Myron’s Thoughts on “ Notte Magica “


As I write this article, I have heard the CD and seen about half of the video scenes but have not seen the whole concert in one video. That is yet to come. My comments are focused on the concert from the standpoint of music and performance quality. Since it is more of a formal concert than the guys normally do there really is no comment to be made on staging and lighting, etc. The program is presented in a classic formal format.

When I was in high school and undergrad college taking voice lessons I was introduced to some of these songs and, in fact, ended up singing some of them in recitals. This literature is part of an advanced, good quality vocal training program. The boys of Il Volo each went through that kind of training early on and continue it even today. However, when you sing programs of more pop music as they normally do, and the pure bel canto approach gives way a bit to vocal techniques that fit the pop music.

That was the case for most of the past 5 years but now they come full circle to a concert to honor the “Three Tenors” program from over 20 years ago. This kind of music is very demanding from the standpoint of vocal power and energy as well as range. It is hard work! It also represents a return to the foundation from which the boys started.

The songs: (done in CD album order – not program order)

First of all it is great to have a more substantial orchestra working with the guys. It is also great to have as conductor, one of their mentors: Placido Domingo. Domingo has for 40 years been one of the greatest opera stars in the world. He is very helpful not only conducting but also, of course, as another vocal coach. (side bar: many people know Domingo as a star singer in opera but he also has for the past decade or more been conducting many operas. So he is very experienced.) He shares the task with Marcello Rota. Also, Domingo joins the guys to sing the song: “Non Ti Scordar di Me”.

Nessun Dorma – one of the most famous and beautiful love songs ever- written by Puccini for the opera “Turandot”.  All three of the guys take this on and it is no surprise that Piero and Ignazio handle the high notes but Gianluca joins them on the end that is a wonderful surprise. On my first and second hearing of this recording I went “ WOW ! “

Granada and Mattinata are songs that the guys have done many times on tour going back to their first programs in the USA. Beautifully done, as usual. It is interesting to hear the more original arrangements of each vrs. the tour version they usually do. Very nice. (not good or bad – just different and still wonderful)

One song I learned in college and sang on a recital was “Una Furtiva Lagrima” from the opera “L’Elisir D’Amore” (Elixir of Love) by Gaetano Donizetti. This song belongs to Ignazio with his incredible ability to take very high notes to a very soft tone with total control. I can’t tell strongly enough that is very, very hard to do ! He sings this song so beautifully !

Gianluca takes on a song that we singers back in college days used to call “a tear to hell” (pardon me). La Danza by Rossini is “baritone madness” – a song that we all loved to hate. It takes a man (vrs. A boy) of power and resilience to just simply survive to the end. You know already what I am going to say: the short skinny guy we all loved as a boy now in 2016, is the MAN that ABSOLUTELY COMMANDS this song. What an incredible tornado. I dare you to sing with him on the last note and get all the way to the end without a breath. I dare you !!!

Naturally, we have to have Piero’s wonderful rendition of E Lucevan le Stelle written by Puccini for his opera “ Tosca”. The program would not be complete otherwise. He delivers superbly.

On tour the boys did an Elvis arrangement called Surrender which is a re-write of the song called Torna A Surriento by Ernesto Curtis. Lovely song done in its original ¾ time meter and phrases. (the Elvis version was in 4/4 time).

Core ‘Ngrato with all three guys and ‘O Paese D’ O Sole with Piero and Ignazio in duet. Also from their tours and very nicely done as usual.

Maria from “West Side Story’ by Leonard Bernstein. This wonderful song has been done by Il Volo in different guises: as a solo song; as a trio; and as a duet. On this album and the concert in Florence it is done as a duet between Gianluca and Ignazio.

They are wonderful together on this duet. Even though all three did a great job on this song when they used to do it as a trio, I do feel it works better as a duet. Very fine indeed.

However, some of us remember five years ago when a skinny short kid of 16 came out on stage and did this song as a drama-vocal rendering with just piano. We had our breath taken away because of the introspective passion that kid brought to the front.

He always looked so delicate out there by himself and it seemed as though he would pass out after the end of the song each night. How many of you remember that ? Bless you Gianluca! Great memories.

From the recent tour we have the famous song My Way composed by Paul Anka and sang by Frank Sinatra and Elvis on tour. Here Piero and Gianluca are superb. Gee, when are they not superb?

