Eurovision 2015 ~ One Year has Passed ~ Lydka

Time flies so quickly. Sometimes I feel like it was just yesterday. After Eurovision boys have experienced a lot of success, such as the Italian summer tour, released new album in three versions, appeared in a number of show programs, and this year perform around the world…

So a little small remembrance of Eurovision. What I wrote before the contest….

My winner is Il Volo, have beautiful voices, they are making the kind of music that I love, in my opinion, these three boys are the best and should win.

I wish them good luck in the final ! 🙂 For me, they are winners, beautiful song, beautiful voices and especially I feel that when they sing, so sing their souls and always put into singing their whole heart and pure emotions. Their music and singing are able to reach, caress people’s hearts and evoke different feelings and strong emotions. For example, my mom, when she listens to their songs, she cries and I have goosebumps from their singing. When sounds Grande Amore, so I imagine how our Earth is all coated with a vibrating red heart full of love that spreads to all sides and above our Earth are placed a protective angel wings.  Music can also create visual sensations in our minds. 🙂 All-embracing love is the eternal essence of life and light that leads our souls on the way of goodness and beauty. I wish to the group Il Volo a lot of success in their future career, many good songs :-), fulfillment of all their dreams and especially, to stay still modest, kind, humble and gentle people with a heart in the right place. 🙂

#AskEurovision for Il Volo
What do you expect from Eurovision? Do you think it will move your career in an interesting way?

<3 <3 <3

Simplicity is beauty, good singers with beautiful voices and with beautiful emotional song need no lavish show.  Music should be perceived primarily through the ears, soul and heart.   In today’s world many singers are not real artists, they make music only as a business, they are only ”money makers”,  sing often on playback and they have huge and extravagant shows, but forget on the most important things, which are beautiful songs, beautiful voice and singing, and emotions that the singer puts into his performance. These things can make from them great real artists, not just dancing “mouth openers”, because the music is the mission and expression of love of life, nature, people..,  mediation of emotions.  There is no old music, only good and bad music.:-) It is not important whether singer is handsome or not, but important is his voice, his love of singing and music, his passion and joy that he gives into songs, humility, modesty, and mainly charisma and spark in the way of communication through his music.  Il Volo music has divine power. 🙂 Carla, one of Il Volo fan, wrote :  “This is the greatness of the real art: to transform human into divine!”, I agree with her, we have the same feelings, when we listen to Il Volo, they are really great ARTISTS . 🙂 Buona fortuna, ragazzi ! For me, you are winners, no matter at what place you end up in the finals. Let Grande amore prevail !♡❤❦

I wrote after Eurovision:

Il Volo demonstrated outstanding performance! They won the hearts of people across Europe and this is the most important! The whole evening I was looking forward to Il Volo, their performance was the highlight of the evening, a fantastic experience, for me THEY ARE THE BEST AND MY WINNERS!  I believe that they will take from this show only positive things and good memories I think that Eurovision was a good experience for them, gained many new fans in Europe and introduced people to their beautiful music, I believe that their career will be successful.

Televoting winners are Italians, so in fact they are the real winners, because people chose them and Grande Amore triumphed ! <3

So now Eurovision is the past and in front of Il Volo are many new challenges, events, concerts, and achievements and let us hope that also many successful years. 🙂 What does the future hold? Who knows ?…But let’s be always  patient, optimistic, supportive, loving and loyal fans. :-).   I believe that their stars will shine brightly and clearly on the musical heaven forever !  <3


Memories in photos:

a euro 1

VIENNA, AUSTRIA - MAY 17: Gianluca Ginoble, Ignazio Boschetto and Piero Barone of Italy pose prior to a meet and greet with the press ahead of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 on May 17, 2015 in Vienna, Austria. (Photo by Nigel Treblin/Getty Images)
VIENNA, AUSTRIA – MAY 17: Gianluca Ginoble, Ignazio Boschetto and Piero Barone of Italy pose prior to a meet and greet with the press ahead of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 on May 17, 2015 in Vienna, Austria. (Photo by Nigel Treblin/Getty Images)

a euro 3a euro 7
a euro 6
a euro 8

a euro 9
a euro 10
a euro 11
a euro 12~~End~~

29 thoughts on “Eurovision 2015 ~ One Year has Passed ~ Lydka”

  1. Lydka thanks for your postings. You put your heart in everything you write regarding the boys.
    I just “peeked” in this year and felt Eurovision was not the same and lacked the great excitement of last year’.

