DREAMS IN FLIGHT ~ Dario Gerardi

 Daniela:  I found on the internet this passage written by an Italian guy
Dario Gerardi and dedicated to IL VOLO.
I liked it a lot.


The lights … From darkness to light in the blink of an eye,
to feel microscopic in large concert halls, the heart always beats faster …
Three silhouettes appear out of nowhere to fill the eyes of those extraordinary
desire to see the wonder possesses.

Begin the applause … The screams of those who have always dreamed them so much …
The moment arrived and everything now seems to be as it should.
Great orchestra behind them, sensational musicians as an added value to all
that fantastic with their voices imprinted in the hearts of women and men
who have always loved them.

Italian pride, made in Italy … Each stage of this world is recognizing
the great value of who is spreading the love in the air.
Immediately the first song, there are those who listen to them
has not stopped even open his eyes, opening them again this is not a dream
but it is simple and pure reality, fantastic!
A track leads to another just as delicious and tasty cherries,
thundering voices in the air …
The dream seems to end.

The irony and sympathy, very important elements of those
who not only with his own voice enchants …

But above all know how to smile about in this life lasts not constantly ago.
In almost seem wonderful mix of music and sympathy, between a song and another,
The hearts take on a fair rhythmic beat as percussion beats from sweets.
The smile stamped on the faces of the listeners as a symbol of happiness,
as if it would never disappear …

They … Healthy carriers of happiness.
The last song marks the end of all that hitherto seemed an endless dream, but …
The bis it is upon us. Who never cease to follow them …

Eternally their concert will be imprinted in their minds in their hearts,
all in their own homes can always dream them just as they did live.
Three hearts for a world ! Honor to them.

Dario Gerardi***********************************

Dario has written two beautiful passages ever dedicated to IL VOLO
and if you want to send translated.  I told Dario that I passed them to my American friends, and thanked me for it.


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    1. To me these two verses like so much.

      When I read the poems of Dario I immediately thought I had to share them with you. I like them a lot. This just released really makes me relive the excitement before the concert.

      Dario has a facebook profile with his name DARIO GERARDI.

      1. Daniela, I have to write one finding. Sometimes when I wrote short comment bellow articles, so my comment is for long time pending or removed. I do not understand because on internet you can see so many rude and vulgar comments, but when I write something normal and polite, it is probably problematic.In the past for example I wrote below article from Malta, was English written article, when boys had concert there, my comment was removed and then I asked admin of site why ? Among other things, I wished fans from Malta to enjoy the concert. No answer from admin, but again my comment was removed. Today morning I wrote : “Thanks for article and nice photos. ” below article by Giuseppe Mazzola for All Music Italia website ( Il Volo: Pomeriggio Magico Per Il Firmacopie Di Palermo), but my comment does not appear, on my Disqus account is written comment is pending. This discourages me from using Disqus. I have feeling that foreigners in another country cannot post comments under articles. Have you a similar experience? Have a very nice weekend. Greetings !

      2. Lydka, I also had the certainty that some of my comments have been removed. I’m not talking about some profiles facebook where in friendship. For example, one evening Gary Istok was publishing of old photographs of the flight, they were in 2009, I liked a lot and I commented because at that time I did not follow the boys. The next day all the comments and photos were gone and Gary was also angry and we had the certainty that one admin has deleted them. The same thing happened at other times and also of my friends. Also in another profile, to IL VOLO MUNDIAL, I read often girls who just complained because they were missing their comments.
        But now I’ll explain another thing that happened to me: some profiles facebook have become closed group, I happened to make a comment and eventually the message said that had occurred after a control that my name was not on the list of party therefore the comment was removed.
        I do not think it’s a matter of comment coming from abroad, I think it’s a matter of setting the group and also the will of some admin.
        Buona domenica a te, un abbraccio.

      3. Daniela, I must say that is ugly ! I have also read some negative things about some Facebook pages. I think when someone wants to create the closed group, so then the site should not be public , but private and available (visible) only for “the selected people”, it would be fair. This is another new reason,on my personal list, why I do not want to be on social networks as Facebook. It is sad how some people behave in the today’s world. Buona notte e una bella Domenica. Hugs ! 🙂

  1. thank you so much again, Daniela…. i still would like to read your other comments more thoroughly (read only briefly) from previous page (Myron’s)… will do so soon. much love.

  2. I so love what Dario wrote. So fitting for the best singers on the planet. Thank you Daniela for sharing that with us,

  3. Can someone please tell me how many songs on both CD’s. Canada won’t order both CD’s on the Il Volo package & I can’t find a store who cares.

  4. Can simeone please hekp me to get Il Volo’s new recording package, If I order from Amazon in the States I have been told by stores here in Canada I can only get one CD & an Italian store in Toronto said there is only one CD not 2 because 2 CD’s are only in Italy. PLEASE I AM DIEING HERE.

    1. Hi Loretta, The single CD of Notte Magica has 22 songs. The set with the DVD has 2 CDs with all the same songs as the single CD plus three orchesteral intermezzos. Orchestra only. The DVD does not include Ave Maria Marta Misericordiae or Adeste Fideles that are on the CDs. The DVD photography is excellent. They definitely captured the wonderful emotion of the Notte Magica. I got my single CD and the DVD set from Amazon. The DVD set was mailed from Cyprus. I watch the DVD on my PC. Hope this helps. Julie B.

    1. Loretta if you want I can including CD -22 songs – send (course free as a gift),but I don´t your adress.
      When is no CD in your shop write me please.

  5. Thank you Daniela! “Each stage of this world is recognizing the great value of who is spreading the love in the air”…how very true. They are conquering the world one stage at a time. Beautiful writing Dario.

  6. Thank you for sharing this article.  SPOT ON!  Il Volo, three beautiful young men, whose music spread Joy and Happiness around the world.  Love them.

  7. Thank you for helping me find the Il Volo CD”S. I didn’t realize you were agreeing with KJMKJB. Everyone here is only offering one CD & I have been holding out for 2 CD’s which was offered earlier.. One store had one left so I literally flew there & got it so now I will tackle Amazon again. Hope you have a fun time with Jane & Marie in a few days.

  8. THE ABOVE IS FOR DANIELA. I will get my act together yet. Now I can’t thiink straight . I have one CD. Daniela your name was supposed to be in the text of my speech.above. The above is directed to you

  9. I have listened to it twice & can’t help crying to Ignazio’s solo. He is magnificent as always. My sweetheart from head to toe.

  10. Thank You, Dario and Daniela. What a lovely, sensitive, poetic description of the personal, the collective, the global ‘Il Volo experience’. Well done. Daniela, whenever another ’empty barrel’ starts rolling around again in the media, it’s barren hollowness creating a loud and obnoxious din in your ears, just think of your fellow Italian,Dario Gerardi, and feel proud, dear Lady.

  11. I was wondering Kathryn if you were. I haven’t been able to find the right Amazon.com site that has the second CD

    1. Hi Loretta, Amazon has the single CD. Amazon also has some other choices of the DVD set. The 2 CDs are included with the DVD set. They are not offered separately.

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