Also from the recent tour Ignazio sings the iconic love song Tonight from West Side Story also by Bernstein. I remember his performance of this when they came to Las Vegas last year. So wonderful.

Then the trio comes back for ‘O Surdato ‘Nnammurato and the always fun, Mama.

They continue with the folk song inspired Cielito Lindo that many of us learned in elementary school. Giampiero Grani does a great orchestra of this.

More solo work follows with Gianluca’s wonderful and dramatic En Aranjuez con tu amor from “Concierto de Aranjuez” by Joanquin Rodrigo . This song always features a solo violinist as the protagonist to the baritone.

From a little mini opera called “La Tabernera del Puerto” by Pablo Sorozabal comes an aria perfect for Piero called Non Puede Ser. Of course, Piero owns this song as well. He is so fine.

Il Volo has sung Non Ti Scordar di Me by Ernesto Curtis before but this time Placido Domingo joins the boys for a gorgeous rendition. It is always great to hear their mentor join with them in a song (as they did in the wonderful song “Il Canto”).

The theme song for the boys has been O Sole Mio by Eduardo di Capua and here it gets the original treatment with orchestration by Giampiero.

This concert has a great song for the closing number. The composer usually considered the “king “ of opera composers: Giuseppi Verdi and from one of his most famous operas called “La Traviata” comes the most famous of all drinking songs: Libiamo.

You may think you don’t know this song but when you hear it, I bet you will recognize it. Great (we used to call this kind of wild and challenging music a “barn burner” ) way to end a concert.

This program is almost a perfect review of the songs that Carreras, Pavarotti and Domingo did in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s in those “Three Tenors” that they took on tour. The difference is that our boys left out a few songs including some in German and French. That is a trivial thing. As a voice teacher who took time to listen to the CD of that concert and contrast with this one, I must say that Il Volo does as well and often better than the original (Pavarotti was often in poor voice in those later years). To be technical since the human voice is the last part of the body to mature and usually not until around age 32 to 35, There are about two times in the program when the original guys are a bit bigger in size of tone. But it is amazing to me that our guys at 21, 22 & 23 are the equal of the original and in some songs – better.

This is the most demanding tour program they have done and I am pleased to note that the American tour has a relief date before each concert and sometimes two dates. That is what I have asked for for years. Young instruments need the work but also need the rest in between. You try and sing 2 hours and 30 minutes of intense music like this without a break and you will feel the strain.

These guys are doing something so incredible.



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  1. Ciao!

    Great review and comments! Ignazio is my favorite and I love his new solo. He sounds so amazing on the a capella part. I also adore his rendition of Tonight. Is it my imagination or did they lower the key on this one? It seems he doesn’t take the real high notes and barely skims the top of the low notes? Still an amazing recording that I haven’t tired of listening to yet!

  2. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of music with some of us amateurs. I admire the boys for being able to adapt to so many different situations and keep learning new material while constantly on the go. This old lady envies the resilience of youth.

  3. Thank you Myron for once again, forenlightening us with your wonderful knowledge of music. I know nothing about it other than enjoyment of different voices singing in different ranges. Il VOLO certainly takes on this style of music with such magnificence and I do agree with you that in some instances, the boys sound better than the original. Thank you again Myron for your beautiful review.

  4. Such a wonderful review. Thank you Myron. I just absolutely love their voices. And listen in the car and try to sing along, and yes I tried to hold the long last note of La Danza with Gianluca, found out how much air you needed – oh boy !. I am so amazed everytime I hear their singing.

  5. To repeat what I’ve said before, I know good music when I hear it, but cannot define why. With your comments, Myron, I understand a bit more of why I like what I like. Thank you for your input. What a joy to have this talented trio in my life!

  6. Thank you for your splendid review!! I have been waiting for your thoughts!! I know I am prejudiced. I think the guys are better than the original three Tenors!!! I love this new music, continue to be amazed at the range & power of these beautiful voices!!!

  7. Oh, Myron! Where do I begin to tell the story of how great a love can be… heart nearly bursts when I hear this new album! I can’t even imagine how their parents feel!! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and obvious love for these three young men. Aren’t we fortunate to have been here at this time? This great granny has heard a lot of music in her 85 years, but nothing tops this!! Keep up your good work! I can harday wait for the dvd!♡♡♡ in Texas!

