Il Volo Professional ~~Una Notte Magica: In store tour Savignano sul Rubicone

All the professional dealings of Il Volo

All the professional dealings of Il Volo



What I wouldn’t give to be in that store instead of at work….  😉

~~ Kelly




IL VOLO: Pomeriggio magico per il firmacopie di Palermo


Photo Album:  Instore IL VOLO  ~~ Marco Ferriero Fotografo Facebook

17 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~Una Notte Magica: In store tour Savignano sul Rubicone

  1. and speaking of NOTTE MAGICA,
    this is for Daniela —

    Hello dear DANIELA –
    I was so eager to watch the 11 Oct Prima Serata TV show of NOTTE MAGICA.
    Was looking and looking for it online, but couldn’t find it.
    So i was delighted to see this link in a previous post. I think it was Lydka who posted it and if not, my sincere apologies, I do not remember exactly who posted it.

    In the last part, there are 2 young ladies. Seems like they were given tickets to NOTTE MAGICA at Firenze. And a special ride to get there. who did this for them?
    Also, that after-concert party, with the hugs (that video clip you shared with us which is so precious), that’s in the last part of the Prima Serata – the 2 young ladies were invited there as well. the 2nd young lady brought her boyfriend.
    Kindly share in a nutshell what that was all about.

    Thank you, Daniela.

    • Cynthia, I’m sorry but I have read your message just now. First of all I must tell you that the videos that you saw and who posted Lydka, is the video broadcast by Channel 5 which includes both the DVD picture and between tracks and the other an interview with the guys on Lake Como . It ‘really a job well done.
      After the concert, there is a part about the surprise made two fan girls of IL VOLO. Both are delivered two tickets for the concert on the same evening in Florence. The first girl takes part with her aunt as she has been to report the case to the production. The girl of three years living with her aunt because her mother to whom he was very attached had a stroke and now she as a vegetable.
      The case of the second girl was reported by her boyfriend as they lived together for a few years but he did not work and could not afford to buy anything even an ice cream. She was always close at this time and he wants to reward.
      The two girls with escorts attend the concert and also meet the guys in person. It ‘a very exciting time.

      • hello Daniela. nice that you’re back (here). and thank you for your response.
        i did get to watch the video.
        my question re the 2 girls – who invited them? the invite seemed ‘personal’ — the envelope said ‘por Marta’, handwritten.
        did they win a raffle perhaps given by Canale 5?
        just wondered.
        thanks Daniela

  2. Thanks to everyone that provides us with the latest news and videos. Lydka you find the best videos. Appreciate your dedication and ability to research.
    I just love “Ave Maria” and now”Little Drummer:

  3. Video on ice with song Ave Maria is video made by fan, Ilinychova and Kacalapov are not pair since 2014, it is new song combined with old dance. Sorry, that I did not notice this fact yesterday.

    • Yes Lydka, even in Italy there is this news.
      However, even if it is not real is quite fitting and I think surely someone will think of using this music that really is magnificent

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