ave Maria hasn’t video clip . As I mentioned before, this song was composed by Romano Musumarra for WYD in Krakow (to sing live for the Pope at first time), song was recorded in the studio, I think in Bologna. They didn’t sing it live, yet.

  22. Jane & Marie would not miss the chance to wish you bomvouge ( if that is spelled correvclly) . Jane hope you have a comfortable trip & don’t have to run after Marie too many times. Also Jane a special request when you see the guys please try & control as to how many times Marie kisses Ignazio. I am sure Daniela has ways to get to see the Il Volo men. When concert time comes I am (willing mind you) going to have to make sure I get my fair share of kisses to Ignazio. Jane please tell her to give those kisses to Piero & Gianluca,

    Marie I found a spot in your backpact so will be travelling as well. Pleasr be gentle when you sit down. My space is limited & also if you are going to sleep I can’t stand snoring. Too late to change what you are carrying on your back. Hope the weather is fantastic & please see if Ninna can send her pizzas’s to Canada. If so I can send her my new address. CIAO hey I can speek Italian.

    1. Loretta, you are too funny!! I will try and keep control of Marie as well as the kisses, but I can’t make any promises! I will look for you in her backpack and we can play cards while she sleeps. 🙂

  23. Lydka ,Tkank you so much for you knowledge and wonderful insite on the treasured songs and arias in Notte Magics an extraordinary Cd. The Magic of Il Volo with perfect orchestration is just fantastic. They sing from the heart and do it with gusto. Your priceless imformation adds another of layer enjoyment. Listening to these young men sing this selection of song is a real treat and is an emotional upheaval, your heart and soul are full with excitement and your are eyes are full with tears. Lydka I love your post and learned a lot from lt. Il Volo is treasure and so are you.

    1. Vincent, very beautiful and sincere words from you, it can be seen, how you love Il Volo music, as we all here. 🙂 I appreciate your comment and wholeheartedly thank you ! Have a beautiful day, greetings to you. Wishing all the best!

      1. Lydka, wishing you back the very, very best! God bless you for all your fine work,done with lots of love.

  24. I am convinced that between Myron’s analysis and now Lydka, your survey, we the Il Volo flight crew are more in the know of the Notte Magica ‘project’ than most other Ilvolovers!!!! Many thanks for your hard work. It is very much appreciated.

    1. Since the boys could not go to Poland and sing personally I wonder if maybe they sent the recording?. It is too beautiful a song not to have shared with thousands of young people at meeting.

    2. Such beautiful lyrics, I just ordered the C.D. Marie, can you imagine driving through the Tuscan hill’s with that song playing on the CD? You will know what heaven looks and sounds like!
      Oh, by the way, alway’s look into the back seat of your car before you get in, I think Loretta’s serious about going with you!

      1. Jill, you got my own thinking. This short video I recorded this morning at 9:00 am Italian time, for you still deep night. They are not the Tuscan hills but the fields around Brescia.

        I sent this video to Jane and Marie to wish them BUON VIAGGIO.

  25. Lydka – What a great collection of information. For me personally, Il Volo is not entertainment. It is emotion, it is passion, it is knowledge. It is a vehicle through which I seek to expand my heart and my mind. You have just added to that knowledge tremendously.

    Daniela – The video that you posted of the guys celebrating their success sums up in 25 seconds so beautifully what we all know about them on Flight Crew: Love – Joy – Pride – Family – Excellence – Passion.

    Thank you both.

    1. John did you notice the first embrace, is the mother of Gianluca who embraces Piero, this confirms that all parents love them as if they were all sons them. (I hope you understand the way with a translator).
      How much emotion in the embrace of Gianluca dad, that kiss to his son expresses love and pride.
      But the most beautiful embrace between the three of them, love, emotion in its purest form.
      All these fragments are part of the DVD in the session EXTRAS where you can see their music lessons. Beautiful.

      1. Daniela, I got my DVD from Amazon Italy and have played it many times already. The bonus video clip of the parents and the boys, and then the 3 of them embracing says to me “Can you feel the love tonight”. Yes we did. What an extraordinary experience for them at such a young age. Bellisimo❤️

      2. Daniela, Your little video here, ” Italia Autunnale” is special. I love it. Even can hear your voice. Feels like I’m riding along with you in Brescia. Very ‘cool’!

      3. thanks for pointing this out, Daniela…. it happened so fast i didn’t notice that. am so glad you pointed that out…. thanks Daniela….

