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  1. Thanks Kelly, the interview with The Matrix is ​​well made and finally a journalist defends their value and their popularity

  2. Thank you so much Kelly !! I am so happy for all of the positive feedback our guys are getting !! They certainly have earned it !!! I can’t wait until they here in the USA promoting their CD and hopefully speaking English in their interviews !!!

    1. Joanie, are coming, two hours ago Piero made an Instagram message that says: “Ready for the travel day Mexico / New York”, just missing and will be there.

  3. Here in the first piece of the interview translated in Matrix.

    The boys are external connection, they are in Catania where they just did an instore which Kelly and Lydka documented with photos and videos.

    There are many applause and the journalist asks to stop and asks if Piero in Catania had a welcome so warm and Piero replied that the Sicilians are warm but also to the North applaud good. Gianluca intervenes, saying “excuse Nicola, Ignazio is also the Sicilian” and the journalist says that with that mustache does not seem a Sicilian but one of the north.

    (Follows a nice video explaining their career and that will translate)

    Video = imitate the three tenors, for us has always been a child game, together we do not do 70 years.
    They call us “tenorini” but since 2009 we have conquered Italy and the world always together.
    The talent show we competed against each other, but now we are three.
    Piero sang at weddings, Ignazio three years singing La Donna è Mobile, Gianluca has won first prize in the 12 years, it seems like yesterday, so it’s yesterday, just in time to win Sanremo, published 8 albums and become stars.
    We assemble the head, but we are aiming high, after all we are IL VOLO.

    …… (End of the video and the interview begins, if you want to go forward in the translation, let me know)

    1. thanks so much, Daniela…. yes, would appreciate the rest translated. thank you for your time and effort… and i feel your heart is in it.

    2. Thank you so much Daniela !! If it isn’t too much trouble I would love you to translate more of the conversation !! I am always excited to hear what our boys have to say !!! They always speak from their hearts intelligently and beautifully !! Have a lovely day Daniela !!!❤️

  4. TRANSLATION PART 2 N= Nicola (giornalist)

    N= Gianluca Piero and Ignazio, how do you become so famous all over the world.

    G = We absolutely do not want to imitate the three tenors, this is a tribute, we do not even compare to the great tenors of today, Grigolo, Kaufmann, we should also remember that magical night in 1990 to Caracalla with Domingo, Carreras, Pavarotti, is a the best of their repertoire, partly because only three teens to twenties are invited to send to young people this repertoire.

    P = We have made a tribute to those who have passed on his passion for classical music.

    N = How is this passion begin? Piero is true that your grandfather was the first to tell you that you had to sing?

    P = No, he did not tell me “you must sing” but was the first to discover my voice, so I studied piano for 6/7 years, at age 16 we met, it was a good destiny meet .

    N = Ignazio where you met, remember to the public.

    I = We met in this telecast Antonella Clerici TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE, and then Roberto Cenci decided to put us together.

    N = But there was a time in the last five years in which you have sent to that country, in short, have made a small pun, Gianluca not laugh.

    P = But it is normal …..

    G = (putting his hand to act as a megaphone) ….. EVERY DAY …. (everyone laughs)

    P = We share the same experiences, the same emotions, this journey has made us grow, especially our friendship grew, and how the three brothers is discussed but is resolved immediately, we always find a meeting point.

    N = In recent years, what is the thing that has impressed more you, see the square (people) or see your videos are viewed by millions of people on the network.

    G = The most beautiful thing, is not only an opportunity to bring the Italian music, but also the beauty of our country, and the best thing of all is to see how strong our musical culture in many countries of the world, from ‘ America to Australia, it all started in our country and at a distance of centuries is still so strong our musical culture around the world.

    P = We can tell what happened this morning, Nicola?

    N = Jump

    P = This morning we were in Madrid, we got on the plane, in the shuttle we entered last, all three with hat and sunglasses and they were all Spanish, next to us there was a Roman and said “Guys, but here you do not know anybody, “all of a sudden you realize us the first Spanish, they all got cameras (mobile phones) and they started to say, I’m in Cordoba, I Madrid, I of Mexico, I Argentina, also hostess took the camera.

    N = We have brought for you a journalist from Denmark, Eva, good evening, a journalist of Danish television TV2.
    Eva is a made in Italy that is known in Denmark, she works in Rome of course.
    What is the secret?

    E = The Italian Bel canto is really the dream of all, Italy is the land of dreams for many northern Europeans but also Americans and Australians as they say. And an old culture that can also renew with kids so young, I see a crazy potential.

