Jane & Marie ~ A Cliff Hanger


Marie:  “Jane, I can’t believe you booked us a place ON A CLIFF where we had to zigzag down 200 stone steps.


Jane:  “I asked you that before I booked the site.”

M:  “Yeah, but that was before I actually knew what 200 steps carrying a 35 pound suitcase and a backpack would be like.”


J:  “Well, we did it.”

M:  “Yes, but I cursed you the entire way down.”

J:  “I know, I could hear you.”

M: “Good!”

J:  “Come on Marie, you have to admit it was one of the most beautiful views you have ever seen.”

M:  “Jane, it was the most beautiful view I have ever seen!”


J:  “Do you think the Crew would believe we walked back up those steps for dinner and then back down in the dark?”



M:  “Jane, I don’t believe it!  Especially since we had to walk back up to leave the next day.”

J:  “But there was a tram for our luggage.”

M:  “True.  Did you see me hold out my arms and beg him to let me ride up on the tram?”

J:  “Yes, it’s ok though…I’m getting use to you embarrassing me.”


M:  “I had two thoughts on the walk up. 1) I should have stayed in the room.  Eventually the police or someone would just drag me up the steps and 2)  I’m glad I gave you my families phone numbers so they would know where to find my body.”

J:  “Ya big baby.”


M:  “Hey, you’re the one who renamed  ‘Borgo di Campi’,  ‘Borgo di Cardio‘.”


J:  “Look on the bright side.  We probably worked off some of that Gelato we had been eating.”

M:  “I hate you.”

J:  “I know.”


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  1. Ladies, you are lovely, I love your posts and stories of your trip.what a glorious place. Thank you for the laughter you cause

  2. Wow, what a nice walk, but the view repaid all weariness.
    Liguria is all terraced, again countries have narrow streets, years ago I saw a policeman by bicycle chasing a motorist.
    Marie, Jane I feel a little guilty for having made you walk again.
    You will arrive home …….. very tired, but happy.

  3. Another great adventure! Sure glad you left those high heels home!! Just when you think you’ve seen the most spectacular vista the next is even greater!

  4. You two always make me laugh! This is the first of your adventures that I’m happy I wasn’t on! I don’t do climbing up and down steps too well! That made me almost better for not being there…..not much but a little! Thanks for your memories! <3 <3 <3 from Texas!!

  5. Marie, your trip is unbelievable. So funny, I love it. If you remember,
    I told you “Italy is a laugh a minute.” So full of surprises, It always makes you smile. That’s why I love it so much.

  6. This post started my morning with laughter!! Love your adventure, Marie & Jane!! I know Italy is so beautiful!! To be able to visit there is a glorious experience!! I have much sympathy for the two of you walking up & down that stairway!! I would be unable to do that at all!!

  7. M and J, I bet all that climbing was worth it. It really is like So. Cal.How about repelling down the cliff? Joanie G

  8. Marie and Jane, you two would be great as an opening act for Il Volo!
    Note to myself, before reading about their next adventure, make sure I am not trying to drink coffee, I almost choked myself.😊

    1. Jill, you’ve got your DVD of the concert? I have already responded in the post. You may come and see the DVD at my house !!!

      Careful when you drink coffee, those two (Marie and Jane) are too funny.

  9. Daniela, you are so sweet. Yes I did see your post.
    I would have to have my European Union passport renewed first. Now Great Britain has decided to go on their own again, they will probably change the passport back to how it was before. I wish they had kept things the way it was, and not voted to be apart from Europe. Hopefully one year from now, I will be outside your door, asking to see their next DVD (they probably will have a new one by then)
    I still did’nt get the DVD “Notte Magica” yet.
    Am I the last person in the universe to get it?

    1. Jill

      The UK is still a member of the European Union and that is not expected to change before March 2019. Until then, it is business as usual. Think of it as a journey. The plan is that we will leave in March 2019. Until then, we are still at home and can still welcome visitors!

      1. And I am still waiting for Amazon to deliver my copy of “Una Notte Magica.” It was due to arrive tomorrow but I have now been told that the delay will continue. I do not yet have a new date. I am livid. Amazon’s customer service is the world’s worst. Stick with iTunes!

