Ciao ~ Jane & Marie

Where we will be on Oct. 28th.
Where we will be on Oct. 28th.

Well Crew, it’s almost time for Jane and I to go.   We will leave Oct 18th and return on November 2nd.  We will be sleeping Nov 3rd, 4th and 5th.   I can’t begin to tell you how excited we are!  But then you know that.  I have to tell on Jane.  She has practiced packing…twice!  Her husband told her to just leave it packed and sleep on top of it.  I practiced too.  After-all, we’re only taking a carry-on and a small backpack each.  Yeah, we’re ready!

Anyway,  you probably won’t hear from us until we get back.  If we come back!  However, I may give you an alert if…say…Piero’s family invites us to dinner, or Mrs. G has us sit on her front stoop to watch the sunset over Montepegano, or Ignazio has me ride behind him on Walter.  I will let you know those things as soon as I have regained consciousness.

Since we will both be gone, the site will go to an every other day posting schedule.  You will hardly miss us.  I have left some of your submissions in draft for Kelly, with Jana’s help, to post.  I’m sure they will take good care of you.  So sad they both work and Jane and I are retired.  I feel really bad about that.  Not bad enough to stop jumping up and down with glee, but bad nonetheless.

So… Arrivederci Amici miei!


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  1. Wow. I can feel the joy already. Are you sure you don’t need an extra translator? I can also lift heavy bags and am an expert in folding a men’s dress shirt into an eight inch square without wrinkling it!

    Otherwise, I have a plan:

    Since I am tall, have a mustache and dark eyebrows, I can wear a wig and I can be a decoy for Ignazio while you disappear with him for a three-day “interview”.

    All kidding aside, have a great trip!

    1. Hmmm…lift heavy bags…fold things into an eight inch square with no wrinkles…yes, you should be coming with us on our adventure!
      Being a decoy for Ignazio…I doubt we would ever see Marie again if she were to take him on a “three day interview.” 🙂

  2. Jane and Marie……you’re really going! IF YOU DONT COME BACK, WE’LL CERTAINLY UNDERSTAND! But, we’ll be booking passage to Italy post haste for extended visits!!! Vaya con Dios! ♡♡♡

      1. So excited for the both of you ladies. Should you run into three handsome Italians with initials of “G, P, & I”, please give them big hugs for me. Have a wonderful time. I love Italy. So many beautiful sites to see. SAFE TRAVELS MARIE AND JANE. Take lots of picts.

  3. Ciao Marie e Jane, sono fuori casa e non ho il traduttore.
    Volevo dirvi che vi aspetto a braccia aperte.😍😍
    Tra poco sarete in Italia e anche qui da me.
    Attenti membri dell’ equipaggio…..magari non le lascio ritornare, le tengo per me 😂😂😂
    A prestissimo ❤❤
    Un abbraccio a tutti 😍

    Translation: Hi Marie and Jane, they are out of the House and I don’t have the translator.
    I wanted to tell you that I wait with open arms.
    Soon you’ll be in Italy and also here.
    Attentive crew members … maybe I let them return, I keep them for me
    See you soon ❤ ❤
    A hug to all

    1. A translator can be both a blessing and a curse. In Italian, rather confusingly, “sono” means not only “I am” but also “they are”! Usually the context tells you which it is. Here, it means “I am out of the house and I do not have the translator.” Both verbs (“sono” and “ho”) are first person singular which is the clue for understanding which meaning of “sono” is required. The message continues, “I wanted to tell you that I am waiting for you with open arms. Soon you will be in Italy and also here at my place (or with me). (“da me” can also mean both those!) Look out, Crew members … maybe I won’t let them go home, I will keep them for myself. Until very, very soon. A hug to everyone.”

      1. Thanks Bernard, sometimes I think that the translator does not translate exactly what I mean, and this is frustrating. Unfortunately I have no command of the English language, but sometimes when I’m careful, always understand to put the subject (as in the case of the first “I am”) and re-read sentences with the inverse translator (Italian English) to see if the way is the right one !! If he was very kind to help me. Thank you!!

      2. I thank you too, Bernard. I do not know enough Italian to “clean-up” the translations, so I’m afraid to change most words or even phrases. I certainly do not want to tamper with Daniela’s meanings, but I think we get enough to understand her intent….And visa-versa.