    N = not only you, four years ago, you were a child,…. Ignazio, go up on stage and shaky legs with Barbara Streisand or not.

    I = No, more later, because at first there’s the adrenaline that helps you make the show, then I do not know you (and looks Piero)

    P = You speak for yourself (and laughs)

    G = Make finish the concept to Ignazio

    I = When you realize you’ve finished the performance, the legs begin to tremble, because you realize what you’ve done.

    N = Listen, is it true that Lady Gaga, another great singer complained because he said that you had warmed up the audience too (in a good way), who wants to answer.

    G = we were in New York for Columbus Day

    P = we shared the stage, we started us and she came saying, guys, here’s the deal, the next time I go up before you, and then have your facts. (Laughs)


    1. oh Daniela, thank you so much for all of this… it’s late here now, but will read this.
      thanks so very much. GRAZIE (muah)

      1. thanks so much Daniela. just now read this. sweet translation. thank you for your effort and love in this ‘project’ (Translation)

  5. MESSAGE FOR JILL ****************

    Jill. the managers of IL VOLO on line store they responded to the question of sending cards. They said that they send the card by air and if within 40 days or so is not delivered or is lost they make a further submission.

    1. Greetings to you, Lydka ( & your Mom)! Thanks so much for this link to see some Meet & Greet pics. of Il Volo’s return to Mexico; nice. Congratulations on having your own chance to ask IL Volo a question on Show Score and have it chosen, randomly, I guess and answered by them! That must have been a thrill for you and your Mom. 💓💓

  6. Thank You, Kelly! These are so good. I don’t understand how this all works – – whether you selected what comes up, afterwards, to watch – – but after viewing one of your selections, this video was offered: “IL VOLO (UNICO) – Tre Come Noi (Speciale 2015). That video has Piero’s Grandpa, Ignazio’s father, Piero’s Mom speaking on it. It also has Gianluca singing an Elvis song,I think, and his voice is so beautiful in it. Just love it all. I’ve seen another one with their parents speaking in it, but I don’t remember the title of that video. Wish I could find it again. The thing that really gets to me is how fortunate these three men are to have what APPEARS to be almost PERFECT lives – perfect family members, beautiful home-towns, seemingly consistently kind, supportive, happy people in their lives, success in what they enjoy doing with their lives,work-wise, great personalities of their own, great ‘looks’,,,,,..on and on it seems to go. I just don’t think that life is just a roll of the dice in terms of our luck, so I sometimes find myself trying to figure out how THREE people who work together and shared the same dream could POSSIBLY all have the same kinds of luck in what appears to be EVERY area of life that most other people desire to be perfect in their own lives. I mean, HOW COMMONLY does that happen??! It boggles my mind. Am, therefore, left with only some kind of ‘spiritual’ explainations – – of various types – – to somehow explain what, to my experience, any way, seems rather ‘odd’ – – on the surface of things, at any rate! I don’t know if some people will think I’ve strayed ‘off topic’, so I can only apologize for these musings here, but watching these things posted here sometimes just reminds me of how ‘contrasting’ Il Volo’s lives seem to be with anyone else’s lives that I can think of, again personally speaking, of course. ( Wondering if anyone else has noticed that and thinking something similar).

      1. Thanks very much, Daniela. Unfortunately, I don’t subscribe to Facebook! I tried the link, but couldn’t get that, either. One day, I’ll go to You Tube where I had seen the video and try to find it there. Thanks again for trying to help me ! ( Yes, Il Volo fellows have Big Hearts. You do, too. I hope that ol’ sun is shining for you and the two lasses!). ☀️ 💛

      2. Laura, I’m sorry you can not see facebook but I got an idea:
        I copied the text so you can read this beautiful true fact that seems like a fairy tale.

        If you are a sea and sightseeing lover, there is no better place than Sicily!
        You can spend your holidays and mix these 2 parts in the easiest way ever, as everywhere you go you can either sunbathe and dive in the ocean or admire amazing landscapes and monuments just around every corner of this beautiful island.
        If you are a sea and sightseeing lover and an IlVolover, you will just add a couple stops on your way: Naro and Marsala! And then you will tell all your friends about how unforgettable your trip was!

        This is the true story of a Princess, a young IlVolover from northern Italy, and her holiday.
        This Princess goes to school and travels the world on her personal coach, her wheelchair.
        And she loves her special, individual teacher, also because he comes from Sicily!

        Last summer, her family decided to make her happy and organize a very long trip by car to visit this amazing place and its beauties.
        The itinerary is lovely: Taormina, Ragusa (the teacher’s birthplace), the Valle dei Templi… And, of course, at least one of Il Volo places, the closest: Naro!

