As we end summer and the weather starts cooling down (for most everyone), I thought it would be fun to step back and take a look together at summer in Il Volo land! I’m sure you have seen many of these photos before, but, really, can you not get enough?


Santo Domingo – Piero:  “Enjoying Caribbean vibe”



Santo Domingo – Look at the beautiful palm trees and beautiful blue sky?  If anyone sees anything else that needs to be pointed out, please feel free to do so.



 …and a one and a two…GERONIMO!



Gianluca summed it up when they had finally settled down after their tour completed:  “Abruzzo. La mia terra, la mia luce” (Translated:  Abruzzo, my land, my light)



(Look closely and that’s me waving my arms in the sea looking for help!  Okay, maybe not)


“He flies through the air with the greatest of ease”


GG hanging out with his good friend Marco
Igny at the park




Who didn’t enjoy watching this video of Ignazio over and over (and over and over) – A man and his dog!


The following pictures are of Igny and Piero who decided to vacation together with family in Taormina.


Look at that beautiful sea and pool.  Wait!  What is that?





They just love eating at BamBar in Taormina, Sicily.  Doesn’t that look refreshing for a hot summer day?  The dessert looks good, too!



Just like a man and his dog, there’s nothing like a man with his horse!


…and he fishes, too!


…and he paints, too!  Their talents are endless!



Such grace – such form!


Igny hanging out with his tennis buddies



I never thought fish were handsome.  This must be a new species.





Piero on waterski.  Such skill!


 Piero wrote:  “ask me why do i love home…this is why”


Con la famiglia


Love that jet skiing!





I hope you enjoyed summer.  So much to still look forward to as they go on tour in 2017.  It’s right around the corner.

 I know there are more pictures but I only used pictures posted from Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca’s Twitter/Instagram/Facebook pages.  Credit goes to these three lovelies.

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  1. Nope, LeeLee, can’t get enough, especially (for moi) of…. FRANZ ! and any pictures of Ignazio’s Canine and Equine friends! 🐴 🐈 😍 Wonderful post. Thank you. (Looking forward to Autumn & Winter ( am in Fl.); tired of the A/C on these many months). 😥

    1. ALL the pictures are delightful as well, especially the subjects in them. Never would tire of looking at any of these pictures, LeeLee. Beautiful.

      1. Thank you so much, Laura. I’m glad you enjoyed! That’s funny, I like Franz, too! Whereabouts in FL are you? I’m in West Palm Beach area.

  2. Is that Piero or Gian leaping off the boat? Because if its Piero then he has finally gotten a shorter style of swimsuit which is all good with me.

    1. Pirate, You’re a riot! I think it’s Gianluca; yah, hard to tell. They are also great teachers of how to live a balanced life, aren’t they?! Geesh!! What do they NOT do right and well ?!

      1. Well a girl can wish can’t she?? I keep hoping that Gian will change suits and Piero. I really want to see Piero in that sexy suit!! I have no shame, I mean what are ya thinking? I’m a pirate!

    2. It’s Gian! I do agree, though. I wouldn’t mind seeing Piero sporting a shorter style myself 🙂

  3. Grazie, Leelee, I have no other words to add to those already posted! Enough said, but good luck, Pirate!!!♡♡♡

  4. Hi ladies, our boys work so hard they truly deserve the fun times. More power to them. I can’t wait til 2017.

  5. How did you manage to find so many shirtless pictures?? 🙂 They were all great and loved the captions! They certainly deserve all of the breaks they can get. Ignazio tends to wear the longer trunks, as well. You’d think they’d get in the way?

    1. Hi, Jana, It’s a good thing Marie is” breathing Italian air” right now! I shudder to think how she might answer your question. 🙂

    2. LOL – Love it, Jana. There is an older picture of Ignazio wearing tighter trunks but can only see them from the rear (I can’t believe we are talking about this).

