Il Volo Professional ~~ 2017 North America Tour/Promotion News an Links

All the professional dealings of Il Volo
All the professional dealings of Il Volo


Il Volo and Jacki Ivankao on the Today Show

December 14th

Article: Coming Up on ‘Today’ ~~


Il Volo in the Park Theater at Monte Carlo; Vegas

Article: Il Volo to bring “Notte Magica -­ A Tribute to the Three Tenors” Tour to Park Theater at Monte Carlo March 25, 2017 ~~


Il Volo Radio City Music Hall

Tickets: Radio City Music Hall ~~ Ticketmaster


Article: Il Volo Takes Off in the US ~~


Fox Theater; Detroit

Article: International Vocal Trio, IL Volo, Announce Return to Fox Theatre, 3/16 ~~


Article: Il Volo Returns to Atlanta Symphony Hall ~~


28 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ 2017 North America Tour/Promotion News an Links”

  1. One hour…can’t wait!

    I have to say here that I have also seen the photo of them in front of The Hall along with the one above. Damn! Those guys are gorgeous!

      1. hello Marie.
        i saw your reply and pic above just now.
        thank you so very much.
        muah. BACI

    1. They sure were! I think I like them singing with her more than any other woman they have shared a song with.

      (With which they have shared a song…whatever’s proper)

      1. I always thought that the only female that could compliment their voices was Jackie because she has the same type of voice–female version. And she also sings with a lot of emotion. None of the others Sony has matched them up with were good fits.

      2. Marie, certainly an improvement over Mariah Carey who i did not think a good match for our boys. I was glad that her concert with them was x/ld

  2. Hey guys don’t forget that I have 2 tickets for the March 23rd concert in L.A. I overbooked and now will sell them to flight crew gals at a huge discount. The seats are center rightt row ff. Very good ones. I will sell them for $250. That’s 75$ less than I paid for them. Let me know. Joanie G

  3. How beautiful that was. I’m cryin!!
    Yes, I did notice the background music. Lucky people going to Radio City to see them together.

  4. Beautiful! I agree, they have finally been paired with a most beautiful female voice!! They sound awesome together. Did you hear Piero say they had invited Jackie to be their guest on stage with them at RCMH? I’m pretty sure he said that right at the end.

  5. I just saw them and agree with those who think that Jackie’s voice blend’s perfectly with their’s.She is so natural, not like some of the other’s who are just putting on an act. They were all awesome! ❤️

  6. Mary,I had read your post just before I saw them perform, so I listened to what Piero said at the end.
    He invited Kathy Lee and Hoda, to come to their show at Radio City Music Hall. Hoda asked if it would be front row seat’s? And Piero replied it will be the edge of the stage!

  7. I just read that their appearance on the Today Show on December 23rd is recorded. Maybe now they can go back home?
    I have to correct something on my previous post.
    When Hoda asked if she and Kathy Lee would have front row seat’s at their concert? It was Ignazio who said “No, you will be on the stage”!

  8. I confirm, they were wonderful, their voices are very well blended and say ….. beautiful even see !!! All four handsome with clean faces.

    I confirm the background music and also that Piero has urged the presenters at the concert, they asked if it will be in the front row and Ignazio responded “on stage”.

  9. I just got home about two hours ago from NY. I took a chance and went to the City early this morning to where they broadcast the Today show. I arrived around 8:45 AM and didn’t know if Il Volo had gotten there yet. Most people who were watching outside through the window left before 10:00. I had a good spot and I could see Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca come into the studio where they had set up microphones. They were standing there waiting, so I waved and in my other hand I was holding my Una Notte Magica DVD/CDs and my Il Volo tote bag! Piero and Gianluca saw me and waved and gave me a big smile. Jackie Evancho joined them and they seemed to be practicing. There was no sound outside where I was standing with other people. Only one other person near me knew who they were and had also seen one of their concerts. She also was going to Radio City on March 4th. I mentioned they were Il Volo to a few others and two people said they had heard of them.
    Then Kathy Lee and Hoda appeared and spoke to them and we could tell they were singing even though we couldn’t hear them. When Kathy Lee came over after the song, you she was wiping tears from her eyes. I was wondering if they would record the song for the 23rd and I could see they were still in the studio. After a bit, they then went back to the microphones and began singing but alas we still had no sound.
    I waited to see if they would be leaving but didn’t know if it would be 48th St. or 49th St. since someone said there were a few doors they could exit. I was almost gong to leave thinking I had missed them, but then I saw Gianluca coming out first and then Piero and Ignazio. Of course, I couldn’t think clearly but I told them I already had my tickets for Radio City Music Hall and asked if they would sign my Una Notte Magica DVD/CD’s and Gianluca asked me my name which he wrote and then signed and gave me a kiss which was so sweet. He said he would see me on March 4th and gave the album to Piero and Ignazio. I asked Piero if they recorded a song for the 23rd and he said yes but he seemed surprised that we couldn’t hear anything outside even though we could see them. I told them I was happy they would be home for Christmas and then remembered my Flight Crew Badge was under my zipped jacket so I quickly unzipped it to show them and they smiled. I then saw Barbara and I said hello. She smiled and they headed to their car.
    It was so exciting to see them and they looked really wonderful and were so kind!
    I then happily visited Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and walked up and down Fifth Avenue before taking the bus home.

    1. Margaret, you were so lucky! And you were the only person deliberately looking for them?
      Il Volo Twitter page has a repeat of their appearance, this way you can put together what you saw, and what they were singing.

      1. Most of the people who were there came to see the early part of the show and left because Kathy Lee and Hoda are sometimes upstairs in another studio but it worked out great that they had Il Volo and Jackie singing where we could watch them. I was surprised there were so few people that knew them. But quite a few seeing my lovely Una Notte Magica in my hand asked me about it and Il Volo. I was happy to spread the love!

    2. Sounds like you had a very wonderful day! How lovely to see and talk to them when they were not being mobbed by lots of fans!

  10. I was very disappointed in their choice of music this morning. I don’t like Drummer Boy, regardless of who performs, but I think the guys have such wonderful voices and that piece does not showcase them well. A bunch of “rum da dum, hum da dum” doesn’t do them justice. Seems other people are familiar with the young girl that sang with them, I was not. She was OK, but again, I feel the guys are so great they don’t need others around them. I have been playing their Buon Natale show over and over, and listening to them sing O Holy Night is divine.

  11. Margaret that beautiful day you had, shame we could not hear, but to see them and bring, amazing !!
    As for the song, I agree with Barbara Dixon, here in Italy “Little drummer boy” is not well known, I remember that was part of the White Christmas Vinyl record with Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby, every Christmas my parents they played it and I really liked that album, but this song in particular not appreciated much.
    I agree that “O Holy Night” is divine as we execute our guys although I must say that on Sunday while I was cooking in the house alone, I put “Adeste Fideles” blaring, fireplace and Christmas decorations everywhere, was Christmas mood priceless.
    Finally they return home.

  12. I listened to Il Volo and Jackie six times in a row with tears in my eyes
    each time. I was so happy they were singing together. I think the
    appearance was supposed to give Jackie much promotion which it
    did but oh my, you cannot listen to Il Volo without appreciating their
    voices and talent. Their four voices were a perfect blend and I
    like the song Little Drummer Boy. From the look on our guy’s
    faces, they enjoyed performing with Jackie also. After all, men
    appreciate beautiful women. Look at their smiles.

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