  8. Thank you for this article Myron, I’ve been looking forward to your critique & professional opinion since I first saw the concert earlier in Michigan ! I know in my heart that they keep getting better & better, & hearing that they were practicing for this concert while on tour just blew me away ! They have finally reached a level of singing that I feel will never be matched ! Thanks again !!

  9. Myron. I was waiting for your review. You always round out the experience of listening to our boys. I remember last year in Las Vegas when I sat at your table. I thought that was a special treat. Thanks again for your wonderful appraisal.Joanie G

    1. Thank you. I only wish that there could have been some time to just chat. It was such a three-ring circus last March. However, a good kind.

  10. I have been waiting for your review since the CD was released and you never dissapoint us. How many of us realize how much work the boys put into this? Touring, signings and all of the rest but still training. They are the most mature young men I have ever, ever known (I use the term known, loosely of course,) Thanks Myron for sharing your musical knowledge with us. I just know what I love and I love them.

  11. Thanks Myron, waited with trepidation this review, because our hearts are the same emotions we feel all of us, but to hear them approved by an expert is definitely much more rewarding. I’m also sure that your judgment is not clouded by the good that we all want our boys but it is a fair assessment that respects their hard work, their age and their physical and vocal maturity. Thanks again.

    Unfortunately for the umpteenth time an Italian journalist wrote a horrible review of the CD, also Roberto Cenci who is the one who brought them together to TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE he wrote a really bad comment.
    These things make me ashamed to be Italian, although I must say that this time many journalists have distanced themselves from these malicious comments.

    1. I would be curious to find out what their “problem is” . Also, what kind of training do these guys have in vocal work ?

      1. And that’s the problem, their reviews are pure malice only aimed at discrediting and just. I quote some excerpts from the article:
        “Opera and classical certain standards are not exactly their thing.
        …. Why should we buy their CD ….. for that form of fascination of the ugly.
        The three tenorini are not the three tenors, singing much worse, without being in degree to transmit a shred of emotion ”
        The article ends by saying “remains the hope that IL VOLO leave for a long world tour, so at least for a while there they are taken away by the balls.”
        Now you tell me Myron, as are left three boys twenty years after hard work are seen to unfairly these criticisms? Not to mention their families.
        What about a Cenci at the end of transmission emits this comment: “When you do not know more than your limits and challenge the myths you can not do that a paltry figure”.
        There are no words but only shame for those who only mud for the sake of tarnish.

      2. Daniela,
        Thanks for sharing some of this critic’s review. I should ignore it but just cannot. “Opera and classical standards are not exactly their thing.” The reverse of that is exactly my point: These boys were trained in those “opera and classical” standards from age 14. More importantly they were trained by voice teachers that actually knew what they were doing. Further more they keep a vocal coach working with them for each tour. They did a lot of extra work with the vocal coach for this program. The standards of opera and classical singing were absolutely mastered by the guys of Il Volo. Now that is a fact. Something about which this critic knows nothing.

        These guys have more passion in their little finger than most singers have in their entire body. Listen to Ignazio in “Una Furtiva Lagrima” . AMEN !

      3. In fact, Myron, I too would have had to ignore certain comments ….. but I was very bad also because I find it really unfair. Surely the guys have read them, but also have read of all people (Danilo Ciotti their representative for the press in particular) have responded and since the fans were commenting with ardor, Gianluca with a tweed invited them to not look like who has them unjustly offended. Once again the boys have shown signs of great maturity not only artistic but of lifestyle !!
        For the rest there are no words, the guys were great and they really convey a lot of emotion.
        Una Furtiva Lagrima has touched the hearts and La Danza amazed me in the execution and E lucevan le stelle was perfect, even Placido Domingo in the DVD you will see that at the end of the executions reward them with compliments and tightens strong these kids at heart .