      4. i mean that it was Gianluca’s mom embracing Piero at the start of the video. precious video.

  26. I forgot on 2 intermezzo, which are on CD. Manon Lescaut is an opera in four acts by Giacomo Puccini, composed between 1890 and 1893. The story is based on the 1731 novel L’histoire du chevalier des Grieux et de Manon Lescaut by the Abbé Prévost and should not be confused with Manon, an 1884 opera by Jules Massenet based on the same novel.The libretto is in Italian, and was cobbled together by five librettists whom Puccini employed: Ruggero Leoncavallo, Marco Praga, Giuseppe Giacosa, Domenico Oliva and Luigi Illica. The first performance of Manon Lescaut took place in the Teatro Regio in Turin on 1 February 1893; it was Puccini’s third opera and his first great success. The opera was first performed at the Metropolitan Opera in New York on 18 January 1907 in the presence of the composer with Lina Cavalieri in the title role, Enrico Caruso as des Grieux, Antonio Scotti as Lescaut, and Arturo Vigna conducting. The French tale of a beautiful young woman destroyed by her conflicting needs for love and luxury. The story follows the hero, the Chevalier des Grieux, and his lover, Manon Lescaut. Des Grieux comes from noble and landed family, but forfeits his hereditary wealth and incurs the disappointment of his father by running away with Manon. In Paris, the young lovers enjoy a blissful cohabitation, while Des Grieux struggles to satisfy Manon’s taste for luxury. He scrounges together money by borrowing from his unwaveringly loyal friend Tiberge and by cheating gamblers. On several occasions, Des Grieux’s wealth evaporates (by theft, in a house fire, etc.), prompting Manon to leave him for a richer man because she cannot stand the thought of living in penury. The two lovers finally end up in New Orleans, to which Manon has been deported as a prostitute, where they pretend to be married and live in idyllic peace for a while. But when Des Grieux reveals their unmarried state to the Governor and asks to be wed with Manon, the Governor’s nephew sets his sights on winning Manon’s hand. In despair, Des Grieux challenges the Governor’s nephew to a duel and knocks him unconscious. Thinking he had killed the man and fearing retribution, the couple flee New Orleans and venture into the wilderness of Louisiana, hoping to reach an English settlement. Manon dies of exposure and exhaustion the following morning and, after burying his beloved, Des Grieux is eventually taken back to France by Tiberge.
    Intermezzo from “Manon Lescaut,” Act III, the orchestral intermezzo that begins Act III is suffused with Puccini’s “desperate passion” through and through. Positioned at roughly the midpoint of the four-act opera, just as everything has begun to go horribly wrong for Manon, it marks the beginning of the fickle, feckless, and gold-digging anti-heroine’s inexorable fall. Having left her young lover from Act I, Des Grieux, when his money ran out, and then become bored in a bejeweled but frigid affair with his replacement, the wealthy, much older Geronte, Manon has attempted to abscond with his jewelry and elope once again with Des Grieux. She is caught in the act, however, and at the conclusion of Act II, Geronte has her arrested for theft. During the intermezzo, Manon is transported from Paris to a prison in Normandy, where she is held with a group of prostitutes in preparation for their deportation to Louisiana. Incorporating previously heard motives from the opening two acts—including, most prominently, the ardent yet star-crossed theme of Manon and Des Grieux’s passion—the intermezzo serves as a microcosm of the entire sordid tale, offering glimpses of sweetness and building to a
    passionate climax, but ultimately turning bitter and spinning out of control. Though the serene, wistful concluding measures seem to offer a glimmer of hope, any sense of optimism curdles as the curtain rises to reveal Manon behind bars.

