Ann (anncruise) Takes us on a Tour of Italy

After the contribution to the restoration, Fendi Fashion House had its runaway at the Trevi Fountain last night to celebrate its 90th anniversary. Read here

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Italia Living
8 of the best beaches in Italy

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From remote island coasts to the white sands of the Italian Riviera, there are amazing beaches to be found all over Italy.


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The Italian – Sicilian – American Page

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The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF)

A Roman villa in Positano, buried under volcanic ash from Mount Vesuvius since 79 A.D., will be open to visitors for the first time ever this July.

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An enormous ancient Roman villa found under the beautiful Amalfi Coast town of…

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The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF)
We could count 1,000 ways to spend the summer in Italy, but 10 will do.
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The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF)
The most romantic restaurant in the world is, of course, in Italy.

How would you like to eat dinner in a grotto surrounded by the sea?

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This Italian restaurant in nestled in a grotto with breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea.
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L’Italo-Americano Newspaper
‪#‎DidYouKnow‬ that…Venice has more than 400 footbridges? And that Italy hosted the Olympics three times in history? And the espresso machine was invented in Italy? These and more trivia facts about Italy here
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L’Italo-Americano Newspaper
What do you think?

According to ‪#‎TizianaLife‬, that bought a genetic databank containing ‪#‎DNA‬ samples of 13.000 inhabitants of the ‪#‎Ogliastra‬ region, in the South East of breathtaking ‪#‎Sardinia‬, local people are among the most longevous in the world. 

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A handful of days ago British company Tiziana Life acquired some very important Italian stuff: genes.
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My Italy
The blue to take away all blues…
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The Island of Capri may be famous and it may be crowded in summer, but don’t let that put you off – this is one of the world’s greatest destinations.
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My ItalyLike Page

How many have you done?
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The essential Italian Bucket List. Ten things you have to do before you die. Number two on the list is the one I love most.


38 thoughts on “Ann (anncruise) Takes us on a Tour of Italy”

  1. Ann, you just made my day brighter and better! Didn’t think I could be any more excited about going to Italy than I have been, but after seeing your article today…I AM! The days and hours are counted until we set foot on Italian soil and start taking in all of the beauty and grandeur of this amazing country! Thanks for the great article!

    1. Jane, I am so thrilled that you and Marie are going together. Have a wonderful time. Of course, I wish I were going with you but I look forward to hearing about your “adventures” as I call them. Buon viaggio!!!

      1. For sure I won’t fit in her suitcase but you HAVE to do me a grande favor!!!!! Both of you have to throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain in Rome for me so I will return – please. Throw it over your left shoulder. xoxo

    2. Jane, I do not want to spoil the expectation but now here is a gray and chilly autumn day !! We hope for a better time for your arrival.
      See you soon

      ……………..I forgot, I live in the north, in Sicily’s sunny !!!!!

      1. Daniela, gray and chilly…warm and sunny…we will be in ITALY, so weather won’t matter…we will be THERE, that’s all that matters! 🙂 Can’t wait!

  2. Marie and Jane, We will miss you while you are gone. I know you will have a wonderful time. One question before you leave,”whose going to keep us in line”?

    1. Jill, that’s a very good question…I guess you can misbehave all you want and have to answer to Marie when she gets back!! LOL 🙂

    2. Hi, Jill ! Since we’re on the subject of Ann’s beautiful selection of pictures & funny sayings about Italy, I wanted to share with you about a sweet Instagram site featuring a precious, little “Chiweenie” dog. He is ‘singing’ in Italian! I think you like animals a lot, like me. Maybe you’ve seen this? I don’t know. Other folks here might enjoy it, too. It’s an Instagram site called : “TUNAMELTSMYHEART”. (His name is Tuna). It’s in the third row of pictures down, on the left. He’s wearing a little black & white Tux or suit. It’s a short video. I just love it (and him). In case you don’t know of Tuna, he’s a little dog who was dumped on the side of a road as a puppy in San Diego because he was born with a severe overbite, wandering eye, etc. Human angels rescued him & now he’s a bit of a celebrity, enjoying a great life!