    2. Hello, Daniela, After reading the list of some of the scathing comments and reviews that you provided and giving it thought, I can come up with only the following explaination: It sounds like the ages-old problem of a ‘spiritual’ and literal “Ignorance”, which can – and usually does – beget feelings of jealousy, envy, hatred, malice, etc. Ignorance can foster a deep feeling of insecurity and fear in a person because s/he is lacking inside of her/himself a knowledge and feeling of self-worth and worthiness (self-love). As a result, people in this condition of their heart and soul are really in a constant state of sub-conscious fear, easily prone to attacking other people, verbally or even physically, especially people whom they, sub-consciously, perceive to be ‘threats’ to their very fragile sense of self-worth. The ‘threat’ can be anything that, again sub-consciously, reminds them of their pervasive,deep feelings of ‘inadequacy’ and ‘failure’. That is why they feel better when they hurt someone else. because for a little while they feel ‘strong’, ‘in control’ and ‘victorious’, internally. It’s a sad and unfortunate fact that people in this ‘negative’ condition have always been here and probably always will be. Human progress in matters of spiritual,(soul) development is a slow and painful process for each and every one of us, you know? We are left to only try hard to learn from our own mistakes and the mistakes of other people. It isn’t easy, that is for sure! People who have a developed sense of conscience and empathy still can get angry and upset with negative behavior – – including our own. People who are cruel to and lashing at Il Volo are doing it, in my humble opinion, Daniela, because of insecurity, fear and subsequent jealousy. Those people actually should be pitied, as hard as it that is to do; I know! BTW, I love that you are Italian! Please don’t feel “ashamed”! EVERY nation has it’s ‘younger souls’ ( Also known as “jerks”, “idiots”, “knuckle-draggers”, etc.! 🙂 🙂

      1. Thanks Laura, it’s true I think so too, but I know (of fame) those people and I am surprised that there could be so much evil to them. Especially Cenci should be proud of where they got those guys because he was right to believe in them ….. and now humiliates them so? The other reporter I do not have much opinion because I often read his articles about the very bad of IL VOLO, but I must tell you that the amount of people (including journalists) have argued that this time his arguments has pleasantly surprised me. Finally.
        Despite everything, yes I am proud to be Italian !!

      2. I became interested, [even obsessed for a few days] when I first heard these young men on PBS [ Il Volo – Pompeii / DVD ]. I decided to do research, to discover some of what made them so special… their voices, of course, but it seems their lives intersected in a happy and chaotic way. In my younger days I was fortunate enough to be at the American debut of Joan Sutherland, Maria Callas [Medea], and a younger Pavarotti, for instance. Singing a whole opera is a magnificent challenge. Having re-awakened my love of opera [mostly well-sung arias, both male and female] I enjoyed this Night of Magic immensely. Perhaps you get my drift – I’d love to see one, two or all three of Il Volo appear in an opera. It is even more challenging, and their stage movements would be fascinating – my opinion. When you have the wonderful voices they have, it is hard to listen to critics. I know, as a performer. We hear one ‘criticism’ more than a hundred compliments. Yet you do learn about yourself – even the camera can reveal things to work on. Critics who ‘savage’ performers, however, are mean-spirited. Critics who can pass on helpful information in a respectful way are part of the journey. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about them, listening to their individual, and also, blended voices! I can now tell who is singing without watching the DVD – well, most of the time. By the way, I am 75 now, but my heart and soul become young again when listening to Il Volo. Lucky you, if you are young enough to follow their saga for decades ahead. Bravo! Il Volo.

    3. I was really happy to discover this review, thanks to Daniela. Finally someone who knows what he’s talking about! I discovered Il Volo the night they broadcasted their Notte Magica concert on TV. I was blown away. The next day I started looking for reviews on the newspapers and found the articles Daniela has mentioned here. I was outraged. You couldn’t call them reviews because they were just plain insults and slander . The title itself was despicable, it read: “Let’s hope they are successful abroad so we can get rid of them, at least for a while”. Unfortunately we’re talking national press! I honestly don’t know why the Italian press attacks these boys so viciously, trying to depict them as conceited and arrogant, the opposite of what they really are. Every time they release an interview they mix up the boys’ words to give a false meaning to what they actually said, to make them look arrogant. I bet this has been the case recently with their alleged refusal to sing at Trump’s inauguration. A so-called critic even suggested that they weren’t invited and that they made it all up to get some publicity, implicitly calling them liars. A consumers association even asked them through the media to exhibit their invitation, thinking there would be a written invite directly from Trump. This shows their ignorance and stupidity. But still, there are people sharing these comments on social networks and it really gets on my nerves.

  12. Thank you, Myron. Such an informative review with insight that most of us do not have. I still marvel at how these young guys can have such exceptional voices at their ages, but they do! Golden voices with hearts of gold! Thank you for your knowledge and expertise that we so value here!

