~ Young-ish ~


The Way That I See Time.

What you see isn’t really me, look closer and you’ll find, 
A face that’s 20
And unlined.

Gaze with your heart and not your eyes, 
To truly see
Where beauty lies.

Beneath this shell, If truth be told,
Is the breath of youth,
In a soul that’s old.

Know that love, indeed, is blind,
‘Cause here inside
I’m in my prime.

See me and not my many folds. 
I’ve been around,
God only knows.

Deep in my heart you’ll see the glow.
Young love lives here.
And now you know.


“If you could only read my mind
and understand the way that I see time.”  

The Best Day of my Life 

39 thoughts on “~ Young-ish ~”

  1. Marie these are beautiful words that expresses a great truth !
    I wish you so much fulfilling all your georgeous dreams and desires !

      1. Marie. What. A. Lovely. Song. The. Ilvolo. Guys. Sing. It. So. Beautifully. Gracia

  2. Marie what a beautiful and gentle poem! So true!!
    I have just listened to this great song again and I just love how Gianluca hums in the beginning of the song.

  3. Marie, you’ve made me cry…in a good way! This is so beautiful! And you know what? I think they do read our minds and understand how we see them and time! THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR BEAUTIFUL THOUGHTS! ♡♡♡

  4. Great poem, Marie. Those of us who are “old-ish” feel “young-ish” especially since following ilvolo . Hope I get to see you soon. LOL

      1. Ha,ha, I can just visualize the two of you. Wish I was there to join you. How these last 7 months have flown! Great memories!

  5. Thank you Marie. I have sent this on to a friend who is ill in UK( we have known each other for over 40 years). I am sure she will enjoy as she loves Il Volo also.

  6. Marie, That’s is exactly what I feel as I’m sitting here looking out from inside this 77 year old woman that is me. God love you and the young men of Il Volo. I’m looking forward to seeing Crew members at some of the concerts. I still have my badge from Last March.

  7. This is just lovely Marie! I hope and pray to keep feeling the same way for as long as possible. Have a wonderful trip!

  8. Marie, every time I discover a new side of your character, but despite the many facets ……. inside beats a young heart.
    How many other sides I have to find out before you know personally?

  9. Marie, I bet that after your trip you will be so young again. Especially seeing the places where our boys live and play. Waiting for pics of our Italy. Joanie G

  10. Thank you for this amazing and oh so true poem Marie !! Our beautiful and endearing young men have made our hearts, regardless of our ages, come alive and feel emotions many of us have not felt in a very long time ….and I like it ALOT !!!!!

  11. Marie, you sure have a wonderful way with words! It’s like you know exactly how I feel, but I can’t put the words on paper to express myself! You have a gift! ❤️.

  12. Marie, such beautiful words! The search for the the fountain of of youth has always been and will be the search for the impossible. Except when your not looking for it will find you. Ladies of Il Volo flight crew because of your devotion and unconditional love of Ginaluca, Perio, and Ignazio
    has given all of you one of the treasures of life that no one could ever take away. There is no magic formula, skin cream or pharmaceutical that came put smile on your face, a rose on your cheeks and that special beat in your heart. Il Volo’s beautiful voices, good looks, and love of family has given you love, excitement and joy. You ladies are younger, prettier , happier and are better wife’s, mothers and grandmothers. It’s a extraordinary win win for all. I’m so happy and proud to be a small part of your special Happiness! Yes Il Volo is very special and so are all of you.

    1. Such a lovely thing to write! I have always felt that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are a beautiful gift to us from God.

    2. Your thoughts are wonderful, Vincent; very appreciated by women and especially because they are being sent from a man! Wow. Thank You.

  13. Yes Marie you guys found it in a big way, God Bless you all and the three singing Angels that give us all so much love back!

  14. Marie, Your poem is SO beautiful. All women ( and the intelligent, enlightened men) know the truth of what you so perfectly expressed here. ( You brought tears to my eyes, too). It isn’t a coincidence that SO MANY women over the age of thirty love Il Volo, mightily. For one thing, I think that most women highly value INNER beauty above external beauty. I think that most women quickly seek beyond the initial magnetism of physical beauty alone – which we all know is as fleeting as a summer wildflower. Those three men, though young, have a mature, internal beauty that women are drawn to and they possess the ability to express it, sincerely, honestly, beautifully – out into the world. Just because clocks and calendars mark the passage of time and of our lives does not mean that our souls are governed and limited by time; The people (men included) of Il Volo Flight Crew, alone, are proof that our souls, our spirits are not subject to the physical measuring and changes of ‘Time’ here on Earth. (Sorry if I sound didactic. Don’t know how else to put it right now). 🙂

    1. One more thing: Because Il Volo began so young and came to our attention then, I think that many of us also feel protective of them which is a powerful emotion, whether one actually has kids or not and even though they are not ours. We, quite naturally, want them to do well in life, worry about them at times, etc. The combination of several things about them makes them unique. They are different. They’re not people that so many of us around the world can just ‘forget about’ in a casual way.

    2. Beautifully said, Laura! Thank you for explaining so clearly exactly why my poem was necessary. (Wish I had thought of the line, “as fleeting as a summer wildflower”. I certainly would have used it.)

      Of course we feel protective toward men who once were our dimpled babies. Afterall, I was the one who confessed to killing Delilah. How much more protective can you get?

      1. I Thank You very much, Marie. Please feel free to use my line anytime and anywhere you want! NO copyright-infringement, I promise!:) I like Your description: “our dimpled babies”. You have the gift of a Poet and the gift of humorous self-expression; let me tell you. You make everyone laugh a lot and often! (Are you, perchance, a Gemini ??.:) As for the protectiveness which so many women, especially, feel towards those special young men, I would have to nominate YOU as the FIERCEST MAMA LION of us ALL!! (Especially as concerns ONE of “our Dimpled Babes” er…I mean “Babies”). We love you, Mama Marie!

  15. Thank you very much, Laura. You are way too sweet. This entire Crew (you for sure) are fierce when it comes to protecting our Guys.

    Btw, I missed being a Gemeni by 9 days.

    Mama M

  16. Hi Marie, I am late to this party. But all I have to say is “The Queen of Poetry” is still alive & well, & composing her best. I bet you will be full of beautiful images & words to write about when you get back from Italy (I am envious-I wish I were going with you, too). Who’d have thought that the fountain of youth would flow with beautiful music & not life-giving water? Who’d have thought that the fountain of youth resided in 3 handsome young men with the voices of angels? And all these years, I’ve been slathering cream all over my face every night! Well, I still use the cream, but now I let IL VOLO sing me to sleep at night, too.

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