    Cavalleria rusticana ( “rustic chivalry”) is an opera in one act by Pietro Mascagni to an Italian libretto by Giovanni Targioni-Tozzetti and Guido Menasci, adapted from a play and short story written by Giovanni Verga. Considered one of the classic verismo operas, it premiered on 17 May 1890 at the Teatro Costanzi in Rome. In about 1890, on Sicily Island, in the morning during Easter, Santuzza who is a lady in a village and visits Lucia who is the mother of Santuzza’s lover, Turiddu. Santuzza asks Lucia where her son has gone. Santuzza knew that Turiddu had spent that previous night with Lola who is a Turiddu’s former lover. Lola married Alfio, when Turiddu served in the army. Santuzza complains to Turiddu’s mother, but Lucia also isn’t in the position to do anything to stop Turiddu.Santuzza goes to the church. In front of the church, she happens to see her lover, Turiddu. She asks him, “Where were you last night?” But, Turiddu refuses to answer. On the contrary, he attempts to enter the church with Lola who has just arrived. Santuzza clings to him, but he pushes her away.Santuzza feels sad. Then, Alfio, who is Lola’s husband, arrives, too. Santuzza decides to reveal to him about his wife. Of course, Alfio is infuriated. So, he swears revenge to Turiddu. Santuzza regrets telling him, and is now worried about Turiddu. Turiddu returns home.Later that day, Turiddu is at home drinking with his friends. Then, Alfio appears. Turiddu urges him to drink with them, but Alfio refuses. Turiddu understands why Alfio visits him, and he challenges Alfio to a duel.Turiddu says to his mother, Lucia, goodbye, he pretends to be drunk. And he asks her to take care of Santuzza, when he dies. Then, he goes to the field for the duel.As a result of the duel, a village lady screams, “Turiddu was killed!” Lucia and Santuzza lose consciousness upon hearing that.

    “Cavalleria Rusticana” is the most important work of “verismo opera” which is a kind of realism opera. Verismo opera expresses the reality of ordinary life. Verismo opera became in fashion from this opera, but only a few of these operas succeeded. “Cavalleria Rusticana” means “Rustic Chivalry” in English. This opera expresses an ambience of Southern Italy of those days.
    Mascagni reportedly starts to compose this opera from the last scene in which a village lady screams. The intermezzo set before the dramatic last scene is called “Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana.” And, this Intermezzo is the most popular lyrical melodies all over the world.

    1. Congratulations Lydka as always, I am very pleased to see how the music and the history of Italian music is appreciated.

  27. Wow! Lydka! Thank you do much for this labor of love! And thank you to all our loyal Crew members for their comments and further research contributions even though we had to withstand smartass remarks from you know who!
    I think this is one of the best posts on the Flight Crew site ever! Thanks so much Lydka! And thank you to everybody who commented.

    1. Lynn, thanks for the wonderful words and for all (you know what I mean). Have a very nice day, friend ! Hugs and kiss !

  28. To ZDENA i just saw your post of October 15th offering me your CD. Whar a generous offer. My computer wasn’t working for a few days due to repairs so wanted to respond before it git too late. I had been phoning all the record shops around me & finally found one store who had the last Il Volo CD so I scampered over to buy it. So now I have one CD with 22 songs on it. Now I am hoping I can acquire the other CD as well as the DVD. Zdena if you know or hear of CD #2 & the DVD.I would appreciate a heads up. When I went into the Italian Fan Club site the had the CDYour generosity was so heartwarming I hope one day to be able to help you. Have a wonderful day & I look forward to your posrs.

  29. From the comments above, I understand that AVE MARIA is getting a general consensus, in fact it is a beautiful song and I must tell you that even the Italian fans are expressing themselves with so many very nice comments about this song. Do not you find it amazing that a song of this type (not exactly rock) is having so much permission? Our boys perform it in an impeccable way, shame not to see a video but more shame not to have been presented in Krakow before the Pope.

    1. Ohhh Daniela! I work for my local Catholic parish and I can’t wait to introduce this Ave Maria to a group of parishioners tomorrow.
      This song ha so much passion and spirit! I do hope they can perform it for Pope Francis, the pope who speaks so much of Go’s Mercy!