  13. Thank you Myron, you are so much on target with your wonderful cometary on Notte Magica. Coming from your musical background and training makes your analyzes even more important to all of us. I agree at their young ages of early twenties each of our guys do such a spectacular job as soloist. The harmony when singing together are always amazing. Gianluca ( Baritone/ tenor ) La Danza richly done beyond his years. Piero (E Lucevan Le Stelle ) done with awesome power and feeling . Ignazio ( lyric tenor ) with his sky the limit on his beautiful high notes. In a very difficult aria Una Furtiva Lagrima he gives a great performance of his range, vocal quality and control, incredibly done bravo! I’m in another world with this Cd .In a sea of beautiful songs the one that touches me most his when The Great Domingo sings together with Il Volo the beautiful Non Ti Scordar Di Me it’s a wonderful tribute to The Three Tenors and speaks volumes of the love, respect and the quality of Il Volo. A Big BRAVO to all.

  14. Thank you Myron, for your glowing report. I thought our boys were magnificent, but, of, course that was from someone (me) who knows nothing about music except what I like. I am so proud of Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca. They have come so far in such a short time!

  15. Thank You so very much, Myron, for taking time to do this for us all. ( I was suddenly thinking about you this morning, wondering what you think about “Notte Magica”, came here and – Surprise! – there you are!). I really appreciate how you carefully and fluidly organized your wonderful article one song at a time, each one described, analyzed, critiqued, summarized. You’re a very fine teacher. I learn about music and the singing voice from you. I am very grateful to you for being here, for you also help increase my knowledge and appreciation of Il Volo as, first and foremost, professional singers.

  16. I must say that I am touched by all the comments from you all. Thank you.
    re: some bad reviews listed above. like I said: what training do they have? One might view the comments of a plumber different than a promoter or a voice teacher. Some may view these guys as too young to do this kind of music but as we have heard, that is not true. They command the genre.

    1. Again thank you for the interesting and enlightening comments on the concert. I think they are magnificent for their age in every way. It befuddles me why a couple of Italian critics gave them bad reviews when they have specifically and repeatedly said they are not trying to be the 3 tenors. They are only honoring them. And they understand that it takes many years and study to become an opera singer. At this point in time for them, their professional and musical growth and achievement is spectacular. The guys know they have millions of fans who love their music, but they must be disappointed too when a professional critic thinks otherwise. Have you tried sending your lovely, positive review to Barbara or Gian? Maybe that would be a positive spot in their day to have a good review from someone who knows the music. Bah humbug on the naysayers.

      1. Yes, I did send the review to the Barbara and the guys. I always try to get my articles to them. However, It seems that at least one of them reads the Flight Crew site from time to time.

      2. It ‘s true, too, in an interview I heard from them that they wait and read the comments of an American vocal coach and take a lot into account these comments. I immediately thought they were talking about Myron.

  17. Thank you Myron! I always enjoy your expert analysis of the beautiful music of Il Volo. I personally am blown away by Notte Magica and am dumbfounded as to how they found the time to train for this concert. Their voices are noticeably richer and stronger, something I would have not imagined as possible since I thought they were pretty near perfect. So happy for them and the instant success of the album. Please keep teaching those of us with untrained ears Myron! It is much appreciated!

  18. In a recent quote, Piero said about his performance on E Lucevan Le Stelle” I believe it was the most powerful moment for me, because for the first time I liked myself” I was so surprised when I read that, because his voice is magnificent, but he did’nt believe it until that moment!

    1. Yes, in that manner he is a little like Gianluca. He shows confidence but down inside is a little insecure.

      tiny little thing that really big: I wonder how many people that listen to them over the years noticed this spring in Las Vegas or Los Angeles that Piero was singing with a little bit more of a free and open sound. He was showing that revelation which probably happened over the previous year of work.

  19. Thank you Myron for your review, I have been waiting to see what you had to say and you did not disappoint…although, one thing you did omit and that was any mention of their magnificent version of Ave Maria Mater Misercordiae. I would like to know what you thought of it.. We know that Ignazio had been studying opera with Piero and oh my how his work shows!. I too love his version of Una Furtera La grima ( dang I think I butchered that spelling!). Wow!. Gianluca was so amazing with that crazy La Danza!! Faster! Faster, Faster! He did it with such style and grace!
    As for those critics with their sour grapes complaints, do they think that Maestro Domingo has lost his mind? He would never had done this project unlless he was sure of our IL VOLO men!

