Personally Speaking~How Sweet It Is~Mary Bohling

Lots of words could be used to describe the faces of the men of Il Volo...strong, masculine, sexy, handsome, expressive.  But the one that so often comes to my mind is SWEET.  Now they might not appreciate that one.  They would probably prefer one that is more macho.  But to me it is the greatest compliment.  SWEET imbibes tender, caring, trustworthy…someone you would like to know…invites closeness and trust.

Now I know that they aren’t always sweet.  They are human.  They have their times of not-so-sweet emotions, but the point is that when they do look SWEET, it’s the SWEETEST  ever.

When do they show that expression?

With parents and grandparents…



With fans and children


Think of Ignazio with the puppy kiss…how SWEET was that?  And when the little girl sang Volare with them, bringing GG to tears with his sweetness?  Piero touching his heart as he gazed at the audience after a standing ovation?

There are probably dozens of examples of their SWEET expressions, but you get it…they give new meaning to SWEET.  And don’t confuse SWEET with “namby-pamby.”  It takes a strong man to be comfortable with SWEET.  It says, “I am confident enough in my masculinity that I can show a softer side.”






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  1. New definition for “sweet” in my dictionary – Ignazio, Piero, Gianluca. Thank you for your sweet thoughts Mary🌹

  2. Namath, you are absolutely correct. Our guys are so sweet. They are not stuffy like some artist once they have achieved stardom. IL VOLO is the nicest, kindest, handsomest, sweetest, most talented most humble (running out of adjectives) men in the whole world. I just love them. Have a great weekend everyone.

  3. Thank you so much! This just brightened my morning! 🙂 Our three angels <3

  4. You’ve all said it right!! They were so sweet to this old lady that she wanted to pack them up and take the home!! Sweeties they are, and I hope they never change!!♡♡♡

  5. Mary you always say the right things. “How sweet it is” wasn’t that the line of Jackie Gleason? It fits our boys perfectlyJoanie G

  6. Mary everything you said is so true!!! A perfect example of their sweetness was during the Las Vegas Fan Fair!!! They were so nice to all of their fans!! Gianluca gave me a hug took another selfie with me and called me beautiful!!! I asked Piero for a selfie and he smiled and nodded!!! Ignazio told me to come towards him and he was just hugging me!!! At the casino Gianluca stopped talking on the phone to take a picture of me!!! These guys are probably the sweetest guys I have ever met!!! Thank You Il Volo for everything that you do for your fans!!!!! We appreciate everything that you do!!!!! ❤️😍

  7. Sweet seems to be a term that many American men try to avoid. Its all about macho for them. Look tough, act tough. Sweet is a weakness! But sweet is something that comes natural to Ignazio,Gianluca and Piero. NO one questions their masculinity ! Every time I see those three interact with a child I could turn to butter.. I bet all three wiill be wonderful fathers and while I know I won’t live to see this, I am sure all three will become magnificent Nonnos! Sweet is a vital part of them. Thanks Mary!

  8. I dearly love our three sweet boys, Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio! And they are most certainly macho to the nth degree. Thanks Mary, for a wonderful article.

  9. Not all but a good many young people are very into themselves these days and not tuned into those those around them. But not our three sweeties !! Whether they are interacting with adoring fans of all ages or at home with their beautiful families they are always the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful and respectful young men on the planet !! To know them is to love them … and we do !!!

  10. So true Mary and you can see it especially when they are with children, their parents, siblings and their grandparents. It is also lovely to see them hug and kiss each other, rest their head on Piero’s shoulder or see Piero pat their leg or touch their cheek. They are incredibly sweet, warm and tender!

  11. Maya Angelou said:” The desire to reach for the stars is ambitious. The desire to reach hearts is wise. ” or ” I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people. ” and also “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. ” I think these quotes are suitable to boys. 🙂 When life is sweet, say thank you and celebrate and when life is bitter, say thank you and grow. Il Volo music is sometimes a ray of sunshine in the world that is sometimes grey.The magic of their company, will brighten up the day. Music have guided me through bad times,wiped away my tears and brought me so much joy as life goes through the years. It warms my heart to know that exist people with such sweet souls and hearts in today’s world. My one wish for them, God’s blessing in everything they do.It’s nice to have someone in life who can make you smile even when is not close to you. I have read and I like it : Love makes our friends a little dearer. Joy makes our hearts a little lighter. Faith makes our path a little clearer. Hope makes our lives a little brighter. Peace brings us all a little closer. <3

    1. Lydka, this is so beautiful. You have a beautiful way with words and your thoughts are always so deep and meaningful.

      1. Jane, thanks for your words ! I was as a child very thoughtful, people said intelligent and very serious, philosophizing about many themes. 🙂 Introvert with a sensitive soul and with a sense of justice, truth, honesty…Many said that I was a peculiar child with own inner world,great imagination,child closed in on itself and less communicative but I have to say that between my family I was very chatty :-D, only in front of strangers, I was shy and quiet, but I always love to express myself in writing. 🙂 Have a nice day ! Greetings to you ! L

    2. This is just so beautiful Lydka. It is so wise and so true and something to remember. Thank you so much for sharing what Maya Angelou said and also your thoughts. You really express yourself in a wonderful and meaningful way!

      1. Margaret,
        thank you, wise thoughts should never be lost in the vastness of time.

  12. That was truly beautiful, Lydka!

    Mary, thank you for always starting a wonderful bunch of comments like these have been. It’s because it is from your heart to ours.

  13. Dear Mary you are so awesome you share the most beautiful thoughts, Makes me smile just thinking about our guys and how sweet they are.

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