    3. LOL, ladies!!! I thought it was kind of an innocent comment? I just meant that when looser clothing items get wet, they tend to cling and hinder your movement in the water? Ok, don’t go “there” either! 😉 You know, she did take her tablet and should be able to sign in wherever they have wifi? 🙂

  6. Pirate, Upon closer inspection, that is indeed one “Gianluca Ginoble” hovering over the side of that vessel. Pirate! You had best set sail ANON to those yonder azure waters whither LeeLee informs that a heretofore unknown”species” of “handsome fish” has been espied, dwelling in the depths! Blimey! – Why Every intrepid, sea-faring Angler will be making haste to snag it and pull it aboard! What LeeLee is not privy to is that it’s a RARE fish, only ONE known to exist! An Italian creature, much spoken of, but hitherto thought to be but a Seaman’s dream! Make haste, Pirate! We count upon you, matey!

    1. Ahh Laura my good matey. Tis fond I am of handsome fish and the rare ones be elusive dispite pictures that show them larking about. Fact be that this be a very rare fish that also flies through the air! Most tricky!

      1. Indeed! Matey! INDEED!! Aye, ye but jest, mate! Nay? Blow me down an’ shiver me timbers! The fish FLIES!! He’d give ye a Devil of a time to snag, mate! Aye! a Devil of a time.

  7. If Pirate is taking her ship to Italy, the least she can do is make a certain journalist walk the plank!
    Then after that is done, she can play with Piero!
    Rose Marie I know what you are thinking, what I meant was, that she can jump off boats with him!
    You still are a naughty naughty women!

    1. Ahh,.. Aye, Jill, The Plank!! Certain to silence the critic forevermore!! Wait! Pirate spoke of the bilge waters nigh one or two days past. She likened the swain to occupying “the bottom of the bilge waters.” Perhaps she would deposit him in the bilge, confine him there in the waters of briny muck whither he shall be uncomfortably at home.for a purgative time. Nay,the plank would be a mercy and Pirate could be hanged for murder. The bilge it must be!

    2. Jill, of course I knew (inflection on I knew) what you meant, but I may have interpreted it the way Marie would have. God bless her little heart.

      1. Bring those scallywags on, Daniela-Lass! Bring them on! Pirate shall place those Dirty Bilge Rats into the hole to provide a jovial companionship for that other one! Hah! Such mirth awaits us all if the deed be accomplished!

  8. Leelee! thanks so much for pointing out the “beautiful palm trees, and blue sky”… or i wouldn’t have noticed! (heh-heh!)….

  9. LeeLee, who torture, these images are beautiful, and those who tire of looking at them? Summer is my favorite season ….. and with those subjects, the photos gain much value.
    Today here the weather is really sad, it’s raining and chilly, sorry for Marie and Jane but I hope it arrives soon the sun.

    One qualified, the first photo of Ignatius immediately following the race with his dog, is not it Taormina but Ischia.
    Ischia is one of the islands Flegree in the Gulf of Naples.
    I think Bernard knows well, as has recently returned from Ischia.

    1. I think I can assure you, dear Daniela, that every one of us agrees that these pictures are beautiful, including all of their subjects! (Correct me, please, if I haven’t understood YOU correctly here!). 🙂 <3

      1. Laura’s right, I also said that the photo of Ignazio is not Taormina. That is the Island of Ischia in the Gulf of Naples

    2. Grazie, Daniela, for the correction. It was that the picture was posted at the same time he and Piero were in Taormina so I just assumed. Either way, gotta LOVE the pictures.

    3. Thanks, Daniela, very much, for the information about the location of Ignazio in the picture and about the weather today. I’m a little bit confused about where Jane and Marie are. Yesterday, Ann mentioned they were in Sicily. I remember you said it would be sunny there. Have they already left Sicily and are now up North where you are? I like the way you described your weather today: “The weather is really sad…” due to the rain and chilliness. Sweet. I was a little worried about them going in October. I think that California seasons are similar to Italy’s. It’s been described as a Mediterranean climate. It used to be dry and sunny there from about May1st to October 1st, when the rainy season would begin and just like clockwork, year after year. Hoping that you, Marie and Jane get sunny weather while they are there in Italia, but I believe Marie mentioned here that they’ll love it come rain or shine. Wishing you all a great time.

  10. A question that has nothing to do, but where is the post Gina yesterday? I wanted to finish reading it but can not find.