    1. Hey, pirate lady, it is good to hear from you. I had to stop listening to the cd just after the Verdi because of an appointment, but will pick it up later. The Verdi is the official end of the show. I think that is a good point: Domingo is no fool and the best of the iconic professional master teachers these day.

    2. Excellent point, Pirate,! re/ your last paragraph. ( You made me laugh at your sentence, “….do they think that Maestro Domingo has lost his mind?” I’m sorry if the humor wasn’t intentional in that phrasing, but it still is making me laugh! I love it! It actually says it ALL concerning the critics!). As far as I’m concerned, your ‘pirate sword’ lopped off the head of the ‘snake’ in one, swift sentence ! 🙂

      1. Laura, believe me, I always take credit for making people amused. In the case of my remark about the Maestro I was truly laughing at the thought that someone of the stature of Domingo would involve himself with an inferior projects. These so called critics are truly bottom of the bilge water class know-it-alls…and believe me, no self respecting person wants in end up in the bottom of the bilge water!
        To paraphrase a good quote:
        “When they go low, we FLY high”

    3. I must say pirate who we all thought the same thing, namely that Domingo and Pavarotti’s wife if it was they would not have supported this event a mean thing.
      Unfortunately I have to tell you that this critic has said very harsh words also on Domingo, calling it “a prostitute” who has given only paid very well to this poor figure. I leave to you the comments !!!
      As for the Ave Maria I find it beautiful, majestic is the growing pace and the choral parts are sublime, as I said, too bad they have not played before the Pope.

      1. Ciao Daniella, you are absolutely correct in your description of the Ave Maria, I put my CD player on repeat so I can listen to it over and over. It is one of the most beautiful songs that I have heard from them. It almost breaks my heart with its magnificence. Bah, humbug to the critics that give bad reviews, we love Il Volo because in our opinion they are the best.

      2. Daniela, like yourself, I too hope our IL VOLO performs that magnifico Ave Maria for our good Pope Francis! As for this critic and others who say hurtful untrue things, we have an expression in America that they ” are bottom of the barrel” in short, they are ignorant or mean-hearted critics who want fame by being mean! What would be a good saying in Italiano for such people??? I wish I could speak or write your beautiful language. I look forward to your posts!

      3. Daniela, Maybe someone will forward the CD to the Pope. They could even request a private audience with the Pope and hand him the CD as a gift. Perhaps it could be arranged for them to sing the “Ave Maria” song for him in St. Peter’s Basilica during a Holy Day Mass. (The acoustics inside would be great for singing, wouldn’t it?!) 🙂

      4. Daniela, Thank you for the image of Il Volo giving Pope Francis their previous CD; isn’t that something! I wonder if someone has already been arranging for Il Volo to sing in the Basilica some day with Pope Francis present? I hope Il Volo will get to do that; there has to be a way! Jane and Marie must be, to semi – quote Marie, I believe: “…breathing the same air as THEM!” today ! 🙂 <3

    4. Pirate, i am relieved that you not only didn’t mind my reaction to your sentence, but that you were cracking up, yourself, at such an obvious conclusion by the critics, too! (They’re) “at the bottom of the bilge water.” So funny! 🙂

      1. Pirate, there is an Italian word that sums up everything regarding that journalist, is not very pretty but it is right for us: STRONZO !!

    5. You know what they said about Maestro Domingo? That he was a go-getter and that he did it for money. Can you get more stupid than that? And afterwards, since he said in an interview that they are not opera singers, which is what they keep repeating all the time, all the newpapers titled: “Domingo speaks out against Il Volo”

  20. Myron, some more interesting comments are coming out. i shall read them later. very interested. in the meantime, please give me/us the link to this clip you are talking about. re Gianluca:

    “…Maria from “West Side Story’ by Leonard Bernstein. …

    However, some of us remember five years ago when a skinny short kid of 16 came out on stage and did this song as a drama-vocal rendering with just piano. We had our breath taken away because of the introspective passion that kid brought to the front.

    He always looked so delicate out there by himself and it seemed as though he would pass out after the end of the song each night. How many of you remember that ? Bless you Gianluca! Great memories….”

    thank you so much again, Myron….

