6 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Una Notte Magica — FULL VIDEO”

    1. oops, i don’t think this is the concert, but the TV presentation. can’t find out now because at the moment i have limited internet, will have to wait a couple of days until my internet is back fully. thanks nonetheless Kelly

      1. Cynthia, this was concert from Florence aired in TV, but Italian Tv Canale 5 also included into program special interview filmed at the Como Lake on September 9th,scenes from backstage and rehearsals…

      2. Hi Lydka –

        (internet back), and finally got to watch the video above. And yes, it’s the TV presentation of Notte Magica at Canale 5 aired on 11 Oct… I saw the trailer of it (Prima Serata) several times online before it came out … and I was sooooooo eager to watch it…. Was looking and looking and looking for it online, but couldn’t find it.

        And then I think it was you that gave the link several weeks ago (thank you!), and I was so delighted that I could finally watch it. Bookmarked it, even requested a friend to download it for me, because I didn’t know how to for this particular site. I had some questions then, which Daniela had so kindly explained to me (about the two young ladies at the end of the show – how they got a special invitation and special ride to the concert – who invited them to the show, and also the after-concert party. Daniela had clarified that for me.)

        I am so glad that special TV presentation of Notte Magica gets spotlighted here at Flight Crew, that it has its own page. It merits that.

        Thanks, Lydka, for explaining it in a nutshell. (I had wondered if it was Lake Como!)
        Warm greetings.

  1. Flight Crew THANK YOU SOOO much for posting this video. I have seen most of it but this is the full video…excellent I just watched it.

    I will be at their Concerts in Verona in May! I am So excited! Thanks again…..They were magnificent as always!!! Hugs Donna

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