Il Volo Professional ~~ Altas Horas & Up Next

All the professional dealings of Il Volo
All the professional dealings of Il Volo



November 5, 2016 ~~ Altas Horas 

(Brazilian TV Show)


O Sole Mio


Nessun Dorma

Grande Amore

Visiting with Guests




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November 9, 2016 ~~ Vale 97.5 Argentina


34 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Altas Horas & Up Next”

  1. Thanks, Kelly for these clips.

    i saw this Rolling Stones Magazines Photo Shoot. Looks like they had fun

    1. Cynthia,
      probably you haven’t seen it, but ( November 4) I shared a link of Italian television to this video in the comments. (“Il Volo” in versione rock ” You can see it in post Il Volo Professional ~~ Il Volo On the Move. ) 🙂 Have a nice day !

    2. Thanks, Kelly and Thanks, Cynthia. The Rolling Stones video here is a fun little addition to the still photos from that shoot. Also happy to see the photographer! Appreciate your providing the treats of interesting video-finds. Nice to look forward to the surprises in store for us here. 😸😻

      1. Laura, when you look on “Who We Are”, you will see that I am one of the contributors, I am working with Kelly and searching for her news, videos , articles etc. For example these videos ( Altas Horas) I sent her yesterday morning (my time). 🙂 I am glad that you like them ! I wanted to let you know why I am an active person here, I have a review about news (focused primarily on professional career and no gossip, no informations about private life, which could be improper). Some things I am sending Kelly and some things I am sharing between comments. 🙂 Have a beautiful day and pleasant all week !

      2. you’re welcome, Laura. i thought it was fun. (more fun than the photo results. heh-heh ;-))

      3. Lydka, thanks soooo very much. i genuinely appreciate your videos and other posts. (am currently having intermittent internet, but am glad to connect now.) warm greetings 😉

      4. Greetings, Lydka! I am so sorry for not including you! I am aware that you are a frequent contributor here, but I didn’t realize yet that you are working with Kelly and actually sent her these videos (Atlas Horas). I actually did think of you, but presumed that they were the offerings this time of only Kelly and Cynthia ! I remember when I discovered just recently that you are one of the ‘official’ 😊 contributors to keep us all informed and in enjoyment, etc. and I was so happy for you and also admired you for offering your help to the site. Well, good work, all of you, and thanks so much for your efforts. Please give my Best Wishes, Lydka, to Mama Lydka and the same to you as well, dear Lydka. 💕 🌷 🙂

      5. You’re welcome, Cynthia! I agree with you that the little video of the guys getting prepared for the shoot IS more fun! 😘 🎃

      6. Laura, plus the guys really looked like they were having a good time… really enjoying doing/trying out something new…. new adventure….

      7. Laura, thanks ! With mom we wish you:
        HAVE A GOOD DAY ! 🙂
        Our sincere greetings to you. Hugs and kiss!

      8. Hi Cynthia! I agree with you that the guys seemed to be enjoying stepping out of their comfort zone – – or what they’ve been used to doing, anyway. I was relieved to see that in the video! 😃

      9. Lydka and Mama Lydka, Are you psychic or are you just darn good at recognizing when a person is truly in need of such beautiful and sincere wishes as yours are here for me?! I’m overcome by what you wrote to me. Your shared wishes are especially timely. I can’t thank you both enough. I wish I could hug and kiss You, too, Lydka and Mama Lydka! Your thoughts and wishes will definitely help to make a difference for me. I wish you Blessings upon Blessings. Thank You, Thank You for being You. ♥️♥️💘

      10. Laura, maybe it’s intuition, maybe we are ( with mom) good witches or magical fairies or angels whispered to me what I have to write, they are my friends. 😉 I keep my secrets. 😉
        Nancy Sathre-Vogel said :
        “If you awake every morning with the thought that something wonderful will happen in your life today, you’ll often find that you are right. ” 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful day! <3 Hugs from us !

      11. Hi, Lydka and Mom♥️♥️ I will absolutely remember All that you wrote me here, Thank You, 💘. God love you both and keep you well. Your positivity is Greatly appreciated. So glad for you being here, even though we have never met.

      12. Laura,maybe it will not be as bad as you think it looks now. Only time will tell what happens. Personally I think that your candidates on president weren’t good choices, both. Keep optimism, sometimes it’s hard, with mom know it very well, but it brings a ray of hope to the, sometimes sad, life. Not every day is sunny, but after clouds, rains, storms, will come rainbow, and is one of nicest greetings from angels. 🙂 , the stairs of rainbow bring angels on earth, it is a bridge between us and heaven. Try therapy with beautiful music ( Il Volo), flowers, nature generally, gemstones, do what your soul makes happy and awake your own (artistic) creation , evolve your inspirational potential,surround yourself with wonderful and loving people and pray, talk with your guardian angels , they always stand by your side, you are never alone ! Find beauty in the little things of life! Good luck, Laura ! Be strong, God bless you. Cheer up! Good night and sweet dreams.