    1. That is a text that I wrote. I suggest that you go to YouTube and look for ” Gianluca Beacon Theater Maria – 2012 ”
      He sings Maria from West side Story with just piano and keyboard strings. He is 16 yrs. or maybe just 17. He has had some diet problems on the earlier part of the tour and not eating right he had been sick every now and then (especially in Mexico) so he had lost weight. In this video he really looks skinny and pale . Still he takes on this very challenging song – Maria. not in trio or duet form like they do it now. Him by himself. Watch the passion and heart he pours into this song. Watch how he is incredible even though you think he might pass out toward the end. I just watched that video again now and even after all these years I still get chills.

      There is also another view of the same performance from another fan from the other side view. Plus look up his performance from Louisville same year. He did that song in each city on that tour that year.

      1. Yes Myron, I have seen every show our boys have been in Chicago and he did sing “Maria” like no one else. I always thought that was his solo and should not be a duet. He always wants to do the right thing. When they first started touring , Ignacio would say “Gianluca” won the contest and Gianluca would stop him and say they all won. The three of them are certainly all winners.

      2. hi Myron, yes it’s what you wrote. i quoted you. THUS THE QUOTATION MARKS.
        thanks so much, i’ll check it out on youtube.
        in case you find it before i do, kindly post.
        thank you so much again, Myron

      3. Just now watched it, Myron. the one at the Theatre at Westbury, NY, 2012. OMG! Gianluca owns that song! he indeed should sing it SOLO!

  21. As I have always said our sweethearts can do no wrong. From what I have heard of the new CD’s they are perfect. When I first heard Ignazio sing Una Furtiva Agrima & he did the scales he was magniicent & each other young man was perfect as well. In fact I can hear Ignazio using what he has learned & practiced in other songs he is singing now. Bravo boys.
    Laura thank you for explaining so well the ineptness of why people have to attack others success because of how powerless they feel because of jealousy.
    And Myron exactly what voice training do these nay sayers have? Obviously they can’t sing & that’s why they know they never will be able to do what our guys can,
    Vincent thank you for giving us ladies that wonderful compliment. I don’t feel my age & I have put it down to listening to the gorgeous music from these wonderful Il Volo men. Belonging to this site is easy to feel good because of the funny remarks from the sense of humour of many funny people.

    1. Thank You, Loretta. There is something transcendent about their music. I can understand how you feel younger. I must tell you that I have heard other people describe a similar experience as your own of feeling rejuvenated whenever they listen to their beautiful singing and music. I wonder what would happen if they were to sing a gentle song with a beautiful melody played only upon a harp?

  22. Thank you Myron for your participation on this site!

    You are a true professional in this area and for that reason amongst many we value your opinions and insights so much. Nobody can deny that all of us here share some sense of passion for the guys, but additionally you provide us with an education in an area where some of us have had little exposure. Combine that with Daniela’s inputs as a native Italian and everyone else’s intense feelings for Il Volo and we end up with an incredible online experience.

  23. Daniela, Maestro Domingo must have read those comment’s from this Italian journalist. I would think he could put this person in his place very quickly and I would think this person would not go up against the Maestro? Maybe our guy’s don’t want him to get involved.

      1. Jill, I hope the teacher Domingo have not read that article, or as Marie says perhaps not read articles junk. The real problem is that the giornalist does not write in a any newspaper , indeed Danilo Ciotti (press office of IL VOLO) in its response has so quoted, “I am not angry with you (you write) everyone has their own tastes, but who It allows you to print what you write in this newspaper “.

        However Domingo teacher is a serious person, really loves these guys. Even this thing is not very appreciated by journalists because they believe that the guys will boast of turn of this relationship of friendship, but we know it is true.

  24. Ciao Myron, as far back as I can remember, opera arias would fill our lounge every Sunday afternoon. As a result I became a Mario Lanza fan when I was young. Now, 45 years later, I would have loved for my parents to have heard Il Volo sing, especially our guys singing these arias!!!!
    So Myron, you might think that this is funny, but with every aria that became available via YouTube and live streaming, I would think, ‘I wonder what Myron think of this rendition of an aria done by Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero?’. Now I know, and I would also like to thank you for your very welcome article, which was a pleasure to read.
    My CD and DVD is still coming! It first have to be posted to Marie and then, as with all my other Il Volo CDs, and DVDs, this sweet and kind lady will forward the package to me in South Africa. (Our music shops does not have Il Volo on their buying lists on their computors!!!)
    Again Grazie mille Myron.