      1. Oh, Marie, It’s so sad, but true. His owner even admits it and she loves him to pieces! Tuna melted my heart, too, bless his little soul.

      2. Hi Laura, I had’nt seen that video before, and yes, it’s very cute. I am an animal right’s activist, so I love and respect all animals.
        Now I want to know if Marie is a Taurus, or a Cancer. She look’s like a Taurus(that’s what I am) Taurus and Cancer sign’s are similar, in the way that they both love animal’s.But there again I think I remember Marie saying she wanted to do away with Pirate’s parrot Igor!
        Maybe she’s the black sheep of one of those sign’s! You know like the black sheep of the family!
        Piero is a cancer, so Marie or myself would get along with him really well.

      3. I want to know if Marie is Taurus or Cancer. I’m Taurus. however, are not a person who is influenced by the horoscope.

    3. Jill, sun sign is only a small part of the horoscope, the personality is influenced by many other aspects..Monthly sign is very important, also the positions of planets,ascendant, astrological houses represent the fields of experience wherein the energies of the signs and planets operate, the houses are also revealing of the inner state and of one’s personal subjective experience and attitudes. Comprehensive horoscope of every human being is made up of many things, thus creating a unique personality of each. I don’t like generalization and simplification in astrology. I am Libra, sun sign, and Taurus – monthly sign, but I haven’t all typical characters for Libra. 🙂 Have a nice day !

      1. Lydka, You say you have’nt all typical characters of Libra, but I do have all the typical characters of Taurus.I do understand that the horoscope is a very complex thing. I have several friend’s that were born under the sign of Taurus, and our personalities are very similar.I am not like some people that have to look at their horoscope everyday in the paper to see what is going to happen to them that day.I remember a few years ago I had my chart done, and they had to know what time of day I was born, in what country, what my rising star is etc. etc.
        It was very complecated.It is now 12.30 at night here , so you have a nice day also😊

    4. Jill, astrology is mine,let’s say , hobby, but I haven’t now time on it, of course I’m not a trained professional. I have the comprehensive analysis of my personal horoscope. It’s an interesting read, I think in general, and yes, very important is the exact place, hour and minute of birth. Daily horoscopes in newspapers are insignificant. Sincere greeting and have a nice weekend.

      1. Hello, Lydka (& Mom of Lydka!), I left you a response on the previous post tonight, in case you missed it. I’m getting ‘all turned around” tonight ( i.e., confused from fatigue! 🙂

      2. Thank You, Lydka, for the link to your post from May of this year! I remembered it well once I saw one of the first videos you posted there. That post is beautiful, Lydka. You provided lots to read and see. I am so happy that you had put the Eurovision video with Il Volo.there. Like your Mom, I love Grande Amore” sung by them with that gorgeous stage-setting behind them. They were really giving it their all that night, bless them! Until next time, sending a Big “Bear-Hug” to each of you. xoxo….

    5. Hi Jill!, I’m glad you got to see Tuna! How wonderful that you are an activist for animal rights. Thank Goodness for people like yourself. As for the “Moonchildren” (Cancerians), no wonder that Marie founded this place which brings people together! They are sensitive, too, so there is the sensitivity to – and love for – animals of you and Marie, as well. As concerns either of you getting along well with Piero: Yes, indeed you could, just as long as each of you don’t share too many of the same, particular ‘flaws’ characteristic of the shared sign , (“Each sign having its own positive and negative tendencies, I would guess that you and Marie already know that). Being that Piero and you, Jill, are obviously old souls ( obvious to me, anyway), you would probably be able to surmount any difficulties and get along very well ! Marie is obviously an old soul, too, and so the same would apply for her and Piero, too. Jill, you and Marie are fun and funny. I just so enjoy all the fun and witty people that are here. “Buonanotte” to you, Jill !

