Someday at Christmas/Ciao from Marie & Jane! ~Jana & Marie


As we have all heard, Italy was struck, yet again, with another earthquake, near where the last one was back in August.  So far, through various news media, I have not seen anything of any casualties – thank God!I posted on Jane’s FB if she was ok and where were they?  She posted back that they were out of the earthquake area and ok.  Just minutes ago, I got an email from Marie, stating, that indeed, they were safe!  🙂

Here is what she said:“Hello, please let our readers know that we are fine!  I am getting emails asking. We picked up our rental car in Perugia, the epicenter, as we left Assisi the other day.  We are now in Naro, south of any trouble and will drive to Palermo this morning and fly to Naples for the night.  Tomorrow we will begin our journey, by train, up the west coast toward Portofino.  We should be ok to go.  The quake happened in the night and like most of Italy, we are waiting to see the final results when daylight arrives.  it is now almost 7 am.”

I asked if she had heard that Gianluca mentioned the Flight Crew in the interview the other day, she said, “Yes!” along with this:


Jana, reporting live, from my green leather chair in chilly Dearborn!


The Christmas album “Someday at Christmas” by Jackie Evancho features a Duet with Il Volo.  Ready for release on Friday, October 28.  Available on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble for $10.79.


Jackie  in 2011:

And in 2016:

Our Guys 2011:

And in 2016:


Yeah, she’s pretty lucky.



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  1. Sounds like Jane and Marie are having an awesome time! Can’t wait until they get back for more stories! 🙂

  2. Jana, thank’s for the good news about Marie and Jane, so I’m sure Daniela is safe too.I can’t wait to hear the stories they have to tell about the Il Volo family’s.❤️

    1. Thanks Jill and thank you all for your concern. I live in Brescia (northern Italy) and here we not heard nothing. Yesterday afternoon I and Jane exchanged messages and she confirmed that she and Marie were in Naro. At that time we were at the two extremes of Italy, I north, Marie and Jane were in the south.
      The earthquakes have been in central Italy, but fortunately there are no more victims, thank God.
      A hug to all of you.

  3. I also listened to the interview and was very excited when
    Gianluca mentioned the Flight Crew fan club of America.
    That was awesome.

  4. Glad all are safe.Apparently the latest were tremors from the earlier quake, I hope there are no more. Central Italy must be very nervous.Best wishes to all in the area.
    It looks as if the concert with Maria Carey in Brazil will be cancelled as her tour in S America has been cancelled, according to UK newspapers.Have to await confirmation.

  5. Sure glad our lady friends (Marie & Jane) are fine and are having a great time!! Which interview was the Flightcrew mentioned?

    1. Annette, were live on SHOW-SCORE, the video posted Lydka find it in the comments of 10.24.2016.
      I am very happy for them.

      1. Thank you Daniela. Right now I am making wine biscuits !!!!! WIll look this up later!

      2. Thanks Daniela: I just watched the entire interview . What a great compliment from Gianluca to mention the Flightcrew !

  6. So happy that Marie and Jane are OK. Glad also, that the people got out of their homes before the larger quake hit. So far, only one fatality. Thank God. Hope gianluca’s family are OK. Travel safe Marie and Jane.

  7. Wish Marie and Jane a great time on the rest of the trip and can not wait to read their stories when they get back.

  8. I am changing e-mail addresses and so far it will not take my new e-mail. Hope I do not wind up with multiple messages.
    Glad and Marie, Jane and Daniela are OK. Can not wait for their stories when they return.

  9. Jana why can I not change e-mail addresses? Will not post for some reason.
    Anyway the best to the ladies in Italy. Glad Marie, Jane and Daniela are safe.
    I am sure we will have some great stories when Marie and Jane come back.

  10. Saw the interview and really enjoyed it. The interviewer asked thoughtful and not your usual bland. Il Volo questions! And for those of you who saw the interview, did you catch that one of the write in questions was from Lydka from Slovakia? Hmm…. Wonder who that was?!!

  11. thought that Marie and Jane were going to shake things up in Italy but … geesh ! That quake was felt as far north as Venice , east into Rome and south to Naples.

