Il Volo Professional ~~ Una Notte Magica: In Store Palermo, Rome, Catania





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English Article: Il Volo Meet Fans Young & Old During Album Signing in Italy ~~




Photo Album: Semplicemente meravigliosi Il Volo ~~ I LOVE NARO LA CITTA DEL BAROCCO.



16 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Una Notte Magica: In Store Palermo, Rome, Catania”

      1. I read this morning in the cancellation of all concerts.
        Here, it was considered an honor that IL VOLO participate in concerts of Mariah. After hearing your views on this star and after the announcement of the cancellation, I begin to understand why you this collaboration was not very well liked.
        That’s why it’s always very constructive exchange opinions.

  1. And a real joy to see with how much love and admiration are welcomed by their fans. I think they deserve this as they too give a lot of love.

  2. When we first heard of Il Volo being in concert with Mariah Carey ,I had posted along with other’s that we did’nt think this was a good fit. I had mentioned that I had heard she has cancelled quite a few concert’s in the past. I just had a feeling that this was not going to happen. Maybe it was the fault of the promotors , we will find out one day.I wonder if our Guy’s will still get paid? It was’nt their fault, and the concert’s were to start a week from now. It will screw up their schedule. I think they are supposed to go to Argentina from New York, and then I guess they get to go home. That part they will like.

    1. Jill, on the other hand is still successful. The boys, however, have confirmed that they will continue their promotional tour as planned in Brazil and Argentina.

      1. Daniela, I have read about two strong earthquakes in central Italy.Hope you are safe and also Marie and Jane, I don’t know where they are now. I wish you all the best and my prayers go to your country. <3 Good night. Hugs !

      2. Thanks Lydka, so good, in Brescia did not feel anything, once again the earth trembled. About three hours before the shock I had heard Marie and Jane, were in Naro, so all too well for them.
        Thanks again. kisses

  3. The reported earthquake in Italy is in central Italy, shaking the ancient ruin’s in Roma! It happened during darkness, and with torrential rain. As Lydka said, we don’t know where Marie and Jane are. I worry about Daniela too. These people have become like family to me. We must say prayer’s for all of them, and the people of Italy. God bless Italy🇭🇺

  4. Gianluca posted that “Italy trembles again”. I believe there were two quakes about two hours apart and quite near the devastating one in August. Hope and pray everyone is safe and that there won’t be too much damage.

  5. Despite of cancellation of concerts with M. Carey in Brazil, boys will do their promotional activities there,as it was planned, today they participated in 3 Facebook live chats ( I sent videos to Kelly) and then did a photo shooting. Tomorrow they will go to Miami (as mentioned it in an today’s interview).

  6. Daniela, as soon as you read this can you please let us know if you are alright. Do you know if Marie and Jane are alright? We heard of the earthquakes in Italy and are concerned about you all❤️

    1. Many thanks Jill and sorry if I have not answered you before, so good for me and also for Marie and Jane. Unfortunately, so many people have had a very bad night of fear, also it was raining heavily. The positive thing is that there are no casualties and only minor damage. This land has no peace and the old buildings hardly help the situation.
      A few more days and I’ll meet Marie and Jane. I can not wait.
      A hug!!

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