Il Volo Professional ~~ Concerts with Mariah Carey Cancelled

All the professional dealings of Il Volo
All the professional dealings of Il Volo


With regret,  the concerts in Brazil on the Sweet Dreams Tour of Mariah Carey  in which Il Volo was scheduled to appear have been cancelled as confirmed by Mariah.


Bing Translation of article’s opening: If Tuesday was not good for the ilvolovers, Wednesday is not expected to be better. After the cancellation of the show at Il Volo and Mariah Carey in Curitiba, in Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre are also cancelled, according to the American singer.

Article: Mariah Carey ataca produtora e cancela shows no Brasil com Il Volo ~~


Mariah has apologized to her fans:

~~ Kelly

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  1. There are many articles about her and her fiance breaking up and some indicated that she was too upset and reason she cancelled. Il Volo will do just fine with their projects scheduled when they get there.

  2. Apparently this is her usual behaviuer as if she thinks she is so important that the world revolves around her. Maybe she realizes that Il Volo far surpass her as singers that she knows she can’t compete.

    1. She has done this in the Bay Area. Last time not enough tickets were sold. I am not a fan of hers and also Beyoncé. It has been said that Mariah is very hard to work with. I don’t like all that screaming. It hurts my ears. I like our boys’ soothing, lovely voices. That’s what I like.

  3. She is supposed to do three concert’s in Hawaii, starting the day after Thanksgiving. It started out as one, but that sold out right away, so they added another one, which also sold out, and then they added a third. Her opening act is an actor and singer who is on the show Empire( I don’t watch it).
    It would seem that she has a lot of fan’s, although I think that in the case of the cancellation’s in Brasil, there were probably a lot more seat’s purchased by Il Volo fan’s than her fan’s.
    I will be interested to see if she does all three concert’s here, or even show’s up for one!

    1. Aloha Jill, This isn’t about the concert above; it’s just about the Il Volo biography book that we are all hoping will really, finally be published in English before too long. I remember you said you are recent to Il Volo, so I just wanted you to know, (just in case you don’t know already). If you go to this site’s page on Nov. 2, 2015, you can read an excerpt from their book, which I’m guessing that you might like to read (plus the comments from that post). There are one or two more excerpts that this site posted, too, I think. (I had originally read it elsewhere, about at the same time, not having found this wonderful site yet). The excerpt you will find here on Nov. 2, 2015 will astonish you, if you aren’t aware of what happened one time in Miami re/ Il Volo. Don’t want to give it away so you can discover for yourself, perhaps. 🙂

      1. Jill, I meant to say that I know that you already know about the book & that it will, hopefully, actually be published in English (& Spanish), but I meant that maybe you haven’t come across the 3 excerpts yet in your search to ‘catch up’ with Il Volo.:) Aloha!

      2. Laura, you must have me mixed up with someone else, I have been following Il Volo since 2009. I did read the excerpt’s from the book, and I think you are referring to
        when they were in Miami and someone slipped a drug into Ignazio’s drink! I did also read some more excerpt’s today from another
        site. I am definitely going to buy the book when it comes out in English.

      3. oh Laura, hi. i am glad i came across this blog or yours. i went to that page re English excerpt of book. i didn’t know about that. so thank you so much. i really REALLY appreciated reading that story.

        and btw, looks like Daniela found the video you were referring to.
        it’s on the MATRIX post, 15 Oct 2016. bottom. (below the 3 consecutive videos that she posted.)

      4. Jill, please let me/us know where we can read other excerpts in English. thank you so much

      5. Cynthia, I’m very glad that you found the excerpt. On Kelly’s page there of Nov. 2, 2015, on this site, there are the 3 excerpts from the book, but that is all the publisher would allow and only permitted it as a little publicity for the book at the time, so I don’t think there are any more excerpts to be found. Thanks, Cynthia, for your head’s – up about the video I was looking for.

      6. Cynthia, now read Jill’s message to you below; she found more excerpts from the book on Il Volo’s official site.

      7. thanks so much Laura and Jill (sometimes my post goes to another column!) thank you so much

      8. So sorry I forgot to thank you for the alert to Daniela’s Oct. 15, 2016 post on Matrix with the 3 videos re/ what I was looking for. I think those 3 videos are the one I saw! (Guess I was wrong about at least one of the IL Volo parents sitting outside in a yard). 😃😂

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  5. I really think they would have out shown Mariah. It’s good that the concerts were cancelled. They don’t need anyone else on stage with them. Joanie G

  6. I believe the tickets were extremely expensive and that last week they offered the tickets at a discount.
    Maybe they didn’t sell enough to continue with the show.

  7. Cynthia, You can read other excerpts from their book
    at Scroll up to Oct.29th, and the article is called Il Volo – The Extraordinary Adventure Continues.

  8. Last night October 31, Entertainment Tonight had a story about Mariah Carey’s breakup with her ex fiancé’ . She is asking him for fifty million dollars for loss of ticket sales! It seem’s she cancelled concert’s because he did’nt want her to be away from him so much. So she finally admitted the real reason why concert’s were cancelled. Earlier she had blamed the concert promoter, and he blamed someone else.
    Because she is unreliable, Il Volo should never want to do business with her again!

    1. Jill, i read somewhere, before tour cancellation (but not certain about info) that Il Volo and Mariah Carey would NOT be on the stage at the same time. IL VOLO would their own hour, on stage, by themselves WITHOUT Mariah Carey

      1. Oh, wow! Jill, That would have been much better for them, but it’s probably best that they didn’t end up being there for other reasons.♥️

  9. With these concerts being cancelled, II Volo and their management also lost money. I never thought that Mariah and the guys were a good match. When she was young, she had a good voice–not anymore. She has become such a diva! When a singer becomes to think of themselves as someone who can’t fail, that is a problem. May our sweet guys always realize, and appreciate their fans.

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