    1. Thanks, Gina. 🙂 Yes, Eurovision this year was from my point of view boring, and songs indifferent to me.

  2. Lydka, great post! I loved this trip down memory lane and your beautiful thoughts with it. I will never forget how stunning they looked and sang that night…they were shining brighter than the brightest star!
    Gina, I took a look also and it just wasn’t the same. I know what you mean.

    1. Thank you, Jane. I also <3 their Grande Amore performance on Eurovision final, for me it is the best music video. 🙂 The whole evening I was looking forward to when they come to stage,they shined really as diamonds.

  3. Lydka, thanks for the memories. I agree that this year was not nearly as exciting as last, but then our boys were not there to create and impart their special “magic”. Nobody on the music stage at present can compare.!!

      1. Marie, you need THREE exclamation marks, not two. Like this !!!:) !!!
        Just sayin”

  4. Wonderful, Lydka!!! There are no other singers even close to our precious guys!!! They will continue this Flight & we will travel with them enjoying the love & beauty that surrounds Il Volo always!!!

    1. Thanks, Anne. Without dreams, we cannot dream,but with the desire of the heart, we can live forever ! We are small pieces of one big entity , we are close to the stars,we can fly to them….Life is a never-ending quest for the essence of our soul and one great adventure. 🙂 It’s nice to include this beautiful music to our lives.

  5. Thanks Lydka for your post. We all feel the same and that is that there are no singers to compare with our boys. They will always be boys to me since we have been with them all along the way, Onward and upward for them. Joanie G

    1. Thank you, Joan. Age is a matter of the body, the soul is forever young ! 🙂 Now they are adults, but I think that still boys in the heart. 😉

  6. I agree with what Lydka & everyone else has said. There are no other singers or performers who have the voices, style & quality of songs & looks & open hearts that il Volo have. They have added their voices, style & heart to our world & have made it a better place. We are the winners. Viva Il Volo.

      1. Your welcome Lydka but you are far supperiar (if I have spelled that right) to the written word than I which is amazing you write in english.

  7. Díky Lydko a Marie,opět jste pro nás připravily mnoho krásných fotografií,vzpomínek a písniček.
    Možná že i tobě se splní jednou sen budeš slyšet od tvého milovaného Piera to roztomilé “ČAU LYDKO” osobně,nebo ti jednoho dne příjde psaníčko s jeho fotografií a věnováním.Vím,že je to tvé tajné přání,i když máš ráda i G a I.Moc bych ti to přála,i tvou zásluhou jsme dostávali mnoho informací po celou dobu turné.Vím že i kdyby chlapci pořádali někdy koncert na Slovensku,asi by to bylo pro tebe nedostupné stejně jako pro mě.Je pro nás velké štěstí,že vše můžeme sledovat na internetu a poznaly jsme i mnoho vzácných a zajímavých lidí,kteří jsou a budou “věčně mladí” – jak jsi správně vysvětlila.A k těmto lidem patří rozhodně i Marie a její krásné tetování i značka auta.Přeju ti hodně dalších námětů a zdravím všechny prima lidi,kteří píší každý den veselé a hezké komentáře.

    1. Zdenka, ďakujem za Tvoje úprimné slová a milé želanie ! 🙂 Ak by bol niekedy v budúcnosti koncert na Slovensku, tak by som naň pravdepodobne išla ! 🙂 Autogramy by som chcela od všetkých troch, ale držím sa pri zemi. V minulosti som zažila sklamanie ohľadom…. ale to ti neskôr napíšem súkromne. Ja som tiež rada, že som spoznala mnoho skvelých priateľských ľudí a na veku naozaj nezáleží ! 🙂
      Srdečne Ťa pozdravujem ! Pekný večer prajem, kamoška ! 🙂

      Zdenka, thank you for your kind words and sincere wishes! 🙂 If once in the future will be concert in Slovakia, I would probably go on it! 🙂 I would like to get autographs from all three,but I’m a realist and I am keeping a modest thinking. In the past I experienced disappointment about …. but I will write to you later in private. I am also glad that I met many wonderful friendly people and on age really does not matter! 🙂 I warmly greet you ! Have nice evening, friend ! 🙂

  8. What a lovely post you wrote on the one year anniversary of IL Volo at Eurovision they were so fantastic that whole week and we all know the judges got it all wrong but the people knew who the real winners were and we all certainly agreed. IL Volo are just head and shoulders above anybody else out there. The are simply incredible in everything they do. I love them and know their success will continue to grow through the years.

    1. Thanks ! Certainly many achievements are before them, they are young, talented, hardworking,great musicians … the future belongs to those who follow their heart and I think that they do it. 🙂

  9. Thanks Lydka, for bringing back the love and excitement of Eurovision 2015. I agree with very word you wrote. Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio, you are simply the best in the world!!!

