Eat, Drink and be Thankful



For those of you who don’t celebrate this day in your country, it’s still a good time to reflect on what we are thankful for.

Some Suggestions:thanksgiving-12

The love and health of family and friends

Peace in our countries

A warm bed

 Food in our bellies

The Flight Crew







30 thoughts on “Eat, Drink and be Thankful”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all the crew.

    Marie I like your list, wonderful.
    Here in Italy there is not the Thanksgiving Day…. but every day we have to remember to give thanks for every good thing that we have.

    1. We are thankful for you Danielle, an the fact that we have gotten to know you and your beautiful country! This being made possible by discovering Ignazio, Piero, an Gianluca! Grazie and have a wonderful day! From Texas!

  2. True, Daniela. I like that. I have so much to be thankful for that I could surely think of something different everyday. Like being thankful for you today.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all IL Volo lovers everywhere. No matter where you are in this great world thank you for all the enjoyment your site has brought to us.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 to all the Flightcrew, our fellow Il Volo followers and Blessings to all no matter where you reside.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to Marie and all the Flightcrew. I’m thankful for
    God, country, family and friends. God bless you all.

  6. Yes indeed. We have much to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving to all the crew! May you be blessed in the coming years with many more things to be thankful for!

  7. I can hardly believe that it’s Thanksgiving again; where has the time gone? My parents told me time would fly when I became an adult, and I didn’t believe them. I have to tell them that they were right…again… (shoot! 😉 )
    I’m Thankful that we have a day set aside to be thankful. If we didn’t, I’d surely forget to be.
    I’m thankful for health, my career (though it is trying the last of my patience right now) and the people I work with and for. They are truly a special/exceptional group of people. I’m thankful for my family and friends, and even for the guy that is probably going to end up being my brother-in-law in the not too distant future. We’ve come a long way from the time that my gut told me that it would be so and I didn’t like it to where we are today. My sister has been good for him, and he tells her how worth the wait she has been. I can’t help but be thankful/happy about that.
    I’m thankful for my beautiful nephew who turned 2 last month and who loved his gift from Auntie (his mom sends me pictures of him with it all the time <3).
    I'm thankful for the safe birth of another friend's baby girl just last week after she suffered 8 miscarriages. I feel like this precious little girl will be a blessing to many because she was so longed for and prayed over by everyone that her parents know — from all over the world — from the minute we knew that she was on the way. Her big brother is just thrilled with her. 🙂
    I'm thankful that we've had warm weather for as long as we have because I'm a bit selfish and intensely dislike the coming cold weather. If you're suffering from an extended period of seasonal allergies, please don't hate me. 😉 I truly am sorry for how you must be feeling.
    I'm thankful for all of you! I know I'm not around much…I wish I had more time to read and respond to all of your fantastic comments, but alas, every minute of my day is set aside for something. Thank you for being here. Thank you for all of your appreciative comments and patience with me when I'm running behind on posts, updating features, answering e-mails…everything.
    Thanks to everyone who helps out on the site…I don't dare try to name you all because I'm sure to forget someone. A site of this size takes many hands to keep going, and as we know, many hands make light work. I so appreciate you!
    I'm thankful for Marie…I've said it before, but she's there to pick up much of my slack and make this a fun place to be. <3
    And as always, I'm thankful for three, wonderful, young Italian men who have changed my life…even if they don't know it. I'm thankful that they feel and see our love, and I hope that it warms their hearts as much as it does ours.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

    1. Dear Kelly, I’m happy for your friend and her baby girl. May they have much joy in their lives.
      Your parents are right, time does goes by so quickly I wonder how I got from there to here already.
      We appreciate what you do for all of us who consider ourselves part of the Il Volo family, and I hope I’m not being presumptuous in feeling that we are all part their family.
      Thank you to Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero for their beautiful music and for sharing parts of their lives with us.

  8. I want to wish all the wonderful people of the Flight Crew, “IL VOLO” and their families and to all the people of our world no matter where you reside, a very happy THANKSGIVING DAY. We as a people, have so much to be thankful for. Waking up every morning to see the sun shining is amazing. To watch our families grow is a feeling like no other. Let us all pray for PEACE AND GOODWILL TOWARDS MEN.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to the Flight Crew, who have become friends from everywhere in the world because of our wonderful young men who bring love everywhere they go.

  10. Happy Thanksgivtng to all the Flight Crew & all the IlVolovers!!! Have a Beautiful Day!!! There is much to be thankful for family, friends, good health, a nice home, three precious young men who bring love & joy into our lives every day!!!

  11. Happy Thanksgiving to all the Flight Crew! I thank God for Ignazio, Gianluca, and Piero who bring us so much joy.
    I am thankful that I also found this website two year’s ago, and met such wonderful people from all over this world, and who make me smile every day!

  12. To all the Flight crew & our amazing Il Volo boys wherever they are. Hope your week-end is full of lovre, happiness & success

  13. Happy Thaksgiving to all of you who celebrate this day and Blessings to all of you who do not! I know I am so very Thankful for our ILVolo and their wonderous music, it has provided me with music that wakes me shakes me and sends me off each day singing! ( and not just pirate ditties!) Big Thanks for the Flight Crew, every single one of you! I’d happily share my hidden chest of plunder and all its goodies with you but I have yet to find it!

  14. Happy Thanksgiving Marie,Kelly and all the many faithful Flight Crew contributers !! I bless the day more then 3 years ago that I found this amazing website where I can vent my love for our gorgeous boys to my hearts content !!! Today and everyday I have a lot to be thankful for : My health, My beautiful family, My friends and this execiting life that I am living at 73 years young because of three incredible young men and all the wonderful Ilvolovers that I have met and will meet in the future because of them !!! Keep Sharing the Love Flight Crew and Ilvolovers all around the globe !!! Our crazy world needs lots of it !!

  15. Thanks to all of you who have enriched my life through this site. I am forever grateful. Joanie, I have a few years on you at 87. Our three wonderful boys make my life worth living. My heart is full of thanks. Joanie G

    1. Dear Joan, it’s people like you that make me love this site so much.
      So thankful I found it a couple years ago. My only reget is in not having found it sooner. Happy Holidays to you.

  16. To my wonderful new friends at Flight Crew – loving, supportive, encouraging, understanding, caring – a Happy Thanksgiving to you all, from my heart 🙂

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