      1. Jill, if you get to read this later, I now realize that you are a Taurus, not a “Moonchild”. It slightly changes what I wrote re/ you & Piero, only because you & he wouldn’t have the similar tendencies of the type that could cause friction when sharing the same sun signs, but as I said, two “old souls” could have a bit of an easier time getting along, since each would have more wisdom accumulated. (That’s what I mean mentioning the soul’s ‘age’ in this context, as, again, I’m sure you already know!). ( I hope to meet you ‘on the other side’, Jill, since it’s unlikely we’ll meet here! I like to think that I’ll be with all the animals whom I’ve known & loved, plus ALL the animals & like-minded people!) (Do we get to cross “The Rainbow Bridge”, too? I wonder what you think about it….:)

      2. Laura, you say such nice thing’s. In my opinion the only “flaw” that a Taurus person like myself could possibly have, is that we can “sometimes” be stubborn. There I said it, but don’t expect me to admit to it again! But stubbornness has also worked in my favor. If I’m fighting for my right’s or an animal’s right’s, I don’t ever give in.Laura, are you a writer? If not, you should have been.We enjoy your comment’s so much!

      3. Laura, you and I were posting each other at the exact same time. I had to stop and recharge my iPhone.Yes, I understood what you meant in the post below about me not being a moon child, but a Taurus.Yes it’s possible we could meet each other on the other side.You will absolutely be with all those animals that you have known and loved. They go to the same place we go.You probably will be chosen to take care of those animals that did’nt have anybody waiting for them.

      4. Thank You, Jill, for your very heartening words. I nearly cried reading them. It would also be the greatest pleasure for me to be, as you put it, “chosen to take care of the animals who have no one waiting for them.” That is something I actually had been doing for a long time until a year ago! It wasn’t what I expected to be doing. It was a huge sacrifice to do it, but I would do it all over again if It was requested of me. The reward, as you know,Jill, is greater than any sacrifice. Thank You, also, for saying that I could have been a writer. I could (and” should”) have continued to be an artist, but suffice it to say that it seems that God had other work for me to do, apparently, for my life sure threw me a curve ball, broad-sided me, knocked me off track ‘Big Time’ and more than once. As a result, it seems that I disappointed a number of people, including a few teachers, all of whom saw big things for me as an artist and yes, as a writer and one hoping i would write poetry. i sometimes wonder if it is ‘bad karma’ to stop using a talent, even if one hadn’t planned to do that, never wanted to do that. Some good things came out of it, though and I’ve learned a great deal more. Regarding writing, Jill, there are a number of people of Il Volo Flight Crew whom I think write really well. You have my admiration for what you are doing to help those “who have no voice”, Jill. As for your “stubbornness”: It definitely is an asset in your work, even a necessity, so I say you chose your sun sign very well! 🙂 ( I wonder if I’m going to be kicked off this site for being verbose a few times here! You asked me a question, innocently; little did either of us realize this torrent of words would result! I apologize for that.

      5. Laura, the main reason we set-up this sight the way it is is because we wanted to have unlimited space for people to express themselves without length restrictions.

        Fat chance you would be kicked off this site! Other Crew and I love reading your marvelous comments. Btw, if you would ever like to write an article for posting, just send it to me. That is also what this site is forl

      6. Mama M., I am so relieved! Thank You – and for your kind words concerning my being here among you. ( I’m a bit of a late-comer). Thank You, also, for inviting me to write something some day that could be a post here. (I marvel at how smart you and others are to understand and utilize the technology to bring people together to see, hear, think. share at this Very Special Place). Thank You, Marie! (and Thank You, IL Volo!).

  3. Ann, everything is gorgeous – the beaches, the fountain, the uncovered villa, the restaurant by the sea. So many beautiful sights.
    Marie & Jane, you are both so fortunate to be going. Have a wonderful time!!

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