    1. Hi again, Daniela! You may have found it by now, but if not, scroll down fairly far until you see the picture of THE GUYS sitting on those colorful “thrones;” The post by Gina is now directly below that one !

  11. Wonderful pictures of the guys enjoying their time in the sun. There is nothing more relaxing than being on the beach with the sun, sea and a blue sky above. It is nice to see them relaxing and have fun. Thanks LeeLee

  12. Today the day started with rain but this afternoon the sun came out and everything looks better.
    Right now Marie and Jane are not in Sicily and even to me ……. but they are in ITALY. I hope the weather stays nice so they can visit our beautiful city. Surely we will be doing a lot of photos that then comment together.

      1. Hello Jill, I read today your question but I was away from home and I was not the translator. I went back recently and I used the translator but at first I did not understand the meaning of your question, in the end a little helped by the translator, a little with my (poor) knowledge I think I understand.
        You say to me that you would like to buy the famous CARD of IL VOLO (which I also own) for use in purchases on IL VOLO website and maybe even in the purchase of concert tickets. Your fear is that the card is sent to you by ground mail and we use about 6 months. You think this is because there are no fees charged for sending.
        Did I get it right? I hope so.
        I think that in the card 19.90 their cost have already considered any shipping charges, so I believe that your card will come to you by airmail.
        Since I already have the card, I put the question to the SHOP of IL VOLO.I have already done them a question and they replied.
        Soon they will respond to me, I’ll let you know their response.
        I hope everything is clear. If I did not understand, try to be patient and write to me again your question.

      2. Daniela, I also bought the card. I don’t know what it will do for me but just having it in my pocket is enough.

      3. And the really nice card. I hope it can make you have some advantages. I was able to reserve seats at the Arena the day before they were offered for sale to the public. I also bought the T-shirt IL VOLO with a discount of 10%.

    1. Jill – just fyi….the card itself does nothing. What you really need is the email that comes with your confirmation. That has your official membership number/code in it that you need to register with on the site. You do not need the card for that, the card has no number. I was confused when I got the card, thinking there would be a number on it. For me, I think someone entered my info incorrect as stuff was in the wrong place, so be sure to save your emails from them. I got 2 of them and one had the number. Actually, it didn’t, and I emailed them back and they sent me my membership code. So far, when having the card, they send you emails on presales of concert tickets, at least they did for Italy, not sure about US, though. And you get 10% off on their site.

      1. Jana you’re absolutely right, it is not the card that gives you the privileges but the codes given to you. Of course when I open my wallet and I see the card …. what about me a sense of belonging. I hope that you give the right to purchase with advance seat selection at concerts. At the beginning they told us that in some cases, showing the card could assist to the concert rehearsals, this would be the only case in which the card is in fact necessary.

  13. Arrrrr, Laura, Jil and Daniela, tis to the bottom of the deep black and stinky Bilge we shall throw those journalist scallywags. Teach them a thing about due respect of the great talent o’Il VOLO!

      1. It’s true Laura, I saw a school of flying fish flying about 2feet above the water on the Indian Ocean.I was on my way back to England from Australia by ship. This was many years ago, but I still remember it well.

      2. What an amazing sight that you personally witnessed: An entire school of fish FLYING 2 FEET above the surface of the sea. I can understand how you could never forget that image. It must have been a long voyage for you, crossing the Indian Ocean ! You’ve got me interested in learning about the special Flying Fish, (I suspected it was a true experience of yours because your excitement seemed, touchingly, genuine). ” Aloha” Jill and wishing you blessings for your selfless Animal advocacy work. 💜

  14. Arrrr Pirate, And while they are thrashing around in the bottom of the deep black and stinky bilge , we shall be singing a drinking song.
    Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum.I will bring the rum!
    Are we nut’s or what? Do you think that’s why Marie and Jane left us for 2weeks? Maybe they could’nt stand the craziness, and had to get away?
    Nah! What a ridiculous thought, who would want to do that!

