Here’s What’s Flashing Back This Friday

Eurovision 2016 is over.  We hardly knew it was happening.  Remember last year?  We were eagerly watching every moment!  We held our breaths!  They were great!  We were proud!  

We saw a video of their performance yesterday.  Here is  a compilation, you’ll enjoy!


Remember  Sanremo?

Will we ever forget this?

This one just because I love it!

Have a safe and happy Il Volo weekend!



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  1. I still get emotional when I watch them, even after seeing these clips soooo many times. What a nice morning wake up. Thank you.

    1. It was the concert at the Arena of Verona on 21 September 2015 and it was broadcast on RAI 1 on 23 September 2015. I think that the whole concert is still available on RaiPlayer. I will look for a link. The guys will be singing on 1 July 2016 at the Piazza Santa Croce, Firenze (Holy Cross Square, Florence) in Una Notte Magica (a magical night). The will be paying tribute to the Three Tenors (Placido Domingo, José Carreras and the late Luciano Pavarotti) who performed in concert as part of the celebrations for the Football (Soccer) World Cup in 1990 (Italia ’90). Placido Domingo will sing some songs with them and will conduct the orchestra for some others. In addition, the guys will perform again at the Arena of Verona on 4 July 2016. Furthermore, they will perform at the London Palladium on 3 June 2016 – their first real concert in England. My wife and I have tickets and are counting down the days. Sorry to all of you in the USA, but it is Europe’s turn for the next couple of months. We have waited a long time! I am sure that they will be back in the USA before too long. Love and hugs to all of the Flight Crew!

      1. Sorry. I just checked and the concert is only available for streaming to a computer in Italy. However, many of the individual songs are available on You Tube. Look for Laura Sings for many of them.

      2. How lucky you are! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Is this the first time in England for them. I will be in London in June but unfortunately later in the month. The concert with Placido is a dream come true for the young men of Il Volo. Ciao

      3. Thank you Bernard for the information. You’re right.. It’s your turn. I know you will not be disappointed!! Can’t help but be a little jealous though. Let us know how wonderful it was. You lucky dog!

      4. It will not be il Volo’s first visit to London. They recorded some of their debut album at the famous Abbey Road studios where the Beatles used to record! They were here at Christmas 2011, I think, and sang on the Jonathan Ross show as his “House Band” for the evening. However, Ross has such a big ego that he smothered the boys (they were still only 16 or 17) and they could not perform in their natural manner – at least not as I knew them from RAI programmes. They have also visited London as “tourists” but they have never before performed in a scheduled concert – to the best of my knowledge. My wife and I have seen them perform “live” countless times on Italian television. However, experiencing their voices in the same building will be a “first” for us. As my wife is from Naples, we adore the neapolitan songs like Surrender, o’ Sole Mio, o’ Paese d’o sole and Igna’s tributes to Pino Daniele. I adore the Spanish songs like “No puede ser” (Placido Domingo’s party piece), Granada and not forgetting Aranguez. Gianluca is the new Elvis Presley, in my eyes. No impersonator can deliver Presley’s songs in any way that comes close to “Can’t help falling in love” by Gian. As for Sinatra covers, is there any performance of “My way” to better Gian and Piero’s duet – apart from Ole Blue Eyes, himself? And don’t let me finish without paying tribute to Igna’s voice and comedy. If there is a better lyric tenor around right now, I have not heard him. He lights up any room and he is a master of the wisecrack and witty repartee – but Piero is not far behind him! Am I excited at the prospect of the London concert? As you americans say, “Go figure!”

      5. Bernard,
        I have friends in England that been waiting for Il Volo for a long time. We had a great tour here in the USA and you deserve to share that experience this summer. Eager to hear about it afterwards.

  2. Thank you, Marie!!! I always get chills & goose bumps, then a few tears! So many beautiful memories our precious Boys have given us!!! We Are Love—-Grande Amore

    1. Marie, I watched Eurovision 2016. In our hearts we know IL VOLO came out on top last year. They are still #1 with the America. I can’t wait for the next CD or DVD..
      Alice in Florida

  3. Thanks Marie for these great videos. Sanremo certainly got it right! Loved seeing how happy they were and what a difference it has made in their careers. They give so much of themselves when they sing and perform. I don’t believe anyone comes close to Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. I love seeing their expressions when they finished singing at Eurovison and the reaction of the audience. They totally knocked it out of the park!