    1. Allene, Eurovision 2015 was interesting and great show thanks to the participation of Il Volo. 🙂 They did it so special and thrilling. Regarding the number of songs that I liked, strong year was 2009, from this Eurovision I have 2-CD.

  10. Thank you so much Lydka for bringing our thoughts and hearts back to Eurovision 2015. What you wrote before they performed and after was so lovely and so true. And how wonderful that they picked your question to respond to, and it was a very good question as they themselves said. It was such an exciting time for them and us and looking back at the videos, I still find it hard to believe they didn’t win. No one even came close to their amazing song and performance. The audience loved them and obviously those watching on tv and voting loved them also. I almost feel that so many people wanting them to win were so disappointed that it helped make them even more popular and loved. You write so beautifully Lydka and always from your heart!

    1. Margaret,sincere thanks for your words.Sometimes I cannot believe that it is one year , because I feel as if it was only recently. 🙂 I was very surprised that from so many questions, ( I think, boys had the most of the all questions of all singers in the competition) they chose me, I was very lucky. Yes,many viewers were disappointed from the result, therefore, this year, little changed the voting method, but this year again didn’t win singer who won televoting.This competition, unfortunately, is not about the voices and opinions of people. A small group of people in the juries decide about the winner, it’s all about politics. Politics does not belong to music and art. But today’s world is often unfair.But time will tell who becomes a star in the music world and who will be forgotten. The real quality and talent are able to enforce in music world. I do not worry about the boys, they will not be lost. They have their place between music stars and deserve all successes. 🙂
      Wishing you all the best. Have a nice day ! 🙂

    2. Margaret,
      the real reason why the boys did not win the Eurovision 2015 even though they were the best and with great superiority was another.
      l will try to explain the reason / all been published in the European press/.Italy = member state of European Union and is a state that ranks among the economically weaker.For that reason it was already in advance ” the experts ” chosen to become a strong and stable economy and the choice fell on Sweden.Italy would have been able to organize the Eurovision 2016 at the high level / =great financial expenses /.
      Several countries in Europe contributing to this competition every year,among then Sweden too.Does not matter only music and performances from singers.
      l would like to expain the situation in Europe about what the USA perhaps not know.Italy are many months greatly affected by the barrage of immigrants who daily entry for boats.Italians rescued from sea 900 peoples in one day!All these people are obliged to provide food,clothing and so on.Most is disability Sicily and residentsof the area by the sea.It is one of the reasons for the current ecnomic situation of Italy.
      l added to explain the reason why our dear boys did not gain a victory that belonged positively.Perhaps you understand me apology imperfect english.
      Honestly greetings z.

      1. Thank you Zdena for your explanation and your English is very good. I do realize that Italy and Sicily are receiving many immigrants and can see how it has been difficult to take care of them. The weakened economy could be one of the reasons Il Volo did not win which is not what the contest should be about. It should be based on the best song and performance which most people feel was “Grande Amore” sung by Piero, Ignazi and Gianluca. I do believe, as I previously wrote, that it may have even worked to their advantage since so many people thought they should have won, and they are now anxious to see and hear them. Greetings to you also!

  11. a few thoughts I would like to share: Last year’s Eurovision had Il Volo in 3rd place BUT the 1st and 2nd place winners were solos – not groups.
    If they had two divisions – one for solos and one for groups Il Volo would have won. There’s a change to be made and that is the way the Grammy show is done.

    They could enter again but they would have to win the San Remo a second time to even get into the Eurovision a second time. You have to be the official winner from your country to get into the Eurovision. I have no doubt they could do it but as it did last time, it takes a lot of time off of your schedule.

    I would really like to see them win the mainstream GRAMMY awards for best title song, best album, best group and best producer. This was a dream of theirs a long time ago and so far they have been nominated for Latin Grammy but no win. It is time for mainstream AMERICAN GRAMMY.

  12. The winner of the Sanremo has reserved the right to represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest, but has the option of refusal to go to the competition. This year after the resignation of the winners , this right has been assigned by RAI to Francesca Michielin, she was second, with the song Nessun grado di separazione. So Il Volo can again win Sanremo in the future,but they will not have to go to the Eurovision , if they do not want. Grammy is something absolutely different as Eurovision,we can’t compare it ! I believe that boys will win Grammy awards in the future, they deserve it. 🙂 Boys want to go to Vina del Mar festival in Chile (maybe February 2017 ? ).

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