  4. Ciao Jane & Marie It’s over the top…Have you heads about “What’s App” for your smart phone–lets u communicate ,text,pictures,voice FREE Travel safe on this incredible journey of a lifetime!!!! Dorothy

  5. Hey me again, I’ll be in Kona Hawaii Oct 28th my birthday, there 12hours behind I’ll toast you with a Mimoso that morning as you enjoy another unbeliveable meal in that part of heaven

  6. I know that you two will have a great time and go to see the important parts of Italy.
    The home of our boys and anything else they touched.
    Marie I have one request can you put aside your feelings and maybe get to meet Alessandra and Martina? Just nosy.

  7. Have a Fantastico trip to Ilvololand Marie and Jane !!! I can’t wait to see your photos and hear all about your adventures which will be many for sure !!! 😃

  8. Jane and Maria,

    Have a fun and safe trip! Give the boys big hit gas for me since I haven’t met them yet, but I listen to their music every day! I love them, so handsome, and great singers. When do tickets go on sale, my sister, sister in law and my self are trying to get tickets for either Boston, Chicago, San Jose, or Denver, will be seeing the boys and relatives.

    Have fun!


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    1. Marie & Jane Have a safe trip. Eat all the pasta you want (you can diet when you get home) When you run into the guys give them a BIG HUG from me. Have fun.
      Alice in Florida

  9. Have a wonderful trip ladies! Can’t wait to hear of the adventures–with Marie there, there are bound to be some good ones!

  10. Arrivederci ladies and (in Greek for Good trip) Kalo taxidi! Have the time of your lives, and hugs to anyone (you know who) you may bump into accidentally or on purpose. Do either of you do periscope?

  11. Have a fabulous time ladies, I really envy you both. As has been said before, I look forward to your stories on your return. Travel safely.My copy of Notte Magica is already “well worn” .

  12. Thank you for all of the good wishes!! We shall have the time of our lives! Just keep your fingers crossed that I can keep Marie out of trouble!! 🙂
    Daniela..we’re almost on our way!! You said you were preparing the wine and chocolate…a sure way to keep us as long as you want!! Ciao!

      1. You’d better watch out Marie as I just may morph into the bad girl as we get a wif of that Italian air!!

      2. Sometimes things like that really happen! Ciao Jane and Marie. Have a wonderful and safe trip. Looking forward to hearing all about it!

  13. Jane and Marie, In Naro Fake a car trouble and go to Piero’s uncles garage. Piero could be there. He likes working on cars also. Even to touch the wall of his new house would be nice. Bye for now. Pinch Ignazio’s cheek. I think it is accepted in Italy. I wont say what else to pinch.Joanie G

    1. Joanie, You don’t have to tell Marie what else to pinch as she almost got us kicked out of Detroit when she started pinching the “what elses.”

  14. Bon Voyage, Jane and Marie. I know your trip is going to be absolutely fabulous! Can’t wait for my “arm chair traveling” to start when you tell us of your adventures and show your pictures. Have a safe and fantastic trip!

  15. Marie, I hope you two have the best time, & take tons of pictures !! I’ve never been to Italy, so I have to go vicariously thru you guy’s !! I wish you good health & great luck while you’re gone !! & of course we will miss your posts while you’re gone !!

    1. Jill, yes we are kidding! 🙂

      Thank you all for the good wishes…we will take you ALL with us as we will be representing the Flight Crew! We have our Il Volo t-shirts all packed and ready to wear!

      1. Jane , just think of what a surprisse it will be when your favorite Pirate jumps out along with a few others. Its always good to share the adventure!
        Oh and be a dear and order extra anchovies for Marie’s pizza. You’ll thank me later!

  16. Marie and Jane,
    I wish you a happy and safe journey and enjoy your holidays. Unfortunately boys today travelled to Mexico, they will do promotional tour in Mexico, New York, Argentina and Brazil and they will return to Europe after concerts with Mariah Carey (the last is November 5 ), but surely await on you many unforgettable moments and experiences ! 🙂 All the best !

  17. My wife and I only returned from Italy just over two weeks ago. I already miss it. So, I am envious of the fact that you will soon be there. You are going to all the right places and I know that Daniela will show you the warmth of an Italian welcome.