  4. I just won someone else over to the IL VOLO side. I was talking with my retirement fund advisor and I told him about going by myself to San Deigo for a concert. He wanted to know more so I launched into my IL VOLO spiel. Then he said the magic words “ooooo I’d like to know more!” I ended up telling him about them wining Sanremo and how they almost won Eurovision. I got him hooked, line and sinker!
    And thats how its done! Thank you Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero!

    1. I’ve been going to my family doctor for many years and talk about our Boys all the time. The last time I had just come back from Vegas. When I went to check out and just leaving the office, he came running out and said, how do you spell that – il Divo? Nope, I said – il V o l o!!!! I can’t wait to hear what he thought after he checked them out.

  5. HI Maria great post today the only thing I didn’t like about Eurovision last year was you guessed it they didn’t win with the judges It still gets to me but whatever they are still the best there is and the video fo them singing Ancora oh my one of my favorite songs they sing. Gives me goosebumps every time I play it I never get tired of hearing or watching IL Volo sing it on videos.

  6. Bernard, you and your wife are in for a real treat. These guys
    will give you comedy, thrill your hearts an bring tears to your eyes
    with their beautiful music. Write again after you hear them in
    person. I hope you do a M&G with them too.

  7. I know a young admirer of Il Voloo. My grandson who is 6 was asked by his father the other day which car did he want to ride in, his or “Nannys”. Quickly came the reply Nanny’s because “I like the music she has playing , and I sing along.” Well you know of course the only music I play in my car is Il Volo !!!! So, thank you guys for making my little grandson happy, and me too !!!!
    He especially likes Volare and Delilah.

  8. Some of my more favorite songs of this past year were from the San Remo Album like “Romantica” . I wish they would have included a couple of those on the tour. Trouble is that if they did my favorites the concert would be FIVE HOURS LONG !

    1. Hello Myron, I can’t wait for their next CD to come out so I can add to my list of favorites. When I listen to their CD’ s now, the song I’m listening to is my “favorite” then the next one starts and that one becomes my favorite and so on and so on. I can’t decide on just one. The next concert series will just have to be sleepovers, to squeeze them all in. Their songs I mean. Marie probably is thinking something else.

    2. I totally agree. Every song on their SanRemo album is great and besides Grande Amore, my favorites are Vacanze Romane, Romantica and Ancora. I do realize that if they did all of our favorities, the concerts would be very long!

    3. I agree Myron. I was hoping for Romantica, and Ancora and Core N’Grato. Even Ci
      Saro or L’Amore Si Muove. They didn’t sing any of them. Somehow they seem to think that they have to sing mostly English songs when they tour the states. Someone should clue them in that we like the Italian ones too!

  9. Marie, thank god your still there! My iPhone went down for four day’s! I had Il Volo and flight crew withdrawals! I was shaking all over. My doctor told me to take two Il Volo’s,and call him in the morning.
    What a dilemma. One Il Volo would be Ignazio( sorry)
    but how can you pick between Piero and Gian?
    Anyway, I’m much better now.
    Rose Marie you are a naughty girl!

    What a dilemma

  10. Thanks for these wondfreful memories Marie !! I DVR’d the first time that they sang Grande Amore in Sanremo and I still have it on my TV !! It was on February 11th which was Gianlucas’s 20th birthday. It was an exciting and emotional day for them all but especially Gianluca. After they sang Grande Amore they got a standing ovation that was totally unexpected and he was overcome with emotion and I got emotional right along with him and I still do every time I watch it !! I knew at that moment that they would win and they did !! Then came Eurovision !! I was in Sicily in Taormina with Deborah and Madeline for the Eurovision finale. We watched it live in the the lobby of our hotel until after 12am !! It was very exciting to see but also disappointing when the boys came in third instead of first place . Of course now we know that by winning the popular vote they really were the winners !! They gained a lot of recognition in Europe and tonight they are starting the European leg of their World Tour in Madrid !!! Good luck guys !! They will love you !!!

  11. I just saw the date (May). Well, I know I have missed so much joy-luscious blogs and sharing.

    So, here I am in July, saying thank you, Marie!! I loved re-visiting these videos, and I had never seen This video of Ancora. Awesome in every way! Thank you so much!

    Love and hugs to all our friends out there,

    1. And can you believe how young Piero looked in Sanremo? That was only 18 months ago. Boggles my mind. How quickly they are transforming in every way!
      ~ Jeanine

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