    1. Ineke,
      It is always so nice to hear from you either on this site or via email. I hope all is going well for you. re: DVD – I just got mine in the mail yesterday. It is wonderful.

      Thank you, Thank you.

  25. Thank you for the kind comment, my friend. It is my pleasure.

    I often think of my mother who was the Italian contributor to my genes. She was a big Dean Martin-Frank Sinatra fan. She would have loved our Guys so much. She would have wanted to put Gianluca in her pocket and take him homel Just another reason they make me smile.

  26. Hi Myron. Thanks so much for your review & your insights on IL VOLO’s performance. I am not much of an opera fan, but I love everything that our guys sing. They could put music to the Sicilian phone book & sing it, & it would be awesome. Ignazio blew me away with his performance of “Una Furtiva Lagrima”–so full of emotion. And Piero is always wonderful with his arias. Gianluca surprised me with his aria–he has been studying hard!. I noticed a couple of things on songs the boys have sung before on tour, but I am wondering if it is my imagination, or if it is real. And I hope you will be able to tell me. When Piero & Ignazio sang “O Paese D’O Sole”, it sounded like their phrasing of the words was a little different; that they held the note & the word for the “d” before the “sole” & the “mare” a little longer than they did when they sang it on tour. Also, on “O Sole Mio”, when Piero sang his “Ma n’atu sole” part where he does the “ma n’a” up & down; It seemed like there was an added “trill” (only word I know to describe it, although there is probably some correct musical term for it) at the end. And from the look on his face after he sang it, Piero was very proud that he could do it. Is it my imagination, or what? Thanks, Myron.

    1. YOU are correct. on tour the boys use an arrangement and orchestration written just for them and their tour. For this concert they used the original composition and the original orchestration. Very Exciting – did you notice the orchestra was twice as large as the normal tour group. around 60 musicians.

      1. also, that is why the boys may sing different phrasing or hold longer notes – on their tour program they can do what they want. Such as combine the original ” Torna a Surriento” with Elvis’ version of “Surrender”.

  27. I do not have a technical opinion as you can give Myron, but all you’ve noticed it’s true. In fact in the DVD the boys speak to have studied to perform these “trilli”, indeed the DVD you see Ignazio looking Piero as if to say “it’s up to you” and when Piero performs Ignazio makes a sigh as if to say “bravo, you did “. Moreover, even in songs that usually perform have tried to deepen both the performance and tuning. They were wonderful and in the DVD in the part of preparation for the concert you can see some moments of their study of the Romance.

  28. Well, they did have the basic foundation of Bel Canto from earlier voice lessons but now they had to study with voice coach to prepare control of incredible phrases, to get an even larger sound than usual (larger is not the same as louder). To be able to to trills and mordents and runs as the orgianal song would have required.

  29. I may be a little late to this party, but I am here now to say, Myron as always you have done our guys proud with a wonderful review of Una Notte Magica… I was sadden to hear the negative comments from some Italian critics… I cannot imagine how they cannot stand behind their most successful and talented national treasure “Il Volo”… These young men have brought Italy to the world one song at at time… They are praised in every country they go to and they promote their homeland every chance they get… Italy I know is proud of these three young men and the critics are very jealous and nasty people rather than proud of what Il Volo has done for Bel Canto and Italy around the world…Wine, cheese, pizza and spaghetti are not their most famous gifts Italy has given to the world, Il Volo is…
    Myron I know that Il Volo respects the work you do in promoting their vocal abilities to all who read your articles… They do not need their ego’s stroked but it helps balance the negativity they get from the home grown stupid critics… They thank you and I thank you for all you do in a very professional way for our guys…

    1. That is very nice to hear. Thank you. Thank goodness most of the reviews here in the USA that I have read are on track. I don’t say there should never be any issue that is a problem with the boys’ work. No one is perfect. But be balanced about it and truthful. This concert is closer to perfection than most I have seen over the last 10 years. The only exception may be the concert they gave in Las Vegas March 2016.

  30. I finally got my CD/DVD from Amazon Italia. There has been no problem playing the DVD on my inexpensive DVD player. But, just in case I also ordered one from Detroit PBS that is on backorder and I got the CD only from Amazon. I am going to be overwhelmed in Il Volo music. Myron, I am watching with your comments in front of me, so I don’t miss a thing. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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