      1. On second thought, Marie’s not even here today! UH-OH. I guess a few of us ARE a TAD ‘crazy.’ Not you, though, Jill, I swear). As for imbibing the grog, we might even get crazier! No Jill, I think we better avoid the libations while Marie is away and behave ourselves again the way we used to do, from now on. 🙁

      2. All this just goes to prove that when the cat is away the mice will play! Not that I think Marie will like being called a cat…

      1. Ladies, I have always enjoyed your posts and never have had a problem understanding the meaning behind them. (LOL I know what you mean). Granted the translations sometimes lack the human touch, but I don’t think anyone has taken offense to the comments posted here or we wouldn’t keep coming back. We all have a sense of humor, and at my age (77) can enjoy a little naughtiness now and then. After all we are mature adult women who just happen to enjoy the young Italian men of Il Volo. Read into that what you want, just please don’t roll your eyes at me like my kids do. Please have a great day everyone. Ciao to Marie, Jane and Daniella if they are checking on us.

      2. HEEHEEE…. Us pirates are good at stirring up trouble and fun! Yo Ho pass me that grog!

  15. I know Jana, I looked back at some posts that were done in the last few months , and could not find people that were behaving themselves! Laura said we should carry on behaving ourselves like we did
    before Marie left ha ha ha! I think that was tongue in cheek, right Laura? We act a lot worse when Marie is here.She eggs us on😃

    1. Yes,I was just joshing, Y’all ! Enjoyed reading your fun comments above this here, Jill, Leelee, Penina, Jana. I haven’t been here that long, but things can get wildly funny when Marie is here! I know we all enjoy that about her! 💗 ( I tried writing this quite awhile ago, but suddenly it just all ‘flew away” and I had to do it all over again! ) 🙂 You’re all special people here. Wish I could come here ‘all the time,’ but, alas!, ‘life’ gets ‘in the way! 🙂

      1. This was fun, Laura. Glad you are with everyone here and have the same “crazy” sense of humor. I’m sure Marie can’t wait to get back and read all the comments. This is right up her alley. I sent you an e-mail. Please let me know if you received it.

      2. I did but forget to mention Pirate!! I did name our Mate last, but she be NOT the least!! AHOY Mates!! Is that not our Pirate yonder coming with a glinting cutlass raised o’er her head?!! Blimey!!! I be done for!! Spare me life, Pirate! Spare Me!! ‘Twas but a wee blunder from a blithering dolt that be me! “Too Late!” ye say?!! Fare thee well, me mateys! FARE THEE WELL!!

  16. Wow, it seems to me that the crew is a little revved up, you see here it says that when cats lack the mice will play.
    As soon as I personally see Marie and Jane, will refer all …………… but NOOOOOO, I’m not a spy.
    Good day to you all.
    Today the sun here. Jane Marie and enjoy the beautiful day !!

    1. A correction, Daniela: Just wanted you to have the right words to the old saying: ” When the cat’s away, the mice will play.” (I wonder if you have an equivalent saying in your language). This mistake that I corrected is a very small, but useful, example of one of the points I was making in my earlier posting to you today. Take care!

    2. Hello Laura, do not worry, I understood the meaning of your humor. You are a very nice group that has an absolute esteem and respect each other. Although the translator does not translate well what we mean, we know that we laugh and joke but always with respect for people. And nice to be able to joke between us right?
      I have not yet had the pleasure to meet Marie and Jane but I know they are close by, so I know that if I is sunny even they will have sun.

    3. Hi, Daniela, I’m not worried anymore. I am very glad that you understood our sense of humor. I’m sorry that the whole ‘tone’ of how you were ‘speaking’ came across to me as highly disapproving, coupled with your opening sentences which were alarming to me ! It’s a shame that your comment showed up just as I was leaving the site for the night ! – It was like a “POW!!!” hit me and I instantly felt the need to explain to you. I would like for my long responding comment to you be removed from this site, but I don’t know who can do that for me (us). Do you know who can remove it, Daniela? Glad you are having sunshine there again!

  17. Thanks for your info regarding the Ilvoloves card. I ordered one which I have not received yet. The confirmation emai has an order number and activation code.
    Are these the codes that are necessary? I don’t see any other numbers.

    PBS St. Louis will air “Notte Magica” in this area Nov. 29, Dec. 2, and Dec.4, so set your DVRs.