        While visiting the Norman castle of Naro with a local guide, trying to climb the stairs to admire the Val Paradiso (and basically half of the region), the family tells the guide the reason why they came to know about this beautiful town: Piero and Il Volo.
        Our Princess would love to meet him, but he is on holiday. And respectful fans do not camp under his door, waiting for him to put his nose out of the kitchen.
        The visit at the castle is over. The guide walks few steps and makes a phone call. Then he comes back.
        “Piero is still sleeping, but in a couple hours just go to this café and you will find him”.
        It’s an unexpected tip, it looks like a great gift. It seems a bit unreal, too.
        The Princess and her family leave the place and go on with the tour, admiring some of the countless churches of Naro and the dome. A couple hours, maybe a bit more.
        They are not sure if it is worth to go to that place, but then they decide to give a try.

        “Buongiorno Principessa, I was waiting for you!”

        Piero is there. He had a coffee. He had been there for some half an hour. He has something else to do, of course. But he has waited for the Princess to come. And he will stay there and talk to her and her family for quite a long time.

        It’s hard to disclose your feelings when you are a teenage. Maybe health problems can make it even harder. But a Prince, waiting for a Princess, will unlock everything. And will not make you sleep at night!

        The holidays goes on, full of joy, of course! The itinerary changes. “You can’t miss Selinunte”, the family is told. And Marsala is only 20 minutes away. Let’s go and have pizza there, then!

        Nina – Ignazio’s sister – always welcomes her customers with joy and a smile on her face. But this is not enough for a Princess.
        “I remember you” she says. “Some people from the north of Italy came to have pizza here last June. They told me you sent them here and they showed me a picture of you! I’m sorry my brother is not here today, but he is busy. Tomorrow he is leaving”.

        But, maybe a special pizza for a special person can be so yummy and fragrant to make another Prince come home and meet a Princess! And to hug and cuddle her, even if time is running out. And so, another dream unexpectedly comes true, in between the sodas fridge and the cash desk of the “Pizza dei desideri”.

        Sleeping has become something out of this world. Just like believing that everything happened for real!

        The meeting with the third Prince happened last Saturday at the signing session in Romagna, and it was one to remember as well. A Prince meeting a Princess: this must be something special!

        Yes, people can like Il Volo music or not. But you can just love the amazing, real, down to earth souls these guys are…
        Everything else people dare to say is basically meaningless, definitely!
        And we are proud to listen to these stories and to tell the world. Just because we owe this to Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.

        Laura, let me know what you think. kisses

      3. Laura, here to me now gray day, the rain tonight.
        Marie Jane and I think they are in Sicily and the weather said sun and heat. Lucky them. Soon we will meet.

      4. Daniela, read your true Princess story. thank you so much for sharing it here. it is lovely…. so lovely. thank you so much

      5. Greetings, Daniela, How kind of you to take your time to translate this story that is, indeed, worth re-telling . It is, indeed, a lovely and touching example of the Big Hearts of Il Volo and additional people, as well. Thank You very much, Daniela. UN GRANDE BACIO.💗

    1. I agree very much with what you have written Laura. Besides everything you listed and having immense talent, I feel they are extremely intelligent, very well spoken in several languages, completely at home and at ease on stage and with people of all ages and sizes. I could go on and on. I feel it was God’s plan to put them together.

      1. Hello, Margaret, I agree with all you have written, too, and that it sure seems that God has a Hand in their lives, as well, ensuring that the mission through their music is accomplished.

    2. hi Laura, you have just articulated my thoughts. i only discovered Il Volo ‘accidentally’ (there’s no such thing) last May (this years!)…. but between then and now, research intensely (so am pretty up to date now. but only now.)…..
      Aside from their own lives (as you describe seeming to be PERFECT)…. they have touched mine, and my heart and soul – DEEPLY… so even before joining this Flight Crew, i had wondered…. (that they must have. nay, they have done intense austerities in the ‘past’…. and are now gifted with this.
      …. oops, sorry, i may have strayed, to others. but perhaps not to Laura?
      warm greetings (heh-heh, i got that right this time around ;-))

      1. Hi, Cynthia! You, too?!! Actually, I’m not surprised that many, many more than a few of us surely have noticed & thought similar & even the same kinds of thing about IL VOLO’s lives. That just furthers my own deductive conclusion that, as you said, the many positive coincidences in their lives are not an accident, but, possibly, likely, a just, due ‘payment’ (“gifts”) for possibly & likely a “past”, as you carefully put it, in which great suffering & sacrifices were experienced by them, individually or even together. So, you didn’t stray as far as I’m concerned, Cynthia! Your musings on the spiritual aspects re/ the possible causes of the ‘co-incidences’ in their lives is very much appreciated & shared by me. Thank you !

