Il Volo Professional ~~ Il Volo to Appear on X-Factor Brazil

All the professional dealings of Il Volo
All the professional dealings of Il Volo


X Factor Brasil with Il Volo will be recorded on October 31 and will air on November 7


Article: Jota Quest e trio italiano Il Volo vão cantar no “X Factor Brasil” ~~


Bing Images
Bing Images


Article: Il Volo vai estar no Altas Horas e no X Factor Brasil ~~


~~ Kelly

99 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Il Volo to Appear on X-Factor Brazil”

    1. It is very strange to see them in these photos.
      They are young and can afford even to get out there because so many people label them as “old.”
      Personally I prefer soap and water …… but they are beautiful (differently) in these shots.

      1. Daniela, for me these photos are, lets say, as some kind of humour, probably magazine wanted to show boys in not “serious way ” as “rock stars”. 🙂 Because these photos are in contrast to their new album (one would expect elegant photos in suit and tie). I have to say that photos are little bit oddly for me,but I take it as an experiment, which belong to the photo shooting with famous people,photos are artistically conceived, but boys are handsome.

      2. I don’t like any of these photos. I don’t think they do the boys justice. They are a lot better looking than they are in these photos–even when they are not dressed up.

    2. I have to add something. I wrote boys are handsome, but I think that not photos. I hope this is the last time that boys did such photo shooting, which is not suitable for them, this “kind of image” is not proper for them and does not reflect their personalities. Boys do not need to take this way..we love them for their beautiful music, voices and personalities, because they are three normal, down earthed, caring, smart, loving families, etc.. young guys. They don’t need this kind of presentation !!!! Many young singers are presenting in this way, I thought that boys are different.. hope that they do not have crisis of identities. I hope that show business don’t change them, it would be very sad. Do they want to engage the attention ? Whom and why this way? They should be aware of the uniqueness of personality, always show to people , who they really are, and always stay themselves and always resist ambient pressure from people as for example managers, because from the good angels can later be fallen angels…

      1. Lydka, I think we all know that we love them, we love them because of their way of being and present. I’m sure that these photos will attract the attention of those all people who instead turn up their noses when they see them in suits.
        I have not already read the article accompanying the photo shoot. Anyway I hope we do not have an identity crisis, their special feature is the diversity from all the others, that healthy and educated sex appeal that makes them UNICI.

      2. They certainly don’t wear suits at most of their concerts, or TV appearances.
        Even Gianluca who is usually the most particular about his clothes has been on TV with holes in his jeans.

  1. Hello everyone, today was the memorable day of the meeting with Marie and Jane.
    I must say it was a beautiful day, wonderful company and weather with plenty of sunshine.
    Marie and Jane are special people to whom is all my love.
    I do not want to tell you why I’ll send over a long commentary with photos to Marie.
    Meanwhile, enjoy this shot.
    In this square in Brescia I saw my first concert of IL VOLO

    1. Daniela, I am curious, why you have picture of squirrel on your FB ? If this is not secret..In the past I knew one woman who had squirrel also on FB, but it was joke from her (teenager) daughter,who created FB profile for her,later she changed it. 🙂

      1. Lydka has a long history. About 12 years ago, during our stay at sea, they have fallen from the nest two squirrels, in the direction (we were camping) we were told to keep them because they would end up working dead. For one year grew up in our house free to roam, unfortunately one died. The other ran through the house hiding peanuts under carpets or inside books, he scaled the tents as they were trees. The top drawer of linen where we keep the socks were kept slightly open especially because he took refuge to sleep. One night not finding it in the drawer were wondering where he was, going to bed we discovered that sleeping between our pillows, we laughed a lot. After one year being now an adult we made a trip to return in his first environment. As we arrived, he sniffed the air and happy is gone hopping. We did not see him again …… At the same time I was nearing the Internet world, that’s why I kept the picture. Just one month ago I decided to change it and I think that soon I will.

      2. Wonderful story! To me, squirrels are pests–they are always digging up my flower bulbs, taking one bite and then deciding they don’t like the taste! Unfortunately it ruins the bulbs and if I replant it only leaves come–no flowers.
        I have had to stop planting bulbs–and those are my favorite flowers–because I could not figure out a way to keep the squirrels from digging them up.