  30. To complete the description of songs from album, I have to add informations about La forza del destino Sinfonia, which is first song on Cd:
    La forza del destino (The Power of Fate,often translated as The Force of Destiny) is an Italian opera by Giuseppe Verdi. The libretto was written by Francesco Maria Piave based on a Spanish drama, Don Álvaro o la fuerza del sino (1835), by Ángel de Saavedra, 3rd Duke of Rivas, with a scene adapted from Friedrich Schiller’s Wallensteins Lager. It was first performed in the Bolshoi Kamenny Theatre of Saint Petersburg, Russia, on 10 November 1862. Leonora has planned to elope with her lover Don Alvaro, who accidentally shoots and kills her father, the Marquis of Calatrava, who curses him as he dies. The lovers are separated in their flight, but Leonora’s brother, Don Carlo, does his best to seek them out, to take revenge. At an inn, where he is disguised as a student, Don Carlo is told by the gypsy Preziosilla that she can see he is in disguise. A muleteer brings a stranger to the inn, Leonora, who sees her brother and makes off, while he sings a ballad to the company that reflects his own story. Leonora now seeks peace in a hermitage, under the protection of a nearby monastery, counselled by the Father Guardian. In the war in Italy, of which Preziosilla had told, Don Alvaro and Don Carlo are both enlisted in the Spanish contingent, both in disguise. Don Alvaro saves Don Carlo’s life and they swear friendship, still without any gleam of mutual recognition. Wounded subsequently in battle, Don Alvaro entrusts a casket and letter to Don Carlo, to be destroyed after his seemingly imminent death. Suspicious, Don Carlo opens the casket and finds there a portrait of Leonora, proof that his supposed friend is in fact Don Alvaro. Meeting him on a later occasion, Don Carlo provokes a duel, but this is interrupted. Don Alvaro resolves to seek peace in a monastery, where he joins the community as Padre Raffaello. Don Carlo seeks him out and offers considerable provocation, leading, as he had hoped, to a duel in which he himself is killed. Don Alvaro seeks help from a neighbouring cell, to discover Leonora, who now approaches her brother. In a last gesture he stabs her, leaving the Father Guardian to counsel Don Alvaro, as Leonora dies.The overture to La forza del destino makes use of themes from the opera, notably an ominous motif suggesting Fate and Leonora’s second-act aria, Madre, pietosa Vergine (Mother, merciful Virgin).

  31. Lydka, you and Myron are such a one two solid punch of musical knowledge. As you read all the comments it’s very much appreciated. Lydka your dissecting of Cavalleria Rusticana and the beautiful intermezzo is written so well. It took me back to my childhood in Brooklyn my father would fill the house with this beautiful music on Easter Sunday. Between the holy water, the palms
    and the great smell of my mother’s lasagna.This was life Italian/American style. I’m so happy that you took me back to time and place I had forgotten You have great love for music and for your creative writing. Bravo to you!

    1. Vincent, I was collecting all informations about arias and songs, operas and tried to choose the most informative ones. Of course I have read many texts, articles, because I cannot to remember all details, names etc. Unfortunately, you never remember everything you read. I think this was not creative writing only the brief descriptions of the most interesting facts, some exact musical informations I used from articles. Maybe I should write the sources used, but I used many and unfortunately I do not remember them, because I did it gradually for several days and I have also private life and many other more important things to remember. 🙂 I am glad that you liked it. My goal was to bring you informations about these beautiful pieces from classical music, because I think it’s good to know the music, that you love and listen to. Intermezzo of Cavalleria Rusticana is really wonderful music.Memories, on a nice past with the family, are always the best and most touching and full of mutual love. Have a good day !

  32. Lydka: I can’t imagine how long it takes you to do all you do for us with all this wonderful information that we enjoy reading and learning. You are much appreciated by me and all of us. Thank you for all you do!! Love to you and “Mom.”

  33. Daniela, you mentioned that you posted a video with a short verse of the AVE MARIA that everyone is talking about…. i’ve just scrolled all the way down. not sure which video you are talking about.
    please let me know. Thank you Daniela.

    also, i’ve wanted to ask you. you mentioned in another post that you have both versions of the CD’s and DVD. the american format, and the italian format.
    i wanted to ask you if there is a difference in content (not just format).
    please let us know also.

    thanks so much, Daniela 🙂

    1. Hello Cynthia, the very short video where you can hear a phrase of the AVE MARIA is entitled ITALIA AUTUNNALE, posted a little higher. And a video I recorded it myself while I was in the car and listened to the DVD, also will hear my voice, I’m sorry but I can not sing !!

      1. Cynthia, I can not know if there is a difference between the contents of the CD + DVD Italian / American because I do not have a comparison with the American. I believe that will be the same. When someone who has the cd + dvd American lists me the content I can compare.

      2. oh hi Daniela…. yes, i figured it out a while ago, shortly before i read this latest note of yours (re video)….

        ha ha ha, so that’s your voice. yes, it’s you — i heard you in those youtube videos. at that time i was not a member of flight crew and of course did not know you yet…. 🙂

        and re US format and italian release – i just somehow thought you had both versions……

        thanks so much Daniela 🙂

  34. I have not been around here for awhile. This information is treasure! Thank you so much for posting it, Lydka.

    1. Mayra,you are welcome, enjoy your time here and have a nice day ! Of course thanks for reading and nice comment

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