    Italian cuisine is one of the healthiest in the world; so, eat what you like – but not pizza all the time. Contrsry to popular belief, pasta is not fattening but some of the sauces can be. You will be visiting different regions and each one will have its own special dishes. You will be spoilt for choice. However, try to have just one gelato a day!

    As for the rest, you do not need any advice from me about interacting with the people that you will meet. They will love you as much as your fellow Crew members. Have the time of your lives and Buon Viaggio!

    1. Bernard, I agree with you about pasta being wrongly thought of as fattening. (Carbs are good short-term energy. Protein is good long-term energy, but too much protein, especially meat protein, isn’t good for the kidneys and for other reasons). If people claim they gained weight from eating pasta, it would have to be because they ate a lot of it and failed to exercise and exert their bodies enough. Mediterranean food is now well-known to be a very healthful diet. As with most foods, moderation is the key to avoiding problems. I grew up having all four of my Grandparents who had long and healthy lives, three of them living – healthy – into their nineties ( one of whom was of Italian descent and ate the way her parents did who were from the Piedmonte region in Northern Italy. My Italian Grandfather, born and raised in the Campania region of Southern Italy, lived to be a heathy, mentally – sharp, vivacious 102 years-old; quietly just passing on in his sleep. He ate the Italian diet as well. All of them were physically active people all of their lives, as well. So, anyone reading this: Eat the darn pasta, enjoy a glass of red wine if you can, use good, Extra Virgin olive oil & store it correctly, add garlic to anything you can, minimize the meat portions, take walks if you can, laugh, listen to IL Volo and you will have a better chance of a healthy life and longevity ! 🙂 <3

      1. Thanks, Marie and Daniela! <3 <3 I should add that for those who don't want to drink wine, you can substitute a small glass of purple or red grape juice so that you will receive the same health benefits of wine, but without the alcohol. (You should have the wine with a meal. Just don't drink a lot of either at one time. 🙂

      2. Thanks! Marie and Daniela, I should add that you can substitute a small glass of purple or red grape juice if you don’t drink wine, so that you can still receive the health benefits of wine. ( Always have wine with a meal and don’t drink drink yourself under the table with it.) 🙂 (Take it easy on the grape juice, too.) <3 <3

  18. let us know how Ignazio’s sister’s pizza shop Pizza tastes. Anything like American pizza ?

    1. God forbid! I don’t know where you live, but where I live in Florida, Rosemarie, I don’t eat pizza here, anymore; It’s awful! From my personal experience, the most authentic Italian food, including pizza, and best tasting, is in the NY/Northern NJ area, provided you go to only independent, ITALIAN owned and run restaurants. (The highest concentration of Italian people being in that region; 3rd and now 4th generations operating restaurants there). I have lived in Northern California (22 years), Washington State(2.5 years), New York State and NY City ( 4 years), Northern New Jersey( 20 years), Florida (too long now! 🙁 and traveled to many other states when growing up (due to my father’s Airline position), so this is the basis of my opinion. You know, Rosemarie, I’ve wondered the same thing and am sure others have, as well! (re/ Nina’s pizza). It is so nice that Marie and Jane will be going there!

  19. Marie and Jane, you will have the best time I know and so much fun. I sure wish I was going with you as does the whole Flight Crew. Next time – lol. Have a beautiful and safe trip. We will miss you.

  20. Marie and Jane, I stocked up:
    Montepulciano d’Abruzzo
    Nutella hot and fluid
    …………and DVD IL VOLO.
    It’s all OK?

  21. I am wishing you and Jane the very best on your adventure to the land of Il Volo… I do not have to wish you in bocca al lupo, for I know luck, joy and happiness will be with you every step of the way… Enjoy, bring back lots of great stories for us along with pictures of course… Forget about us, we will be here when you get back patiently waiting for a full account of your great adventure.

  22. Just want to add my good wishes for a safe and fabulous trip. Having traveled to Italy a number of times, once is never enough! Marie & Jane you will be planning the next trip as soon as you arrive home from this one. Bon Voyage!!

