Personally Speaking ~A Bonus At This CD Signing!


Fans got an extra bonus at this CD signing…Ignazio not only signed CD’s and received his quota of kisses,  but DANCED while doing so!  Any music just pulsates right through him when he’s on stage.    He’s definitely got what it takes…all the right moves in all the right places!



Another way to spice up a CD signing event.



And of course no event would be complete without showing a little extra love to the children.


Just have to close the post with another great shot of our illustrious three!



Photo and video credits: All Things Il Volo

46 thoughts on “Personally Speaking ~A Bonus At This CD Signing!”

  1. Thanks, Jane! Lucky girls! I’d like to have gone to Italy or Mexico just to attend a “signing” it was better than a “meet and greet”! Hope you and your traveling companion are having fun!! Be safe!♡♡♡

    1. Dorothy, when I saw these “signing” I thought the same thing, the next time I do not go to Milan, to the north are not so warm, better to go to the south. Also it depends on the security, where was I the security would not let you do anything and came fifth at a time and you could not take pictures.

  2. The guys are hard at work again, and promoting their new album with so much flare and joy . I enjoyed the video and the great photos of them at their last signing stop.
    Sort of on another side of this topic I have been thinking about something and wondered what you all think of this idea. they have said for a few years that one goal is to win a Grammy, or at least be nominated for a Grammy. Up until Notte Magica their albums were perhaps hard to classify in terms of fitting into a Grammy nominated category – part pop, part Bel Canto, a bit of classic opera. But with this new album it seems clear it could qualify in the Classical music category. Apart from wanting to honor the 3 tenors music, I wonder if they were also thinking about an album that could be more seriously considered for an award. I somehow feel certain that they will get a nomination next year, and fingers crossed, achieve their goal of winning their first Grammy. First of many let us hope.
    What do you think?

    1. I was thinking of the grammy for this album when I saw in the video of Pavarotti’s house the grammies that he won. It occurred to me then that this CD can be considered in the classical music category.

  3. I just saw the last few minutes of Il Volo live interview on Facebook in English. Just before it ended they said thanks to their fans , and Gian said thanks ESPECIALLY to the American fan club, Flight Crew and he waved at all of us . Special! If you did not see the live Facebook interview it will be rerun on the timeline of Show-Score on Facebook. And did you hear them say their book is being translated into English and Spanish to be published soon! YES!

    1. Janet , I was going to comment about them recognizing the Flight Crew! Would love to have the book! Thanks for your comment!

  4. Hi Crew Members, we just got a mention and greeting from the Guys at the end of their interview in NYC today. How cool is that. Julie B.

      1. Lydka, how great they answered the question you submitted!! Also so nice of Gianluca to say thank you to the Flight Crew!!! Got so excited here couldn’t catch my breath. Wow they are so sweet.

      2. Thanks for posting the link in here! How nice they answered a few of your questions…. 🙂

      1. Congratulations Lydka! I was watching it live and it was such a lovely surprise to hear Gianluca mention The Flight Crew when they were discussing the Ilvolovers.

    1. Jill, I wanted to make you happy, but this is not my merit that IV Flight Crew was mentioned. I wrote several questions, I didn’t expect that mine will be chosen, I was surprised, but I had also better questions.Rarely appears the opportunity to participate without the use of social networks, so I tried it, after Eurovision it was second good chance and again I was successful, but maybe that was the last time, probably I will not try my luck in the future. 🙂
      Have a nice day !

  5. I was out of the house I was going shopping when I got on the phone notification FLIGHT was live, I immediately connected, was starting, beautiful and good as ever, I also made brief comments and then I went into an area where the phone did not take. Damn. When I started I got home to pc, how nice, they named the Fligh Crew, magnificent.

  6. O.M.G. Gian Luca was the sweetest thing when he said hello to the flight crew, he said we would like this, and then he waved, and Piero said hello to us too.That made my day!

  7. Did anyone hear that the Mariah Carey/Il Volo concert in Brazil was cancelled, no reason given. I got the post from All About Il Volo just now. I trust their info, just saying.

    1. Mariah Carey has cancelled concert only in Curitiba, the reason is unknown, in her concert tour still are concerts in Sao Paulo (November 1) and Porto Alegre ( November 5)

      1. Musica UOL com was written: According to a statement released by the production, the cancellation is given by “technical issues” .

  8. Spanish interview,this video has Italian subtitles, click on subtitles, then click on setting and select the option to automatically translate it into English,you will see subtitle in English, not the best, but you will understand:

      1. Daniela, I hope that ladies will be able to see the English subtitle in video in spanish language , because, I was glad that I saw it in English and understood whole interview. 🙂 I was waiting if Kelly will share video with concert from Firenze, but not ,passed two weeks, so I decided to put it here. Have a nice evening ! Hugs and kisses !

      2. Lydka heck, I tried to turn on the English translation, if we are successful I who never I suppose we all succeed. This beautiful way of translating, certainly able to understand what is being said is beautiful.
        The concert broadcast by Channel 5 I must tell you that it did really well, I was anticipating a copy of the DVD instead mounted a nice drive. These days I looked over again and expecting that you will you shared.
        Buona serata, Kiss.

      3. Daniela,it is really good that Youtube provides this translation of subtitles ! 🙂 I do not want to give many videos here as it may slow down the operation of the site. (I was warned in the past ).

  9. Rose Marie, they had three concert dates in Brazil with Mariah Carey. The only one they are saying is cancelled is the one in Curitiba(the second concert)

    1. Sorry Jill and everyone else. I missread the AAIV post. Better take my time and retread before I say anything. Yes, I see now that it said Curitiba was cancelled. Mea culpa, mea culpa. Ciao.

      1. Rose Marie no need to be sorry, I alway’s have to read thing’s a couple of times before it sink’s in! I wonder what “technical issues” really mean?

  10. How nice it is to know that our awesome guys DO READ our Flight Crew site!!! With so many interesting and beautiful articles and replies about them, I was always hoping that somehow it would reach them.
    Thank you Gianluca, you did make us all happy. May you three, very dear talented guys, find encouragement and sometimes amusement from the IlVolovers on this site.

  11. For those who use Facebook :Tomorrow will be 2 live chats via Facebook with boys , at 10:30am (NY time) on HELLO! US Facebook page (can leave question in comments on FB ) and then ( two hours later) at 12:30 (NY time) with Juliet Papa, on 1010 WINS Facebook page ( can post questions on FB tomorrow).

      1. Jill, now is possible ask questions only on social networks,so it’s not for me.I wrote, for those who use Facebook, I am not there. 🙂 In addition, I think that’s enough for me ( and moderator changed my question, I did not write it as he read it ) and probably I will not try my luck in the future. Have very nice day !

  12. I live in NYC and looked forward to seeing promotions of ILVOLO during their 3 days here. I saw M. Buble” perform on Fallon – he was promoting a new album too. Where was the promotion of IV- I heard mgmt booked them for 2 radio show interviews but there must have been more promo than that to generate excitement for their Radio City concert. Can anyone tell me what TV programs did I miss? Thank you….

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