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Someday at Christmas/Ciao from Marie & Jane! ~Jana & Marie


As we have all heard, Italy was struck, yet again, with another earthquake, near where the last one was back in August.  So far, through various news media, I have not seen anything of any casualties – thank God!I posted on Jane’s FB if she was ok and where were they?  She posted back that they were out of the earthquake area and ok.  Just minutes ago, I got an email from Marie, stating, that indeed, they were safe!  🙂

Here is what she said:“Hello, please let our readers know that we are fine!  I am getting emails asking. We picked up our rental car in Perugia, the epicenter, as we left Assisi the other day.  We are now in Naro, south of any trouble and will drive to Palermo this morning and fly to Naples for the night.  Tomorrow we will begin our journey, by train, up the west coast toward Portofino.  We should be ok to go.  The quake happened in the night and like most of Italy, we are waiting to see the final results when daylight arrives.  it is now almost 7 am.”

I asked if she had heard that Gianluca mentioned the Flight Crew in the interview the other day, she said, “Yes!” along with this:


Jana, reporting live, from my green leather chair in chilly Dearborn!


The Christmas album “Someday at Christmas” by Jackie Evancho features a Duet with Il Volo.  Ready for release on Friday, October 28.  Available on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble for $10.79.


Jackie  in 2011:

And in 2016:

Our Guys 2011:

And in 2016:


Yeah, she’s pretty lucky.