      13. Laura, in my country is also weak selection of good politicians, I do not want to write that they do not exist 😀 , one does not know whom to give voice. Personally I think, our president is also not right person in office. But many people like him, of course I did not vote for him. Before he became president, he wasn’t politician, but a businessman, he is rich – in our conditions. It is not familiar? 🙂 Our president has second wife, two children with first wife (adults), now has two school-age children, already have one grandchild, and he loves to travel, hasn’t good opinions on foreign policy and already he has an ambition that after he ends as president will have his own political party. In our parliament we have a lot of fools, unfortunately…
        I have read about your artistic past, you mentioned it in your previous comments,so I wrote you about it, because I think that it can be good hobby for you, why not be active ? ( I would like to know your artistic creations of the past.) You did not become professional artist, but still you can evolve your creativity, if you feel that you have desire to express your feelings, thoughts,impressions, experiences your own way,express yourself through what is close to your heart and you love. 🙂 Often is sad, when people stop to do things which they loved in the past, because of age, duties,family, little time, poorer health,difficult job…. lose contact with their inner child. It is important to know find time to also do what we like, what we do with love and not for money. Over the years, sometimes people lose themselves, they lose parts of their soul, lose enthusiasm…. I know many people, who belong here. I see around me a lot of sad and unhappy people with difficult life. I am glad if my words are little bit helpful to you. The words know to do miracles, today people often forget to say nice things others. Thanks for your beautiful words, really appreciate it with mom. 🙂 (I think that I did not mention, that mom loves dogs. 😉 ) I wish you to have a nice day, because your good day will also influence others to have a nice day ! <3

      14. Please do not bring politics into this website. We never have and we don’t wish to start now. Thank you.

      15. Lydka, I requested that my two comments to you be deleted here, as Penina commented to me, confirming what I felt that the subject of politics don’t belong on this site, so you might notice that they have disappeared; sorry! I actually think they should be deleted as I have no desire to offend anyone. Thanks for your interesting and informative comment/reply to me, Lydka. I’m doing fine now, so don’t feel concerned about me now! Thanks so much for your concern and insightful suggestions; greatly appreciated. I wonder if your Mom has a special fondness for any particular breed of dog. I’ll bet she likes them all! All good wishes to you and your Mom, always. 🐕🐩🐶💞

      16. Lydka, I meant to correct a grammatical error. I meant “doesn’t” not “don’t” (“…belong on this site”). 🙂

      17. Hi,Lydka, I’m sorry! Suddenly remembered that you asked me about my art interests. Don’t know if you’ll ever see this reply (notice the Date now & had to remember Where you asked me about it!) but quickly: Always drew, painted, designed since I can remember. Majored in Fine Art & Illustration in college ( New York City, N.Y.).🎨 💟

    3. Cynthia, you do not have to apologize, I only wrote about my link , because there you can see the whole video. 🙂 I thought that maybe you didn’t see it and you’ll want to watch it. I hope you didn’t understand me wrong… Please, feel free to post what you want between comments ! Sometimes I put something to the comments but maybe not many people see it, then I feel sorry, because I’m doing it for all of you and it is pleasure to share news with you. Thanks for your nice words, I appreciate it. 🙂 I do it with love, from the heart, otherwise it would not work. All the best to you ! Greetings!

      1. Thanks so much, Lydka, for your kind words. (i was typing my reply (this one) to you, then my internet connection got abruptly disconnected! am glad it’s back!)

        and yes, i would love to see the whole video of that photo shoot.
        i shall look up Nov 4 then.

        warm greetings 😉

    4. Hi, Penina, Please ask someone to delete my two comments to Lydka. I felt it was a mistake to express political thoughts here! Thanks.

      1. Laura, I think that every person have his or her right to write his/her opinion on politics, you express your feelings, and some will agree with you, some not, this is normal. About deleting comments, in my opinion, should have the final say Marie and Kelly and they shall decide, because are owners/administrators of IVFC. Surely all understand that you wrote under strong emotions and did not want to offend anyone. I noticed that it is not first time that you wanted to delete your comments, I do not think that you write inappropriate things. When I write something here, I never regret it and I was never ashamed of my thoughts. Courage to write what you feel and think, is sometimes maybe tough, but very important, and especially if you know that maybe a lot of people will disagree with you. Please Laura, do not be too critical to yourself and be more brave.
        My mom loves dogs generally, but mainly German Shepherds, huskies… Have a good evening ! 🙂

  2. Hi, Lydka! I’m not sure if you read Penina’s comment to me here, but she’s been here longer than me and so I just thought that maybe she knows that Marie and Kelly might not appreciate that subject being mentioned here or that i offended her (Penina). Usually, I am a pretty brave person, though. and believe in freedom of speech, but just wondered, too late, if it’s not appropriate here on this site, after all. (😟)(?). Guess it wasn’t and didn’t want more people to be irritated with me, so just thought the solution would be to delete those two comments of mine. (Yes, just once before I asked that, but for a different reason, though. 🙂 Thank you, sincerely, Lydka, for what you wrote to me here about this commenting matter, for I don’t feel as ‘alone’ and ‘awkward’ now as I did after Penina pointed out the disapproval of that subject being mentioned here. German Shepherds and Huskies are wonderful dogs, also!! Hope that you and Mama Lydka have a really good evening, too. XOXO🐶♥️

    1. Where is her (Penina) comment ? Is not here, probably was also deleted. You are not alone, look at comment from Marie.

      1. Lydka, Yes and yes. This Il Volo gathering place is filled with people who will always be as precious as Jewels, each and every one. 🔷🔶💎♥️

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