    2. no, you’re not. mine arrived, but i had it sent to my bro in San Diego. i am currently in Manila. he comes next month.
      i ordered it from Germany. it arrived USA in about 7-10 days

    1. I got my Italian DVD from Amazon. English version is on its way. Nothing from Detroit PBS yet.

      Probably will not go to Vegas this year. Fan Faire looks doubtful. Will see the guys closer to home due to the amount of $ I have spent traveling this year! If I happen to win the lottery I will go to all of the concerts, here and Italy!

      1. Ditto. I also got the Italian one and I am waiting for what I hope is the English one.

      2. Marie I have a question on the DVD! Mine arrived yesterday. Earlier than expected. Love it! Interestingly the envelope has a number of stamps on it from Cyprus & it has a customs declaration sticker on it. I ordered it through Amazon. Curious if anyone else’s came from Cyprus! Also what do you mean by your English version is on its way? Thanks

      3. Hi Annette, the Italian one I ordered from Amazon also came from Cyprus. I’m saving the stamps for my nephew who collects stamps. I’m sure he hasn’t seen these!

  10. Dot and Annette. Amazon has the “English” version. B&N and others may also have it. I dont know. Just be careful to order the correct one. The “Italian” version PROBABLY will only play on your computer and not your DVD player/TV. I, of course, had to have both. The only way I could tell which-was-which was the bottom of the back. The Italian one says DVD then NTSC in larger letters. It also has a silver sticker with Italian writing. The English one doesn’t have that.

    My Italian CD did not have all those stamps. It came from Amazon.

    1. Thanks, Marie! Mine plays fine on my dvd player, but they speak I. ITALIAN….I REALLY DONT MIND….WHAT EVER THEY SPEAK….I LOVE WATCHING THEM!

      1. Dot: I found on my DVD remote a subtitle button that will translate to English!

    2. Thanks Marie: I obviously have the Italian version but I am lucky it does play on my DVD/TV and I did purchase it from Amazon. I am going to check out the English version. And Dot good idea to save all those stamps!

  11. Thank You, Marie( and Kelly?)! These are Beautiful pictures from Cinque Terre. Also really like the one inside with the dog resting near the warmth of the fire. Those kinds of ‘genre’ pictures, especially, can give one a sense of really ‘being there’. Have you ever seen the 25 minute, wonderful little video on “Rick Steves’ Europe: The Italian Riviera: Cinque Terre” ? I am wondering if it would remind you and Jane very much of your visit there and if you could possibly tell me which section of the video was filmed in Riomaggiore? (He described it, in print, on you tube as the “hardscrabble” village of the five villages comprising Cinque Terre. I think it is the one that is at the Highest point? That would explain all the steep steps there!). Did you like Cinque Terre or was it tiring due to the location of the village – Riomaggiore – in which you chose to stay? Pardon these few questions, please. I ‘m just very interested in Cinque Terre and your feelings about the experience there. I guess my over-all question should be: If you could return to Cinque Terre, would you?? Have a very pleasant Thanksgiving holiday to each of you.

    1. laura, the first southern most village of the Cinque Terre is Riomaggiore. If you plan on doing the hike which takes you to all of the villages, the easiest part of the hike is at Riomaggiore. From there it gets more challenging…so I read. We did not hike (I had planned on it) but the 200 steps was all the hiking I needed to do! I would go back to Portofino tomorrow, but would also check out the other villages we did not stop at. So unique and beautiful!
      A Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

      1. Hi Lydka! Thank You for your generous help, as always. I really must stick with ‘secure sites’, but I went to that site which does have some very good information and very pretty views of Cinque Teree in pictures.😊 I wish you a Very good day, too; may it be so! 🐞🍀💛

  12. Is anybody on this site going to see the guy’s in Vegas? I got my ticket already ( concert & meet and greet) Even though I live in Hawaii, I belong to Vegas PBS and they just e-mailed me about the ticket’s.
    I bet Jeannette is going, and maybe Pirate Connie?

      ohhh NOOOOO, I am not even remotely ready for that! Where did you call?
      Btw, did anyone else get a email from OMG VIP today?