    1. Rosemarie, you know our girls!

      Jane and Marie, I am just Now getting to catch up on my reading. Had to scroll a long ways down to find your first post. Soooo looking forward to enjoying all your sharing, and I did see about the quake and send prayers immediately.

      Love and grace to you, Marie and Jane, and all our IL VOLO flight crew friends out there!


  12. Marie and Jane, Eagerly awaiting your stories when you get home. I watched the interview and saw Gian mention us the flight Crew. I dropped my teeth. I wrote a question, but don’t know if it was answered. I asked if Piero had a girl friend. since the other two do, I don’t want him to be left out. Safe return sisters. Joanie G

    1. Yeah, right?!! Like a “By the way” in a passing, laid – back manner of speaking! So funny, Pirate! I like the way Jana says, ” reporting live from my green leather chair…”. 😂😂. On a serious note, It appears that a section of Italy has a new fault-line from these aftershocks of the August earthquake. Bless them.

      1. thanks, Laura! 🙂 just a fluke, was up late as usual, and there pops in an email from Marie!

  13. Glad Marie, Jane and Daniela are fine and hope there are no more deaths or aftershocks from the earthquake. Unfortunately now it is getting colder if people have been forced from their homes and they must be very worried about more tremors.

  14. I am watching the main evening news on RAI 1. The first 15 minutes have been devoted to the earthquake. They do not report any fatalities but many people have left their homes and many towns have suffered severe damage in their historic centers.

    I am very glad to know that Marie, Jana and Daniela are safe and well. Like everyone else, I am looking forward to hearing about the trip when the Crew return home.

  15. if I understood correctly it seems they traveled the highway right through that area the day before. Wow ! = that was close !

  16. I just read that the reason the Mariah Carey concert’s in Brazil were cancelled, were because of poor ticket sales. She is blaming the promoter for this. When Il Volo had problems with promotor’s during their North American Tour, they still had sol out concert’s. There had to have been some advertising, and the Latin girls go crazy over Il Volo.
    There must have been something else going on.
    I know she just broke up with her fianc’ee, and she made the announcement about the concert around the same time as the break up!

    1. Jill, I think that when we do not want a sin be upon us, we find a way to blame a thousand other people ……… could also be a combination of all those problems (tickets, engagement, promoter) but I believe there is also half of a good deal of whims

    2. I’m thinking that maybe Sony decided to request Il Volo participate in Mariah Carey’s concert in order to boost HER ticket sales (before she cancelled the concert). I agree with most of you that it would have been good for Il Volo only in that it would have been more exposure for them. It did bother me that they would only be guests of hers which would probably have been just a couple of songs and possibly not them singing without her. Her ticket prices wouldn’t have been a great thing for Il Volo’s image, either. I think Il Volo is being protected by this cancellation, kind of like missing a plane flight or delayed so you catch a red light when driving, anxious to get where you’re going, only to discover, later, that those things happening kept you away from a disaster. (Just thinking about it).

    1. Beautiful version of this song! Generally, I do not like Christmas songs or music before 1 December; but I made an exception in order to listen to this one!!! Thank you, Lydka, for posting it.

    1. Thank you for notifying us about this vote. I have just voted for il Volo. They are at more than 43%! Yaay!!! Am I the only person to be pleased to see Fedez has just 2.24%? He must have a lot of family members who voted for him to reach even that number.

      1. Hello Bernard, I have already voted and I even laughed seeing the rankings Fedez.
        I have also wondered what was he doing in a list of international stars?

      2. Bernard,a low number corresponds to his quality. 😀 I don’t like Bieber, boring music and poor voice, I don’t understand what people like about him ? (He is not handsome.) Voting is open until November 30. I will vote every day. 🙂 Have a nice evening and weekend !

      1. I don’t even know who Fedez is. Is he a performer from Europe? I have voted for Il Volo twice this morning, I guess you can vote as many times that they let you. If you guy’s don’t vote, Justin Bieber has a chance to get ahead of our Guy’s!😧

      2. Daniela, I believe that they’ll win,only I regret that they are nominated only in one category, they deserve more appreciations. Buona serata ! Hugs !