    2. What a lovely picture. I know you ladies are having a wonderful time. Can’t wait to hear about it. Marie and Jane are in Italy and I love it. Wonder if Marie and Jane are understanding some Italian……

      1. Ann, I have to tell you that they have not learned a lot, but we understand the same, laughing and playing. When you are in tune you not need many words

    3. Daniela, that was lovely story ! 🙂 It reminds me, when I was child, on holidays in Tatras (mountains, but not in winter), squirrel was visiting our balcony every day and greeted us, was so cute, that we started to feed her. We loved to watch on her, always playful and cheerful..When we went home ,I was sad, I missed her.
      About photos of boys, when I looked better on them, I started to think that they are , on my opinion, little bit vulgar, lacking sophistication . I love natural look, and boys were stylized as “naughty guys”, and this isn’t my taste. Then I saw that boys shared photos on their social accounts, I think that they are proud on these photos, and this I do not like. Of course maybe they know why they did it, but this route is not suitable for the promotion of new album and for promotion the wonderful music, classical music. Who knows, what their parents think about them, if they like photos and agree with this presentation ?
      Daniela, have a peaceful day. Hugs and kiss.

      1. Is a beautiful story even your Lydka. We all were very sad when we have reported “scrici” back in his wood …. but it was just so.

      2. Hi, Daniela, Yes, that must have been sad for you all when “scrici” was ready to go back to his natural home. That was kind of you to help him. Happy he made it home OK ! 🐀♥️

    4. Daniela, If it isn’t too late, tell Marie & Jane not to ever throw out their shoes – – they traversed the hallowed grounds of Il Volo!! 😂👣👟🇮🇪

  2. Daniela, I’m happy you had a wonderful day with Marie and Jane, but unfortunately I could not get the picture you posted. It say’s ” Facebook post no longer available” Looking forward to your report and pictures at a later date😊

      1. Daniela, Yes I see it now. It’s a great picture of the three of you, the building in the background is very beautiful also.

      2. Jill, we are in Piazza Loggia and construction is Loggia, a municipal office building of Brescia.
        The stage of IL VOLO concert was right outside the building.

    1. Hello From Brescia, you do not believe it , but we understand even if I do not speak much English, and their Italian. You can not find it beautiful?
      I showed them the road where you will spend going to Verona, passing very close to my country. Maybe we can say goodbye.

  3. Daniela, The mailman just delivered my Il Volo card to me! I am like you, even though the card doe’s not do too much for me, I like to have it in my purse.

      1. Cynthia, help, we have already said many times …… ok I’ll re-explain ….. is a card for anyone who signs up to the site of the official IL VOLO. Costs 19.90 Euros, it looks like an ATM card imprinted with the image of IL VOLO, it is provided in a door-card leatherette. It is valid for one year from when it is activated. With this card you are entitled to a discount on the price of the items offered for sale in the store of the Official IL VOLO. In Italian with the card you have the opportunity to buy two tickets for the concert by choosing the favorite places. The possibility is given to those in possession of the card and is worth a full day before the tickets are put on sale to the general public. I can not tell whether it also applies for tickets over Italy. All clear? If you are interested in going on the official website of the flight and click on SHOP & FORUM, you’ll see that you will understand everything.
        A question, you’re the Cynthia who posted me a smile on my facebook today?

      2. thanks, Daniela, for explaining IL VOLO CARD to me. i am new here.
        and yes, it is i who posted a smiley on your FB pic (if same pic as here)

    1. Hi Jean, you will need to check your local listing. PBS does not always show a particular show on the same date globally. It depends on the area.

  4. I like them much better when they’re smiling and in tuxedo or suit (or everyday clothes). The chains are a bit much.

  5. I’m a bit puzzled why they felt ok with doing these poses. They look scruffy and coarse, not the gracious gentlemen we’ve grown to love. Chains and ragged leather do not flatter them. Know the magazine appeals to rock music (& worse) but our guys do not need to go there. Oh well-guess they had to experiment.
    BTW – Daniela, you three ladies look fantastic!!! Glad you all could meet up!!

  6. Thank you to Lydka and Daniela for great photo of Daniela with the special two ladies – – finally a reality of meeting! and Il Volo as ‘bikers’ ! It’s a surprise, alright and very timely, being Halloween here today! Thinking that the Il Volo striking pictures might be partly just a fun publicity idea aimed for younger people, for those pictures sure do get one’s attention! Personally, I have no problem with the pictures, enjoying seeing them in very different personas, rather like actors. They sure are some handsome fellas, playing characters or as themselves! I imagine they enjoyed the photo-shoot and the results; maybe we’ll learn one day how they actually felt about it all.

    1. Wanted to mention the excellent photography, technically, in the Rolling Stone photos of Il Volo. It will definitely appeal to the readership of the publication and that is a good thing for Il Volo, I should think. The photos are very ‘editorial’; not to be taken literally,usually and is commonly seen in similar ‘shock value’, editorial photos that we see in big fashion magazines for a long time now. That’s what the younger generations are used to seeing. Like it or hate it, that’s what sells these days – – in this country, anyway! Don’t worry; The halos are in no danger of slipping off THOSE three ‘angels’ !