      To tell you the truth I am a bit worried about affording a ticket/with M&G

      OIh Marie and Jane, sorry I did not greet this post first but JIll’s news gave me a personal earthquake!!!. No way would I have gone down those stairs. If I had by the time I got down to the bottom it would hae been time for me to go back up! AAAAAAIIIEEEE!!!

      1. Pirate, calm down. I did’nt know Pirate’s got so shook up that easily! My post, just above your’s, said that I belong to Vegas PBS, and they sent me an E-Mail about the ticket’s.
        They knew last year I was interested in Il Volo, because that’s where I got my ticket then. I had just read that OMG VIP was sending out E-Mail’s on the 28th, but I guess they decided to send them out early. I don’t know what you would consider a lot of money, but some of the ticket’s are reasonably priced, even the meet and greet.

      2. I got one Pirate! And shiver me timbers! I don’t even know if there is going to be a concert close enough for me to get to. SIGH.

  13. Marie and Jane, you are so funny. I couldn’t stop laughing. I could almost see and hear the dialogue between you two. SO BRAVE. Thank you for sharing the beautiful scenery.

      1. Hi Marie! If you have time, would you and/or Jane tell us about a food(s) you tried – and where – that were especially great, Italian ‘experiences’ for you? I also read that many Italian restaurants allow dogs inside, more so than even Paris ! I still think about the fact that you and Jane were actually in Nina’s restaurant (or is it strictly a pizzeria?). It just knocks me out that you met certain people in particular, including Daniela (of the Crew). i dare say your time. trouble and costs were Well Worth It. Thanks again to you and jane for taking the trip and then providing samples of it for others.

  14. laura, the food was incredible…spaghetti bolognese, lasagna, pumpkin-potato gnocci, three cheese ravioli with truffles to name a few. They make what ever you order right when you order it unlike in the US where it can be made ahead and nuked when someone orders it. The food was outstanding. Yes, the one restaurant in Riomaggiore had a nice dog that walked around and several cats that we didn’t even realize were there until we went to take a photo and noticed it next to the fireplace. There was atleast one other restaurant that had a dog in it also. Something you would not see here. The restaurant in Naro was where we asked the cooks to come out for a photo. I wish we had done that in more places as they seemed more than happy to do so! It “knocked both of us out” also that we met Daniela, Nina and so many of Gianluca;s family. It was magical!

    1. One of my favorites was the mushroom Fettuccine at the Naro spot. Then the steak with pepper sauce and fries. Of course at the time we were at an outside restaurant in beautiful Portofino. Might have something to do with it! My very favorite meal was at Daniela’s. Jane will tell you about it soon.

      Pizza at Nina’s still seems like a dream.

      1. Thanks, Marie! Was very curious about some of the types of food served in restaurants in Italy. It must be just wonderful to have such a variety – and widely available – as you and Jane described. (The area where I am has Nothing like that which you described, I’m not ‘a foodie’ person, but I am one who misses ‘ethnic’ food with good, authentic ingredients, especially Italian. Being that I try to not eat meat, authentic food in Italy, I see, does have many choices. Marie, I can imagine how you must feel like you had “a dream” re/ actually having pizza at Nina Boschetto’s place! 😅😍

    2. Thanks, Jane, for this info.! One more question, please: Do you know if Nina’s restaurant is a pizzeria only or did she have non-pizza offerings as well? Just wondering. So Glad it was a “Magical” trip ! ✨

      1. Marie and jane, The Best meal you had in Italy would have to be the one you were blessed to share with Daniela in her very own home in Italy. Now that’s the closest experience that I can think of to really ‘feeling’ the country of Italy – – apart from living there oneself.

      2. Just pizza I think. We were so enamored with her we really didn’t look too close at the menu. She asked us what we wanted and we just told her! She is such a sweet heart. 🙂

      3. Hi Jane, Happy Thanksgiving.🍁 Thanks a bunch for your reply with info.. I totally understand why you didn’t look at the menu; I probably wouldn’t have, either, come to think of it! 😂 It’s very nice to know that she’s a sweetheart, too. So glad you & Marie got to meet her!💛

  15. Wow, those pictures were breathtaking! I’m sure that walk would have taken my breath away – permanently! Reminds me of our day in Sienna where we logged like 1700 steps or something that day? Awesome dialogue! 🙂

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