      3. It ‘s true Lydka, also hoped a nomination for the song.
        Good evening to you. Kiss

      4. Jill Manning – Fedez is a rapper and a judge on X Factor in Italy. A few weeks ago, he insulted il Volo on the first episode of the latest series. He is no longer on my Christmas card list; but I line my budgerigar’s cage with the pages of any newspapers where his opinions are printed. This seems to upset by budgerigar’s digestion and gives him an irritable bowel. I call that fair comment!

  17. Thanks, Lydka. I voted and appreciate the alert to that and also for the video. Nice! I believe that today Marie & Jane are in Cinque Terre. ” Rick Steves Europe” has a good video of Cinque Terre with Rick touring there. Also, there’s a cute video – section of Cinque Terre in the video, “My European Trip! – Pt. 5 – Full Video” ‘by’ “Crusoe The Celebrity Dachshund” on his Blog & also on You Tube – – in case anyone would like to take a ( fun) look at Cinque Terre – which is on The Italian Riviera on the northwestern coast of Italy.

  18. Thank’s Bernard, but poor budgie. Fedez deserve’s to have budgie excrement on his face, for insulting Il Volo! Did you see where Il Volo is now at 45.04% on the Latin Music Award’s poll?

      1. Lydka Hello, I too when I saw Gianluca twitter message I was surprised. Then I thought that the boys were not in Italy when Fedez did those stupid statements about them, and they did not hear the clamor. Certainly the later will have known but it is not the same thing. I also thought Gianluca is really on top of things you can say, in the sense that he beyond everything always puts forward the respect. Fedez could only respond that way because the paltry figure made her again him.

    1. Fedez answered on ( Twitter) message from Gianluca. Gian wrote :”Menomale che a #XF10 c’è @FEDEZ, l’unica salvezza per questi ragazzi. Sono serio. “

  19. Where are all the Il Volo’s fans. I just now discovered that they are being been posted for votes. They are competing with Bieber PLEASE NO CONTEST Bieber shouldn’t even be on the same page as Il Volo. Il Volo should have 245 votes by now not just 45.. COME ON PEOPLE START VOTING.

    1. Loretta, Il Volo are the first and they have 45.45 % of all votes, so far. That is great result ! Have a nice day !

  20. Thank you Lydka. I didn’t know Il Volo was compeating for amything so it was a surprise. I just want them to winn handsdown.

  21. First, so glad to hear Marie, Jane and Daniella are safe.
    Second, I have been voting every day, and you can vote more than once a day. They absolutely deserve to win.

    Third, Bernard, I hope your budgerigar (?) is recovering from his IBS due to Fedez. He deserves a really nice treat.

    So please vote everyone and enjoy your day.

  22. Have listened to the new video several times now. I really like how the guys sing it all the way through with her and each have a little solo part. I also find it interesting that this particular video has already had over 6000 views since a few days ago, while her other songs have merely 500 or a 1000? Apparently, everyone wants to hear our guys with her!? 🙂 I guess Jane and Marie are really shaking things up over there! Guiseppe Rallo posted, whom I think is Igna’s uncle, there was another earthquake over there, but it was in the middle of the sea between Naples area and Sicily – another 5.8 or something? Said it was felt from Sicily to Rome area again. 🙁 Glad when they will be back!

  23. It is currently approaching 9.00 a.m. in Italy and almost 8.00 in the United Kingdom. I am watching Italian news and there have been more earthquakes in Central Italy during the night. The worst quake registered 6.5 and had its epicenter near the town of Norcia in the central regian of Umbria. There have been many buildings that have collapsed but I have not heard of any casualties. Let’s hope that there was none!

    1. Bernard, unfortunately so, there have been many shocks in the night and in the mornings the strongest. Fortunately only collapses, it does not seem there are victims. The tremors through the entire ridge east of Italy, have been heard all the way to Austria.

      Here to me all right, it’s a beautiful sunny autumn day, I hope to remain so tomorrow is the big day of my meeting with Marie and Jane. I can not wait.

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