    1. Exactly Esher, on my mail (which I printed) in the activation code is written:
      “To activate the card go to http ………, registered and then enter the code in the activation form.”
      Remember that the card is valid for one year from activation.

      1. Daniella, I bought a card and got the email with the activation code. But when I went back to the site to register I can’t find where to log in. The only place I found to log in was under YOUR ACCOUNT, and when I logged in there, it just showed the page I paid for the card. There was no place to enter an activation code. Where do you put it? Thanks for your help!

      2. Hello Penina, you have to go on the official website of the flight, ( and click on SHOP & FORUM and then click on MY ACCOUNT and then fill in your information.

      3. Hi Daniella
        Thanks for trying to help! I had to click on the little circle with the “person” in it and then the activation page came up.
        I think the site is not very good. They should have directions and a frequently asked questions tab.

      4. But now you’re registered so everything is ok. I hope to be able to have the advantages with the card. That site is not good, we hope all that will change. A hug and when you need I’m here.

  18. Laura, I really enjoy your comments and hope you continue them. Does anyone give lessons in “Pirate Speak”? All I know is shiver my timbers and Polly wants a cracker, wait, is that Pirate Speak or not? Piratesorka help me out here! More to the point, how do you say it in Italian?

    1. Rose Marie, believe it or not, September 19th was “speak like a pirate day” If you went into a Krispy Kreme store on that day and talked like a pirate( most people just said Arrr) you would get a free donut! I was going to tell Pirate, but I figured she already knew about it. She probably started it!🙂

      1. Jill, I have no doubt Pirate started that. Great idea and I’m sorry I missed that. We don’t have too many Krispy Kreme’s down here which is probably why it wasn’t announced.

    2. Rose Marie, Pirate Speak is a curious thing, mostly begotten of too many pirate movies and books. Although I do remember at one time seeing that you could change your language on the computer and what did I spy with my one good eye? in the midst of all they languages they had ” Pirate” llisted. For some time there I made all me good mates quite crazy with my constant use of it. Then I was encouraged to go back to “good old normal American speech” Although for the life of me I have yet to meet a “good old normal American”
      As for me when I go incognito I am not the pirate but simple Connie who speaks what is called North American Flat

      By the way just to keep this on topic. I am so in love with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, I never knew it was possible for three young guys to capture my heart at this age ( 63) of mine.. GO IL VOLO!

      1. I will still call you Pirate, Connie. Also I have never heard of North American Flat, what part of the country do you live in? Is Ohio included, it seems as though it should?
        FYI, I feel the same way about them and I am (gasp!) 77. When my life changed 3 years ago, Il Volo came to my rescue, so I thank god for them and The Flight Crew. GO IL VOLO!

      2. Yes, Pirate, chirping on topic, I mean keeping on topic: I think women had to pretty much suppress these kinds of feelings, such as ours for the Il Volo lads, until this more liberated era for women was ushered in, beginning in about the later 1960’s. Now we can admit and express it, as men have always been free to do. 🙂 As for the Pirate-type way of speaking, as re/ meself, I never saw Pirate movies nor read Pirate-type books, etc,, so I think it has to do with a lot of reading over me life, especially all manner of subjects relating to Great Britain in particular, (A true Anglophile in the past), especially medieval through the 19th century. Pirate, I wonder if ye’d care to ever read a most enjoyabe book( at least to me!) entitled, “The Diary of Samuel Pepys.” Not about pirates, but an actual diary written by a man in the early 17th c. It has some very funny incidents in it and he speaks in the type of English (though a bit more educatedly) from which the British pirates had long been evolving their amusing slang and ‘colorful’ phrases.

      3. I read Samuel Pepys diary (unabridged) many years ago. Interesting, especially if you know what is going on in British history at the time. There were pirates in Tangiers in those days and England had their troubles dealing with them. As did the Americans–Jefferson sent marines to eradicate the pirates in Tangiers. They wore leather stocks around their necks to help deflect blows from sword cuts trying to cut off their heads.
        This is how the US Marines got the nickname “leathernecks.” An interesting tidbit of pirate history!
        And now, bits of Pepys diary are published daily in the (Canadian) National Post newspaper–on the page where they have crossword puzzles!

