Il Volo Professional ~~ Il Volo On the Move

All the professional dealings of Il Volo
All the professional dealings of Il Volo


If you blink, you missed them.  🙂  Il Volo is still on the move!

~~ Kelly




Entrevista Il Volo para LatinPop Brasil


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The National| Arts & Life
The National| Arts & Life

Article: Holly to Bolly: Il Volo to entertain at Taste of Abu Dhabi  ~~



Nacao da Musica
Nacao da Musica

Article: Entrevista: IL Volo fala sobre novo álbum e confirma shows no país em 2017  ~~


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Showbiz Gael Garcia – Il Volo – 1 November 2016  
*****Il Volo starts about 22:30 and ends about 29:25*****




19 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Il Volo On the Move”

  1. The guys sure seem to like being in Brazil a lot. I love when they are having a good time they need to have some relax time even on the road. Good for them.

      1. Love it ! <3 And also this videos is wonderful,good job from fans. 🙂
        Have a nice day !

      2. Hello Margaret, I read your comments yesterday to the article “IL VOLO E L’INSOSTENIBILE PESANTEZZA DELLA CRITICA”, finally someone who wrote something really good, it is an article that tells only the truth. Unfortunately this is the situation here, some are changing (thank goodness) as the Paolo Giordano that is mentioned now loves them and is called in their defense, in Sanremo he was not of the same opinion.

    1. Thanks Lydka, imagine if Barbara D’Urso missed a chance to make a scoop on the photos of the boys

      1. Daniela, in my opinion this woman is very affected and uses exaggeration, her voice is not pleasant to my ears, but she is popular in Italy – I think, and she loves Il Volo, very often she speaks about them in her program and also did interviews with them. For me she looks like “old Barbie (doll) ” , artificial style of look and ostentatious , she looks like type of woman who can not grow old with dignity and look like a lady. Sorry, if I am little bit rude, only my opinion.
        I wish you good night and beautiful weekend ! 🙂 Hugs and kiss.

      2. I lydka think just like you, is very popular in Italy because it is a good entertainer, in the sense that he knows how to whet the attention of viewers. I do not like his type of transmission and even the news that proposes, I only watch when he speaks of the guys that I’m sure she really loves, but often precede the news tabloid affection true. The bet he made with the guys in the studio I really liked it.

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  3. Well, my face is red!! Wasn’t paying close attention I guess. Went back to site only to discover it ended Oct. 6th. Where was I? Too much going on for them, glad they have people to keep track, wake them up, get them dressed, and out the door! I could use some of those people myself! Please excuse me! Think I’m suppose to be………somewhere. Ciao!

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