      1. Laura, thanks for the compliments of the picture, soon you will see all the others.

        As for the photos I find myself that are artistically beautiful. Even the subjects they are, but as Lydka says they do not need to pose as different people. But I think in this way surely attract the attention of young people who never take them into account because their image is “old.” Italy often tease them for their dress suits.

      2. Ciao, Daniela, You’re welcome! It’s a thrill to see you all together there in that picture. Daniela, it is very sad, indeed, that Il Volo are considered ‘old’ in their choice of attire and music. I presume that the media contributes to that biased, unreasonable, ignorant viewpoint. Truly gifted, great artists and their art have suffered the slings and arrows of many an ignoramus through the years, especially so in the era in which we are living, a time in which making money is the sole objective and preoccupation in the popular arts, hence the plethora of truly untalented artists, singers and music just about everywhere. The beauty of Il Volo songs and music will stand the test of time as well as the manner in which they conduct themselves and the style in which they dress themselves. As history shows through the ages, Beauty and Truth in the Arts ultimately are recognized for what they are and prevail throughout the world. The Art of Il Volo shall prevail as well, with or without due recognition in their own time and place. 💛

      3. Laura, I have to explain that in Slovakia is 1st of November public holidays, All Saints’ Day and cemeteries are visited on or around this day. All Saints Day in Slovakia, as well as many other Slavic countries, is a highly celebrated holy day. Slovak families travel across the country to visit cemeteries where their deceased family members are located. Cemeteries overflow with flowers and thousands and thousands of candles are lit and placed on the graves. Families take time to meet together and take care of their family members’ gravesites. Our habit is pay respects and light candles and then cemeteries are quite beautiful, especially at night.
        Therefore,I wished you yesterday peaceful day. November 2nd is All Souls´ Day, this day is dedicated to traditional visiting of cemeteries, decorating tombs, burning candles and to memories of the dead relatives and friends. Visiting cemeteries on All Saints´ Day and on All Souls´ Day is one of the most stable traditional habits.

      4. Lydka, All Saints and All Souls Days are holy days for us in the US as well. Holy masses and novenas (special prayers) are held.

      5. Lydka, I really enjoyed reading about the special and touching ways in which The Slovakian People remember their loved ones on “All Saints’ Day” and on “All Souls’ Day.” Beautiful custom on those Holy Days. Thank you for this knowledge which (I) would probably not have otherwise learned about one of your country’s lovely customs. 💙

    2. Laura, and I have to write the end of my short story, my parents then bought me the plush toy squirrel for pleasure and I still have it. 🙂 Have a peaceful day !

      1. That is such a sweet ending to your little squirrel story, Lydka! I’m so glad you still have your little plush squirrel, Lydka.💓 Thank you, too, for wishing me a peaceful day; my life is often not peaceful, but today it was, overall. I think your wish helped my day ! 💝 🍀

  7. Sorry ladies, but I can’t disagree with you more. I think the Rolling Stone photo shoot of the guys is phenomenal. I think they look stunning collectively and individually in each of the photos. It IS something different and I love to see them do something different and out of their element. They are young so we shouldn’t be surprised when they try different styles of look and dress. Will this change them? I think not, but if it does, so be it. They are young and should be expected to evolve. We may not always like the choices but this is a choice I really, really appreciate. WOW 🙂

    1. Greetings, Leelee! 🌸 I agree with you; “WOW!” was exactly my own reaction when I saw the photos! I want to get that issue of the magazine. 😍

      1. Laura, are you kidding? I already saved them to my screen savers. LOL! I would love a copy of the magazine as well (of course just for the article). 😉 😉

      2. LeeLee and Laura, quiet women, who turmoil have done these photos …… joke of course…….., but perhaps upset the schemes was exactly the intention of this photo shoot.
        Anyway, I’m sorry for you, but I already have here in front of me my magazine and I must tell you that it is on sale only in Italy !!!!

      1. Maybe Daniela could send magazine to USA for those ladies who are interested about article. 😀

      2. Lydka, we would need to devote a plane just for the shipment of the magazines to everyone who would want this article (AND PICTURES)! LOL

      3. Daniela♥️, I’m in the U.S. , but please don’t worry about sending the Italian Rolling Stone magazine to me, at least. I’ll live; I promise ! (That sure was nice of Lydka♥️ to suggest it, though). 😊

      4. Lydka & Leelee, If Daniela were to actually want to send the magazine to those who want it, she’d have to contact the Italian Air Force to inquire about sending all those magazines via one of their “C-130J” airplanes – – so they could be delivered not only far, but FAST!!! 😂😀 ✈️🚀

      5. It was joke from me, but maybe Daniela really will send some of you these magazines. 🙂 But I would prefer an English article with elegant, classic photos, where the boys have natural look. 🙂 In my country I never have seen article about them and probably it remains so in the future. I wish nice day to you all !