      4. I didn’t mean to imply that Jefferson and Pepys were contemporaries. They certainly weren’t! Pepys! Pepys was dealing with the pirates of Tangiers a hundred years before Jefferson sent the marines to eradicate them.

      5. Rose Marie, It’s amazing to me how many people have expressed what you did about Il Volo appearing in their (our) lives at the perfect time. (I just don’t think that’s a coincidence!). 😇

      6. Laura, I have said many times, that I have waited for this music all of my life. The young men of Il Volo have added so much pleasure to my days with their beautiful voices that sometimes it is unbearable. Do you understand what I mean? But this is a fun place to be, so let’s party hardy and hope we all meet sometime soon. Have a good day.

      7. Rosemarie, I’m not sure, but I suspect that ” North American Flat” (English) probably has to do with the flat vowel-sound of the letter “a” and most often heard west of the eastern states and most noticeably in the mid-western states, Ohio included, of course. The Illinois accent is a good example.

      8. Wow, Penina, re/ all of these “tidbits”, especially Sam Pepys’ diary currently having excerpts from it in the Canadian paper! Must be a good paper!

      9. Well I think it’s a good paper but up here it has the smallest circulation of the Toronto papers.

      10. Aye! Penina, Sam Pepys was around in England a hundred years before Tom Jefferson. Sam also was working for the British Navy at the time (for anyone who doesn’t know of him), kind of like my job working for the American Navy (on Mare Island (Calif) in the 1980’s), but not the same job, of course! 🙂

  19. But it’s not right when you commented to me is night and then sleep. When I wake up and I read what you wrote yesterday (for me tonight) …….. but what happened? …………… Disappeared comments these mice will play its ………….. there was a mutiny ……… … or was there an explanation?
    Each is so beautiful just joking !!

    The phrase “shiver my timbers” in Italian could be translated as “shaking my beams” or even “shake my bones” or even “shake my legs,” perhaps you can not quite understand the meaning but is a pirate language, must not only understand, you have to interpret.

  20. Piratesorka, FYI. Just curious now, have any of our Florida members been to the Gasparilla Parade in Tampa? It is a huge event held in Tampa at the end of January, beginning of February. The city is invaded by pirate Krewes and their ships by way of Tampa Bay. After the mayor hands over the key to the city the pirate krewes stage a big parade and throw out colored beaded necklaces to the crowd. It’s been going on since 1904 I believe.

    1. Hi Rose Marie, I never heard of it. Sounds like a lot of fun.

      Piratesorka, looks like you may need to take a trip to Florida so you can see your mateys.

      1. Arrrr a cruise out to the balmy Florida coast sounds Like a must do!
        I happen to be a pirate of the Pacific Northwest.

      2. Pirate, you will not believe this but this weekend was Pirate Fest in Boynton Beach, FL. Didn’t hear about it until too late. They had a parade and all. Thought I saw you on top of the large ship float! Hey?

  21. After spending considerable time reading all your comments….me thinks somebody has already been in the rum!! Kidding of course….I lovethis! …..♡♡♡

  22. I might have rum in the house, but I only use it for baking! Cough,Cough
    Do I hear snickering? I’m sure I hear snickering. Me think’s it’s coming from the Florida and Texas area!

  23. Well Leelee, I have’nt heard of any international incident’s in Italy in the last week, so I guess Jane has been able to keep Marie under control, Yeah right!😊🇨🇮🇺🇸

    1. Sit tight, Jill. It’s only been 5 days. They haven’t hit the towns of Montepagano, Naro, and Marsala yet.

      1. I hope she will remember to ask Nina if Buddy is alright. We have’nt seen anything about him for a long time.
        I bet they get to meet some of the parent’s while they are in Sicily and Montepagano

      2. Jill I saw a post somewhere that Ignazio was asked about Buddy and he told them that Buddy became a dad.

      3. Buddy made Ignazio a Grandpa?!! So sweet, little Buddy has been a Busy Boy! And to think that Jill and I have been WORRYING about him!! Gosh! I wish I could adopt one of Buddy’s pups. I wonder who the lucky Girl is! (Ignazio’s her father-in-law!). 😂😄😂