    3. Laura, please tell me a little more about that video you are looking for. sounds familiar. i think i have it. if so, i can give you the title.
      thank you

      1. Hi again, Cynthia! The video I’m thinking about is filmed outdoors in possibly Il Volo’s parents’ yards, as there are trees and bushes around, as I can best remember and they’re filmed sitting down and relaxed, individually, out there. I remember that the parents being interviewed were Ignazio’s Mom and Gianluca’s Dad. Don’t remember who else may have been, also. I’m not entirely certain of it, but I think the language was all in Italian. That would be swell if you have it, Cynthia, but please don’t knock yourself out looking for it, unless you really want to do that. Thanks for even thinking about that!😘

    4. Laura, I think that what you seek is always the UNICI transmission but by every component. I have found these are not of great quality, also only to Gianluca has subtitles. Let me know if that’s what you mean.

      Laura, I read the subtitles in Italian and I hope that the English translation is correct because the Italian subtitles at times do not make sense.




      1. Hi again, Daniela!, Thank you so very much for trying to help me out. The Unici video that came up as a selection which I mentioned, above, must have been a shortened version, because the three great videos that YOU posted here, below, contain PARTS of the one I saw, but yours here give a heck of A LOT MORE to enjoy! (Unless I was nodding off’ during the other one! 😂). So, thanks very, very much, Daniela, for, once again, your kind efforts to help me out. Other people who haven’t seen these videos are going to enjoy them, too. I’m sure. I hope that you, Marie and Jane will have a majority of sunny weather when they arrive to you in the North. ☀️ 🌅 💛

      2. In fact, Laura, there is a video abbreviated UNICI, because the three video single larger had been transmitted before IL VOLO wins Sanremo (it seems to me in January 2015) instead of at year-end 2015, the episode was revived with the condensed video.
        Each of the boys speak from your own country, IgnaZIO parents at their home in Marsala.
        If you look carefully, in the part of Gianluca there is a resumption of Montepagano which is the same as the video L’AMORE SI MUOVE, the famous coach of the three old men.
        It was a pleasure for me.

      3. Thank you very, very much, Daniela! I, too, really like the song video where Il Volo are ‘old, old men’. So funny!

    5. Cynthia; just me again, Thank you so much for giving me a head’s up. I found ” the true fairy tale story ” on ALL ABOUT IL VOLO site. Grazie !💟 ( I’m glad I came to Daniela’s translation first, though, before I saw your link since she went to all that trouble to translate for me, bless her).


    N = Paolo Giordano in connection critic of the IL GIORNALE, good morning.

    PG = Good morning indeed good evening

    N = A serious question, these three guys have won Sanremo, and sang with the whole world, I can be blunt with you because we’ve known for years, there is a bit of snobbery against three great Italian singers that I seem to have more successful abroad than in the Italian press.

    PG = Wallpapers an open door (like giving reason) I have also seen in person in Sanremo, IL VOLO is welcomed by so many Italian press as a folk phenomenon and is in my opinion wrong.
    Meanwhile, we must understand the phenomenon IL VOLO if you go abroad, especially in the US, they will give me reason, are welcomed not as a star, not as a superstar, more, why, because this gives Italy abroad, and from abroad they want this image of Italy. In America there is the rock and many other musical groups, we offer a musical genre that in America there is Italy, and to the best of their abilities. And the “bel canto”, and there is nowhere else in the world and three young children, successful, with a good story, with a beautiful voice, representing a wonderful face of Italy.

    N = do not whining because now you crazy success in Italy, but we can say that they understood you earlier abroad than in Italy.

    G = Our history is similar to that of Michael Buble ‘he began singing American classics, we the Italian classics, then came GRANDE AMORE and HOME for him, but because America is not snubbing who sings classics Americans and instead Italians a little snob who sings Italian classics. Because?

    N = Gianluca I’m asking you, your friends (your age) do not have the attitude of imitating rappers, getting tattoos and wearing chains like a New York rapper, if they wanted to sing is not that their ambition?

    G = But because it is what is on the television today, everyone wants to make success and that’s what you see on TV

    N = Giordano says no, why?

    PG = I partially agree with what he says it is not just about music and TV, is a typical attitude of Italians to consider what comes from abroad still better, more authoritative, more dignified, when we have things like IL VOLO who are at the highest level, to stellar levels that others can not reach, and is an Italian excellence.