      6. Hi, Cynthia ! Gosh, we have more than lovin’ Il Volo in common. As regarding commercial Jet planes, yes; was in, around, hearing about MOSTLY THOSE Marvels! Now I wonder about your own connection to them and if you were in the militery, etc, 😀✈️✈️

    2. I should explain with just a few reasons why Daniela should request the favor of her Air Force – – re/ delivering the potentially massive load of the magazine that might well be requested of her, as Leelee pointed out ! With their great plane, the C-130J transporter, which can hold A LOT of cargo, the delivery could simply be Air-Dropped into any open area near our respective homes! The plane wouldn’t even have to land, and even if it had to in some people’s cases, it wouldn’t even require a long landing strip compared to commercial planes! There would be no need for a standard runway, stopping the plane, taxiing in, unloading the cargo of our magazines, transferring it to a “Fed Ex” or Post Office trucks or planes, UPS delivery trucks, etc., etc., costing more time and possibly delays in our receiving our magazine! So, there’s a few reasons why I don’t think Daniela should try to send us that magazine from across the ocean. It might be too much trouble & expense – – even if it IS about an article with unique pictures of Il Volo! (Tthank You, anyway, Daniela and Lydka!) 😂😊😘😘

      1. Laura and Leelee, but certainly I can send you the magazines as suggested Lydka, I’m here and if I can be useful to you I would do it gladly. In fact I asked where are you because I followed the speeches of some American fans who complain because the magazine is not available in America, they have already called the headquarters of the American Rolling Stones but they have not achieved anything. I must say that the pictures are really eye-catching ……………. way, I hope that my house may be large enough to hold all the magazines ………. .and I’m giving to land at a nearby C130 as required by you.
        It is OK?
        By me are 08:00 am, good day to you all.

      2. Daniela, you are so sweet for even thinking about sending them to us. Thank you so much! I was joking though. I have all I need with copies of the pictures although I’m sure it is a very good article. Have a great day! 🙂

      3. Daniela, Requesting that favor of the Italian Air Force to run a mission for us with their C-130J wouldn’t be “required” by ME; it would be required by the sheer weight and amount of ALL those magazines and the covenience of having them air-dropped for the quickest way we could receive them! 😄 It would be a Mission ‘of Mercy’ for the IL Volovers who want it before there’s none left. 😂😆😂 Seriously now, I, personally, really don’t HAVE to have that issue of the magazine. Many, many thanks, though, dear Daniela! It’s Very kind of you to offer your help and it’s great that you’d be willing to do that for any one who wants it badly enough. If I had access to a handy translator, I’d say to you in Italian: GRAZIE! GRAZIE! GRAZIE ! (Oh, wait…that IS Italian). 😊💚❤️

      4. I Thank You, too, dear Lydka, but, like Leelee, I’m fine with what I’ve got ! (For now, anyway!). :)💛💜

      5. Hello, sweet Cynthia! There was a time I worked for the U.S. Navy, but I wasn’t IN the military. However, I have been around men that had been – – in my family and outside of it – – for a large part of my life and I often found myself in and around planes, helicopters, airports, airport hangars,etc. Grew up around three, close, male relatives who were in the fields of aviation and aeronautics – – ( now called ‘Aerospace’ industry). As a result, was exposed to discussions, conversations, their work, etc., etc. involving different models & types of those (marvelous) flying machines! 😊

      6. oh how very interesting, Laura…..
        me too, in some way. jet-planes. commercial though

      7. Hey, Cynthia! I replied to your personal info (re/ the Jets) in the wrong place here! 😂 (Asked you something). You’ll find that above – – here in this thread.😊

    3. Leelee, Slovaks, living in America, don’t think that our holy days are similar. 🙂 Have a nice day !

    1. Hello again, Cynthia! NICE surprise picture of Gianluca! Now I’m sure Miss Marie (among many others) will also LIKE this photo you posted here of Ignazio and isn’t that a touching and wonderful picture of Piero with his much loved Maestro?! Good Job, Miss Cynthia! Thanks for posting these photos for us all. (BTW, your little pumpkin is both cute AND pretty!). 🎃 🎃

      1. hi Laura, thanks. i just thought to show other types of pics of them (from the much-ado rolling stone pics, which i at first thought were not pics but caricatures drawn and posted by a fan. i didn’t think much of them when i first saw them, i thought oh some caricature by a fan. i didn’t particularly have any big emotion about them, either like or dislike)…. i do prefer their regular pics though.

        thanks that you like my pumpkin, Miss Laura 😉

      2. ha ha ha, Miss Laura 😉
        … did you see the video that Daniela posted?
        it’s on the MATRIX page. 15 Oct. i think it’s the video you’re looking for….

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