      4. Hail! Penina, You didn’t do anything! 😊 It’s just that I apparently misunderstood you because I thought you were, possibly, referring to my comment wherein I anthropomorphized the female dog by calling her “a lucky Girl” & that she is now Ignazio’s daughter -in – law!! So, I thought that maybe you thought it (or I) was really weird or kinky or something!! 😂. This is an example of why I say that I’m really not cut – out for commenting; I get into trouble sometimes!! 😂😅😂

      5. I did not think you were being weird. What got me was the thought of Ignazio being a father-in-law! Poor guy, we have married him off, gave him a family, aged him and the family enough so he is a father in law and he is barely 22!
        (The idea of him being a father in law just took my breath away for a minute–who wouldn’t want him as a father in law???!)

      6. That’s a relief! 😅 Gosh! You’re right, Penina: it IS” breath-taking ” to imagine having Ignazio for a father- in-law! The ” Poor guy” is right, now that you mention it! 😂

    1. Jill, can you believe it?? I just wrote (above) the same, darn thing you said!! I was so shocked I didn’t even see your comment here! This sure is a relief, isn’t it?! We’ve been concerned about the lad for a long time and here he was out carousing!! That is hilarious and for some reason it makes me laugh also because he’s Ignazio’s dog!!

  24. At one time I would have said like father (Igna) like son (Buddy) but since Alessandra is in the picture I think Ignazio is on his best behavior. I don’t believe he ever caroused anyway.
    Does this make us all great-great-grandmothers to Buddy’s family? The funny thing is, the lady who asked Ignazio about Buddy thought Igna said Buddy was “dead” with his Italian accent but he said he meant ” a Dad”. I hope this is a true story because you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet. Maybe Marie, Jane and Daniella can check on Buddy while they are there. Have a good day everyone.

    1. Thanks for the reminder, Rose Marie, about that you can’t believe everything you read on Internet! You hit the nail on the head that if Ignazio didn’t have a girlfriend, you would have said “Like father like son” – THAT’s the reason I couldn’t figure out that was making me laugh even more! So thanks!😂

  25. I just watched the boys live on Show Score and they answered Lydka’s question. They gave a big thank you to all Ilvolovers and especially to the FIIGHT CREW!!!

  26. ARRR with a goodly mention from our handsome raggazzi’s Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio, I do believe The Flight CREW be infamous!!!. We be Known to all four corners of the world! To know us is to tremble with ENVY! To be one of us faithful and true mates, is to have grand fun!

  27. You go pirate! We be infamous? I like that! We do have grand fun. Two lasses that be our leaders are scouring Italy as we speak, trying to find three rascally chaps to join our crew. A certain parrot by the name of Igor, just tweeted( get it? Parrot, bird, tweet)that these aforementioned rascal’s are in New York City. Our Pirate need’s to sail those lasses to N.Y.C. before the rascal’s escape their clutches again.

  28. Has anyone received and played the PBS DVD yet? I have received the Italian one, and all the comments by the guys and Placido are in Italian, as you would expect. However, I remember seeing somewhere a clip of Gianluca introducing O Sole Mio in English saying it was the song that launched their careers. I want to know if all the comments on the PBS video are in English with all the Italian ones edited out.
    I am very curious as to the differences between the two DVDs!

      1. I also wonder if the extras at the end have English subtitles or if the interviews are different and in English because the Italian version is all Italian (as you would expect it to be!).

  29. Rose Marie, I am also wondering if the Christmas songs are on the PBS DVD. If they are looking to release the US one for holiday shopping it makes sense to me that those two songs would be on the DVD as well as on the CD–but maybe I am just being too hopeful!

  30. Just one more comment….I read the playlist for the dvd and Ave Maria and Adeste Fidelis were not on it! THEY are on the cd, however! Am waiting anxiously for my Deluxe Edition! Supposed to be here in November! NOW this is (hopefully) the English version….but they can speak in Italian all they want….just so long as they sing!!! Thanks all….I’m loving this entertaining, informative (?) site!! <3 <3 <3

    1. Hi Dorothy – That is one thing the Flight Crew is and that is entertaining and informative. Have fun!

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