  23. Marie and Jane, Isn’t that a (Pretty!) picture of Cinque Terre at the top here? I remember you adjusted your itinerary a few times and inserted a visit to Cinque Terre, I believe. I do so wish you a truly awesome time in Italy, When you are in Cinque Terre on October 28th, please, if you don’t mind, pause and blow a kiss towards the western sky for my little Crusoe (Dachshund). Oct. 28th is his birthday! He enjoyed Cinque Terre. I certainly hope that you do, too. Thank you! <3 It is extra special that you will be spending time with sweet Daniela! How nice. As for Piero's uncle's Body Shop, you could also try just stopping by to ask for directions to……the Ancient Ruins site! We'll all miss you,for sure and I think we'd all understand if you both were to announce that you are planning to take up residency over there eventually, or at least, a part-time residency. 🙂 Now, NOT to worry you, but a little suggestion in case you don't know this: For the smoothest flight as passengers, choose the seats directly over the wings of the airplane. For the safest place, choose the seats in the tail-end of the plane. (If you can get those seats, of course). This advice I offer from growing up with a father who was a pilot and instructor, etc., for a major Airline. ( His life was in aeronautics). I wish you "smooth sailing" and a fabulous vacation! I hesitate to add that I look forward to you both regaling us with the stories you will have because I don't want you to feel pressure; personally, I am truly happy to be patient for you. XXOO

    1. laura, we will surely blow a kiss towards the western sky!! Thank you for the good advice. Every day will be a new adventure. We look forward to being totally immersed into the Italian culture and meeting so many wonderful people!!

  24. Buona serra! I’m afraid I cannot add much more to this except I have to point out one typo! Yes, I’m so sorry, but the name is wrong on the post, it’s supposed to be “Jana and Marie” not “Jane” – 🙂 Seriously, just kidding!! I know you will have a fabulous time and for some oddly bizarre reason, I started tearing up as I was reading all of these well wishes for you both. Not sure why, maybe it’s because I also want to go back again. My last few words of advice to you is to try to take a moment once or twice a day and just stop. Stop, breathe, and take a moment to look around and see where you are. Close your eyes and take a mental picture and say to yourself “I am here, wherever here may be.” Use your 5 senses, see where you are, feel the sand between your toes as you walk one of the many beaches you will travel, smell the salty sea air of the Adriatic, touch the ancient sandstone/brick of Montepagano, taste and swirl the wines and gelato over your tongue, hear the gentle waves as they reach the shore and the rustling of the leaves in the trees, feel the warmth of the sun and the light breeze as it cools your skin, and see the awesome sunrises and sunsets over the many waters you will see. Open your eyes and file it away, so when it comes to a gloomy day when you get back home, you can close your eyes and remember it. I look at pictures and it still seems so surreal. Like an out of body experience. Ok, tears are now streaming down my cheeks! Don’t just make a moment, make memories, and lots of them!! Kelly and I promise to take good care of the crew site while you are gone! Ciao and hurry back! 🙂 A presto Detroit or Chicago in March!

    1. Jana, you brought a giant lump to my throat and a tear to my eye. I promise to do everything you so beautifully said. I will save your comment as a reference. I will re-read it to make certain I do. What marvelous advice. What a way to truly see Italy.

  25. Marie and Jane, a lovely lovely lovely… UTTERLY LOVELY time to you there.
    i myself am getting excited for you,,, and with you….
    am feeling your eagerness and excitement and it’s rubbing off on me… welcomely.
    much affection….

  26. Marie and Jane! Have the best time in the world and store up endless stories and experiences. A trip of a lifetime for you will be a trip of a lifetime for us! We will be with you every minute and waiting faithfully at home for you ! Thank you for wanting to represent the Flight Crew! (You would suffer a lingering death if you didn’t !) A heartfelt Bon Viaggio and God Bless! We’ll hear from you on foreign shores!

  27. Jane, in March I spent 3 weeks traveling all over your country with Marie. It was a wonderful and unforgettable experience!
    I wish both you and Marie a great time and don’t forget on your way, to stop occasionally to “smell the roses”. A big hug for both of you.

  28. Marie and Jane, wish you only the best most fantastico of times. I know Italy will capture your hearts and you will leave more than your three coins in the fountain when you leave. I also hope and pray you have a IL VOLO moment or so ( you never know what that moment may be. Arrividerci bellas!


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