  8. In the Show-Score interview in New York, Piero said they have writers working to release their biography in English , hopefully soon. Also great to hear Gianluca give a shout-out to the flight crew!

    1. yes, i ‘caught’ that too, Esher. about Gianluca remembering Flight Crew fondly… and about their book, eventually in English.

  9. Hi again, Laura…. So we meet again here… nice….
    Re video you were looking for – looks like you got it, but more.
    Re Princess story – Daniela copy/pasted English translation from article. (thanks again for that, Daniela.)

    Re the 3 young gentlemen –
    Here, I pause. . .
    While their seemingly ‘perfect’ outer lives are awesome and inspiring and heartwarming (and more!), there is something that comes before that, for me. Something fundamental.

    Before I learned anything about their personal circumstances…or discovered their charming selves and well-bred demeanor….their “genuiness”…

    What really came/comes to me is their capacity to touch me so sooo deeply, to the core and all my pores…. So from within me arose this question (when I was watching them at the start (my start with them, which was only a month and a half before Notte Magica!) –

    Then… came the answer that I shared, in a nutshell, with you above.

    1. Cymthia and Laura, I refer to your speeches, we all love IL VOLO in people Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, not only for their undeniable prowess but also for their attitude, kindness, friendship, respect, all attitudes that unfortunately many kids their age do not seem to know. All their fans also love them for these their human qualities and they are wonderful ambassadors

    2. Howdy again, Cynthia ! Maybe the video I remember is this one, after all. Won’t be able to search for some time, any way. The ones here are just fine; love ’em. Like you, Cynthia, I came upon IL VOLO much later, in August of last year, ‘ by chance’ when PBS was airing their “Live at Pompeii” concert. Had actually seen them on PBS in late 2011 or early 2012, but passed right on by after a lightening – quick Glimpse, thinking to myself, “Oh; kids are singing. I don’t feel like seeing that tonight.” !!!! ( It wasn’t the ‘right time’ in my life, i realized later). In 2015, I realized who those “kids” were and that it was the “IL Volo Takes Flight” concert going on! Darn! So, like you, I had a lot of catching up to do and also,like you,it was “intensive”, but fun, too. even though I regret ( but do understand) the time I spent doing that for a couple of good reasons. Cynthia, I was just, only focusing on only one particular aspect of their (collective) lives that intrigued me, when I wrote about that, up above,here. You have described very, VERY well here what I, myself, felt when I saw them on TV in 2015. I knew nothing about them and their personal lives yet. Yes, it was the things that you perfectly described that YOU felt that grabbed my attention, too: How they made me (us) FEEL! That caused both of us, and I daresay, many others, to feel compelled to learn about, as you say, “WHO ARE THEY??!!”. Thank You, Cynthia; for now it’s all the more fascinating.😘💗

      1. Just want to be clear that I never got to hear “the kids” singing nor heard the music in that PBS “fly-by” I did in later 2011 because I USED TO channel – surf in the “mute” mode ! Just noticed A FLASH OF (Piero’s) black and white clothing and what looked like boys moving around a stage! It was really that quick! 😂

      2. LAURA – thanks so much, for sharing with me your story. APPRECIATE 🙂
        Will share you mine one day….. also, when the question came to me – ‘”WHO ARE THEY… REALLY?”’ – I also meant from a deeper level (!)….

        Re video – I know which one you are talking about. I also saw, sometime back, a shortened version of the 3 above, with bits and pieces from each. If I come across it one day will send you the link. (I tried to look now, from one of my bookmarks – I saw all three and one more but that 4th account got terminated by youtube.)

      3. BINGO! Daniela, i think this is it. a combination of all of them.
        i shall view it thoroughly tomorrow, cuz it’s midnight here. but it’s Laura who’s really looking for it, so let’s ask her —

        LAURA, is this the video you were referring to?

      4. Thank you, Daniela and Cynthia, for caring about my video hunt; so, so nice of you. I am very appreciative of your help and I think now that these are what I originally came across! I was excited to see some of their parents speaking; that’s what I liked so much, even if I couldn’t understand what they said! Love the translations you made, also, Daniela. Grazie, Grazie. I never noticed until I saw Gian singing the ballad ( as in the little video here) that he has a beautiful vibration in his voice when he holds and ends his notes during the song. I think it might be termed a “vibrato” or something else that Myron (?} termed not long ago in a post here, about the vibrating notes which some singers are gifted with naturally. I’ve always liked that and usually have heard it mostly in French singers. This footage of Gianluca singing that song just knocks me out; his voice, to me anyway, is even more beautiful than I’d realized.

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